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With Alex Maguire, Mark Sanders, Paul Dunmall, Simon Picard, Nick Evans, Jim Dvorak, Tony Bianco, Roberto Bellatella, Paul Rogers and others perform with Elton in duets, trios, quartets and quintets. Elton dusts off his Fender Rhodes chops for the 1st ...

English jazz saxophone legend Elton was in the public eye for over 35 This was Cuneiform's first release by the great free-jazz saxophonist and composer Elton Dean and was also Elton's first-ever North American release under his own name. This album fe...

Elton Dean – alto sax, saxello
Keith Tippett – piano
Chris Lawrence – bass
Louis Moholo-Moholo – drums

“Ogun Records are excited to announce the reissue of They All Be On This Old Road, on CD for the very first time, by the Elton Dean Quartet, featuring Elton Dean, Keith Tippett, Chris Laurence and Louis Moholo-Moholo. This expanded edition of the original LP includes 40 minutes of newly discovered extra material from the 1976 live recording and is released as a loving tribute to...

Live recording of Elton's splendid band includes four saxists (Elton, Paul Dunmall, Simon Pickard & Trevor Watts), plus the rhythm section of Paul Rogers & Tony Levin. A mixture of heads and freedom. [Ogun]

ELTON DEAN saxello & alto saxophone
HARRY BECKETT trumpet & flugelhorn

This reissues a scarce vinyl album, on CD for the very first time, that includes about 30' of extra music - making the entire concert available for the first time. This is also one of the last things that the great engineer Michael King worked on before he died.

"Recorded Live by Radio Cultura de Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1986...

A very deserving reissue of a semi-obscure, 'free-blowing free-bop with heads' quartet, co-led by Elton Dean & Alan Skidmore (saxes) with Chris Laurence-double bass & John Marshall-drums. Originally released in 1977, jazz/free jazz fans will have their socks knocked off by this!

“Apart from lending his forename to a certain Reg Dwight, Elton Dean is probably still best known for his contribution to Soft Machine, where his fuzzy, amplified alto grafted a jazz sensibility onto that band's organ...

...on Avant, the latest release from Britains Hux Records, Dean and Domancich join together as a duet for the first time. This live concert, while based on loose compositional sketches, is largely improvised, and it finds the pair operating without a s...

“Devil Takes The Hindmost represents the first publication dedicated to the career of the British pioneering guitar virtuoso Allan Holdsworth.
Jazz In Britain have brought author Ed Chang’s celebrated website ‘A Thread of Lunacy - Appreciation and Analysis of the Otherworldly Music of Allan Holdsworth’ to the printed page, expanded and updated from the original blog, and featuring rarely seen pictures of Allan from throughout his illustrious life.
The book charts the ups-and-downs of...

David Toop (bass, guitar, digital electronics, VCS3 synth)
Phil Minton (voices)
Evan Parker (soprano and tenor saxophones)
Steve Beresford (Farfisa organ, VCS3 synth)
Mark Sanders (drums)
Package designed by Tom Recchion

"Directed and produced by David Toop, Dirty Songs Play Dirty Songs reacts against our poisonous present, inspired anti-nostalgically by similarly reactive records and live performances from the 20th century: The Soft Machine and Pink Floyd 1967-68, The MC5'

David Toop (bass, guitar, digital electronics, VCS3 synth)
Phil Minton (voices)
Evan Parker (soprano and tenor saxophones)
Steve Beresford (Farfisa organ, VCS3 synth)
Mark Sanders (drums)
Package designed by Tom Recchion

"Directed and produced by David Toop, Dirty Songs Play Dirty Songs reacts against our poisonous present, inspired anti-nostalgically by similarly reactive records and live performances from the 20th century: The Soft Machine and Pink Floyd 1967-68, The MC5'

"Bob Downes is a flautist, multi-instrumentalist and composer possessing prowess as a musical personality. Emanating from his living breath Bob conjures sublime sounds from an array of flutes and poignant weaving through his alto and tenor saxophones...

Downes is a reed player (saxes and flutes) who is most often thought of as a jazz flautist, composer and group leader, but throughout his varied career that has included such diverse musical activity as working with the John Barry Seven and playing on Egg’s second LP.
He also had his own fluid conceptual group “Open Music”. Until very recent releases on the Esoteric and Reel labels, he was pretty much a forgotten figure of Brit-jazz. And now he has a cool collection on ReR. His work tends to have a...

A reissue of Julie's first solo album, before she became Julie Tippetts, but still in a proto-version of the style that she would develop to a peak on Sunset Glow. This has a great band: Julie's voice and acoustic guitar with : Jeff Clyne, Mark Charig, Jim Creegan, Elton Dean, Nick Evans, Brian Godding, Karl Jenkins,Stan Saltzman, Trevor Tompkins & Keith Tippett, among others. A classic of 1969 art/progressive/song and unavailable for a long time on CD!

“Recorded in 1969, but not released until...

I Wish You Peace is a landmark recording in the career of one of modern jazzs emerging giants: British jazz musician Paul Dunmall. A world-class reed player, Dunmall is described as "A powerful player often cited as the cream of British saxophonists" by the Guiness Who's Who In Jazz, and a "Superlative saxophone and clarinet playerone of the best reed players in Europe if not the world." by Venue. He is a member of the UK improvising ensemble Mujician and leads the Paul Dunmall Octet among many other...

CD1 is a reissue of Johnny Dyani / Mongezi Feza / Okay Temiz - Rejoice
CD2 is a reissue of Johnny Mbizo Dyani - Witchdoctor's Son 'Together'

“The life of Johnny “Mbizo” Dyani (1945-1986), bassist with the legendary South African jazz troupe the Blue Notes, is celebrated by the reissue of two recordings dating from his period living in Sweden. “Rejoice”, culled from a live concert with trumpeter Mongezi Feza and drummer Okay Temiz, and the studio recording “Together” featuring Dyani’s ...

"The coolest of Britain's young jazz bands." – Daily Telegraph

"...they’re still evolving, pushing boundaries and moving jazz forward." – Mojo

Empirical has become one of Europe’s top jazz ensembles by creating a bracing sound rife with roiling emotion. The quartet builds on the extroverted improvisational ethos of the 1960s New Thing, embracing oblique harmonies, translucent textures and jagged, quick shifting rhythms. Featuring...

Third great release from 2011 by this exceedingly fine UK modern jazz quartet

“The departure of pianist Kit Downes and trumpeter Jay Phelps made Empirical a more chamber-jazzy outfit. It didn't soften saxophonist Nathaniel Facey's searing sound, though.
Pianist George Fogel augments the quartet on their most eclectic venture yet: a collection of pieces – drawing on contemporary-classical music, jazz and a kind of purified pop and hip-hop – that sometimes step on to the precarious tightrope of

Nathaniel Facey - alto saxophone
Lewis Wright - vibraphone
Tom Farmer - double bass
Shaney Forbes - drums
Special Guest:
Julian Siegel - bass clarinet/tenor saxophone

Great second album by this English ‘inside and outside’ quartet and the first album I heard by them! Dedicated to Eric Dolphy, this features inspiring original compositions and is a great one.
“Out ‘n' In pays tribute to Eric Dolphy's musical legacy through nine Dolpy-inspired original compositions

Tom Farmer - double bass
Nathaniel Facey - alto saxophone
Shaney Forbes - drums
Lewis Wright - vibrophone

featuring the Benyounes String Quartet:
Zara Benyounes - violin
Emily Holland - violin
Sara Roberts - viola
Kim Vaughan - cello

This is a very adventurous 2013 release as the free and swinging, inside / outside UK jazz quartet Empirical combine forces with the Benyounes String Quartet. This is a very carefully constructed and composed album!.

Adam Fairhall: grand piano, prepared Hohner Pianet T, prepared toy piano, indian harmonium
Christophe de Bezenac: tenor saxophone
Anton Hunter: electric guitar
Johnny Hunter: drums
Dave Kane: double bass
Corey Mwamba: vibraphone....

Chris Pyne-trombone
Ray Warleight-alto sax, flute
Tony Roberts-tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet
Peter Lemer-piano
Danny Thompson-bass
John Cox-drums

“Continuing Turtle Records exploration into previously un-released historic British Jazz.
The unsung band leader and drummer (Fat) John Cox led several modern jazz line ups through the 1960s, and rather like Alexis Korner in the Blues and John Mayall in R&B, his bands were incubators of young and talented English musical...

Chris Pyne-trombone
Ray Warleight-alto sax, flute
Tony Roberts-tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet
Peter Lemer-piano
Danny Thompson-bass
John Cox-drums

“Continuing Turtle Records exploration into previously un-released historic British Jazz.
The unsung band leader and drummer (Fat) John Cox led several modern jazz line ups through the 1960s, and rather like Alexis Korner in the Blues and John Mayall in R&B, his bands were incubators of young and talented English musical...

Last time ever on this wonderful release from the wonderful, now gone, Reel Recordings label.

"Gerry F. Fitz-Gerald is a Scottish born guitarist, possessed with kaleidoscopic imagination and commanding ability for improvisational music...

Last time ever on this wonderfully whacked release from the wonderful, now gone, Reel Recordings label.

Limited edition of only 500 copies made with no reprintings to be done.

"Electric guitar radical G.F. Fitz-Gerald and soprano sax...

Electric guitar and the amplified acoustic bass – two distinctive sound generators capable of creating a picture of almost symphonic dimensions.

Never having performed on the same stage, we created a music which is syllogistic in the sense...

"Evan played mostly soprano sax and Fred often had his guitar on his lap with a table filled with objects: an e-bow, chopsticks, an ashtray, paintbrush, etc. Each of these men have their own vocabulary of sounds so they took their time to work their...

"Guitarist Fred Frith and saxophonist John Butcher are titans within the world of improvised music. Over the last four decades, each of these two men has permanently altered the way in which his instrument is heard: Frith with his (at times literal)...

Michael Garrick – piano
Trevor Tomkins – drums
Coleridge Goode – bass
Art Themen – tenor sax
Jim Philip – tenor sax, flute
Don Rendell – tenor & soprano sax, alto flute (tracks 6-11)
Ian Carr – trumpet, flugelhorn (tracks 6-11)
Henry Lowther – cornet, violin (trackd 1-5)
Norma Winstone – vocals (tracks 6-11)

Tracks 1 – 5: BBC Paris Studios, July 17th 1967
Tracks 6 – 11: BBC Radio One 19th October 1969

“Pianist Michael Garrick was among the most

"This DVD features the new quartet of British jazz legend Michael Garrick in concert at London’s Pizza on the Park venue. The quartet are the talents of fellow British jazz legend Alan Jackson (drums), Martin Hathaway (alto-sax, reeds), Paul Moylan (doubl

One of the earliest and rarest Brit-jazz albums. I had no idea it existed until this reissue was released!

"Originally privately pressed in 1964 as a 10" lp in an edition of just 99 copies (for tax reasons) on the Airborne alabel...

Michael Garrick - piano, harpsichord, celeste Don Rendell - soprano & alto saxophone, flute
Ian Carr - trumpet
Jim Philip - flute
Coleridge Goode - double bass
Trevor Tomkins - percussion
A previously unreleased Brit-jazz treasure in excellent sound, mastered from the analog 1/4" master reel.
"Prelude to Heart is a Lotus is a 1968 BBC Jazz in Britain recording now released for the first time. Pianist and composer Michael Garrick was 35 years old and together with close associ

Michael Garrick - Piano
Joe Harriott - Alto Sax
Don Rendell - Tenor & Soprano Sax, Flute
Stan Robinson - Tenor Sax
Ian Carr - Trumpet
Coleridge Goode - Bass
Trevor Tomkins - Drums

Recorded at University College London on the 14th March 1966. For a previously unheard, unprofessionally recorded tape, this is absolutely much more than listenable and enjoyable!

“It has proven quite a challenge to pinpoint the exact venue and date of this concert. The origin

"1964 was a pretty special year, especially for groovy jazz in Britain. Not only did it see the release of Moonscape by the Michael Garrick Trio but also the birth of these fine and exceptionally rare recordings. Modern, jazzy, exotic and progressive...

"Gibbs music is full of intriguing inner detail that does not deflect from the ultimate destiny of his pieces." – BBC Music Magazine

"Mike Gibbs' ingenious arrangements suggest a pop art incarnation of a traditional big band...

“Michael Gibbs is a composer, conductor, arranger and producer as well as a trombonist and keyboardist, known for his collaborations with Gary Burton, and for his ability to utilize rock elements in orchestral jazz.
Festival '69 is an historic concert performance, previously unreleased, providing unique insight into Gibbs' artistry prior to his recording career proper (his debut album was released in 1970).
Assembling a big band boasting the cream of contemporary British Jazz, Gibbs connected...

“The music of Michael Gibbs remains woefully under-recorded, even as the composer hits his mid-70s.... Inspired by Olivier Messiaen as much as Gil Evans, his music is luxurious, complex but accessible, and driven by rock rhythms and electric...

“So much came from my association with Mike... He went from being my hero to a friend, and he’s always been my teacher... I’ve always fantasized about doing something with him adapting some of my music.” – Bill Frisell....

Wonderful, archival (yes, the 90s is now 'archival') Brit-jazz release as 7 John Scofield compositions (and 4 from Gibbs) are given the Gibbs band-arrangement treatment. Especially notable for fans of guitarist Scofield, who plays wonderfully here!

"Another unique Dusk Fire celebration of British jazz heritage on this first ever release of recordings taken from composer Mike Gibbs and guitarist John Scofield's 1991 band tour.
Featuring the talents of Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor, Steve...

Paul Dunmall, border pipes (track 1, 5), sop saxe (2, 8, 9), tenor comemeuse (3) double bamboo pipe (4), tenor sax (6), soprano comemeuse (7)
Philip Gibbs acoustic & electric guitars

The instrumentation sometimes suggests a folk approach, without being "folky" per se.

"This features the guitar in the most unlikely pairs with cornemeuse, tenor and soprano saxophone, and border pipes. Unlike Paul Dunmalls previous duo with Paul Rogers, Folks is completely open though each...

Craig Green - guitar
Clive Deamer - drums and percussion

"The son of Bill Frisell, and the grandson of Derek Bailey" - All About Jazz

“Love Notes In Binary Code comprises four beautifully recorded duets of Green’s acoustic guitar with drummer Clive Deamer (Radiohead, Robert Plant, Portishead, Hawkwind).
Guitarist and Composer Craig Green's unique vision and constant exploration has spanned that last 20 years, through a wide and diverse constellation of artistic projects from.

“Beautifully packaged 180g vinyl. Flip-back sleeve. Strictly limited pressing run of 500 copies worldwide. Printed inner sleeve with liner notes by Duncan Heining.”

Tracks 1-3:
Group Sounds Four
BBC Jazz Club, pre-recorded live on 13th June 1966, broadcast 19th June 1966.
Henry Lowther – trumpet
Lyn Dobson – tenor sax
Jack Bruce – bass
Jon Hiseman - drums

Tracks 4-7:
Group Sounds Five
BBC Jazz Club, recorded live at the Paris Theatre, Londo

Unless you already own them, this essential set includes Joe Harriott's two legendary classic releases: Free Form (1961) and Abstract (1962) along with their predecessor, Southern Horizon (1960).
This is essential Brit-jazz from someone who was a modernist before anyone else in Britain! Are you a fan of Ornette, Vandermark 5, Eric Dolphy, Cosmologic, etc? You NEED this

"The few recordings of Jamaican born saxophonist Joe Harriott have been hard to come by since they were initially released...

Two extremely rare titles by this now-legendary Brit-jazzer, both of them making their CD debut here!

"The Jamaican-born alto-saxophonist Joe Harriott was among the greatest exponents of jazz ever to have resided in the British Isles...

Richard Olátúndé Baker: Adamo (Talking Drum), Percussion
Neil Charles: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Double Bass
Stephen Davis: Drums
Otto Fischer: Electric Guitar
Alexander Hawkins: Grand Piano, Upright Piano, Sampler
Shabaka Hutchings: Flute, Soprano and Tenor Saxophones

After the album "Togetherness Music", British pianist and composer Alexander Hawkins presents another musical panorama: An ensemble in which his trio with bassist Neil Charles and drummer Stephen Davis meets...

Tubby Hayes was one of the first wave of English hard-bop musicians of the 1950's and 60's and one of the top tenor sax players as well during the 20 years of his career. He never went into free-jazz, but he swung hard and he definitely influenced many...

"January 30th 2105 marks the anniversary of what would have been Tubby Hayes' 80th birthday. Undoubtedly THE ultimate British jazz legend, Hayes' untimely death, aged 38, in 1973 ended what had been a truly remarkable 23 year career, and, although long...

"This major new release is a previously unavailable live performance from a great Tubby Hayes lineup that never made a commercially available CD.
Recorded on 5th December 1968 by Ted Lyons at the legendary Hopbine in North Wembley, The Syndicate reveals Hayes' new quartet that featured the spectacular Dublin born guitarist Louis Stewart and 22 year old drummer Spike Wells, with Kenny Baldock standing in for regular double bassist Ron Mathewson.
With detailed sleeve notes by tenor saxophonist...

Mark Holub – drums
Clemens Sainitzer – cello
Irene Kepl – violin
Susanna Gartmayer – bass clarinet
Jakob Gnigler – tenor sax

“Anthropods is the new band from American drummer and composer, Mark Holub. Holub, known mainly as bandleader of the acclaimed and Mercury Prize nominated Led Bib has with ‘Anthropods’ created his first project as a leader since starting Led Bib in 2003. While some of Holub’s trademark Led Bib style is evident here, the album is full of contrasts...

This is the fourth of a ten part series compiled by Mike King. He's enlisted Hugh's personal archive, as well as the archives of friends of Hugh's. Mike says, "I've been tasked with compiling a series of CD releases celebrating the life and legacy of...

Subtitled: 'Hugh's Compositions In The Hands Of Friends', this features Didier Malherbe, Phil Miller, Hugh and Pip Pyle or Elton Dean, Phil Miller, Gael Horelou, Hugh and Pip Pyle.

"Hugh Hopper’s return to active service following a five-year...