Brit-Jazz and related

Mike Taylor (piano)
Dave Tomlin (soprano saxophone)
Tony Reeves (double bass
Jon Hiseman (drums)

I finally got a copy of this and last night I had some quiet time to myself and I played it.
I saw some bitching, somewhere on the Internet about ‘really poor sound’, which had me unnecessarily worried; my god, it’s unprofessional *practice* tapes from 1965!
You can hear ALL the instruments and they are well balanced, even if a bit mid-fi.
The packaging is really nice and t

Danny Thompson - bass
John McLaughlin - guitar
Tony Roberts - tenor sax, flute and bass clarinet

“The Danny Thompson Trio existed briefly inside of 1967 and by that time, it recalled a much earlier time and place. The trio came together from numerous jazz/R&B avenues featuring now iconic names in Graham Bond, Alexis Korner, Brian Auger, Duffy Power, Georgie Fame, Herbie Goins and many more.
Their combined journeys to this point in November 1967 reveal a who's who of British blues, R&

Keith Tippett-piano, Larry Stabbins-tenor & soprano saxes, Elton Dean-saxello & alto sax, Mark Charig-cornet & tenor horn, Nick Evans-trombone, Paul Rogers-bass, Tony Levin-drums & percussion.

"Originally issued in 1986 as a double LP, “A loose..

Paul Dunmall tenor & soprano saxes, James Gardiner-Bateman alto sax, Peter Fairclough drums, Kevin Figes alto & baritones saxes, Thad Kelly double bass, Ben Waghorn tenor sax, bass clarinet, Julie Tippetts voice, seed pods, Balinese xylophone, toy...

Limited initial pressing of 999 individually hand-numbered copies!

Recorded live in Piacenza, Italy, this is a 47' improvisation on a Steinway Grand piano by one of the most individualistic and recognizable pianists working today.

Text and solo voice
Julie Tippetts

Saxophone ensemble and improvising soloists
Paul Dunmall - soprano
Kevin Figes - alto
Ben Waghorn - tenor
Chris Biscoe - baritone

The Apollo Saxophone Quartet
Tim Redpath - soprano
Rob Buckland - alto
Andy Scott - tenor
David Roach - baritone

The BBC Singers

Composed and conducted by Keith Tippett

“Keith was commissioned to write this work for the 2004 Norwich and Norf

Fulvio Sigurta (trumpet/flugel)
Sam Mayne (alto and soprano saxes/clarinet/flute)
James Gardiner-Bateman (alto sax/flute)
Kieran Mcleod (trombone)
Rob Harvey (trombone)
Tom McCredie (bass)
Peter Fairclough (drums/percussion)
Keith Tippett (piano/composer)
Julie Tippetts (voice, lyrics)

This is completely great and completely recommended to Brit-jazz fans and jazz fans of all stripes, really.

"Tippett's inspired take on the jazz traditio

“The Unlonely Raindancer is undoubtedly a beginning, it is also an enigma. More than its means. The seminal first solo album by Keith Tippett released by Universal Productions in 1980 is a live recording from the previous year’s short tour of the Netherlands. The audience applause was edited out, leaving the listener with the intensity of one lone musician literally improvising into composition.
The word ‘unlonely’ could be described as uneven grammatically, but given nuance by juxtaposing the....

Keith Tippett: piano, wood blocks, pebbles, wind chimes, maracca, music boxes, plastic pan pipe.
Julie Tippett: voice, twizzle drum, Little bells, Thumb piano, seedpod shaker, Sri Lakan hand drums, Singing bowls, Tamborine sticks, Balinese...

This is a hand-numbered, hand-packaged, limited edition of 500 copies on blue vinyl!“

Another true masterpiece. A Mid Autumn Night's Dream faithfully report a one-shot concert that took place at Conservatorio Nicolini in Piacenza on October 1st, 2016. The four giants of new music never played together before: Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Lino Capra Vaccina, and Paolo Tofani. As the lights turned off something magic started. A spontaneous interplay, an amazing flowing of notes. The subject was...

Keith Tippett - piano
Matthew Bourne - piano

"These inspired duets sound so unforced and unconstrained that they blow fresh life into that well-worn image. From the outset, two quite distinct pianists establish common ground, where they interweave and spring surprises. It's wonderfully fertile ground too. Strings of scintillating moments bound seamlessly into musical mesh, now mysteriously chromatic, now alluringly melodic, fractiously dissonant, propulsive or ethereal. Tippett's speaking...

Recorded live at Ruvo Di Puglia, Italy on September 5, 2004, this exuberant live recording features Keith Tippett conducting and playing piano, Julie Tippetts (vocals), Louis Moholo-Moholo (drums) with Canto General, a 23 piece big band performing...

"Perhaps this is the work of a lifetime spent in front of a microphone. Perhaps it is merely another stopping place on the journey, or a report from the outlands and there will be more. But whatever it is, Shadow Puppeteer is the final step into the open for Julie Tippetts. After 30 years in the business and over 25 with her husband and collaborator, Keith, she has stepped out into the open completely naked (solo -- all instruments and voices were hers) and created a dream work for the ages. Shadow...

Julie Tippetts is - of course - Julie Tippetts and Martin Archer is a saxophonist and electronics man who has worked with a huge variety of artists from Hornweb to Mick Beck to Combat Astronomy to Radio Massacre International (whose guitarist appears...

MIKE OSBORNE, alto sax

Recorded at Wigmore Hall, London, June 18, 1974 by Peter Bould & Peter Ball

(previously released on LP as "Stan Tracey Alone" SGC 1003)
(Previouly unreleased)


This double album consists of, for the first time ever on CD, the Stan Tracey solo recording Live at Wigmore

"In mid-October, 1969, I left the UK to meet up with bassist Barre Phillips and drummer Stu Martin to begin working with them as "The Trio".-John Surman (notes to “Way Back When”)
This was the band that Surman joined in the fall of 1969 that led to him becoming an early Brit-jazz expatriate for about 3 years but that also led to him becoming internationally known, especially on the European continent.
Their first release was a pretty powerful blast then as it still is today.
Due to his...

disc 1
Mike Osborne
disc 2
Howard Riley
disc 3
John Taylor
Pause, And Think Again

This is three FABULOUS albums from the golden era of UK jazz, released from the masters officially for the first time and with a huge booklet, filled with tons of info and interviews with the musicians and Peter Eden.

"Between 1968-72 Peter Eden produced 20 albums across the broad church of progressive British jazz. It was a unique golden era for jazz-bas

A1 Alan Cohen Big Band - The Oracle (Cohen) 10:31
A2 Group Sounds Five - Black & White Raga (Taylor) 10:35
B1 Paz - Dream Sequence (Crouch) 9:11
B2 Ron Mathewson's Mystery Machine - A Luv Supreme (Mathewson) 13:10

Alan Cohen - director, arranger
Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, flugelhorn
Henry Lowther - trumpet, flugelhorn
Mike Osborne - alto sax, clarinet
Alan Skidmore - tenor sax
Brian Smith - soprano sax

The roots of 'Brit-jazz' are right here. Conditionally recommended!

"First released in May 1961 as a (slightly premature) 10th Anniversary celebration of the famous Soho jazz venue. Founded in 1952, the Flamingo in Wardour Street played host to..

"An in concert, Virtual Company performance from IST (on this occasion the duo of Simon H. Fell and Mark Wastell due to the snow-bound absence of Rhodri Davies) together with pre-recorded fragments of Derek Bailey and Will Gaines.
IST's Virtual Company calls on "the powers of improvisation" (D. Bailey) to interface with the two musicians of IST with dozens of musical fragments drawn from both Bailey and Gaines performing solo. These are combined with sections of silence of unforeseeable length, and...

As Cuneiform fans already know, composer and arranger Michael Gibbs and guitar-star Bill Frisell's musical relationship goes back 4 decades.
This fine release by the monster trumpeter Cuong Vu, along with his regular unit of bassist Luke Bergman and drummer Ted Poor, features Frisell really killing it in playing department at times.
It's also special because showcases Michael as a composer, not as a big band arranger, which (a) gives a chance to showcase a side of Michael that is sometimes...

“Alan Wakeman is a British saxophonist and clarinettist who has been active since the 1960s. He is associated with Mike Westbrook, Paul Lytton, Soft Machine, and Graham Collier."

"The list of dramatis personae tells its own story: the cream of British jazz of the period assembled to play a series of imaginatively conceived compositions by Wakeman that move between inside and outside playing, swaying majestically between the exposition of powerful, Mingus-like themes that dissolve into...

Composer John Warren is one of the greatest yet completely unheralded, Brit-jazz composers! Anything from him is a treat!

"A previously unrecorded suite of compositions by JOHN WARREN, recorded live by the JOHN SURMAN led BRASS PROJECT.
In the early 1980s John Surman and John Warren realized a long-held ambition and formed the Brass Project. The ensemble was conceived as a brass led group focusing on new compositions from Surman and Warren. The large group ‘had to survive without grant or...

This compilation, which includes over 20' of music that has never before been released, combines a retrospective with new works. The trio is unique and this is recommended to anyone interested in the Brit-jazz scene at this price.

"MIKE WESTBROOK has led and composed for a succession of big bands and small groups since the 1960's. The Trio is the longest established and most widely travelled of all WESTBROOK ensembles. This collection digitally re-mastered by JON HISEMAN, presents...

“...this record is a triumph for Kate's multiple talents.”
– Duncan Heining, Jazzwise Aug 2004

“British vocalist Kate Westbrook has a gift for music theater. Updating early 20th-century English music hall on Cuff Clout, Westbrook sets her witty and eccentric texts to bold and fascinating genre-crossing music composed by eight collaborators, including her bandleader husband Mike Westbrook and other Anglo jazz worthies Chris Biscoe, Lindsay Cooper and Barbara Thompson. Maintaining a wicked...

Music by Mike Westbrook
Lyrics and singing by Kate Westbrook
Accordion by Kate Street
This is a very stripped down recording by a great, theatrical singer with well-placed, simple accompaniment.

“Kate is a fine writer and performer, with a brilliant approach to text.
The life of choreographer Bronislava Nijinska provides the inspiration for Kate's most recent piece, a collaboration with composer Mike Westbrook and accordionist Karen Street.
It's a moving piece, and Kate's

This is a wonderful find; the original album by Westbrook was released in 1975 by RCA and is a richly orchestrated jazz/rock work filled with the big names of the mid 70s Brit-jazz world.
But here is what I did not know:

“The debut performance of esteemed pianist/composer Mike Westbrook's cult 70s jazz masterpiece 'Citadel/Room 315', recorded live in 1974. Featured soloists throughout the album are the iconic ECM recording artist John Surman plus a crack team of top Scandi jazzers....

This 1969 double album was the third release by Mike Westbrook and it was a quite radical anti-war release, featuring 26 amazing musicians, including Alan Skidmore, David Holdsworth, John Surman, Kenny Wheeler, Malcolm Griffiths, Paul Rutherford, Mike Gibbs, Mike Osborne, Harry Miller, Barre Phillips, Alan Jackson, John Marshall and many others legends.
This has over a full album's worth of unreleased, never-before heard material on disc 3 from the beginning of the modern Brit-jazz movement...

A very nice avant jazz big-band album written in 1968-1969 and recorded in the fall of 1971, this features Mike Westbrook: piano, Nigel Carter, Kenny Wheeler, Harry Beckett, Henry Lowther and Dave Holdsworth-trumpets/flugelhorn, Malcolm Griffiths, Paul...

Mike Osborne, Bernie Living, George Khan, John Surman-saxophones
Malcolm Griffiths, Paul Rutherford-trombones
Dave Holdsworth-trumpet
Mike Westbrook-piano
Harry Miller-bass
Alan Jackson-drums

This never-before released recording, released on its 50th anniversary, is the final show from the legendary ‘Ronnie Scott’s Old Place’ on May 25, 1968 and is a real piece of history and is quite well recorded for the age, time and circumstances.

Mike Westbrook is one of the great names of British jazz, having been a very original bandleader & composer, for both large and small ensembles for 50 years, and releasing his first recording nearly 50 years ago!

This is one of his smallest groups
: Kate Westbrook - Vocals / Tenor Horn
Chris Biscoe - Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones / Piccolo
Mike Westbrook - Piano / Tuba

"This was actually the 20th anniversary album of the Westbrook Trio and originally released i

One of the hardest to find holly grails of Brit-jazz makes its very first appearance on CD in this excellently packaged and remastered set from BGO. Check out this personnel: Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn; Derek Watkins: trumpet; Henry Shaw: trumpet; Henry...

Unbelievable performance with mediocre sound. Still..

"The New Tony Williams Lifetime, featuring Allan Holdsworth, live from the Village Gate, New York, September 22nd, 1976.
In 1975, the groundbreaking drummer Tony Williams assembled a new version of Lifetime, this time featuring the visionary guitar of Allan Holdsworth, as well as Alan Pasqua's innovative keyboards and Tony Newton's funky bass. They collaborated on two albums, as well as playing acclaimed gigs. Their unique brand of...

This album has a long and complicated history. In April, 1976, saxist Gary Windo, who was working part time for Nick Mason of Pink Floyd as a mechanic for Nick's car collection, was offered the opportunity to record a album at Pink Floyd's brand-new studio. He would be offered this opportunity as a 'test', to allow the engineers to test, with real musicians, the over-all systems and sound.
Between the years 1976-1978, as time allowed, Gary and a number of other musicians, including ...

Last time ever on this release from the wonderful, now gone, Reel Recordings label.

"Pam and Gary Windo were coupled in spirit with a private passion for the musical road less traveled. During their marriage, Gary taught Pam how to approach the...

"Among slowly unravelling coils of oscillations and intermittent fragments of semi-formed loops, instruments both electronic and acoustic resonate gently against each other over an ever-evolving soundbed of textures. A meeting of minds and those exciting first sparks of inspiration soundtracked by celestial, otherworldly tones and free-flowing spoken word.
This was how Virginia Wing and XAM Duo spent two cold days at the start of January 2017. A weekend escape in the frozen industrial district of...

For my money, despite her relatively small output, Norma Winstone is *the* voice of Brit-jazz, with her great work on early, seminal classics by Mike Westbrook, Michael Garrick, her own Edge of Time album from 1972 and then later on to her work with...

THE great female vocalist of Brit-jazz from the 60s until today!

"CD reissue. Norma Winstone is one of the most recognizable vocalists from the United Kingdom. During her nearly 50-year career, she has performed in many varieties of situations, from the improvisatory world of avant-garde to the classic tastefulness of the jazz songbook.
Recorded in 1997, Winstone's Manhattan In The Rain found her alongside some longtime companions, pianist Steve Gray (of Sky fame), bassist Chris Laurence and.

Although under-recognized, even by the jazz world, Norma is one of the great modern jazz singers and she is *the* voice of Brit-jazz, appearing on a number of classic albums from UK jazzers...

THE great female vocalist of Brit-jazz from the 60s until today!

"CD reissue. Norma Winstone is one of the most recognizable vocalists from the United Kingdom. During her nearly 50-year career, she has performed in many varieties of situations, from the improvisatory world of avant-garde to the classic tastefulness of the jazz songbook.
It was in the effort of getting permission to write lyrics to The Peacocks that Winstone made the acquaintance of the great pianist/composer Jimmy Rowles...

Norma Winstone - vocals
John Taylor - piano

THE singing voice of Brit-jazz and one of the great pianists of the same era.
“The incredible relationship between legendary British musicians Norma Winstone and John Taylor has been admired for nearly five decades. The vocalist and pianist have been inextricably linked from their early avant-garde work from the late 1960s through their gorgeous work with Kenny Wheeler and Azymuth.
The couple was also well documented in duo performance...

THE great female vocalist of Brit-jazz from the 60s until today!

"CD reissue. Norma Winstone is one of the most recognizable vocalists from the United Kingdom. During her nearly 50-year career, she has performed in many varieties of situations, from the improvisatory world of avant-garde to the classic tastefulness of the jazz songbook.
There are some musical relationships that are just sublime. Winstone has had innumerable musical partnerships over her nearly 50-year career but none have...