Ed Blackwell was one of the giants of 20th century drumming and this includes two albums by the stupendous Ornette repertory band Old And New Dreams and players such as Dave Holland, Dewey Redman, David Murray, Alvin Baptiste and more...

"1974 saw guitarist Jacques Blais enter the studio with bassist/producer Yves Laferriere (Contraction, Ville Emard Blues Band). Laferriere brings along several bandmates from Contraction: singer Christiane Robichaud, keyboardist Robert Lachapelle...

"When New York saxophonist/composer Michael Blake asked me to come up with some liner notes for “Right Before Your Very Ears”, my first thought was, “Yes! There goes Blake with yet another project… and I can’t wait to hear it.” Ever since I first...

Michael Blake, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones / Kresten Osgood, drums.

"The saxophone/drums duo format has a great tradition in jazz music. “Control This” is a collection of improvisations rooted in the history of this musical idiom, yet it..

Duke Dreams
Suffield Gothic
Short Life of Barbara Monk
Unmarked Van
Indian Winter
"The legendary jazz recordings made by Black Saint/Soul Note make a welcome return to the active catalog with this series of specially-priced boxed sets that highlight some of the label's finest artists. Ran Blake - The Complete Remastered Recordings features seven discs in slipcases with original album artwork housed in a clamshell box."

Ran Blake, piano / Sara Serpa, voice

"At a time when so many singers and accompanists play it safe, it’s refreshing to hear vocalist Sara Serpa and pianist Ran Blake do something different—maybe even risky—with the standard jazz song repertoire..

There’s a lot of good stuff here and a lot of stuff you don’t know, but possibly most essential of all is the DVD, which is just amazing.

“Lighthouse’ is an anthology from the entire Tim Blake pantheon, a 3-CD set selection from work with Gong, Hawkwind and 5 solo albums, plus a DVD of a live solo performance from 1979, and extensive liner notes from Hawkwind-head Ian Abrahams, including extracts from interviews. You can take this release in a couple of ways: as an introduction to his work, for...

Recorded live at Birdland on 2/21/54, this is an early classic of the new sound in that that eventually became known as ‘hard bop’.
Great tunes, an incredible band and Pee Wee Marquette [google him]; what else can you possibly need?

“When Art Blakey founded the Jazz Messengers, his initial goal was to not only make his mark on the hard bop scene, but to always bring younger players into the fold, nurture them, and send them out as leaders in their own right. Pianist Horace Silver, trumpeter..

"This is truly one of the great classics of hard bop, with drummer Art Blakey leading arguably his greatest Jazz Messengers lineup through a driving program that never lets up. Tenor saxophonist Benny Golson (whose composition "Along Came Betty" is...

Jakob Aistleitner - Saxophone, Flute, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Peter Baxrainer - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Manuel Schönegger - Trombone, Flute, Percussion, Vocals
Jakob Sigl - Drums, Percussion, Tape, Vocals
Dominik Wallner - Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals
Alfons Wohlmuth - Electric Bass, Flute, Vocals

I thought that this was a pretty great one over-all and this is definitely of interest to folks into the avant-progressive side of things; now I need to

"The trombone is one of the original jazz instruments, having a very special role in the early music of New Orleans. In the ‘modern jazz’ era the technical capabilities of the instrument were developed to incredible levels. Later, from around the 1960’s..

"Swiss trombonist Samuel Blaser makes his Whirlwind debut with his new quartet album Spring Rain a tribute to US clarinetist and composer Jimmy Giuffre. Intentionally blurring the boundaries between jazz, blues, free improvisation and contemporary...

Samuel Blaser trombone
Marc Ducret guitar
Peter Brunn drums

"Parsed into four discrete pieces, the Taktlos performance is a fluid exercise in revolving roles from the jump. Ducret trades in jagged punctuations, mercurial arpeggios and swollen drone bursts on Stoppage, the first and longest. Blaser reacts as balm, his lubricious lines drawing a direct invisible lineage back suave and soothing bop purveyers. A reversal and it’s Blaser with low brass growls as Brunn colors the corners and.

For their fifth album, the long-lived Dutch avant rock band, founded in 1989 change gears a little bit. Their usual dense, intense compositional work is still there and on display, but due to the addition of drummer Fabriz...

"This is the second release (editor's note: no, it isn't, it's their sixth release; it's their second on ReR after three on Cuneiform and a first that was self-released) after a long wait, from this unique ensemble. Equally at home with the discipline of composition and the tightrope of improvisation Blast have evolved a fluid, pointillistic, unfathomable but transparent musical language that seamlessly integrates - over very short durations - highly complex writing and very free ranging improvisation...

"This is the second release (editor's note: no, it isn't, it's their sixth release; it's their second on ReR after three on Cuneiform and a first that was self-released) after a long wait, from this unique ensemble. Equally at home with the discipline of composition and the tightrope of improvisation Blast have evolved a fluid, pointillistic, unfathomable but transparent musical language that seamlessly integrates - over very short durations - highly complex writing and very free ranging improvisation...

Last two copies in existence!

A brilliant Dutch avant/rock band. They use electric guitars, alto/soprano sax, alto/bass clarinet, baritone sax, bass, drums [by the amazingly brilliant David Kerman] & vocals. They combine a very unique & recognizable skewed rhythmic base (influenced by Capt. Beefheart) with angular & intricate horn & guitar charts ala Henry Cow and Doctor Nerve. About 1/4th has vocals, while the bulk is instrumental. The music is tough-edged & aggressive. This album adds...

Frank Crijns : electric guitar , midi programming
Dirk Bruinsma : soprano and alto sax , vibraphone , midi programming , percussion programming

A return to the hyper complex compositional style of Stringy Rugs, etc. Even though the group is a duo now of just the main two and percussion (and some other instrumentation) is all programed, it doesn’t sound mechanical or canned at all; it mostly just sounds like a really good Blast album! Recommended.

“Frank Crijns and Dirk Bruinsma...

A Catalan, Barcelona jazz rock band. This was their only record and was released by Zeleste. In addition this this record, they played with Música Urbana in the soundtrack of the film "Tatuaje" in 1977 (a serious rarity that you'll never hear - but now...

"On the final day of the Festival, Eugene Chadbourne, the unique North Carolina advocate of hillbilly anarcho-improv, took the stage with Florida-born techno-conceptualist Kevin Blechdom (born Kristin Erickson) -- with long hair and gender-ambiguous...

PROMO. "On the final day of the Festival, Eugene Chadbourne, the unique North Carolina advocate of hillbilly anarcho-improv, took the stage with Florida-born techno-conceptualist Kevin Blechdom (born Kristin Erickson) -- with long hair and gender...

An great band and doubly great singer takes on the songbook of Kate Bush!

Theo Bleckmann: vocals
Henry Hey: keyboards
Skúli Sverrisson: electric bass
Caleb Burhans: strings, voice, guitar
John Hollenbeck: drums, percussion...

Playable on any player, but will give really amazing sound (and 5.0 sound) when played on a SACD player. Theo is a fantastic, new-music vocalist with an unbelievable pure tone and control who has worked with Meredith Monk and John Hollenbeck, among...

Theo Bleckmann-voice
Ben Monder-guitar
Skuli Sverrisson-electric bass
Jim Black-drums

All you need to know that this is a GREAT album is those four names! and it IS a great album.

"The emphasis is on expression, intensity, freedom and interdependence, blurring lines between sound and song, improvisation and composition. Bleckmann's ethereal to raucous vocal inventions (sometimes multiplied by live electronics) dovetail with Monder's oblique guitar lines, searching harmonies.

"Containing all the Blegvad Trio and Quintet studio releases: Downtime, Just Woke Up, Hangman’s Hill and Go Figure – all re-mastered and repackaged - plus two additional CDs of unreleased studio recordings and live performances, mostly featuring songs not available on the studio CDs - as well, of course, as a fat, definitive, book of photographs, memorabilia, drawings, documents and recollections by the main actors.
ReR released the first Peter Blegvad Trio LP in 1988 and since then there's been a...

Peter Blegvad-guitar, vocals
Chris Cutler-drums, percussion
Bob Drake-guitar, vocals, percussion
John Greaves-bass, piano
Karen Mantler-organ, vocals, glockenspiel, harmonica

Adding the organ of Karen and the 'personalities' of Bob and Karen was an inspired move!

"After 19 years, the return of the Peter Blegvad Trio, in supernal form and now a quintet with Karen Mantler and Bob Drake. Recorded over 10 days at studio Midi-Pyrenees the old way: sitting in a room, working

With John Greaves and Chris Cutler. Follow up to the masterly Just Woke Up, sporting great new songs and guests including B.J.Cole, Geraint Watkins, Adam X, Chris Stamey, Bob Drake, Stoffer Blegvad.

“Described as a "fusion of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, cross bred with English humorist Jon Hegley", Peter Blegvad has carved out a unique position as performer, songwriter and cartoonist. This is his third solo album on ReR.
The 1996 release "Just Woke Up" was a big critical success; Hangman's...

An early 90's solos, featuring ace contributions from John Greaves, Chris Cutler & Kristoffer Blegvad, Tim Hodgkinson. Always intelligent, funny songs & lyrics.

“The funky, wordy feel and variety of the tracks was unexpected, but the quirk and bent of it all was Blegvad. Perhaps to much reminiscent of structures and mechanisms of PB's earlier work, I was initially underwhelm on my first couple of unfocused run-throughs of the CD.
Why has it been in constant play then?
Intriguing imagery, fantastic music and production, and perhaps a meaner PB: On "What A Car You Are", I hear accusatory venom that reminded me of Diamanda Galas. There are other instances...

“A reissue of Serge Blenner's La Vogue, originally released in 1980. Music for the apocalyptic eighties Deutschland state of mind. When Serge Blenner left his native France for Hamburg, West Germany, neither he nor anyone else could have guessed that he would inadvertently compose a soundtrack for the Cold War. But his dark, monotone synthesizer album La Vogue turned out to be just that. Blenner was born in 1955 in Alsace, the easternmost region of France. He studied composition and harmony at the...

“A reissue of Serge Blenner's Magazin Frivole, originally released in 1981. Cold, concise analog synthesizer instrumentals -- on his second album Serge Blenner remained true to his style, albeit shifting course slightly towards pop territory. The juxtaposition of dark harmonies and pop structures is what makes this album so appealing. In places, it feels like a blueprint for early Depeche Mode. Having seen his first album La Vogue snapped up by the Sky Records and fast-tracked for release in 1980...

Did you ever want to hear Hugh Hopper play tunes by Led Zepelin, Henry Cow, Jimi, the Who and Fracture? Did you ever want to hear John Greaves sing the ones of these that have vocals? Well, this is your one chance to do so!

"Alain Blesing is a French guitar player, known for having been part of the legendary progressive/zeuhl rock band Eskaton, who are considered to be one of the most gifted disciples of Magma. From the late Seventies, he extended his capacities by studying musicology, then in...

"There's no easy way to describe Escalator over the Hill, one of the most ambitious works in 20th century music and one that seems to sum up much of the creative energy that was loose between 1968 and 1972, when it was conceived, composed, and recorded. Beginning with a collection of Paul Haines's distinctive poems--brief, wittily surreal, sometimes aphoristic or elliptical--Carla Bley set out to arrange them as a continuous musical-theater piece, giving specific characters to them as well as melodies...

Paul Bley: piano
Gary Peacock / Mark Levinson: double bass
Barry Altschul: drums

“First released in the spring of 1971, these historic recordings from March and July 1967 capture the sound of a genre being born in the free ballads of Annette Peacock, played with extraordinary sensitivity by Paul Bley’s trio.”
Annette Peacock: “Critics introduced new terms, describing this music as sparse, understated, minimal, radically lyrical. The free ballad captured the imagination of listeners.

New issue of a classic early free-jazz work, featuring the compositions of Carla Bley and including Marshall Allen, Dewey Johnson, Eddie Gomez and Milford Graves.

"Pianist Paul Bley's early ESP free jazz session combines the influence of the..

Paul Bley - piano
Mark Levinson - bass
Barry Altschul - drums

"Live from Lila Eule, Bremen, Germany on September 27th, 1966.
The young Paul Bley earned his spurs playing with legends including Charles Mingus, Art Blakey, Chet Baker, Jimmy Giuffre, Ornette Coleman, and Bill Evans. As the 1960s progressed, he increasingly embraced the avant-garde, with arguably his greatest successes coming in the piano trio format.
Originally broadcast on Nordewestradio in the autumn of 1966..

Annette Peacock - electric bass, synthesizer, electric piano
Paul Bley - electric piano, synthesizer
Han Bennink - percussion

"Recorded Live March 26th, 1971 at Club B14 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Improvisie is a part of the 1971 trilogy of Paul Bley and Annette Peacock's combined experimental recorded work.
Improvisie is taken from a compelling period for three iconic figures of the free jazz movement, and their pioneering use of the first-ever Moog synthesizers...

"Paul Bley, master improviser, alone at a Bösendorfer Imperial piano in Mondsee, Austria. Kaleidoscopically-splintered melodies, distant memories of standards, abstractions of the blues and spontaneous free playing are some of the subjects of the...

A pretty reasonably good live recording of this short lived, promising group that took the remnants of Cream and Traffic and shook them together into an even more volatile mixture!
Recorded in Gothenberg, Sweden on 18th June 1969; CD in deluxe hard back book. Includes 40 pages of archival imagery. Hand numbered edition.

Blind Thorns are Ahleuchatistas (Shane Perlowing & Ryan Oslance) with vocalist Antoine Lang. It's very different from Ahleuchatistas!

"Blind Thorns conjures a hypnotic and horrifying dreamscape of sounds, simultaneously entrancing and...

Long-time Waysiders will remember this Residents-influenced recording project who released two fun, primitive slabs of home-made vinyl. Nice to have them here again and done so nicely!

"Way back in 80’s, before the term “Alternative” was hijacked to correspond with Seattle “Grunge”, the genre was held in high-esteem for its “D.I.Y. / Low-Fi” ethic.
The Blitzoids - along with The Residents, R. Stevie Moore and Eugene Chadbourne - epitomized this school of thought in the USA. From the...

Very nicely packaged in a hand-printed, letterpress, gatefold CD sleeve made of heavy-weight 'art construction' paper.

“Somewhere within The Final Mapping Of New Constellations is a sonic holy place where the traces of The Stars Look Down have...

"A very obscure and one of the rarest albums from Italian rock music scene of the 70's. This album takes on ecology as its theme and sings of the evil of polluting the planet. Terrific basic progressive music housed in a creative gimmick sleeve with...

Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje vocal
Stine Janvin Joh vocal
Britt Pernille Frøholm hardanger fiddle
Didrik Ingvaldsen trumpet
Mette Rasmussen alto saxophone
Lene Grenager cello
Tanja Orning cello
Jasper Stadhouders guitar, kologo and mandolin
Mats Äleklint trombone
Nils Henrik Asheim organ
Frode Haltli accordion
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten double bass
Per Zanussi double bass
Dag Erik Knedal Andersen drums

“Hugs a

A beautiful modern exploration of Sephardic melodies, creatively arranged by the masterminds of the popular rock group Elysian Fields.... [Tzadik]