"Mathias Eick’s intensely melodic trumpet occupies the centre-stage in this album of self-penned tunes which will appeal to an audience beyond “jazz”. Against the powerful backdrops offered by his sleek, modern band, driven by two drummers, he delivers...

Very excellent, early instrumental jazz rock band, somewhat influenced by the Mothers Of Invention, Soft Machine & their own "krautrockness". Featuring guitar, keyboards (Rainer Brninghaus!), sax, bass & drums, they released just 2 albums in their life...

Rainer Brüninghaus (keyboards)
Houschäng Nejadépour (guitar, sitar)
Herbert Kalveram (saxes)
Bill Brown (bass)
Detlev Landmann (drums)

Very excellent, early instrumental jazz rock band, somewhat influenced by the Mothers Of Invention, Soft Machine & their own "krautrockness". Featuring guitar, keyboards (Rainer Bruninghaus!), sax, bass & drums, they released just 2 albums in their lifetime. This superb quality, previously unreleased 1972 radio broadcast features tunes from thei

“Hammerschlag – created by FM Einheit (member of Einstürzende Neubauten early 1980’s to mid-1990’s), with Andreas Ammer – features many percussive industrial elements and ‘machine music’ (chains, scraping, coiled springs, objects), noise, experimental electronics and provocative musical compositions familiar to the ears of Neubauten fans.
An oratorio with prelude and two noise interludes, based on Russian futurist Aleksej Kapitonovič Gastev, the ‘bard of the machine age’.”

Jewlia Eisenbergs radical setting of texts by Walter Benjamin, Asja Lacis and Gershom Sholem point to a whole new style of acappela vocal music. Drawing upon traditions from doo-wop to Meredith Monk, Eskimo throat singing, to Hebrew cantilation and mor...

Wendy Eisenberg: guitar and voice
Nick Zanca: synth, electronics, wurlitzer, organ, field recordings, tape objects, singing bowls, cello, electric bass on 4 and 7 Austin Vaughn: drums and percussion on 2,3,4,5,9 and 10
Nick Neuberg: drums on 6, 7, and 9
Nick Bisceglia: electric bass on 3,9,10,11
Brittany Karlson: upright bass on 6 and 9

“Anxiety-driven experimental guitar music that sometimes resembles jazz, sometimes rock, sometimes folk, and sometimes country. Eisenberg

“Bloodletting, recorded, March 22th, 2019 at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, is a performance of a long form text score I wrote around late 2018. Unlike directive text scores that indicate through order or poetry what should be played (or evoked), my score is a block of text, written to be memorized and then performed using the nonlinear randomness of memory.The purpose of this form of text-score was to mimic, through memory and temporal distance, the way the eye dances on a page, selecting what it does...

“Improviser, composer and songwriter Wendy Eisenberg is a graduate of New England Conservatory and a founding member of the acclaimed band Birthing Hips. For her first Tzadik CD she is joined by the dynamic rhythm section of Trevor Dunn on bass and Ches Smith on drums and performs some of the nastiest guitar you’ve ever heard. The improvisations are powerful and intense and all styles and sounds are thrown into a cathartic blender as the trio channel an exciting new musical world. An outrageous project....

Chris Dingman, vibraphone / Eivind Opsvik, bass / Harris Eisenstadt, drums / Matt Bauder, tenor sax / Nate Wooley, trumpet.

"You can be a New Yorker and a Californian without being an American, and that's precisely the case with the Canadian...

Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ray Anderson (trombone), Dan Peck (tuba), Jason Mears (alto saxophone), Matt Bauder (tenor saxophone), Chris Dingman (vibraphone), Garth Stevenson (bass), Harris Eisenstadt (drums).

I saw the quintet version of great...

Harris Eisenstadt, drums/Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet, flugelhorn/Josh Sinton, bass/Mark Taylor, french horn/Nate Wooley, trumpet.

"No, the pan-African days aren't gone. Something remained of the Sun Ra Arkestra and the Art Ensemble of Chicago fascina

Jeb Bishop trombone / Tony Malaby tenor saxophone / Jason Roebke double bass / Harris Eisenstadt drums, compositions.

"This recording happened the day after two concerts at the New York venue directed by John Zorn, The Stone, in September 2015. Harris Eisenstadt thought it was the right opportunity to revive a forgotten trio with Jeb Bishop and Jason Roebke and to finally accomplish an old purpose: to have a quartet with the addition of Tony Malaby. After the gigs they went immediately to a...

"Recent Developments is the latest project from NY composer, percussionist, and bandleader Harris Eisenstadt. A quirky nonet that includes many of Brooklyn's most esteemed creative musicians, the project marks the 20th album of Eisenstadt's career as a bandleader (including five previous releases on Songlines) alongside over 40 recording credits as a collaborator. Recent Developments is the fifth installment in Eisenstadt's music for medium-sized ensembles, which also includes Fight or Fight (2003)...

Harris Eisenstadt, drums, compositions / Ellery Eskelin, tenor saxophone / Angelica Sanchez, piano.

"With the jazz drumming tradition well assimilated, a first-hand knowledge of West African rhythms (he studied with local masters from Gambia...

Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Harris Eisenstadt (drums), Jason Mears (alto saxophone and b-flat clarinet), Jeff Parker (electric guitar), Jason Roebke (contrabass).

"Prolific young drummer/percussionist/composer Harris...

Nate Wooley trumpet
Matt Bauder tenor saxophone
Pascal Niggenkemper bass
Harris Eisenstadt drums, compositions

“On Parade in Parede” was recorded when Eisenstadt and company played a series of concerts at SMUP, an intimate venue in Parede, a beach town near Lisbon, during their spring 2016 Europe tour. The place inspired the title. An homage to his birth country (he’s lived in the US more than twenty years), Canada Day offers a universal music, not just dedicated to North America.

Nate Wooley trumpet
Alexander Hawkins piano
Pascal Niggenkemper bass
Harris Eisenstadt drums, compositions

Recorded live at AJMI, Avignon, France, by Bruno Levee, March 23, 2018
Harris is one of the great, under-appreciated bandleaders of our time!

“Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day project was originally a quintet, but the band has undergone several transmutations through the years – an octet (the original quintet plus the horns of Jason Mears, Ray Anderson and Dan..

Harris Eisenstadt, drums, compositions / Angelica Sanchez, piano / Ellery Eskelin, tenor saxophone.

"Here is one more fundamental opus of the present day jazz creativity recorded in Portugal, the little, sunny country serving as the door to...

Originally released in 1971 in a self released edition of only 300 by the band, this has been an unknown rarity until this reissue. A keyboards/bass/drums trio, they combined the keyboard-driven sound of bands like The Nice with an obvious German slant...

Led by keyboardist Rick Van Der Linden (grand piano and organ) who later founded Trace, Ekseption were one of the earliest classical rock bands, putting out a number of releases filled with 'rocked up' versions of Bach, Tchaikowsky, Beethovan, etc. Alt...

“Kahil El’Zabar’s ‘Spirit Groove’ on Spiritmuse Records is the latest musical inspiration from a spiritual jazz master Kahil El’Zabar, featuring the legendary tenor sax colossus, David Murray. El’Zabar’s and Murray’s collaborative efforts span over 4 decades of exceptional explorations in the varied realms of spiritual jazz. Joining them on this project are 2 extraordinary young talents, Emma Dayhuff on acoustic bass and Justin Dillard on keyboards/organ. ’Spirit Groove’ is an innovative journey into the...

“The second long player by the southern German formation ELARA SUNSTREAK BAND fascinates with a grandiose, mind-expanding mix of stoner/progressive and psychedelic rock.
With their debut album 'Deli Bal', released in 2017, the progressive / psychedelic band EL ARA SUNS TRE AK BAND, based in southern Germany, advanced to highly regarded hopes of the genre. Originally started as a quartet and now playing in a compact trio formation and influenced by PINK FLOYD, MONSTER MAGNET and TOOL, the formation...

This is a strongly psychedelic work that is a collaboration between members of Elder and Kadavar.

"The pandemic and its consequences bring a number of, mostly unpleasant, side effects. But sometimes this exceptional situation awakens a new perspective and creativity. Berlin’s Kadaver have already made their mark by coming up with ‘The Isolation Tapes’ relatively quickly.
This time, however, Kadaver is not doing it all alone. They have teamed up with Elder and joined forces. The result...

“The brand new 6th studio album of the celebrated formation with numerous new guests! The excitement was great when in 2017 "Terra Circus", a new studio album by the Electric Family, was released after a break of 10 years. The resounding success of the album also led to live concerts all over Germany. Even then, the band promised that it wouldn't be that long before the next studio album. Promise kept! After only three years, "Echoes Don't Lie", the 6th studio album by the Electric Family will be...

Sort of a supergroup of German rock musicians, this was their most successful release and now comes with a ‘Making Of’ DVD.

“In 1996 THE ELECTRIC FAMILY first came together for a gig at the Burg Herzberg Festival. Tom 'The Perc "Redecker had with Volker Kahr's ex-Grobschnitt), Dieter Serfas (Amon Düül II), Harry Payuta, Jochen Schoberth and Torsten Glade an illustrious group around him, which was also on the debut album" Family Show "in 1997 This album caused quite a stir, but the attention of...

"The Electric Flag was one of the premiere rock bands of the 60s, with a line-up of legendary musicians. Led by the virtuoso Mike Bloomfield, the stellar lineup of musicians included Buddy Miles, Nick Gravenites, Barry Goldberg, Elvin Bishop.
These live performances were captured at the height of the band's power, in 1967 at the Whisky A Go-Go, LA and 1968 at the Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco. They burned brightly for two years and then egos ripped the group apart.
The Whisky performance...

What a band: John Zorn-alto sax, Marc Ribot-guitar, Jamie Saft-keyboards, Ikue Mori-laptop electronics, Trevor Dunn-bass, Joey Baron and Kenny Wollesen-drums and Cyro Baptista-percussion. "The long awaited first release of Zorn's most recent and most p...

"Electric Sandwich were formed in late 1969 by a group of German students from Bonn. The band initially consisted of four musicians, all of whom had already played with other bands: bass player Klaus Lormann had been playing with Chaotic Trust; lead guitarist Jorg Ohlert used to be with Slaves Of Fire; drummer Wolf Fabian, the founder of the band, had been touring with a band called Muli And The Misfits, and singer Jochen "Archie" Carthaus sang with the Flashbacks. Their own material has been recorded...

This is Wayne Coyne & Steven Drozd, both of Flaming Lips, paying homage to progressive rock; it includes their version of Yes' "Heart Of The Sunrise, and the sticker on the front calls it, "A Modern Prog-Rock Mesiterwerk"...

Terry Aiken – vocals
Chris Cox – flute, keyboards, vocals
Paul Seager – guitar
Steve Day – bass
Ian Lambert – drums

“Record live August 1972, Club Electronic, Vienna, this is a lost 1972 heavy prog monster by British Progsters who became the House Band in Vienna's underground music club Electronic.
Post Hellmet, its like Jethro Tull meets Marsupilami vibes with manic flute and heavy prog guitar, and at times a King Crimson intensity. Elegy escaped Austrian clutches in 19

“Packaged in a thick, letterpress printed Arigato Pak by Stumptown Printers in Portland, Oregon; each package contains an individual piece of art (linocut/screen print/watercolor) from the artist; one-time edition of 480.
Eleh's Home Age series was composed and recorded over a period of five years and it reflects a search for color, form, connection, and growth. The handmade artwork contained in each package was created during the same period of time the music was composed and is an integral part of..

First-time ever release on CD for this scarse and quite good PDU album of electronic/kosmiche music by a musician you wouldn't expect to see behind something like this. This is a small treasure for fans of classic era Klaus Schulze, Manuel Gottsching...

This is a very good and very unique cross-over between electronica and new music by a live band of guitar/bass/drums, who on this one, add three trombones. Less techno than the hype indicates and totally in the pocket with many of our listeners.

A trio of guitar, bass and drums, Elektro Guzzi overcome the boundary between analogue versus digital, performing techno live with the drive of a machine and the sonic detail of an instrument – without any computers or loopers...

I was just turned onto this 20 year old album when Henry Kaiser gave me the video for his latest monthly solo (what? You don't know about these? Check this out below!) because he opened with a duet with Tore, who I was completely unfamiliar with. He suggested I listen to this and I was pretty taken with it. Now you can be too!

"In our estimate the most personal and inventive Norwegian guitarist since Terje Rypdal. Tore Elgarøy's career soared to great heights when he appeared on Lee Claytons...

Roberto Vitelli / bass, guitars, bass pedals
Fabio Bonuglia / keyboards
Mattias Olsson / drums
Tony Pagliuca / keyboards
Tomas Bodin / keyboards
Fabio Liberatori / keyboards
David Jackson / saxophone
David Cross / violin
John Hackett / flute
Luciano Regoli / vocals
Giorgio Pizzala / vocals

An extremely good symphonic rock / progressive album with an impressive number of guests helping out. These guys really hit it out of the ballpark with

"Hot on the heels of their critically revered 2014, Krautrock-meets-Afrobeat longplayer 'Regions', Ellis Island Sound's Pete Astor and David Sheppard return with a brand new, seven-track mini-album. This time, however, the emphasis is less on throbbing, Neu!-beat-propelled blow-outs and more on intricate, highly melodic arrangements for guitars, keyboards and tuned percussion."

"Ellis Island Sound comprises the duo of Pete Astor (The Loft, Weather Prophets, Wisdom of Harry, etc) and David Sheppard (State River Widening, Snow Palms, etc). ‘Regions’ is the duo’s third album since their inception, it has already been described as “Afro-Krautrock” and “Teutonic High Life”. It is possible to detect the influence of Jean Bosco Mwende or King Sunny Ade’s guitars, along with polyrhythmic ensemble force of Fela Kuti’s Africa 70 and T-Funk-period Talking Heads. Sometime Radiohead...

Brian Ellis: Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond L-122 organ, Wurlitzer electric Piano, Minimoog, Moog Subphatty
David Hurley: congas and percussion
Michael Hams: drums and percussion
Patrick Shiroishi: alto and soprano saxophones (of Corima and Upsilon Acrux)
Paul Marrone: drums, percussion, guitar
Trevor Mast: bass

Solo endeavor by the guitarist / vocalist / keyboardist in Astra! This is definitely different than Astra, and, like it implies below, is more an electric jazz/rock alb

Very good album by the former guitarist for the very excellent, recently done, California progressive rock band Astra. This sounds like a cross between Astra, psychedelia, Bitches Brew and sometimes Magma. What's not to like??...

"Rarely has the feeling of late summer twilight been captured as well on record as on this collaborative effort by Southern California native Brian Ellis and South Carolina ambient producer Brian Grainger. This is the sound of two offbeat musicians zoning out with acoustic guitars, hand drums, flutes, and an array of vintage synthesizers and tape machines, brewing a mysterious, mellow kind of acid folk like it's never quite been brewed before. Though psychedelic in nature, this isn't yet another...

John Ellis was the guitarist in Peter Hammill's band for a number of years. This is an album of electronic/soundscape-type works, made to accompany an exhibition of painting by German artist Moishe Moser. Some of the paintings appear in the booklet. [S...

Bassist/composer Ellis works with saxists Glenn Spearman, Larry Ochs, Joe McPhee & Christopher Cauley, guitarist James Ruthier & drummer Donald Robinson in varous combinations. [Victo]

Liberty Ellman - guitar
Steve Lehman - alto saxophone
Jonathan Finlayson - trumpet
Jose Davila - tuba
Stephan Crump - bass
Damion Reid - drums

“Last Desert is guitarist Liberty Ellman's follow up to his critically-acclaimed Radiate (Pi 2015), which the Wall Street Journal described as "bristling with energy and innovation" and Downbeat praised as "unique, indelible and fully human."
Named #1 Rising Star Guitarist in the 2016 Downbeat Critics Poll, Ellman is perh

Liberty Ellman guitar
Steve Lehman alto saxophone
Jonathan Finlayson trumpet
Jose Davila tuba, trombone
Stephan Crump bass
Damion Reid drums

"Radiate is the long-anticipated new release from guitarist Liberty Ellman, his

"Liberty Ellman, one of New York’s most imaginative and unorthodox guitarist/composers follows up 1998’s Orthodoxy, which he released on his own Red Giant Records, with Tactiles. The Tactiles quartet is formed of Mark Shim on tenor, Stephan Crump on...