Joel Futterman – piano
Steve Hirsh – drumset

“This is the first collaboration between Joel Futterman and Steve Hirsh.
Futterman and Hirsh struck up a conversation during the pandemic and began exchanging music. Both were inspired by the results, and decided to create the music on these CDs.
All of the music was composed in the moment, with no discussion or preconceptions. Together, Futterman and Hirsh developed the phrases, connections and resolutions of the music, always...

"Futuropaco's debut album is the shape of things to come: it's a wet, enigmatic cocktail of part 1970s Italian library music, part kraut-alicious, beat-galore, and part riff-driven heavy psych. Justin Pinkerton, from Oakland, California, is the one-man army behind the opaque merge of seemingly different forces: from mad fuzz guitar breakdowns à la Morricone at his most intense, to the syncopated drum learnings of Jaki Liebezeit, Justin weaves a blanket of sound that's simply loaded with deep vibes: From...

There is a cartoon robot bunny on the cover of this CD.

"The Psychedelic-Music.com website had this to say about McCully Workshop's 1969 debut album: 'Of all the albums we've heard from South Africa this one scores top! What a beautiful masterpiece. Pepper-influenced underground music with great songs...

Guitarist Michael Rother is a very important part of some of the most exciting and influential music to emerge from the exciting and influencial German Krautrock scene. He was a founding member of the hugely influential Neu!, played for a short while in Kraftwerk (between their first and second album) and joined forces with Cluster to form Harmonia. After Harmonia disbanded in 1976, he started a solo career and this 1982 release was his fourth.

"After issuing his classic third album, Katzenmusick..

"Kenny Wheeler (trumpet), Gerd Dudek (tenor saxophone), Paul Dunmall (soprano & tenor saxophones), Evan Parker (tenor saxophone), Philipp Wachsmann (violin, electronics), John Edwards (bass), Paul Rogers (bass), Tony Levin (drums), Tony Marsh (drums). The