Freaks? check! Creative? check! Influencial? check! Utterly uncommercial, even in their most popular heyday? check! The one 60's band who is probably the single largest influence on the new folk or "new weird America" scene? check and double check!...

Indian Summer released one, quite collectable on RCA's progressive subsidiary, Neon, in 1971. It is typical of 1971 English proto-prog, featuring lots of Hammond and a somewhat bluesy rock singer. It's in the same general vein as Spring and Cressida and also, to my ears most strongly, although they never heard each other, the 1971 version of Kansas who had their demos released by us as "Proto-Kaw"! They were very good and very under known.
35 years later, Record Collector Magazine assembled this...

"Legendary UK psych outfit Infinity formed in 1969 from the ashes of “Chocolate Soup” psych faves the Flies and Cymbaline. The mission: to develop a heavy psychedelic/pop sound, and express it through complex original songs. Thanks to some funky Hammond o

“One of the more interesting groups to emerge from the Canadian ‘60s rock scene, Influence was the brainchild of Irish guitarist Louis Campbell McKelvey—in late May 1967, through a chance meeting with The Haunted's guitarist Jurgen Peter, McKelvey met former Haunted drummer Dave Wynne and recruited him for the new project he was planning. Around the same time, he asked Czech bass player Jack Geisinger, who had been playing with The Buddy Miles Quartet, to join.
Influence debuted on June 1, 1967 at...

"Inhabitants are an instrumental four-piece from Vancouver, featuring JP Carter on acoustic and amplified trumpet/effects, Dave Sikula on guitar/effects, Pete Schmitt on bass/effects and Skye Brooks on drums. Close dissection of their music may reveal...

Mikko Innanen alto, baritone and sopranino saxophones
Cedric Piromalli hammond organ
Stefan Pasborg drums

"This is it, indeed. The instrumentation of this album makes everyone curious. Saxophones (sopranino, alto and baritone) plus Hammond organ plus drums. The gathered names are another factor of special interest: Finnish saxophonist Mikko Innanen, French organist (also pianist) Cédric Piromalli and Danish drummer Stefan Pasborg, all of them coming from the first row of their respective..

Bill Wolter — Guitar
Chris Lauf — Drum
s Stephen Wright — Bass
Melody Ferris — Vocals
Ivor Holloway — Tenor, alto and soprano Sax
Eli Wallace — Keyboards (tracks 1,2,4,5)
Theo Padouvans — Trumpet (tracks 1,2,4,5,6)
Andrew Vernon — Keyboards (tracks 3,6,7)
David Shaff — Trumpet (track 3,7)
Aheron Wheels Bolsta — Tabla (track 5)

"BIG WOW!!! It happens rarely that an album keeps me totally stunned to the bones! This music reminds me of so many cherished musi

A California group who I had not run into/heard of before, but who appear to have been a group since 2005. Their music is somewhere between jazz and rock, but not 'jazz/rock'. The personnel is
Melody Ferris: Vocals
Ivor Holloway: Tenor and Alto...

''Kyushu native Tetsu Inoue's recent works connect the vivid soundenvironments of classical ambient with the stark, conspicuous timbral explorations of academic computer music. Tetsu's second release for Tzadik delves deeper into the methods of sonic m...

''Perhaps the most interesting electronic music since the classic period of Stockhausen and Xenakis. Tetsu Inoue is a composer and sound artist who has worked in a variety of musics -- ambient, sound installation, dance music, techno and is a frequent ...

Gianni Bertolone - vocals
Pierenzo Alessandria - electric guitars
Vito Aprile - bass & Taurus
Federico Silva - drums & percussions
Jack Bram - keyboards & synthesizers

“INSOMNIA was born in Turin in 2012 from the meeting of a group of musicians, some of whom return to the scene after more than 25 years.
All lovers of symphonic prog, these musicians begin to work on the project of an old-style concept album, using the classic sounds of the 70-80s (Hammond, Mellotron, clavin

“The untold early history of Amsterdam's seminal collective. Founded in 1967 by three of European free music's leading lights -- pianist Misha Mengelberg, drummer Han Bennink, and saxophonist and clarinetist Willem Breuker -- the Instant Composers Pool (ICP) was simply one of the most important vehicles for experimentation and improvisation in the history of creative music.
Culling ideas and materials from jazz, modern and contemporary classical music, Fluxus, traditional music from the Balkans and...

"Sprawling space sounds tell stories of far galaxies - the music fuses single instruments into each other and the sound gets a swirly acid madness... This is psychedelic music without being bound to certain stylistic directions: What matters is the flow. A wonderful soundtrack for a journey to the far out vastnesses of the inner cosmos. Interkosmos were founded in 2008 by Sula Bassana (Electric Moon, Zone Six, Krautzone) on bass, Pablo Carneval (formerly Electric Moon, The Blowing Lewinsky) on drums und...

"A contemporary ensemble, but one with a righteous feel that takes us right back to the best years of 70s spiritual jazz -- a freely creative combo who mix bits of guitar and electronics with warmer sounds on flutes, saxes, and percussion! There's a...

"Indifferent is only the second studio release from Japanese symph-rockers Interpose+, but quite a bit of history lies behind this group: formed in the mid-1980s by guitarist Kenji Tanaka and drummer Katsu Sato, Interpose performed in a variety of...

This is the three legendary albums by this very, very experimental, very very early avant group (1967-68) exploring sound collage, mixed media and much more. NOT on the NWW list, probably only because they were too obscure for them to even know about them!

"This three-disc box collects Number One Intersystems (1967), presenting the correct side sequence and (for the first time) the original tracks' sub-section divisions; Peachy (1967), with (for the first time) the correct track separations...

“Destination Eternity” is a concept album about the journey of a soul to its final destination. Like the painting perfectly symbolizes the disaster at sea and the beautiful song written about it, “The Source” also symbolizes live and death and becoming a better soul along that journey.

“The origins of Into The Open can be traced to two specific musicians: Jan Willem Ketelaers and Sander Heerings, who got together to bring a story to life via a concept album. The story, in true prog style, is a....

Really good and uniquely wacky rock band with a lot of normal as well as abnormal influences from Texas. The band is a quintet consisting of trumpet/vocals, keyboards/vocals, guitar/vocals, bass/vocals and drums. To give you an idea of their breadth...

Really good, fun and uniquely wacky rock band with a lot of normal as well as abnormal influences from Texas. The band is a quintet consisting of trumpet/vocals, keyboards/vocals, guitar/vocals, bass/vocals and drums. To give you an idea of their...

"Invisible was originally formed by Luis Alberto Spinetta (guitars and vocals) who was formerly from the band Pescado Robioso that recently broke up at the time. The bass and drums were played by two former Pappo's Blues members Hector Lorenzo (drums) and Carlos Rufino (bass).... In 1975, virtuoso guitarist Tommy Gubitsch joined the group. Their third and final album "El Jardín de los Presentes" turned out to be their most popular. This album has a lot of Tango influence and also some sounds that would...

The Invisible String Quartet is a solo live performance by Dave Draper on electric guitar, 'prepared' electric guitar, various effects pedals and two digital delays/samplers. All sounds are created in real time during the course of each track; there is...

Truly excellent instrumental technical (and I mean *technical*) metal group from Columbia, South Carolina, of all places.
Using dual guitars, bass and drums, this is fast and hyper-complex stuff, straight out of the Blotted Science, Animals As Leaders school.
This stuff is brainy, fast and furious and 'Aural Kaleidoscopes' is a great description of what they do.
As my pal Ken, who turned me onto them in the first place, said: "This album is ludicrous and you need to own it. Highly recommend

"Not lazy for a second. A wonderful and unique record that you must check out." – Mary Halvorson

Inzinzac are a fairly amazing Philadelphia trio of guitar, sax, drums. Their music is very raw and rough, but also tight as hell and very composed...

Something like this comes along so rarely that it is worth remarking on. While the packaging apparently can't be bothered to list everyone's name (shame! shame!) and I have never heard of any of the main folks who are mentioned, this is an excellent li...

io 0.0.1 beta++ (itself), Han-earl Park (guitar), Bruce Coates (alto and sopranino saxophones) and Franziska Schroeder (soprano saxophone).

"An extraordinary meeting between human and machine improvisers. Featuring the machine musician...

"IO Earth is a symphonic, progressive rock band and is truly genre defying. Dave Cureton and Adam Gough, the co-leaders, believe that this, their 3rd studio album, contains their best material to date.

They continue to discover more about their..

Robert Iolini is a composer who transcends the divisions between music, documentary and radio art, mixing investigative journalism, sound ecology, storyboarding and conventional notated composition using songs, spoken word, field recording, improvisat...

“Previously available on the Inside Out label, 'Frequency', IQ's critically acclaimed 2009 album, has been unavailable for over a year and is currently going for stupid money on the likes of eBay and Discogs. Now back with GEP we are finally able to make Frequency available again. This new release features the all new and exclusive live version of the album's epic 'The Province' as an extra track, recorded in 2009 at de Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland.”

"IQ does not cease to impress with their....

“The debut album from IQ, released in 1983, has remained hugely popular amongst the IQ community, in part for the inclusion of the band's first true epic 'The Last Human Gateway' - still a showstopper whenever it's played live.
Along with the album's other epic 'The Enemy Smacks' and the anthemic 'Awake and Nervous' TFTLA was a bold statement of intent from a young band out to prove their worth.
This version features the remix of the album from 2013 and bonus track 'Wintertell', an unused song..

"Filipino-American Jon Irabagon has topped both the Rising Star Alto Saxophone and the Rising Star Tenor Saxophone categories in Down Beat's critics polls and been named one of Time Out New York's 25 New York City Jazz Icons. A founding member of Mostly Other People Do The Killing, he is also an integral member of the Mary Halvorson Quintet, Dave Douglas Quintet, and Barry Altschul's 3Dom Factor. John Hegre is a musician, songwriter, sound engineer, and a pioneer of the Norwegian noise music scene. He...

Christoph Irniger Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Raffaele Bossard Bass
Ziv Ravitz Drums

"The pieces on this album celebrate melody without once degenerating into the trivial. They are tone poems which demonstrate that accessible...

Christoph Irniger: Tenor Saxophone
Raffaele Bossard: Bass
Ziv Ravitz: Drums

After the acclaimed album ‘Gowanus Canal’ in 2012, ‘Octopus’ is Christoph Irniger’s second release with his trio of Raffaele Bossard (double bass) and Ziv Ravit

Christoph Irniger: Tenor Saxophone
Raffaele Bossard: Bass
Ziv Ravitz: Drums
Loren Stillman: Alto Saxophone
Nils Wogram: Trombone

"After the acclaimed albums Gowanus Canal (2012) and Octopus (2015), Christoph Irniger and his trio with bassist Raffaele Bossard and drummer Ziv Ravitz present Open City: extended by the American alto saxophonist Loren Stillman and guest Nils Wogram on trombone. Familiar with the jazz tradition, the extended trio makes an up-to-date musical statemen

Christoph Irniger: Saxophone
Dave Gisler: Guitar
Stefan Aeby: Piano
Raffaele Bossard: Bass
Michi Stulz: Drums

“Christoph Irniger, a prodigious stylist with a warm sound, presents the third album with his band Pilgrim on Intakt Records. With "Crosswinds" the saxophonist who relishes adventure and surprise delivers a cultivated studio album. Multi-layered, subtle and melodically entangled, the eight pieces radiate a wondrous, atmospheric tranquility. A highly nuanced music with...

Christoph Irniger: Tenor Saxophone
Dave Gisler: Guitar
Stefan Aeby: Piano
Raffaele Bossard Bass
Michi Stulz: Drums

"Italian Circus Story is the second album by the quintet Pilgrim, led by Zürich tenor-saxophonist Christoph...

This adventurous, improvising jazz/rock group is related to Moraine (who also have a CD out on MoonJune) and consists of Dennis Rea & Thaddaeus Brophy on guitars, Bill Jones on trumpet, Ryan Berg on bass and Jay Jaskot on drums.

"Iron Kim Style..

Camae Ayewa - voice, synth
Keir Neuringer - saxophone, synth, percussion
Aquiles Navarro - trumpet, synth
Luke Stewart - double bass, bass guitar
Tcheser Holmes - drums, percussion

Second great release from this incredible band who are very thought-provoking and very groove-laden, while also being very OUT! They are all fantastic players, and, having seen them twice, I can also say that they are AMAZING live and Camae is a great spoken word artist. Recommended...

Classic Irish traditional album that has been out of print and quite rare and sought after on CD for a long time.

"This classic 1976 album from former Planxty members Andy Irvine and Paul Brady was greeted with critical acclaim when released...

Mark Isham – trumpet
Charles Lloyd – sax
Gary Burton – vibes
Sid Page – violin
Geri Allen - piano
Jeff Littleton - bass
Billy Higgins - drums

This is the soundtrack to a film, and therefore has a scary cover (by jazz standards), but this is an album of really nice, smoky, moody jazz, performed by a really wonderful lineup of players and the violin by Symphony Sid Page (from Dan Hicks’ Hot Licks) is a really nice touch!

I.B. are a Swedish progressive mainstay, but with their two most recent albums they have been moving towards a thoroughly orchestrated work that combines elements of many styles of progressive, symphonic & avant rock. They use tuned percussion, guitars...

Excellent, instrumentally-oriented 1984 release by these perenially great Swedes. This was their first release. They have a very orchestrated sound that they get out of keyboards, guitar, bass, mallet percussion & drums. Maybe one of their most...

If I told you how much difficulty it was for us to get this release after ordering a huge number, and then we only received a tiny handful on release date you'd laugh. So I won't tell you. BUT THEY ARE FINALLY HERE NOW and Peter just sounds fantastic and has lost nothing in terms of his commanding power! Recommended.

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary music. Sweden’s leading chamber rock ensemble, Isildurs Bane, and the legendary Van Der Graaf Generator vocalist and composer, Peter...

"Islaja is Merja Kokkonen, a visual artist and musician from Helsinki, Finland. She's been releasing records on Finnish label Fonal since 2004. The first one, Meritie, introduced her lovely sense of musical wonder to the world and garnered excited...

Nice, unassuming, instrumental, psychedelic space-rock and beyond release by this two guitarists (+ loops/samples/ electronics/etc.) and bass and drums. "Isn't is the name of the band. The quartet was born when Pino Dieni and Luca Formentini met, both ...