Believers Roast

Andy Carne : Lead vocal
Daniel Chudley-Le Corre: Electric bass guitar, vocal
James Larcombe : Melodeon, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, vocal
Richard Larcombe: Guitar, vocal, harmonium
Sarah Measures: Vocal, flute
Kavus Torabi: Acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, percussion, vocal
Paul Westwood: Hammered dulcimer, harmonium, vocal

"Nautical all-stars Admirals Hard release their debut album Upon A Painted Ocean on Believers Roast. The 7-piece ensemble features members of b

"Christopher Reeves AKA The Gasman has been releasing music since 2003 and this is his twelfth album to date. Although he is known more for his experimental electronic sound this album has a more classical feel to it reminiscent of people like Philip...

"As the title suggests this is a continuation of the first Gasman album on Believers roast (Hiding place) This is more of the same, rhythmic passionate piano music that has been treated in different ways to create different atmospheres."

"Mandrake is a 9 track album of cinematic chamber music by composer and multi-instrumentalist Rael Jones (Thumpermonkey), written for string quintet, piano and acoustic guitars.

The album blends a wide range of influences and genres. The French.

Karda Estra (essentially the work of one-man band Richard Wileman + guests) has been releasing very good, cinematic-ish, albums to a small number of fans for a long time. Now he's hooked up with the folks at Believer's Roast for what I hope will be a...

Karda Estra (essentially the work of one-man band Richard Wileman + guests) has been releasing very good, cinematic-ish, albums to a small number of fans for a long time.

This album features Richard on various guitars and bass, keyboards...

Karda Estra's 12th album 'Time And Stars' collects the two previously released EPs 'The Seas & The Stars' and 'Future Sounds' on a new special edition CD released on the Believers Roast label.

'The Seas And The Stars' chronicles the collision between the Andromeda galaxy and our own Milky Way, the eventual end of everything, a celestial intervention and a return to where everything began - viewed from an impossible, empty shoreline.

'Karda Estra has always provided the soundtrack to..

The relationship of this, Kavus' solo debut, to Knifeworld is not dis-similar to Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night's relationship to Pawn Hearts. One would not exist in the same way without the other, it is similar in a lot of ways, but very different as well.

"Solar Divination is the debut EP from Knifeworld/ Gong frontman Kavus Torabi. Written, performed and produced by Torabi 'Solar Divination' is as profoundly psychedelic as you would expect.
Three otherworldly, spellbinding and...

Kavus Torabi (Cardiacs, Guapo, Knifeworld and the man behind the Believers Roast label) put on a one day festival featuring many of the best of London's modern progressive/unusual rock bands. All tracks here are not available elsewhere and this is a...

"Exquisite Corpse is a method by which a collection of images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence until finally the whole completed picture is revealed. This technique invented by the Surrealists is similar...

Richard Wileman - guitars, bass, keyboards, samples, percussion, bouzouki, vocals
Amy Fry - clarinet, vocals
Jo Court - bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Lauraine Phelan - trumpet

Debut solo album by Karda Estra composer Richard Wileman. New songs and instrumentals plus rearrangements of Karda Estra pieces that can fit into a live setting. Also includes a cover of 'The Tinker Of Rye' (written by Paul Giovanni) from the film 'The Wicker Man.'

"Loving the new solo album from Karda