Clean Feed

Clean Feed
Eve Risser composition, piano, voice
Antonin-Tri Hoang alto sax, analog synth
Sakina Abdou tenor sax
Grégoire Tirtiaux baritone sax, qarqabas
Nils Ostendorf trumpet, analog synth
Mathias Müller trombone
Tatiana Paris electric guitar, voice
Ophélia Hié balafon, bara, voice
Mélissa Hié balafon, djembe, voice
Fanny Lasfargues electro-acoustic bass
Oumarou Bambara djembe, bara
Emmanuel Scarpa drums, voice

"Led by the French pianist Eve Risser, the Red Desert...

"The Red Trio is quite a unique case in the Portuguese jazz and improvised music scene. The free music played by Rodrigo Pinheiro (piano, prepared piano), Hernâni Faustino (double bass), and Gabriel Ferrandini (drums, percussion) have no attachment to...

Rodrigo Pinheiro piano | Hernani Faustino double bass | Gabriel Ferrandini drums and percussion | John Butcher tenor and soprano saxophone.
"Known for the way they manage the energy factor, going from extreme subtlety, almost near-silence, to aggressive noise making, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Hernâni Faustino and Gabriel Ferrandini, the members of Red Trio, brought sharp ears to their presentation with John Butcher as guest during last year’s Jazz em Agosto festival. “Summer Skyshift” is the recording of...

Nate Wooley trumpet / Rodrigo Pinheiro piano / Hernani Faustino double bass / Gabriel Ferrandini drums and percussion.

"The history of improvised music is full of successful and even magical first encounters, but more common are the occasions...

Michaël Attias alto saxophone / John Hébert double bass / Satoshi Takeishi drums.

"Renku – the kindred-spirit New York trio of saxophonist Michaël Attias, bassist John Hébert and drummer Satoshi Takeishi – was named after a collaborative, improvised form of Japanese poetry that balances freedom and precision. The trio makes music like its name: searching and empathetic, thoroughly in the moment, resonant with meaning. Renku played a two-night stand at Manhattan’s Greenwich House in early 2014 to...

Júlio Resende, piano / Ole Morten Vågan, double bass / Joel Silva, drums / João Custódio, double bass (on 8) / Bruno Pedroso, drums (on 3).

"In his third appearance in the Clean Feed catalogue, Portuguese pianist and composer Júlio Resende...

Júlio Resende, piano / Perico Sambeat, alto saxophone / Ole Morten Vagan, double bass / Joel Silva, drums / with Desidério Lázaro, tenor saxophone / João Custódio, double bass / Manuela Azevedo, voice.

"After the success of his debut album...

Cene Resnik, tenor saxophone / Emanuele Parrini, violin / Giovanni Maier, double bass / Aljosa Jeric, drums.

"Don’t feel disconnected to the world if you don’t know the name Cene Resnik. Only now all things happening in the fields of Slovenian...

Cene Resnik tenor saxophone
Giorgio Pacorig piano
Marko Lasič drums
Rob Mazurek piccolo trumpet

“You can call it instant composition, free improvised music or creative jazz, but for the Slovenian tenor saxophonist Cene Resnik what really matters is what comes naturally. The communion with nature, and specifically with the naturality of sound, be it producing it (by himself and his companions) or perceiving it (the audience gathered in a venue to hear him), is key to understand..

Kris Davis piano / Eric Revis double bass / Gerald Cleaver drums.

"The Eric Revis Trio is back, this time with Gerald Cleaver using sticks against skins and metal, replacing his elders Andrew Cyrille from "City of Asylum" - Cecil Taylor�s drummer of choice for a decade - and John Betsch from the project's recent European tour - Steve Lacy�s partner for the same period of time. The brilliant newcomer Kris Davis remains at the piano. Although the music is different, the principles, objectives and...

Bill McHenry(ts) / Branford Marsalis (ts) / Chad Taylor (d) / Darius Jones (as) / Eric Revis (b).

“For bassist Eric Revis, differentiations between what is considered “mainstream” and “avant-garde” in jazz means next to nothing. With his new...

Eric Revis double bass
Ken Vandermark tenor saxophone and clarinet
Kris Davis piano
Chad Taylor drums

"Whether frontier his own ensembles with colleagues like Orrin Evans, Nasheet Waits, Kris Davis, Andrew Cyrille, Darius Jones and Jason Moran, double bassist Eric Revis has established himself as much for his experimentations into the unknown as with mainstream jazz forms (Branford Marsalis Quartet, Betty Carter). On his newest album as a leader, "Sing Me Some Cry" (Clean Feed), he.

Eric Revis, double bass / Nasheet Waits, drums / Jason Moran, piano / Ken Vandermark, tenor saxophone and clarinet.

"Like what happened to other absurd walls, the one artificially dividing “mainstream” and “avant-garde” jazz is definitely...

Kris Davis, piano / Eric Revis, double bass / Andrew Cyrille, drums.

"Can you tell when a straight-ahead jazz performance – live or recorded – is also an experimental one? No? We can: it happens when Eric Revis is involved, being this double...

Mattias Risberg piano, moog taurus

"If you’re a fan of Carla Bley you already know Mattias Risberg: together with saxophonist Fredrik Ljungkvist he released the album “And Now the Queen – A Tribute to Carla Bley" (2016). Something you could expect from the keyboardist Risberg whose musical interests are deeply rooted in several music idioms, going from John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Bill Evans, Jan Johansson and Paul Bley to J.S. Bach, Carlo Gesualdo, Igor Stravinskij and Olivier Messiaen, through...

Eve Risser prepared upright piano, composition

"In “Après un Rêve” the upright piano isn’t the alternative resource when some particular venue (here the FGO Barbara, in Paris) doesn’t have a grand piano and can’t afford the rental of one: it has it’s own mechanical properties and capacities, making it a valuable performing instrument and not just a surrogate. Known for her very personnal views in what concerns the preparation of a piano, French composer and improviser Eve Risser started a...

EveRisser piano

"It took a while for Eve Risser to consider herself a “pianist”. Also playing flute, toy instruments and amplified objects, whatever she can use in a venue without a piano, the French musician envisioned this instrument only...

Eve Risser piano
Kaja Draksler piano

"‘To Pianos’ can read as a dedication: an act of celebration of the instrument. But being a pianist, I also read the phrase as something of a supplication. We’ve each hopefully made some kind of peace with our own instruments at home – and if we’re lucky, we may even love them. But whenever we travel to perform, we’re at the mercy of the particular piano we find at the other end. Whatever cosmic force controls this particular lottery, sometimes you just....

Sylvaine Hélary flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo
Antonin Tri Hoang alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Benjamin Dousteyssier tenor and bass saxophones
Sophie Bernado bassoon
Eivind Lønning trumpet
Fidel Fourneyron trombone
Julien Desprez electric guitar
Eve Risser piano, prepared piano
Fanny Lasfargues electro-acoustic bass guitar
Sylvain Darrifourcq drums, percussions

"This music Is the result of a mystical experience lived by French pia

André B. Silva electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Filipe Louro doublebass, electric bass, acoustic guitar
Pedro Melo Alves drums, electronics

"Six years after the internationally acclaimed GETTING ALL THE EVIL OF THE PISTON COLLAR!, the uncontested masters of jambacore - André B. Silva, Pedro Melo Alves and Filipe Louro - strike again with a powerful new album in which they give full throttle to their nonsensical, humoristic, ironic, cynical, in-your-face and yes, crazy, musical post-post.

Riccardo Marogna tenor saxophone, bass clarinet & synthesizers
Gonçalo Almeida doublebass
Philipp Ernsting drums

"Portuguese bassist Gonçalo Almeida made Rotterdam as the basis of a busy activity with musicians from different geographic origins and his trio with Riccardo Marogna and Philipp Ernsting is one of the most prolific. The name Ritual Habitual (alliterations included, we can translate it as Usual Ritual) says it all about the purposes at play: to create ritualistic music with...

Herb Robertson, trumpet/Mark Dresser, bass/Sylvie Courvoisier, piano/Tim Berne, alto sax/Tom Rainey, drums.

"A new Herb Robertson release is always cause for celebration, at least in my household. There’s always that anticipation to see what...

Jason Robinson, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones; alto flute / Anthony Davis, piano.

"We had to wait nine years to have a new recording featuring the collaboration of saxophonist Jason Robinson and pianist Anthony Davis. After two critically...

Matthew Schneider guitar / Jason Roebke double bass / Marcus Evans drums.

"The bass is an intermediary. At once rhythmic, textural, melodic and harmonic. It can keep the band together or signal a dissipation. Let’s face it: nothing makes more sense than to have the double bassist as bandleader. What about being the bassist also the composer of the band? Well, that’s another story. The music of Jason Roebke is raw and grounded. The journey is, in itself, the destination. A kind of musique vérité...

André Roligheten tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone & bass clarinet
Adrian Løseth Waade violin
Jon Rune Strøm double bass
Erik Nylander drums & percussion

"The title “Homegrown” gives justice to the music assembled in this CD: it testifies exemplarily the way jazz is played in the North of Europe. Scandinavian musicians may not do it better, but certainly they do what they brilliantly do with a personality you can’t find elsewhere. It’s strong, seductive and full of arguments in what..

Alberto Popolla clarinets / Errico DeFabritiis alto sax / Gianfranco Tedeschi double bass / Fabrizio Spera drums / guest: Luca Venitucci Organ, Melodica, Amplified Zither.
" This is one more proof that jazz, and blues for that matter, turned to be...

Alberto Popolla clarinet & bass clarinet
Errico De Fabritiis alto & baritone sax
Gianfranco Tedeschi double bass
Fabrizio Spera drums
Luca Venitucci organ on tracks 1, 4, 9 piano on 6
Luca Tilli cello on tracks 3, 7
Antonio Castiello dub effects on 12

"There’s a good side in the present day global dimension and that’s called “cultural syncretism”. Roots Magic is an Italian band who's gradually building up a repertoire between Deep Blues and Creative

"Take Root Among the Stars", quoting the words of the great science fiction writer Octavia Butler, here is Roots Magic's third installment for Clean Feed. Cut by the Italian quartet, here and there augmented by a couple of special guests, historical wind player Eugenio Colombo and vibes maestro Francesco Lo Cascio, this new album comes as a further step into the borderland between Deep Blues and Creative Jazz.
The new repertoire includes reworked tunes by Skip James, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre...

"Take Root Among the Stars", quoting the words of the great science fiction writer Octavia Butler, here is Roots Magic's third installment for Clean Feed. Cut by the Italian quartet, here and there augmented by a couple of special guests, historical wind player Eugenio Colombo and vibes maestro Francesco Lo Cascio, this new album comes as a further step into the borderland between Deep Blues and Creative Jazz.
The new repertoire includes reworked tunes by Skip James, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre...

Alberto Popolla clarinets, electric bass, banjo
Errico De Fabritiis alto and baritone saxophones
Eugenio Colombo flutes, soprano saxophone
Francesco Lo Cascio vibraphone, percussion
Gianfranco Tedeschi double bass
Fabrizio Spera drums, percussion, zither

"Since their appearance at the 2021 edition of the Jazz em Agosto festival Roots Magic confirmed the new sextet line-up featuring veteran multi reeds player Eugenio Colombo and vibes specialist Francesco Lo Cascio. "Long...

Ned Rothenberg clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, shakuhachi
Mark Feldman violin
Sylvie Courvoisier piano

“Saxophonist, clarinetist and shakuhachi flutist Ned Rothenberg. violinist Mark Feldman, and his wife pianist Sylvie Courvoisier are old musical friends and collaborators but this is their first trio recording. So the ground is seeded, but don’t let the solidity shown by the music from “In Cahoots” fool you: as a principle, they try to take their creativity further, exploring.

Bruce Ackley soprano sax
Steve Adams alto and sopranino sax
Larry Ochs tenor and sopranino sax
Jon Raskin baritone, alto, sopranino sax
Kyle Bruckmann analog synthesizers
Henry Kaiser guitar
"This is not the first time we hear ROVA – the Californian saxophone quartet composed of Bruce Ackley, Steve Adams, Larry Ochs and Jon Raskin – picking up a jazz icon’s music and turning it radically into their own. It happened a few years ago with John Coltrane and “Electric Ascension”.

Vítor Rua all guitars (classical Ramirez guitar and Fender Squire guitar)
Vítor Rua guitars, composer
Hernâni Faustino Bass
Luís San Payo drums
Manuel Guimarães piano
Nuno Reis trumpet
Paulo Galão clarinets

"Vítor Rua is one of the key figures of Portuguese creative music, with a career covering a multitude of idioms and styles, from rock (he was the founder of the very popular band GNR) to minimalism, concrete music, electronic music,

Charles Rumback, drums/Jason Ajemian, bass/Joshua Sclar, tenor saxophone/Greg Ward, alto saxophone.

"A figure of the rich and varied Chicago music scene, Charles Rumback is impossible to overlook. Avant-jazz, post-rock and ambient electronica...

Jørgen Mathisen tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet
André Roligheten tenor and baritone saxophone
Rune Nergaard double bass
Axel Skalstad drums
"Don’t trust the phonetic double sense of this CD’s title as something that will “ruin your day” if you take it home. And no, there aren’t any Germanic runes on auditory range, taking you to the Pagan mythical past of the European countries the same way a few Swedish and Norwegian doom metal bands do. It just happens that the composer and...

Jacob Sacks piano
Ellery Eskelin tenor saxophone
Tony Malaby tenor & soprano saxophones
Michael Formanek bass
Dan Weiss drums

“It makes so much sense for a Portuguese record label to release a new opus of the New York pianist and composer Jacob Sacks, considering his many connections with the jazz scene of this country and musicians like João Lencastre, Sara Serpa, André Matos, Gonçalo Marques and Demian Cabaud. Sacks is widely recognized as one of the most creative...

Achille Succi bass clarinet
Julian Arguelles tenor and soprano sax
Samo Salamon guitar
Pascal Niggenkemper bass
Roberto Dani drums
Christian Lillinger drums

"Here is one more live recording of the Ljubljana Jazz Festival, featuring the Slovenian guitarist, and former John Scofield’s student, who is unanimously pointed out as one of the most defying players today in Europe: Samo Salamon. The Sextet is of transnational constitution, putting together the cream of the Europe

Tony Malaby tenor & soprano saxophone
Samo Salamon guitar
Roberto Dani drums

"A former student of John Scofield, Samo Salamon was named by the magazine Guitar Player as one of 10 most interesting guitarists of the moment, with All About Jazz stating that this Slovenian is «one of the most talented and interesting to emerge on today’s jazz scene», putting him at the same level of Kurt Rosenwinkel and Ben Monder.
The Penguin Jazz Guide choose his debut record “Ornethology”, from 2003.

Angelica Sanchez piano, toy piano.

"Pianist Angelica Sanchez’s debut solo record, features a beguiling mix of her own meditative, introspective compositions and free improvisations as well as very personal versions of pieces by Ornette Coleman..

Angelica Sanchez piano
Michael Formanek double bass
Tyshawn Sorey drums

"You can often judge musicians by the company they keep. Float the Edge, the latest album from pianist-composer Angelica Sanchez, features her alongside two of the most sought-after rhythm-section musicians on the scene: veteran bassist Michael Formanek and rising- star Tyshawn Sorey, both acclaimed leader-composers in their own right. To be released via Clean Feed Records on March 25, 2017, Float the Edge sees this..

Angelica Sanchez, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano/Marc Ducret, electric guitar/Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone/Drew Gress, double bass/Tom Rainey, drums.

Very nice and very attractive album that sits somewhere between electric jazz (Wurlitzer) and..

What a great band. Everyone here is a monster, a master and a band-leader in their own right.

Angelica Sanchez, piano / Marc Ducret, guitar / Tony Malaby, tenor & soprano saxophone / Drew Gress, bass / Tom Rainey, drums.

"It’s no longer.

Angelica Sanchez, piano / Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet.

"A duo is the most intimate of encounters in jazz – such a tête-à-tête demands rare communication, forcing each player to open up, unable to rely on group interplay. The duo of pianist...

Sten Sandell piano
Lisa Ullén piano

“This one is for all the piano lovers overthere. If you’re a fan of the Scandinavian scene, you already know that Sten Sandell is one of the main representatives of that rich cauldron of creative jazz in Europe. And if you’re attentive to what’s new and fresh and creative in the jazzosphere, you already heard about the Korean-born, but living in Stockholm, Lisa Ullén, also a pianist. Yes, this is a piano duo, playing “Double Music” as the title states...

Susana Santos Silva, trumpet and flugelhorn / Torbjörn Zetterberg, double bass.

"Be warned. It doesn’t prepare you for what’s inside “Almost Tomorrow” knowing that Susana Santos Silva has some side projects in the fields of avant-jazz and non...

Pharaoh Sanders, tenor sax / Rob Mazurek, cornet / Chad Taylor, drums / Guilherme Granado, synths / Matthew Lux, bass / Mauricio Takara, percussion.

Oh, yeah! This is Rob Mazurek and both the Sao Paulo Underground AND Chicago Underground duo and

Bernardo Sassetti piano
Carlos Barretto double bass
Alexandre Frazão drums

"On March 23rd 2021, Nelson Carvalho, the amazing sound engineer who accompanied all of Bernardo Sassetti”s recordings and concerts, texted me with a finding. The recording of the memorable concert held in 2007 at Culturgest’s Auditorium (Lisbon), one of Bernardo’s favourite venues, was intact and waiting to be published.
The occasion celebrated the Trio’s 10th anniversary but, in truth, Bernardo Sassetti...

"The release of this new recording by Portuguese pianist Bernardo Sassetti is one of those moments that give full meaning to the whole activity of a record label like Clean Feed. In Indigo Sassetti proves himself to be one of the most talented piano playe

Bernardo Sassetti, piano / Carlos Barretto, double bass / Alexandre Frazão, drums.

"After seven years of the enormous success obtained by the album “Nocturno”, the most selled instrumental jazz record ever in Portugal, the Bernardo Sassetti...

"Here’s some fantastic music with an agenda, or more exactly, an entire program of action. Since the days of the researches developed by the likes of Globe Unity Orchestra and Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath the challenge remains the same: how to make a big band improvise without the restraints usually applied when there’s the idea that a large ensemble needs a tight organization? In the mentioned cases the musicians involved were free improvisers wanting to establish some kind of order through...