Clean Feed

Clean Feed
Jørgen Mathisen tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet
André Roligheten tenor and baritone saxophone
Rune Nergaard double bass
Axel Skalstad drums
"Don’t trust the phonetic double sense of this CD’s title as something that will “ruin your day” if you take it home. And no, there aren’t any Germanic runes on auditory range, taking you to the Pagan mythical past of the European countries the same way a few Swedish and Norwegian doom metal bands do. It just happens that the composer and...

Jacob Sacks piano
Ellery Eskelin tenor saxophone
Tony Malaby tenor & soprano saxophones
Michael Formanek bass
Dan Weiss drums

“It makes so much sense for a Portuguese record label to release a new opus of the New York pianist and composer Jacob Sacks, considering his many connections with the jazz scene of this country and musicians like João Lencastre, Sara Serpa, André Matos, Gonçalo Marques and Demian Cabaud. Sacks is widely recognized as one of the most creative...

Achille Succi bass clarinet
Julian Arguelles tenor and soprano sax
Samo Salamon guitar
Pascal Niggenkemper bass
Roberto Dani drums
Christian Lillinger drums

"Here is one more live recording of the Ljubljana Jazz Festival, featuring the Slovenian guitarist, and former John Scofield’s student, who is unanimously pointed out as one of the most defying players today in Europe: Samo Salamon. The Sextet is of transnational constitution, putting together the cream of the Europe

Tony Malaby tenor & soprano saxophone
Samo Salamon guitar
Roberto Dani drums

"A former student of John Scofield, Samo Salamon was named by the magazine Guitar Player as one of 10 most interesting guitarists of the moment, with All About Jazz stating that this Slovenian is «one of the most talented and interesting to emerge on today’s jazz scene», putting him at the same level of Kurt Rosenwinkel and Ben Monder.
The Penguin Jazz Guide choose his debut record “Ornethology”, from 2003.

Angelica Sanchez piano, toy piano.

"Pianist Angelica Sanchez’s debut solo record, features a beguiling mix of her own meditative, introspective compositions and free improvisations as well as very personal versions of pieces by Ornette Coleman..

Angelica Sanchez piano
Michael Formanek double bass
Tyshawn Sorey drums

"You can often judge musicians by the company they keep. Float the Edge, the latest album from pianist-composer Angelica Sanchez, features her alongside two of the most sought-after rhythm-section musicians on the scene: veteran bassist Michael Formanek and rising- star Tyshawn Sorey, both acclaimed leader-composers in their own right. To be released via Clean Feed Records on March 25, 2017, Float the Edge sees this..

Angelica Sanchez, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano/Marc Ducret, electric guitar/Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone/Drew Gress, double bass/Tom Rainey, drums.

Very nice and very attractive album that sits somewhere between electric jazz (Wurlitzer) and..

What a great band. Everyone here is a monster, a master and a band-leader in their own right.

Angelica Sanchez, piano / Marc Ducret, guitar / Tony Malaby, tenor & soprano saxophone / Drew Gress, bass / Tom Rainey, drums.

"It’s no longer.

Angelica Sanchez, piano / Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet.

"A duo is the most intimate of encounters in jazz – such a tête-à-tête demands rare communication, forcing each player to open up, unable to rely on group interplay. The duo of pianist...

Sten Sandell piano
Lisa Ullén piano

“This one is for all the piano lovers overthere. If you’re a fan of the Scandinavian scene, you already know that Sten Sandell is one of the main representatives of that rich cauldron of creative jazz in Europe. And if you’re attentive to what’s new and fresh and creative in the jazzosphere, you already heard about the Korean-born, but living in Stockholm, Lisa Ullén, also a pianist. Yes, this is a piano duo, playing “Double Music” as the title states...

Susana Santos Silva, trumpet and flugelhorn / Torbjörn Zetterberg, double bass.

"Be warned. It doesn’t prepare you for what’s inside “Almost Tomorrow” knowing that Susana Santos Silva has some side projects in the fields of avant-jazz and non...

Pharaoh Sanders, tenor sax / Rob Mazurek, cornet / Chad Taylor, drums / Guilherme Granado, synths / Matthew Lux, bass / Mauricio Takara, percussion.

Oh, yeah! This is Rob Mazurek and both the Sao Paulo Underground AND Chicago Underground duo and

Bernardo Sassetti piano
Carlos Barretto double bass
Alexandre Frazão drums

"On March 23rd 2021, Nelson Carvalho, the amazing sound engineer who accompanied all of Bernardo Sassetti”s recordings and concerts, texted me with a finding. The recording of the memorable concert held in 2007 at Culturgest’s Auditorium (Lisbon), one of Bernardo’s favourite venues, was intact and waiting to be published.
The occasion celebrated the Trio’s 10th anniversary but, in truth, Bernardo Sassetti...

"The release of this new recording by Portuguese pianist Bernardo Sassetti is one of those moments that give full meaning to the whole activity of a record label like Clean Feed. In Indigo Sassetti proves himself to be one of the most talented piano playe

Bernardo Sassetti, piano / Carlos Barretto, double bass / Alexandre Frazão, drums.

"After seven years of the enormous success obtained by the album “Nocturno”, the most selled instrumental jazz record ever in Portugal, the Bernardo Sassetti...

"Here’s some fantastic music with an agenda, or more exactly, an entire program of action. Since the days of the researches developed by the likes of Globe Unity Orchestra and Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath the challenge remains the same: how to make a big band improvise without the restraints usually applied when there’s the idea that a large ensemble needs a tight organization? In the mentioned cases the musicians involved were free improvisers wanting to establish some kind of order through...

Pierre Borel saxophone
Antonio Borghini bass
Christian Lillinger drums

"The trio Schnell uses the bebop tradition as the starting point (the «archetype» or the «memory basket», as they put it) to investigate speed, stasis and trance. It’s not simply a mechanical process, giving more velocity to the lines played by Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker, the same way a 33 rpm record would sound if put to 78 rpm, but to transform the bebop language by pushing the musicians to their limits and...

Louis Sclavis, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet / Craig Taborn, piano and fender rhodes / Tom Rainey, drums

"This new cooperative trio with Craig Taborn and Tom Rainey brings a very unusual instrument combination in a very organic way pointing..

Ricardo Jacinto cello
Gonçalo Almeida double bass
Nuno Morão drums
"The Portuguese trio The Selva likes to make musical references, to symbolize and to propose dubious significations. The debut album of the group starts with a piece full of indeterminate allusions to the Far-Eastern traditional music expressions. It goes on with a virtual journey through Renaissance times and its aesthetic values, seeming to invite us to care more for the beauty of life. Only in the third track we find...

Sara Serpa voice, composition
Ingrid Laubrock tenor, soprano saxophone
Erik Friedlander cello

“Serpa is a fresh and riveting presence on the vocal-jazz landscape.”– Nate Chinen, JazzTimes

“Serpa possesses a preternatural cool, injecting weightless sophistication and melodic grace into everything she touches.” – Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

“Serpa moves easily between traditional jazz vocalism, improvisation, and new music, and has one of the most elegant and beautif

Brad Jones double bass / Ches Smith drums / E# tenor and soprano saxophones, electric guitar

"With its reinterpretations of the music composed by Thelonious Monk, "Sharp? Monk? Sharp! Monk!" wasn't the most "jazzy" recording that multi...

Elliott Sharp Koll 8-string.

"There’s a saying in Portugal which tells us that there isn’t two things without a third one, and the confirmation seems universal: Elliott Sharp’s “Octal” project has a new volume, the third, with more material...

Elliott Sharp, Koll 8-string electroacoustic guitarbass

"This is the second volume of Elliott Sharp's project "Octal", realized on the 8-string guitarbass prototype built for him by Saul Koll. And again, it's a solo album of purely digital...

Nate Wooley, trumpet / Terry L. Green, trombone / Brad Jones, double bass / Ches Smith, drums / E#, tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet.

"The first Aggregat edition was a rather conventional trio with a hard bop matrix, something very...

"Listening closely to the duo of Elliott Sharp and Scott Fields one can hear a compact history of modern composition and improvisation. Although the duo has a sound all its own, under the surface you can sense traces of “New Music,” minimalism, free jazz,

Susana Santos Silva, trumpet & flugelhorn / Torbjörn Zetterberg, double bass / Hampus Lindwall, organ.
"If you heard “Almost Tomorrow”, the duo recording by Susana Santos Silva and Torbjorn Zetterberg previously released by Clean Feed, and found it “introspective” and “exploratory”, take a breath. This goes much deeper into the hidden zones of our inner selves, showing that intimacy and open communication isn’t something only possible between two individuals – sometimes it may take three or more...

André B. Silva guitar
José Soares alto saxophone
Raquel Reis cello
Sophie Bernado basoon
Paulo Bernardino bass clarinet
André Carvalho double bass
Ricardo Coelho drums, percussion and vibraphone

"Mt. Meru” is the second record under his own name by the guitarist of The Rite of Trio - one of the most brilliant projects coming from the small European country called Portugal. After his first record, The Guit Kune Do, which consisted of five electric guitars, he shuffles things...

Susana Santos Silva trumpet, tin whistle, bells

"Every solo album with a horn is a difficult task, and that’s the reason why so few are released on record or played on the stage. No-one else is there to give you cues, to challenge you: your creativity and your technical skills are the only resources available. Or so it seems, because in a solo situation you’re dueling with two presences: one, of course, is the audience, and as Derek Bailey used to say, a solo is a duo with the people who listens...

Yaw Tembe trumpet, voice
Monsieur Trinité percussion

"Two generations gather in this surprising project: from one side a young Swazi born trumpeter who is committed to bring Africa to the Portuguese free music scene, Yaw Tembe, and from the other a veteran percussionist / objects manipulator, Monsieur Trinité (Francisco Trindade), a former emigrant in Paris who brought home the Situationist concepts he discovered in France. Nothing on their respective careers prepared us for the music of...

Fredrik Ljungkvist tenor saxophone, clarinet
Kris Davis piano
Ole Morten Vågan double bass
Øyvind Skarbø drums

"This is the happy result of the international partnership of one of America's top pianists today, Kris Davis, with three of the most in demand musicians on the Scandinavian creative jazz scene; Fredrik Ljungkvist, Ole Morten Vågan and Øyvind Skarbø, who is also the producer and the mixer. In the Inland Empire, compositions by all members are treated democratically...

Stephen Gauci tenor saxophone / Kris Davis piano / Michael Bisio double bass.

"Paul Bley once said that, if you want to change the music, you have to change the conventional jazz instrumentation. Jummy Giuffre did it excluding the drumkit...

"At their second opus, one of the most surprising projects emerging these last years from the very dynamic and rich cauldron of Portuguese jazz are capable to go very far beyond what they showed us before. Embracing a kind of cinematic jazz vaguely influenced by John Zorn’s compositional work for the big and the little screens, the band Slow is Possible is simultaneously accessible, due to the sugestibility of the melodic work and the directness of the rhythmic propulsion, and experimental, presenting a...

Tim Berne, alto sax / Tony Malaby, tenor sax / Mary Halvorson, guitar / Andrea Parkins, accordion, electronics / Ches Smith, drums.

Do I need to mention what a simply great band this is?

"Though drummer Ches Smith has a penchant for...

Kristoffer Kompen, trombone / Kristoffer Berre Alberts, saxophones / Ole Morten Vågan, double bass / Erik Nylander, drums.
"The Norwegian jazz scene is like the hat of a magician: when you think nothing more can get out from its mysterious hole, there’s something else emerging to amaze us. SNIK is such a case. The compositions are from two of the members of this quartet, trombonist Kristoffer Kompen and double bassist Ole Morten Vagan. Vagan is one of the most respected names of the Scandinavian...

Pedro Sousa tenor and baritone saxofones / Johan Berthling double bass / GabrielFerrandini drums.

"After playing and recording with Thurston Moore, the ex-Sonic Youth guitarist who sometimes likes to go out of the rock format in order to simply..

Rafael Toral acoustic and electronic feedback, amplifier, direction
Hugo Antunes double bass
Nuno Morão drums and percussion
Nuno Torres saxophone, electronics

“Not to interrupt someone who is talking, is giving space. To stand aside and not in the doorway is creating space. To refrain from judging too fast is leaving space. We need space more than ever now. To back off. To slow down. To be quiet. Anything that happens in open space, happens in a more positive way. More vulnerable...

Rafael Toral acoustic and electronic feedback, amplifier, direction | Hugo Antunes double bass | Nuno Morão drums and percussion | Nuno Torres alto saxophone, electronic instrument

"Electronic music with a human touch – that’s what Rafael Toral proposed himself to do when he started with the Space Program. Or electro-acoustic music, to be more exact, because his adapted amplifiers and other feedback and sinusoidal devices are combined with conventional instruments, played by fellow Portuguese...

Matthias Spillmann trumpet, flugelhorn
Andreas Lang double bass
Moritz Baumgärtner drums

"Getting to the core of the matter is what drives trumpeter Matthias Spillmann and his stage companions, Andreas Lang and Moritz Baumgärtner, in this CD recorded live. And this means to find the essence of this music genre we call jazz, using the repertory of its history, namely songs written by William C. Handy (“St. Louis Blues”), Billy Strayhorn (“A Flower is a Lovesome Thing”), Ornette Coleman...

Sylvaine Hélary flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo
Hugues Mayot tenor saxophone, clarinet
Antonin Rayon piano, Moog
Sylvain Lemêtre vibes, percussions
Kris Davis piano (on 3 and 4)

"It’s not the first time that contemporary classical music and jazz cross paths in a single project and it won’t be the last, but this “Episodes” come with a singular condition: it’s not something created under the umbrella of what we call Third Stream, that attempt to turn big band jazz a symphonic...

David Stackenäs acoustic guitars
"The last solo CD (“Separator”) recorded by David Stackenäs with acoustic guitars was released 8 years ago. Too much time without having a close listening of the developments taken by the continuous research this Swedish guitarist is doing of the unplugged instrument that, even being the most popular in the world, still has some secrets to explore. The focus may be the same, with a similar succession of sketches (“bricks”), but there’s much more happening than...

Kristoffer Berre Alberts alto and tenor saxophones / Jamie Saft hammond organ, whitehall organ, moog, lapsteel guitar / Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Ibanez 8-string Fretless Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Univox Hi- Flyer Bass / Gard Nilssen drums, percussion, electronics.

"It’s not the first time we find Scandinavian and American musicians playing together – some of the bands founded by Ken Vandermark have this characteristic –, but Starlite Motel comes with a different focus than the ones trying to...

Jason Stein, bass clarinet / Jason Roebke, double bass / Mike Pride, drums.

"On this second Locksmith Isidore release on Clean Feed Records, Jason Stein continues to redefine the bass clarinet as a lead instrument. Stein has developed his own...

Nick Mazzarella alto saxophone
Tim Stine guitar
Matt Ulery bass
Quin Kirchner drums

“When considering the Chicago jazz scene today (and other associated genres), we have to name the precious contribution of guitarist and composer Tim Stine. Stine’s contributions are brilliantly demonstrated in his new album, “Knots”, acoustic music resulting from sensible combinations of precise written scores (“the ink”, Stine says) and interactively improvised content by the members of his.

Fred Lonberg-Holm cello and guitar
Nick Macri double bass
Charles Rumback drums
"Stirrup, the Chicago based Collaborative trio, continues to explore the interstitial space on this, their third commercial release.
Cellist (and in “Cut” also a guitar player) Fred Lonberg-Holm is one of the top references of the Chicago creative music scene, covering genres going from jazz to rock, to pop, to free improvisation and to experimental music. Stirrup is his new band and reflects Lonberg-Holm’s.....

Thomas Johansson trumpet
André Roligheten tenor saxophone
Christian Meaas Svendsen double bass/fender bass (left channel)
Jon Rune Strøm double bass/fender bass (right channel)
Andreas Wildhagen drums

"Yes, you can create a band concept from the double bass position, but instead of putting himself as the focus of the collective music of his quintet, bassist and composer Jon Rune Strøm enlisted a second bass player, Christian Meaas Svendsen, for the group, like him doubling th

Daniel Levin, cello / Rob Brown, alto sax / Steve Swell, trombone

"In this present age of the history of humanity, there are few places left for a true utopia. The world has already experienced some of those ideal systems, but the results...

Tony Malaby, soprano and tenor saxophones / William Parker, double bass / Nasheet Waits, drums.

"When Sonny Rollins released the album Saxophone Colossus (Prestige, 1956), he not only made the point that he loomed over all over saxophone...

Orrin Evans piano (vocals on “Blessed Ones”)
Eric Revis double bass
Nasheet Waits drums

Oliver Lake alto saxophone
Josh Lawrence trumpet
Dana Murray percussion (4)

“With its provocative, confrontational name, the trio formed by Orrin Evans, Eric Revis (yes, the same playing in Branford Marsalis’ band) and Nasheet Waits, each one with compositional and leading status, call again alto saxophonist Oliver Lake for a record which mixes “loud, frenetic...

Ziv Taubenfeld bass clarinet, percussion
Michael Moore alto saxophone, clarinet
Joost Buis trombone
Nico Chientaroli piano, objects
Omer Govreen double bass
Onno Govaert drums, percussion

"An Israeli expatriate living and playing in the Netherlands, bass clarinetist Ziv Taubenfeld searches for light in the midst of the dark period that surrounded the recording of his new opus “Out of the Beast Came Honey”: on this date, as part of the flexible unit called Full Sun, is American...