Clean Feed

Clean Feed
Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet, flugelhorn / Harris Eisenstadt, drums / Alexander Hawkins, piano / Dominic Lash, double bass.

"The same ocean separating the Old Continent and the New World can join the musicians of both shores. From the United Kingdom..

Thomas Johansson trumpet / Kristoffer Alberts saxophones / Ola Høyer double bass / Gard Nilssen drums.

"Cortex? No, this isn’t jazz of the cerebral kind – even considering that the approach in “Avant-Garde Party Music” is very much the intelectual one coming from the bebop / hard bop era (when the music seated its users, inviting them to listen and not prioritarily to dance) and approaching our times through the free jazz evolutive line. Avant-garde the music certainly is, but you can still party..

Thomas Johansson trumpet / Kristoffer Alberts saxophones / Ola Høyer double bass / Gard Nilssen drums.

"Cortex? No, this isn’t jazz of the cerebral kind – even considering that the approach in “Avant-Garde Party Music” is very much the intelectual one coming from the bebop / hard bop era (when the music seated its users, inviting them to listen and not prioritarily to dance) and approaching our times through the free jazz evolutive line. Avant-garde the music certainly is, but you can still party..

Thomas Johansson trumpet, percussion
Kristoffer Berre Alberts saxophones, percussion
Ola Høyer double bass, percussion
Gard Nilssen drums, percussion

“Free jazz? Well, not exactly. This quartet from Norway took that tradition as a basis, but the original African-American free jazz never sounded like this. The magazine Jazzwise chose better words to describe Cortex’s blasts of energy: «Avant-garde party music». Instead of the pathways to spiritual ascension, or the revolt...

Thomas Johansson, cornet / Kristoffer Alberts, tenor and baritone saxophones / Ola Høyer, double bass / Gard Nilssen, drums.

I saw this wonderful band open up for Bushman's Revenge and they were a great, great outfit. Anything by them comes....

Thomas Johansson trumpet
Kristoffer Alberts saxophones
Ola Høyer double bass
Gard Nilssen drums
"On Cortex second release with Clean Feed Records you’ll find them again in the best context possible: in concert. Considering that the band works in the tradition pioneered by Ornette Coleman, this concert recording has a special significance, because it took place in the world capital of jazz, New York. The approach may be somewhat European, but the music registered here seemed (and seems) at...

Thomas Johansson, cornet / Kristoffer Alberts, tenor and baritone saxophones / Ola H�yer, double bass / Gard Nilssen, drums.

"Ornette Coleman�s partnership with Don Cherry had in the frontline formed by John Zorn and Dave Douglas in the band Masada a welcomed heritage. Now is Cortex�s turn to continue that lineage concerning the interactive work between an alto alto and baritone (Kristoffer Alberts) and a trumpet (or, in the case of Thomas Johansson, a cornet). With double bassist Ola H�yer and...

Mário Costa composition, drums and electronics
Marc Ducret guitar
Benoît Delbecq piano, prepared piano, analog synthesizer and electronics

"In just a few years, Portuguese drummer Mário Costa became a serious case of success in the international jazz scene. We noticed him first playing in two key records to understand the rich reality of creative jazz in Portugal, “Nebulosa” and “Partícula”, as a member of the band lead by Hugo Carvalhais. In the second of these albums, the soprano...

Sylvie Courvoisier Piano
Ned Rothenberg Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Shakuhachi
Julian Sartorius Drums, Percussion

“It’s not the first time we can hear Sylvie Courvoisier and Ned Rothenberg playing together. Both of them were included in a trio with Mark Feldman also released by Clean Feed (“In Cahoots”, 2017). That listening made us hope for more. Here it is with another trio, this time with drummer Julian Sartorius as the third contributor. Without a leader, and enlisting

James Carney, piano / Stephan Crump, double bass.

"If you still think there's an untraversable frontier between the so-called mainstream and the so-called avant-garde, it's because you're not noticing what's going on. And what's going on is....

Paulo Curado, alto sax / Ken Filiano, bass / Bruno Pedroso, drums.

"One of the most accomplished musicians in the Portuguese jazz and free improvised music scene, Paulo Curado plays with a credo: give disorder a place to develop and grow. Disorde

Joachim Badenhorst clarinet, bassclarinet, tenor saxophone
Eirikur Orri Olaffson trumpet, electronics
Sean Caprio drums, guitar, lead vocal on track 5
Brice Soniano double bass
Pascal Niggenkemper double bass
Frantz Loriot viola, lead vocal on track 7
Nico Roig guitar, vocal impro on track 7
"Recorded live in the Ljubljana Jazz Festival (Slovenia), the Carate Urio Orchestra isn’t really a big band – and indeed it can sound like one – but a septet. One piece can go from the most...

Francesco Cusa drums
The Assassins :
Giulio Stermieri hammond, piano
Flavio Zanuttini trumpet, electronics
Giovanni Benvenuti tenor sax
Florence Art Quartet:Daniele Iannaccone violin
Lorenzo Borneo violin
Agostino Mattioni viola
Cristiano Sacchi cello
Duccio Bertini keyboards (on “Elegia”)

"Here is a record of crossed challenges. A band (The Assassins) with a vocation to improvise freely is co-operating with a classical chamber string ensemble...

Darren Johnston, trumpet / Aram Shelton, alto saxophone, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet / Lisa Mezzacappa, double bass / Kjell Nordeson, drums, percussion.

Great new band with some familiar names; all play great, but Darren has released a previous...

Kris Davis. piano.

"Pianist Kris Davis is rapidly becoming one of the most sought out pianists in New York. Every recording we get our hands on, we find her. The trio Paradoxical Frog with Tyshawn Sorey and Ingrid Laubrock, her trio Good Citizen.

Ingrid Laubrock, sax / Kris Davis, piano / Mat Maneri, viola / Tom Rainey, drums / Trevor Dunn, bass.

I know I say this a lot, but holy moly, what a great band of players!

"Over the last couple of years in New York, one method for...

Ben Goldberg bass clarinet, contra alto clarinet, clarinet / Oscar Noriega bass clarinet, clarinet / Joachim Badenhorst bass clarinet, clarinet / Andrew Bishop contrabass clarinet, clarinet / Nate Radley guitar / Gary Versace organ / Jim Black drums...

Kris Davis, piano / Ingrid Laubrock, tenor saxophone / Tyshawn Sorey, drums.

"This exciting new trio release sees Drummer Tyshawn Sorey, pianist Kris Davis and reedist Ingrid Laubrock, all extremely thoughtful and engaging composer-improvisers...

Fulco Ottervanger, piano / Lieven Van Pée, double bass / Simon Segers, drums.
"After the acclaimed partnership with Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, put to record in “The Detour Fish” (2014), the Belgian trio De Beren Gieren is back to explore new territory. The main focus is still on the piano-double bass-drums format, but now, as the band announces, «adding an electronic sediment to our acoustic trio sound to create a multilayered, kaleidoscopic work of art». The music keeps flowing...

The Ljubljana Jazz Festival has the good policy to program either veterans or newcomers who already proved their value, and here is the recording of the incendiary concert presented at the 2014 edition of that event by young piano jazz trio De Beren...

Bram De Looze piano / Lester St-Louis cello / Daniel Levin cello / Flin Van Hemmen drums / Bo Van Der Werf baritone saxofone / Robin Verheyen tenor and soprano saxofone / Gebhard Ullmann tenor saxophone, bass clarinet & bass flute

"Only 24 years of age, Belgian pianist and composer Bram De Looze is no longer a new value demanding our attention: he is one of the most notable musicians of a new generation dedicated in Europe to jazz. After the success of his LABtrio, Septych represents his upgrading...

Benoît Delbecq, piano / Miles Perkin, double bass / Emile Biayenda, drums and percussion.
"A big surprise for all those who thought that the first and only Benoît Delbecq’s project with the piano jazz trio format ended with the unfortunate death of bassist Jean-Jacques Avenel in 2014. Here comes again the formula debuted in 2010 with the album “The Sixth Jump”, now with Canadian, but Berlin-based, Miles Perkin playing the upright bass under Avenel’s influence, but with a voice of his own...

Mark Turner tenor saxophone
Benoît Delbecq piano
John Hébert double bass
Gerald Cleaver drums

"'A thoughtful chill runs through the music of Benoît Delbecq, a French pianist of investigative temperament and crystalline technique. There’s a ton of compressed energy in his playing, but he projects an unflappable calm". These lines from the New York Times in 2010 by jazz critic Nate Chinen offer a pertinent description of Delbecq's music. Delbecq is a multi-awarded Parisian pianist and

"Mário Delgado is one of the most active guitar players on the Portuguese Jazz scene. His skills, along with the way he expresses his own language, makes him one the most in demand musicians for many musical areas. He started his studies in the Hot Clube

Frantz Loriot viola
Antoine Chessex tenor saxophone
Cédric Piromalli prepared piano
Christian Wolfarth percussions, cymbals

"Der Verboten is a new version of the partnership between violist Frantz Loriot and pianist Cédric Piromalli originally called Treffpunkt, the German word for “meeting point”. Originally they had the contributions of Mikko Innanen and Christian Weber. When the guests became Sam Kulik and Brad Henkel, the name changed to Kaijo, which is, simply, the term...

"Composers drawing on visual arts or literary works for inspiration and guidance are nothing new. Think Mussorgsky’s “Picture at an Exhibition” or even Scott Fields’ Clean Feed release “Beckett.” This CD by trombonist Michael Dessen and his trio continues

Michael Dessen, trombone and electronics / Christopher Tordini, bass / Dan Weiss, drums.

"Though outside the New York spotlight, California-based trombonist Michael Dessen has crafted a unique body of music, garnering a steady stream of acclaim..

Michael Dessen, trombone and electronics / Christopher Tordini, bass / Dan Weiss, drums.

"California-based trombonist Michael Dessen has been quietly but steadily collecting accolades for his expansive work as a composer and improviser, which...

Michael Dessen trombone and computer
Christopher Tordini bass
Dan Weiss drums

"Praised as a "musician for this moment" (Downbeat) for his imaginative work with music technology, trombonist Michael Dessen culminates over a decade with his electro-acoustic trio in this fourth Clean Feed release, an homage to the late Yusef Lateef.
After studying with Lateef for several years and making his debut as an improviser on one of Lateef's albums in 1996, Dessen has since carved his own...

Luís Vicente trumpet / Théo Ceccaldi violin, viola / Valentin Ceccaldi cello / Marco Franco drums.

"The avant-jazz/improvised music scene is very much alive in Europe. One superlative example is this new quartet project reuniting two French and..

José Dias guitar

"Here’s a solo guitar album that matters and makes a point. And here’s a good surprise, marking a turn in the musical career of Portuguese guitarist José Dias (also a researcher of the Contemporary Arts Department at Manchester Metropolitan University), who has been until recently committed to inoculate a sense of modernity in the tradition of jazz. The focus now goes way beyond the post-bop format of his previous records, either because the vocabulary is related to rock...

Whit Dickey drums
Kirk Knuffke cornet
I've had the great pleasure of working with cornetist Kirk in Ideal Bread and seeing him nearly a dozen times over the years in various bands. He is one of the greatest trumpeters out there, with a quick mind and beautiful tone. Whit plays, Kirk responds. Kirk plays, Whit responds. All beautifully.

"If you tend to imagine the music of a new CD, before listening to it, by what you heard before coming from the musicians involved, “Fierce Silence” is...

"Lingering melodies, dreamy abstractions, and clever instrumentations characterize the music of Jorrit Dijkstra. In his new suite of compositions "Pillow Circles", he matches four American musicians from the New York and the Chicago scenes, Tony...

Albert van Veenendaal (p) / Matthieu Donarier (sax).

“Many say there isn’t such a thing as “European jazz”, but this duo encounter between French saxophonist Matthieu Donarier and Dutch pianist Albert van Veenendaal most certainly proves...

Matthieu Donarier tenor saxophone & clarinet
Santiago Quintans electric guitar

"The association between Spanish (living in France and being a part of its jazz scene) guitarist Santiago Quintans and French saxophonist Matthieu Donarier is the consequence of a “carte blanche” given to the first one in order to form a couple of duos. First, Quintans had double bassist Paul Rogers as partner and the results were more than positive. Then, came Donarier and something particularly special happened....

Björk Níelsdóttir voice
Laura Polence voice
Ada Rave tenor saxophone / clarinet
Ab Baars clarinet / tenor saxophone / shakuhachi
George Dumitriu violin / viola
Kaja Draksler piano / conducting
Lennart Heyndels double bass
Onno Govaert drums / orchestral percussion / piano

"It’s no wonder that a pianist with such a large sonic vision of her own instrument has an orchestral way of imagining sound and sonic associations, with her dedications to both the so

Laura Polence voice
Björk Níelsdóttir voice
Ada Rave tenor saxophone (1, 3, 5, 6), clarinet (2, 4), mouth organ
Ab Baars clarinet (1, 2, 4, 5), tenor saxophone (3, 6), mouth organ, voice (5)
George Dumitriu violin, viola, mouth organ
Kaja Draksler piano, kalimba, cowbells
Lennart Heyndels double bass, voice (5)
Onno Govaert drums and percussion, mouth organ

"With the previous “Gledalec”, Slovenian pianist and composer Kaja Draksler found a gem to work on

Kaja Draksler, piano.
"Titling a piano solo with a reference to the “many others” tells you everything about the personality of this young Slovenian composer and improviser. Kaja Draksler’s use of the keyboard may be a solitary one, fueled by very...

Kaja Draksler piano / Susana Santos Silva trumpet and flugelhorn

“This Love is the first recording of a new duo capable to impress all the audiences Kaja Draksler and Susana Santos Silva played to, and also the definitive statement that this project is something to develop further and further. From Slovenian origin, but living now in Amsterdam, Draksler is another woman pianist to add to that list of notables where we find Eve Risser, Sophie Agnel, Kris Davis and Angelica Sanchez. Combining...

Nicole Mitchell flute, alto flute & piccolo
Marty Ehrlich clarinet, bass clarinet & alto saxophone
Keir GoGwilt violin
Michael Dessen trombone
Joshua White piano
Jim Black drums & percussion
Mark Dresser double bass & McLagan tines

“Ain't Nothing But a Cyber Coup & You is the second album by the Mark Dresser Seven, following the critically acclaimed 2016 Clean Feed release Sedimental You. Both records showcase playing by flutist Nicole Mitchell, multi-reed player

Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto saxophone / Michael Dessen, trombone / Denman Maroney, hyperpiano / Mark Dresser, double bass / Tom Rainey, drums (1, 2, 3, 5) / Michael Sarin, drums (4, 6, 7).
As Robin used to say to Batman, "Holy great-player line-up!"...

Nicole Mitchell soprano and alto flutes
Marty Ehrlich clarinet and bass clarinet
David Morales Boroff violin
Michael Dessen trombone
Joshua White piano
Jim Black drums and percussion
Mark Dresser contrabass

"Mark Dresser makes music in a vast variety of settings and contexts, but the dauntingly prolific bassist always seeks to create space for the unpredictable play between form and freedom. On his new album Sedimental You, slated for release in early November, 2016

Ed Harkins, trumpets and mellophone / Mark Dresser, double bass / Steven Schick, percussion.

"Being Mark Dresser, the most "classical" of jazz/improvised music bassists today, it is no wonder we find him in the company of two of the most...

Evelyn Davis pipe organ
Fred Frith electric guitar
Phillip Greenlief alto and tenor saxophones

"Wonderful news coming from the Bay Area, even considering that the participants in this ad hoc trio originated from elsewhere—one from Detroit, another from Heathfield / England and the third from Los Angeles. The recording of Lantskap Logic took place at Mills College in Oakland—where Fred Frith directed the Improvisation program until he retired this year—and specifically at the Mills Chapel...

Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto saxophone / Steve Lehman, alto saxophone / Liberty Ellman, guitar / Matt Brewer, double bass / Damion Reid, drums.

"Universally hailed as the most innovative young saxophonists to emerge in recent years, Rudresh...

Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone, bagpipes / Tony Malaby, tenor and soprano saxophones / Mark Helias, double bass / Kevin Norton, drums and vibraphone.
,br> "The day after a rare and triumphant presentation in New York (with Henry Grimes and Andrew...

Mia Dyberg Alto Saxophone
Asger Thomsen Double Bass
Dag Magnus Narvesen Drums

You may label the music recorded in “Ticket!” as free jazz, but nothing here conforms with what you usually hear with that identity. Why? Because alto saxophonist Mia Dyberg, double bassist Asger Thomsen and drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen transpose to music the processes used by William S. Burroughs in his poetry, and not only the cut-up techniques of that Beat Generation icon: there’s much of the playfulness, the..

Bryan Qu alto saxophone, objects
Quincy Mayes piano, objects
Mark Ballyk percussion, voice, objects

"The melting pot we call New York is very much alive, and one proof is this band coming from a new generation of musicians living in the Big Apple. New and with a militant attitude, committed to build what Bryan Qu, Quincy Mayes and Mark Ballyk point as a «progressive future». Following a DIY philosophy, with complete control of the composition, performance, recording and production process...

Zé Eduardo, double bass/Jesus Santandreu, tenor saxophone/Bruno Pedroso, drums.

"Telling that Zé Eduardo is one of the top jazz musicians in Portugal isn't enough to report the importance of this bassist, composer, arranger and band leader...

Bruno Pedroso (d), Jesus Santandreu (ts), Zé Eduardo (b)

"The project “A Jazzar”, by the Zé Eduardo Unit, was born from a comission by Cineclube de Faro, through its president Anabela Moutinho, after two shows held respectively in 1999 and...