Clean Feed

Clean Feed
Personel: Alípio C. Neto (ts), Els Vandeweyer (vib), Jean-Marc Charmier (t), João Hasselberg (b), Rui Gonçalves (d)

"If you still think jazz is an American music, think again. This is jazz indeed, and none of the artists involved was born on the...

Mikko Innanen alto, baritone and sopranino saxophones
Cedric Piromalli hammond organ
Stefan Pasborg drums

"This is it, indeed. The instrumentation of this album makes everyone curious. Saxophones (sopranino, alto and baritone) plus Hammond organ plus drums. The gathered names are another factor of special interest: Finnish saxophonist Mikko Innanen, French organist (also pianist) Cédric Piromalli and Danish drummer Stefan Pasborg, all of them coming from the first row of their respective..

Keefe Jackson, tenor saxophone and bass clarinet / Jeb Bishop, trombone / Jason Roebke, double bass / Noritaka Tanaka, drums.

"Chicago continues to be a fundamental creative center of the most interesting jazz played nowadays, and the musicians..

Piero Bittolo Bon, alto saxophone, smartphone / Stefano Senni, double bass / Francesco Cusa, drums.

"If you're curious to know what's happening in the Transalpine scene besides the Italian Instabile Orchestra and its members personal projects...

Susan Alcorn pedal steel guitar
Kris Davis piano
Max Johnson double bass
Mike Pride drums

"Max Johnson may be the only musician to have worked with legendary improvisers Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Muhal Richard Abrams & William Parker, bluegrass royalty Sam Bush & David Grisman, in addition to rock pioneers Adrian Belew, Vernon Reid & the Butthole Surfers. That eclecticism is at work on his new album, “In the West”, featuring piano trio, augmented by pedal steel guitar. The album..

Darren Johnston, trumpet / Ben Goldberg, clarinet / Sheldon Brown, tenor sax, bass clarinet / Devin Hoff, double bass / Smith Dobson V, drums / Rob Reich, accordion (track 2).

This is a utterly fantastic album that I was very interested in...

Achim Kaufmann, piano / Robert Landfermann, double bass / Christian Lillinger, drums.

"Don't let the picture fool you: these three German musicians may be quite young, but they are real masters at their respective instruments. Achim Kaufmann...

Oli Steidle drums, percussion, marimba
Dan Nicholls production, keyboards, bass, sampling
Jelena Kuljic voice, sampler
Phillip Gropper saxophones
Frank Möbus guitar
Phil Donkin bass
Nathalie Sandtorv voice (track 8)
Liv Nicholls backing vocals

"Two years ago, before the Apocalypse, the first album of this same project was presented as Olie Steidle & The Killing Popes. Something changed in the works of the pandemic virus: the personnel is partly the s

Karl-Hjalmar Nyberg tenor saxophone
Karl Bjorå guitar
Dag Erik Knedal Andersen drums and percussion

"Two of the musicians (saxophonist Karl-Hjalmar Nyberg and guitarist Karl Bjora) ensembled in this trio come from the Megalodon Collective, a septet that was already described as «sounding like the Mingus Dynasty band trapped on a star cruiser with controls set for the heart of the sun» or a «pit orchestra from hell performing the soundtrack to a Keystone Cops movie directed by Quentin...

Julie Kjær alto saxofone/ John Edwards double bass / Steve Noble drums.

"The list of astonishing women saxophonists is getting bigger, and to that list there’s one more name you should add: Julie Kjær. Originally from Denmark, but living in the United Kingdom and active on the London scene, this new star on the rise brings trouble, in a good, very good way, to every place she goes.

Kjær has played with Django Bates in the band StoRMChaser, she is a member of Paal Nilssen-Love’s Large Unit.

"Few musicians have been as enthusiastically and unanimously applauded with a debut recording as trumpeter Kirk Knuffke with his CD "Big Wig" (Clean Feed). Now he returns with a second opus, in partnership with two musicians with whom he has been...

Taiko Saito marimba, vibraphone
Niko Meinhold piano
Tobias Schirmer clarinet, bassclarinet

"If in a recent past it was a rarity, nowadays more and more classical musicians find in improvisation – and inclusively in the jazz language – an extra medium of musical creativity. That’s the case of the vibraphonist and marimba player Taiko Saito, complementing that dual frame with aspects coming from the Japanese tradition. An interpreter of the music of contemporary composer Sofia Gubaidulin

Mathias Landæus grand piano, analog delay
Cornelia Nilsson drums
Johnny Åman double bass
Martin Küchen soprano, alto and tenor saxophone

"In this new opus coming from Sweden, poly-saxophonist Martin Küchen joins the Landaeus Trio, not only adding his instruments to the band led by pianist Mathias Landaeus but also his immediately recognizable personal compositions, full of Scandinavian folk-like melodies and complex African-inspired pulsations. The curious result of this...

Martin Küchen sopranino and tenor saxophones, el.tanpura, snare drum
Michaela Antalová drums, prepared cymbals, voice

"By this time, Martin Küchen’s name is familiar to all those interested in the Clean Feed catalogue, because of the Swedish saxophonist releases by this Portuguese label of his various Angles formations and bands like Trespass Trio or All Included. Now, we find him in a duo with the Slovak, but living in Oslo, drummer and composer Michaela Antalová. The music inside...

Jonas Kullhammar, tenor and baritone saxophones, taragato / Torbjörn Zetterberg double bass Espen Aalberg drums.

"Second chapter of the Basement legendary sessions by the trio of saxophone ace Jonas Kullhammar, bass wizard Torbjörn Zetterberg...

Jonas Kullhammar, tenor and soprillo saxophones, flute / Jørgen Mathisen, tenor saxophone / Torbjörn Zetterberg, bass / Espen Aalberg, drums.

"At the third volume of its “Basement Sessions”, the Jonas Kullhammar / Torbjorn Zetterberg / Espen....

Jonas Kullhammar tenor & baritone saxophones / Torbjörn Zetterberg double bass / Espen Aalberg drums.

"The saxophone trio format (sax + bass + drums) goes back to the Fifties and hard bop. Very specially, to the Sonny Rollins trios with this...

Marco Barroso’s LUME (“fire” in English, but in truth the acronym of Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble) comes back with a reformulated alignment of musicians and a new collection of compositions challenging the jazz big band format with a chamber ensemble feeling and lots of funk-rock grooves. The coordinates are the same as before in this third opus, but they come in “Las Californias” both refreshed and matured. It seems a paradox, but as the most Anarchist of proverbs declare: paradoxes are liberating...

Steve Lacy soprano sax / Steve Potts alto sax / Irene Aebi cello, transistor radio, harmonica / Kent Carter bass / Noel McGhie drums, percussions.

"This is a very special work for all Portuguese jazz fans, not only because of historical reasons...

Susana Santos Silva, trumpet, electronics / Gonçalo Almeida, double bass, effects and loops / Greg Smith, drums.

"The particularly dynamic and inventive Portuguese jazz scene has a new front with the trio Lama. Curiously enough, the project was..

Chris Speed, tenor saxophone and clarinet / Susana Santos Silva, trumpet and flugelhorn / Gonçalo Almeida, double bass, effects and loops / Greg Smith drums and electronics.

"The exquisite, chamber-like, electro-acoustic jazz played by the...

Joachim Badenhorst clarinet and bass clarinet
Susana Santos Silva trumpet
Gonçalo Almeida double bass, keys, effects and loops
Greg Smith drums and electronics

"No other title could be more certain to describe the music played by this transnational band lead by the Portuguese double bassist and composer Gonçalo Almeida and having Joachim Badenhorst (once again, like on the previous “The Elephant’s Journey”) as special guest. In fact, everything is in permanent inner mutation alo

Joachim Badenhorst clarinet and bass clarinet / Susana Santos Silva trumpet and flugelhorn / Gonçalo Almeida double bass, effects and loops / Greg Smith drums and electronics.

"Maybe the most composition oriented of all the projects lead by...

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø trombone
Kjetil Jerve piano
Andreas Wildhagen drums and percussion
Sofia Jernberg voice

"With the instrumentation drums, piano and trombone, Lana trio is unique in Norwegian measures and rare everywhere else. The trio plays intuitive and uncompromising improvisations, resulting in music ranging from everything to almost nothing. Since their reformation in 2012, Lana Trio have played extensively throughout Europe and further afield, including two tours of...

Cornelia Nilsson drums
Johnny Åman double bass
Mathias Landæus piano and Roland SH-2000, Korg Polysix and Arturia Microbrute Synthesizers

"Well before the pandemic disrupted and choked off the sort of communal interactions humans require Swedish pianist Mathias Landæus had been lamenting the sense of disconnection he saw around him. “The ecological, environmental and social crisis that humanity is facing is a result of the misconception that we are isolated and disconnected, when...

Nate Wooley, trumpet / Susana Santos Silva, trumpet / Reut Regev, trombone / David Bindman, tenor, soprano sax / Avram Fefer, alto sax / Matt Bauder, baritone sax / Adam Lane, bass / Igal Foni, drums.

"Adam Lane is back to the big band format...

Mark Whitecage, alto saxophone, clarinet / Adam Lane, double bass / Lou Grassi, drums.

"In addition to being a superb bassist, Adam Lane is a composer with superior skills. Drummer Lou Grassi and saxophonist Mark Whitecage are better known as...

Nate Wooley, trumpet / Taylor Ho Bynum, trumpet / David Bindman, tenor, soprano sax / Avram Fefer, alto sax, clarinet / Matt Bauder, tenor sax, baritone sax / Reut Regev, trombone / Tim Vaughn, trombone / Adam Lane, bass / Igal Foni, drums...

Jim Hobbs (as) / Kaethe Hostetter (v) / Luther Gray (d) / Winston Braman (b).

“Here is the second, and very much awaited, take of Luther Grays’ project Lawnmower. With a change of direction inside the same jazz-blues-folk-rock configuration...

Luther Gray, drums / Jim Hobbs, alto saxophone / Geoff Farina, guitar / Dan Littleton, guitar.

"'When I was younger most of my music listening involved a lawnmower and a Walkman. I've spent thousands of hours pushing a lawnmower listening to...

Joélle Leandre, bass/Pascal Contet, accordion.

"This pair of great French musicians had a previous duo recording in 1994, but it's now difficult to find. It was such a marvellous encounter that a second session has been greatly anticipated. ..

Karl Hjalmar Nyberg, saxofones / Andreas Skår Winther, drums, strings / Klaus Ellerhusen Holm, saxophone / clarinet / Michael Francis Duch, double bass.
"It may allude to the first name of Karl Hjalmar Nyberg, but the designation Mr K present us the duo founded by the mentioned saxophonist with drummer Andreas Skar Winther. The intended ambiguity of this project goes beyond this personal identity factor – it’s everywhere in the music. Mr. K covers all the possible approaches to improvisation, going...

Karl Hjalmar Nyberg saxofones / Andreas Sk�r Winther drums, strings / Klaus Ellerhusen Holm saxophone / clarinet / Michael Francis Duch double bass.

"It may allude to the first name of Karl Hjalmar Nyberg, but the designation Mr K present us the duo founded by the mentioned saxophonist with drummer Andreas Skar Winther. The intended ambiguity of this project goes beyond this personal identity factor � it�s everywhere in the music. Mr. K covers all the possible approaches to improvisation, going...

"Since bursting onto the international creative music scene in 2004 with Interface (Clean Feed 22) and Artificial Light (Fresh Sound 186), Steve Lehman has quickly established a reputation for creating cutting-edge music, both as a fiercely imaginative sa

Urs Leimgruber & Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones

"British sax giant Evan Parker has a good number of recordings in duo with other saxophonists, and the list of notables includes Ned Rothenberg, Peter A. Schmid, Joe McPhee, Wolfgang...

João Lencastre drums,analogue synth
Jacob Sacks piano
Eivind Opsvik double bass

Portuguese drummer and composer João Lencastre began his Communion project in 2005, after his first visit to New York in 2002 set the scene for developing relationships with New York musicians. There he first heard and met David Binney and in 2003 Lencastre joined Binney on stage for some Portuguese dates and in 2004 he met Jacob Sacks and Thomas Morgan, who would later join Communion, when Binney’s..

João Lencastre drums & composition
Albert Cirera tenor & soprano saxophones
Ricardo Toscano alto saxophone
Benny Lackner piano & electronics
André Fernandes electric guitar
Pedro Branco electric guitar
João Hasselberg electric bass & electronics
Nelson Cascais double bass

"João Lencastre’s Communion project had different band formats in the past usually combining musicians from Portugal and the United States. For the first time it became an octet with some of the...

João Lencastre drums
Jacob Sacks piano
Eivind Opsvik bass

"Portuguese drummer and composer João Lencastre is back for a new opus of his project Communion, the one with which he used to dialogue with key musicians of the American and international jazz scenes like David Binney, Bill Carrothers, Thomas Morgan, Leo Genovese, Phil Grenadier, Benny Lackner and Jeremy Udden, among others. This time, he chose the piano trio format, bringing back one of his more usual partners, pianist Jacob...

José Lencastre alto saxophone
Rodrigo Pinheiro piano
Hernâni Faustino double bass
João Lencastre drums

"Everything in a Nau Quartet (the brothers José and João Lencastre plus 2/3 of Red Trio – Rodrigo Pinheiro and Hernâni Faustino) concert is improvised, benefiting from a stage situation. Here we find the Portuguese musicians when they played live in Russia one year ago, precisely the situation they fulfill best. In such a manner that each track is a statement in itself, very...

Daniel Levin, cello / Nate Wooley, trumpet / Matt Moran, vibraphone / Peter Bitenc, double bass.

"Daniel Levin formed his quartet in 2002. The first gig was at CBGB's in New York City and over the past 8 years, the band has covered a lot of...

Daniel Levin, cello/Ingebrigt Häker-Flaten, double bass/Gerald Cleaver, drums.

"It's been said that instrumental music is at its root an extension of the sounds we produce with our voices. In the title track of “Fuhuffah” the music began in just.

Daniel Levin, cello.

"Daniel Levin is "a samurai with a calligrapher’s brush in his hand instead of a sword,” writes Ed Hazell in his liner notes for Inner Landscape. It couldn't be truer: this is improvised music with force and grace...

Daniel Levin cello
Mat Maneri viola
Matt Moran vibraphone
Torbjörn Zetterberg double bass
"Live At Firehouse 12 documents the Daniel Levin Quartet in live performance with its current working line-up, now featuring Mat Maneri on viola. The new palette of timbres and textures afforded by the change in instrumentation from trumpet to viola provides ample opportunities for the band to explore previously uncharted territory, and the musicians take full advantage here, producing music..

Daniel Levin, cello / Matt Moran, vibes / Nate Wooley, trumpet / Peter Bitenc, bass

"The Daniel Levin Quartet has already shown on prior recordings that a change of conventional instrumentation in a jazz combo is enough to explore an entirely...

Daniel Levin, cello / Nate Wooley, trumpet / Matt Moran vibraphone / Peter Bitenc, double bass.

"Music may be an abstract art, meaning, as Stravinsky used to say, “nothing more than its own sounds”, but when it's presented with a title like...

Mat Maneri viola / Daniel Levin cello

"By adopting psychologist and philosopher Carl Jung’s phrase for the title of their first duo recording, Daniel Levin and Mat Maneri hav acknowledged the necessity of a balance between intuitive spontaneity (the unconscious) and pre-established conditions (the conscious) i their improvisatory format. Both of them have proven to be probing, provocative improvisers in a wide range of settings in the past, but thi collaboration offers special qualities unique to...

Daniel Levin cello / Nate Wooley trumpet / Matt Moran vibraphone / Torbjorn Zetterberg double bass.
"It’s nothing less than curious that the most “jazzy” of all Daniel Levin’s projects, his Quartet, has also the most obvious of the classical...

Luís Lopes electric guitar
Rodrigo Amado tenor sax (left)
Bruno Parrinha soprano sax & clarinet (center)
Pedro Sousa tenor sax (right)
Rodrigo Pinheiro piano & rhodes
Ricardo Jacinto cello
Hernâni Faustino double bass
Pedro Lopes turntables & electronics
Gabriel Ferrandini drums & percussion

"The first avant-gardes of the 20th century began a special interiorization of aspects coming from the creativity of children, of the then-called “savages” and of the demented...

Susana Santos Silva trumpet and flugelhorn
Lotte Anker tenor and soprano saxophone
Sten Sandell piano
Torbjörn Zetterberg double bass
Jon Fält drums
"Trumpeter Susana Santos Silva became one of the most important ambassadors of Portuguese jazz in the world, and in this new opus we find her in notable company – a quartet of amazing musicians picked among the many with whom she’s playing with these days, like Joe Morris, Mats Gustafsson, Fred Frith, Christine Wodrascka, Mat Maneri...

Chris Lightcap, double bass / Craig Taborn, wurlitzer electric piano, piano / Gerald Cleaver, drums / Chris Cheek, tenor saxophone / Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone / Andrew D'Angelo, alto saxophone on "Silvertone", "Ting" and "Fuzz".