Clean Feed

Clean Feed
Luther Gray, drums / Jim Hobbs, alto saxophone / Geoff Farina, guitar / Dan Littleton, guitar.

"'When I was younger most of my music listening involved a lawnmower and a Walkman. I've spent thousands of hours pushing a lawnmower listening to...

Joélle Leandre, bass/Pascal Contet, accordion.

"This pair of great French musicians had a previous duo recording in 1994, but it's now difficult to find. It was such a marvellous encounter that a second session has been greatly anticipated. ..

Karl Hjalmar Nyberg, saxofones / Andreas Skår Winther, drums, strings / Klaus Ellerhusen Holm, saxophone / clarinet / Michael Francis Duch, double bass.
"It may allude to the first name of Karl Hjalmar Nyberg, but the designation Mr K present us the duo founded by the mentioned saxophonist with drummer Andreas Skar Winther. The intended ambiguity of this project goes beyond this personal identity factor – it’s everywhere in the music. Mr. K covers all the possible approaches to improvisation, going...

Karl Hjalmar Nyberg saxofones / Andreas Sk�r Winther drums, strings / Klaus Ellerhusen Holm saxophone / clarinet / Michael Francis Duch double bass.

"It may allude to the first name of Karl Hjalmar Nyberg, but the designation Mr K present us the duo founded by the mentioned saxophonist with drummer Andreas Skar Winther. The intended ambiguity of this project goes beyond this personal identity factor � it�s everywhere in the music. Mr. K covers all the possible approaches to improvisation, going...

"Since bursting onto the international creative music scene in 2004 with Interface (Clean Feed 22) and Artificial Light (Fresh Sound 186), Steve Lehman has quickly established a reputation for creating cutting-edge music, both as a fiercely imaginative sa

Urs Leimgruber & Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones

"British sax giant Evan Parker has a good number of recordings in duo with other saxophonists, and the list of notables includes Ned Rothenberg, Peter A. Schmid, Joe McPhee, Wolfgang...

João Lencastre drums,analogue synth
Jacob Sacks piano
Eivind Opsvik double bass

Portuguese drummer and composer João Lencastre began his Communion project in 2005, after his first visit to New York in 2002 set the scene for developing relationships with New York musicians. There he first heard and met David Binney and in 2003 Lencastre joined Binney on stage for some Portuguese dates and in 2004 he met Jacob Sacks and Thomas Morgan, who would later join Communion, when Binney’s..

João Lencastre drums & composition
Albert Cirera tenor & soprano saxophones
Ricardo Toscano alto saxophone
Benny Lackner piano & electronics
André Fernandes electric guitar
Pedro Branco electric guitar
João Hasselberg electric bass & electronics
Nelson Cascais double bass

"João Lencastre’s Communion project had different band formats in the past usually combining musicians from Portugal and the United States. For the first time it became an octet with some of the...

João Lencastre drums
Jacob Sacks piano
Eivind Opsvik bass

"Portuguese drummer and composer João Lencastre is back for a new opus of his project Communion, the one with which he used to dialogue with key musicians of the American and international jazz scenes like David Binney, Bill Carrothers, Thomas Morgan, Leo Genovese, Phil Grenadier, Benny Lackner and Jeremy Udden, among others. This time, he chose the piano trio format, bringing back one of his more usual partners, pianist Jacob...

José Lencastre alto saxophone
Rodrigo Pinheiro piano
Hernâni Faustino double bass
João Lencastre drums

"Everything in a Nau Quartet (the brothers José and João Lencastre plus 2/3 of Red Trio – Rodrigo Pinheiro and Hernâni Faustino) concert is improvised, benefiting from a stage situation. Here we find the Portuguese musicians when they played live in Russia one year ago, precisely the situation they fulfill best. In such a manner that each track is a statement in itself, very...

Daniel Levin, cello / Nate Wooley, trumpet / Matt Moran, vibraphone / Peter Bitenc, double bass.

"Daniel Levin formed his quartet in 2002. The first gig was at CBGB's in New York City and over the past 8 years, the band has covered a lot of...

Daniel Levin, cello/Ingebrigt Häker-Flaten, double bass/Gerald Cleaver, drums.

"It's been said that instrumental music is at its root an extension of the sounds we produce with our voices. In the title track of “Fuhuffah” the music began in just.

Daniel Levin, cello.

"Daniel Levin is "a samurai with a calligrapher’s brush in his hand instead of a sword,” writes Ed Hazell in his liner notes for Inner Landscape. It couldn't be truer: this is improvised music with force and grace...

Daniel Levin cello
Mat Maneri viola
Matt Moran vibraphone
Torbjörn Zetterberg double bass
"Live At Firehouse 12 documents the Daniel Levin Quartet in live performance with its current working line-up, now featuring Mat Maneri on viola. The new palette of timbres and textures afforded by the change in instrumentation from trumpet to viola provides ample opportunities for the band to explore previously uncharted territory, and the musicians take full advantage here, producing music..

Daniel Levin, cello / Matt Moran, vibes / Nate Wooley, trumpet / Peter Bitenc, bass

"The Daniel Levin Quartet has already shown on prior recordings that a change of conventional instrumentation in a jazz combo is enough to explore an entirely...

Daniel Levin, cello / Nate Wooley, trumpet / Matt Moran vibraphone / Peter Bitenc, double bass.

"Music may be an abstract art, meaning, as Stravinsky used to say, “nothing more than its own sounds”, but when it's presented with a title like...

Mat Maneri viola / Daniel Levin cello

"By adopting psychologist and philosopher Carl Jung’s phrase for the title of their first duo recording, Daniel Levin and Mat Maneri hav acknowledged the necessity of a balance between intuitive spontaneity (the unconscious) and pre-established conditions (the conscious) i their improvisatory format. Both of them have proven to be probing, provocative improvisers in a wide range of settings in the past, but thi collaboration offers special qualities unique to...

Daniel Levin cello / Nate Wooley trumpet / Matt Moran vibraphone / Torbjorn Zetterberg double bass.
"It’s nothing less than curious that the most “jazzy” of all Daniel Levin’s projects, his Quartet, has also the most obvious of the classical...

Luís Lopes electric guitar
Rodrigo Amado tenor sax (left)
Bruno Parrinha soprano sax & clarinet (center)
Pedro Sousa tenor sax (right)
Rodrigo Pinheiro piano & rhodes
Ricardo Jacinto cello
Hernâni Faustino double bass
Pedro Lopes turntables & electronics
Gabriel Ferrandini drums & percussion

"The first avant-gardes of the 20th century began a special interiorization of aspects coming from the creativity of children, of the then-called “savages” and of the demented...

Susana Santos Silva trumpet and flugelhorn
Lotte Anker tenor and soprano saxophone
Sten Sandell piano
Torbjörn Zetterberg double bass
Jon Fält drums
"Trumpeter Susana Santos Silva became one of the most important ambassadors of Portuguese jazz in the world, and in this new opus we find her in notable company – a quartet of amazing musicians picked among the many with whom she’s playing with these days, like Joe Morris, Mats Gustafsson, Fred Frith, Christine Wodrascka, Mat Maneri...

Chris Lightcap, double bass / Craig Taborn, wurlitzer electric piano, piano / Gerald Cleaver, drums / Chris Cheek, tenor saxophone / Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone / Andrew D'Angelo, alto saxophone on "Silvertone", "Ting" and "Fuzz".


Chris Lightcap double bass, acoustic guitars (1) and organ (1) / Craig Taborn Wurlitzer electric piano (1-3, 6, 7) piano (4-5, 8), organ (1) / Tony Malaby tenor saxophone / Chris Cheek tenor saxophone / Gerald Cleaver drums, percussion...

Achim Kaufmann, piano / Christopher Dell, vibraphone / Pierre Borel, alto saxophone / Tobias Delius, tenor saxophone / Jonas Westergaard, double bass / Robert Landfermann, double bass / Christian Lillinger, drums

"The sequel of “First Reason”...

Christian Lillinger (d), Joachim Kühn (p), Jonas Westergaard (b), Robert Landfermann (b), Tobias Delius (reeds), Wanja Slavin (reeds)

"Yes, this is organic music, with the low frequencies of two basses forging the ground (and that explains the.

Luís Lopes electric guitar
Robert Landfermann double bass
Christian Lillinger drums

"Usually, free improvisation and conceptualism don’t mix. To improvise is to be intuitive and spontaneous, living little space to intelllectualized constructions. In the case of the second album by the Luís Lopes Lisbon-Berlin Trio (Robert Landfermann and Christian Lillinger representing the German side) there’s a rare mix of the two approaches. “The Line” derives from the notion of time like a broken line...

“I had asked Rodrigo to let me be present at the recordings, but unfortunately I arrived late. As I entered the studio I was immediately amazed by the sheer intensity of the music. The band had already taken off in a wild fury that streamed out of the stu

Luís Lopes, electric guitar / Robert Landfermann, double bass / Christian Lillinger, drums.

"The encounter of a Lisbon-born and two Berliners documented by this CD isn’t, of course, the only focus of interest proposed by this music. There’s...

Luis Lopes electric guitar
Flak electric guitar
Jari Marjamaki electronics
Travassos electronics
Felipe Zenícola electric bass
Yedo Gibson tenor , alto, soprano sax
Bruno Parrinha alto, soprano sax
Helena Espvall cello
Maria da Rocha violin
Ernesto Rodrigues viola

"From the music recorded in two days at Namouche Studios Lisbon, and reaching the public through this cd, comes a constantly changing sound and atmospheric passages, managed with the tense restraint of...

Luís Lopes electric guitar
Rodrigo Amado tenor saxophone
Aaron Gonzalez doublebass
Stefan Gonzalez drums

"It took some time (“Live in Madison”, the previous releaseof this Luso-American band, dates back from 2013), but here is the much expected fourth album by portuguese guitarist Luís Lopes’ Humanization 4tet. With tenor saxophonist Rodrigo Amado and the Gonzalez brothers Aaron and Stefan playing the double bass and the drum kit, respectively, the quartet goes further into th

Luís Lopes electric guitar / Jean-Luc Guionnet alto saxophone

"When the concert of this live recording was announced in Lisbon, it was with some surprise. The backgrounds, references and styles of the Portuguese guitarist Luís Lopes and the French alto saxophonist (and church organist, and electro-acoustic manipulator) Jean-Luc Guionnet couldn’t be more different. Lopes is known for his free improvised settings, his noise solo blastings and the open jazz, but tintet with rock, he plays with...

Luís Lopes electric guitar
Rodrigo Pinheiro fender rhodes
Robert Landfermann double bass (with effects)
Christian Lillinger drums

"Luis Lopes’ Lisbon Berlin Quartet immediately references the residences of the contributing musicians, Lopes and Rodrigo Pinheiro from Lisbon, Robert Landfermann and Christian Lillinger from Berlin, but there’s more than this that feeds the specific urban relations of this music. To say each is a city with a past, is understatement. If Berlin will loom...

Adam Lane, double bass / Igal Foni, drums / Luís Lopes, guitar

"In music, the art of time, you necessarily find the “what” in the “when”. And the “what / when” factor, here, is a jumpy, unquiet, syncopated music coming from the same sources...

"French-Japanese violist Frantz Loriot use to keep a little notebook with him, in which he writes all the musical ideas coming to his mind. One day, he noticed there was sufficient material to work with. He had a conversation with Swiss arranger and...

Jeb Bishop, trombone (guitar on “The Dan Hang”) / Jeff Albert, trombone, bass trombone / Josh Berman, cornet / Keefe Jackson, tenor saxophone / Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone /Matthew Golombisky, double bass (electric bass on “The Dan Hang”) / Quin...

Marco Barroso direction and piano / Manuel Luís Cochofel flute / Paulo Gaspar clarinet / Jorge Reis soprano saxophone / João Pedro Silva, Ricardo Toscano (on track 1) alto saxophone / José Menezes tenor saxophone / Elmano Coelho baritone saxophone / Sérgio Charrinho, Pedro Monteiro, Gonçalo Marques trumpets / Luís Cunha, Eduardo Lála, Mário Vicente trombones / Miguel Amado electric bass / André Sousa Machado drums.
"A live recording of the concert presented by the very peculiar big band LUME...

Igor Lumpert, tenor saxophone / Christopher Tordini, double bass / Nasheet Waits, drums.

"The present day jazz scene in the countries born when Tito’s Yugoslavia collapsed is very badly known by the rest of the world. Only recently things...

Igor Lumpert tenor saxophone (solo saxophone on “Čapljinski Tatari”)
Greg Ward alto saxophone
|Peter Evans trumpet
Chris Tordini double bass
Kenny Grohowski drums
Jeff Miles guitar on 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9
John Ellis bass clarinet on 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7
Caleb Curtis alto saxophone on 4, 8 and 9

"Seeking chances to learn and grow as an artist, Igor Lumpert moved from his home country Slovenia to New York in 2000. Since that time, he has studied with stellar teachers such as...

Igor Lumpert tenor saxophone
Greg Ward alto saxophone
Chris Tordini double bass
Kenny Grohowski drums
Jonathan Finlayson trumpet on 3 and 5
John Ellis bass clarinet on 6

"Here is the third reprise of Igor Lumpert’s project Innertextures, but this time (after “Innertextures” and “Innertextures Live”), not with the previous trio format. The band with Chris Tordini and Nasheet Waits is now a quartet, with Greg Ward playing the second saxophone and Kenny Grohowski taking the

Paul Lytton, percussion / Nate Wooley, trumpet and amplifier + Ikue Mori (computer on tracks 2 and 3 disc 1) and Ken Vandermark (bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone on 3, 4 and 5 disc 2).

"The duo of the veteran and...

Christof Kurzmann, electronics / Devin Hoff, bass / Ken Vandermark, reeds / Tim Daisy, drums.

"The released of “Provoke” is the result of a three day series of concerts, by a Ken Vandermark’s new project, during the commemoration, in Lisbon...

Tony Malaby, tenor and soprano saxophones / Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet / William Parker, double bass / Nasheet Waits, drums.

"Having a trio like the one founded by saxophonist Tony Malaby with the likes of William Parker and Nasheet Waits was...

Tony Malaby, soprano and tenor saxophones / Michaël Attias, alto saxophone / Joachim Badenhorst, bass clarinet / Andrew Hadro, baritone saxophone / Ralph Alessi, trumpet / Ben Gerstein, trombone / Dan Peck, tuba / Kris Davis, piano / John Hollenbeck...

Tony Malaby, tenor and soprano saxophones / Drew Gress, bass / Tom Rainey, drums / John Hollenbeck, drums, percussion, marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel and melodica.

Unbelievable grouping; where else can you hear Tom Rainey and John..

Tony Malaby saxophone
Mat Maneri viola
Daniel Levin cello

“'New Artifacts” documents a thrilling concert in Brooklyn by Tony Malaby, Mat Maneri, and Daniel Levin. The performance captured here transformed the listeners in attendance that evening, bringing them into a creative world open with possibilities. Now, with this recording, Malaby, Maneri, and Levin invite you into their narrative of sound. This is music rich in gesture, and a music that is lyrical at its core. Its lyricism does

Tony Malaby tenor and soprano saxophones / Ben Monder guitar / Eivind Opsvik double bass / Nasheet Waits drums.
"One critic said it all: if someone like Joe Lovano is the jazz equivalent to The Beatles, than Tony Malaby’s rock analogy are The Rolling Stones. What does that mean? Simple, it means that the saxophonist and composer leading the band Paloma Recio is a wild card, always doing what you don’t expect him to do. If you still think that categories like “mainstream” and “avant-garde” are at war...

Throughout his time as an improvising bandleader in New York City, saxophonist Tony Malaby has led a host of groups, amongst them a trio with tuba and drums and another with cello and drums (documented on 2008's Warblepeck). The timbral and textural...

Mat Maneri viola
Evan Parker soprano and tenor saxofones
Lucian Ban piano
"Over the course of a quarter century career American violist Mat Maneri has “changed the way the jazz world listens to the violin and viola” ( and has established an international reputation as one of the most original and compelling artists of his generation. Maneri posses an immediately recognizable sound and approach which marries the distinct worlds of jazz and microtonal music in a fluid...

Ned Rothenberg, alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet / Dave Ballou, trumpet / Denman Maroney, hyperpiano / Reuben Radding, bass / Michael Sarin, drums.

“Udentity was created with support from Chamber Music America's New Works: Creation and...

Nicolas Masson, tenor saxophone / Colin Vallon, Rhodes electric piano / Patrice Moret, double bass / Lionel Friedli, drums.

"Can you imagine a music born from the crossed influences of Ornette Coleman, Wayne Shorter, Warne Marsh, Black Sabbath...

Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvoll saxophone
Håvard Nordberg Funderud guitar
Karl Erik E. Horndalsveen double bass
Martin Mellem drums

"Prepared for a new surprise coming from the Norwegian front? Master Oogway is a band with a Miles Davis feeling (and particularly the one of his Sixties records), a saxophone style rooted in the heritage of Ornette Coleman and the great free jazz original soloists, applied by tenorist Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvoll, and that kind of energy and distorted sound you.