Yang Jing, Pipa
Pierre Favre, Drums, Percussion

"Favre met Yang Jing at a 1999 festival in Beijing. They have since met numerous times for concert series. Perre Favre understands his instruments in terms of musical possibilities (which...

Philipp Schaufelberger: Guitar / Pierre Favre: Drums.

"Pierre Favre, the great pioneer of the European jazz scene, the tone-colour-painter among the Jazz drummers, presents two duo-CDs with young musicans: this one with Philipp Schaufelberger on

Samuel Blaser: Trombone / Pierre Favre: Drums.

"Pierre Favre, the great pioneer of the European jazz scene, the tone-colour-painter among the Jazz drummers, presents two duo-CDs with young musicans: this one with Samuel Blaser on trombone "

Pierre Favre: Percussion / Lucas Niggli: Percussion / Roberto Ottaviano: Saxophones / Michel Godard: Tuba, Serpent

" Pierre Favre has been performing as a solo percussionist since the beginning of the Seventies. Since then, critics have been.

Xu Fengxia Guzheng, Sanxian, Voice / Lucas Niggli Drums, Percussion

"Black Lotos is far more than a duo. Not only consists Lucas Niggli’s acoustic layout of many parts, each of which could stand alone as an instrument: Xu Fengxia keeps...

Michael Formanek Double Bass
Tim Berne Alto Saxophones
Mary Halvorson Guitar

With his impressive artistic biography, Michael Formanek is one of the outstanding personalities of today's jazz:
as a composer, as a bassist in ensembles and as a soloist. He belongs to the series of well-known bassists and composers such as Charles Mingus, Dave Holland, Charlie Haden, Barry Guy.
Formanek's musical world, his immense experience, his knowledge of the jazz tradition and the avant-gard

Chico Freeman: Tenor Saxophone
Heiri Känzig: Double Bass

"A magic duo: Chico Freeman, 65, saxophonist, clarinettist, flute player, composer from Chicago, an eminent improvisor and Heiri Känzig, 58, born in New York, the Swiss double bass..

"The CD Started of Gabriela Friedli, Daniel Studer and Dieter Ulrich is a persuasive opening statement regardless of what metric is used to assess the album, be it the album's contribution to Swiss jazz's evolving narrative, its articulation of a wide...

Fred Frith: Electric Guitar, Voice
Jason Hoopes: Electric Bass, Double Bass
Jordan Glenn: Drums, Percussion

This is the debut of Fred's new trio, which includes two members of Jack O' The Clock, interestingly enough!

Frith returns to his deep roots in this improvising trio with the classic lineup of guitar, bass and drums. Playful, intimate, and bound together by a dark and delicate interplay, the group reminds us what listening is all about. After a lifetime of experience across

Fred Frith: Guitar / Wu Fei: Guzheng / Anantha Krishnan: Mridangam, Tablas / Marque Gilmore: Drums, Electronics / Tilman Müller: Trumpet / Patrice Scanlon: Electronics / Daniela Cattivelli: Electronics.

"Clearing Customs is based on an

Electric guitar and the amplified acoustic bass – two distinctive sound generators capable of creating a picture of almost symphonic dimensions.

Never having performed on the same stage, we created a music which is syllogistic in the sense...

Fred Frith Electric & acoustic Guitars
Chris Brown Piano & Electronics

"Chris Brown, composer, pianist, and electronic musician, creates music for acoustic instruments with interactive electronics, for computer networks, and for improvising.

Fred Frith guitar, bass, voice / Carla Kihlstedt violin, nyckelharpa, bass harmonica, voice / Zeena Parkins accordion, keyboards, foley objects, voice / Matthias Bossi drums, percussion, sruti box, voice / The Norman Conquest sound manipulation...

Fred Frith guitar, bass, voice / Carla Kihlstedt violin, bass harmonica, voice / Zeena Parkins accordion, keyboards, foley objects, voice / Shahzad Ismaily bass, voice / Matthias Bossi drums, percussion, mayhem, voice / The Norman Conquest sound

Fred Frith: electric guitar, various small objects
Hans Koch: bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones, spit
"Fred Frith is a world renowned improvisor, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has positioned himself on the contemporary music scene between rock and jazz, improvisation and compostition. Experimental saxophonist and bass clarinetist Hans Koch has a similarly superb reputation. In the past few years Hans has dedicated himself to the quieter side of improvisation...

"In the last few years I seem to have gravitated every summer to Copenhagen – sometimes for some teaching at the so-called "rhythm academy" but mostly to work in a variety of contexts with Lotte Anker, who I've come to consider the musical soul of the...

Beat Hofstetter, soprano sax / Sascha Armbruster, alto sax / Andrea Formenti, tenor sax / Beat Kappeler, baritone and alto saxes / Fred Frith, electric guitar

Still Urban paints a panorama of urbanity in nine images with Fred Frith’s guitar...

Beat Hofstetter, soprano sax / Sascha Armbruster, alto sax / Andrea Formenti, tenor sax / Beat Kappeler, baritone and alto saxes / With special guests:
Katharina Weber, piano / Lucas Niggli, drums /

"The CD The Big Picture contains two.

Gianni Gebbia: Alto and Soprano Saxophones
Nils Wogram: Trombone
Xavier Garcia: Sampler

"Gianni Gebbia, Xavier Garcia und Nils Wogram:
Three who met on the outermost, southernmost tip of Europe have shaped their music in

Dave Gisler: Guitar
Raffaele Bossard: Bass
Lionel Friedli: Drums
"Over the past few years Dave Gisler has earned himself an impressive reputation in the free-thinking force field of contemporary jazz as a maverick sound architect on the electric guitar. With Lionel Friedli, the impulsive style-busting force of nature on the drums, and the agile bassist Raffaele Bossard, with his earthy tone, Gisler brought two of the most sought after musicians on the Swiss jazz scene. Since 2016 these three.

"The Globe Unity Orchestra’s music is still like a promise. A commitment to a future-oriented process. Belief in an always developing form. At the same time, quite real sounds and rhythms are produced in a space they fill with unexpected energy..."

"The Globe Unity Orchestra is not just an ensemble of enormous historical importance to jazz but one which proves the continuing relevance of its self-imposed task.
The present line-up, encompassing musicians of several generations and nationalities, lives up to the responsibility of producing genuinely new music, rejecting the commonplace and avoiding cliché, each time they play together. As if to contradict those who accuse the Globe Unity Orchestra (and free jazz in general) of predictability...

"The releases of the Globe Unity Orchestra Ð «an incomparable free-music institution,» as the Penguin Guide to Jazz characterizes it Ð are rare. The jazz public knows that they are worth waiting for. After more than fifteen years, the Who's Who of the...

Michael Griener: Drums
Rudi Mahall: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone
Jan Roder: Bass
Christof Thewes: Trombone

After seven years of collaboration the Berlin band Squakk is at the top of their game. The album "Willisau &.

Ulrich Gumpert: piano / Günter Baby Sommer: drums, percussion.

"Ulrich Gumpert and Günter Baby Sommer with their second duo-release on Intakt Records: "La Paloma" strikes a wide arco: blues, boogie-woogie, hard bop, arrangements of German folk...

Jürg Wickihalder: saxophones
Ulrich Gumpert: piano
Jan Roder: bass
Michael Griener: drums

"Welcome to Ulrich Gumpert's world; a world of hidden beauties, small treasures and bizarre inventions. What makes this world go round and holds it together is a rhythmical drive, interrupted every now and again by short pausing, briefly melting into tonal or noise-like sound, then rolling on as if it was never to stop...

In 2005 Gumpert formed a quartet with Berlin based Ben...

Ulrich Gumpert Piano, Composition
Ben Abarbanel-Wolff Tenor Saxophon
Jan Roder Bass
Michael Griener Drums

"Berlin pianist Ulrich Gumpert, a member of the band Zentralquartett, has put together a band with younger musicians from th

Ulrich Gumpert piano / Günter Baby Sommer drums, percussion

" Thundering keys, thundering cymbals, skins! Gumpert and Sommer have already been four decades harnessed together as a team, celebrating music, vibrating alongside life. The “Gumpert..

The French magazine "Jazzman" placed Barry Guy's first release of the New Orchestra among its records of the year ("a scalpel from the first second") and the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" called his composition "a masterpiece looking toward the future." Nine....

"For over thirty years, the British double bassist, composer and band leader Barry Guy has been one of the leading personalities in today’s music situated between Jazz, Improvisation and New Music. The Evan Parker – Barry Guy – Paul Lytton Trio counts...

"After his great compositions for the London Jazz Composers Orchestra and the Barry Guy New Orchestra, Barry Guy has written a large scale work for a new international ensemble.

Guy's work The Blue Shroud is an hommage to the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso. It is for the people of the Spanish town, who were victims of the Nazi German air force bombardment during the Spanish Civil War. Guy also wants us to remember the occasion in 2003, when the Guernica-tapestry at the UN Security Council was..

Evan Parker: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone / Barry Guy: Double Bass

This is one of the greatest musical friendships in contemporary music. For more than thirty years, Evan Parker and Barry Guy have been working together in the Evan Parker

Barry Guy: Bass
Marilyn Crispell: Piano
Paul Lytton: Drums
"After the highly praised trio CDs, Odyssey and ITHAKA, the composer and bassist Barry Guy presents a new CD – Deep Memory – with the same trio members, pianist Marilyn Crispell and percussionist Paul Lytton. For his new compositions, Barry Guy was inspired by Irish painter Hughie O’ Donoghue – all titles on Deep Memory courtesy of the Irish painter Hughie O’ Donoghue’s Berlin exhibition (2007) entitled “Last Poems”. A music has...

Barry Guy: Bass, Compositions / Marilyn Crispell: Piano / Paul Lytton: Percussion

"After the highly praised trio CD, Odyssey, the composer and bassist Barry Guy presents a new CD - ITHACA . with the same trio members, pianist Marilyn Crispell.

Barry Guy, Bass/Composer / Marilyn Crispell, Piano / Paul Lytton, Percussion

"On the CD «Odyssey,» Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell and Paul Lytton play several of Barry Guy¹s most beautiful compositions: «Harmos,» «Double Trouble,» and...

"Four years after the successful debut album Inscape-Tableux, Barry Guy and his New Orchestra present their second release, Oort-Entropy. – The first CD was a success at first go. The French magazine Jazzman placed it among its records of the year in...

Barry Guy: director / bass / Marilyn Crispell: piano / Evan Parker: sax / Mats Gustafsson: sax / Hans Koch: clarinet/sax / Johannes Bauer: trombone / Herb Robertson: trumpet / Per Ake Holmlander: tuba / Paul Lytton: percussion / Raymond


"Hans Hassler, born 1945 in Graubünden, East Switzerland, is the true Swiss king of accordion. For over 30 years he has developed a style..

Hans Hassler : accordion
"Hans Hassler is the true Swiss king of accordion. Born 1945 in Graubünden the musician has kept us in suspense for over 30 years with his zigzag through different scenes: Swiss folk music, jazz, film music, free...

Hans Hassler: accordion solo
"Hans Hassler, born 1945 in Graubünden, East Switzerland, is the true Swiss king of accordion. Hassler inspires the listener with his playful virtuosity, a good sense of humour and a musical imagination without borders.
For Hans Hassler, performing on a variety of stages, to return to the studio as a soloist means adding something significant to anything which has already been played. It doesn’t necessarily have to be new or different; it has to be substantial. Hans...

Alexander Hawkins: Piano
“Alexander Hawkins is a creative epicentre from the London jazz scene and is regarded in the UK as one of the most innovative musicians of the younger generation with a surprising radius of action. He plays with Evan Parker, Wadada Leo Smith, Taylor Ho Bynum, Louis Moholo, Shabaka Hutchings and Elaine Mitchener. 'Iron into Wind' is the name of his new piano solo.
The phrase "Iron into Wind" evokes for him both the transience of improvisation and a fascination with solid..

Neil Charles: Double Bass
Stephen Davis: Drums, Percussion
Alexander Hawkins: Piano
Elaine Mitchener: Voice
"This quartet represents the collaboration of two of the most distinctive voices of their generation, and stakes out a remarkable common ground from the pair’s vast range of influences and experience. The repertoire fuses Elaine Mitchener’s unique way with both melody and abstraction, with Alexander Hawkins’ idiosyncratic compositional and pianistic world; as well as spotlighting..

Mark Helias: Bass
Tony Malaby: Saxophone
Tom Rainey: Drums

"Everybody who is slightly interested in modern jazz knows the name of Mark Helias. The American double bass player has worked with everyone from Ed Blackwell, Don Cherry and...

Jim Black: Drums
Kurt Rosenwinkel: Guitar
Andrew D'Angelo: Saxophone
Chris Speed: Saxophone

“Human Feel have been together 30 years now, with no personnel changes in almost as long. Chris Speed, Andrew D'Angelo, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Jim Black had been developing individual and collective vocabularies in this very outfit, which went on to epitomize the '90s downtown scene. Through it all Human Feel has carried on, and whenever they reconvene they have new musical stories to tell, and.

Christoph Irniger Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Raffaele Bossard Bass
Ziv Ravitz Drums

"The pieces on this album celebrate melody without once degenerating into the trivial. They are tone poems which demonstrate that accessible...

Christoph Irniger: Tenor Saxophone
Raffaele Bossard: Bass
Ziv Ravitz: Drums

After the acclaimed album ‘Gowanus Canal’ in 2012, ‘Octopus’ is Christoph Irniger’s second release with his trio of Raffaele Bossard (double bass) and Ziv Ravit

Christoph Irniger: Saxophone
Dave Gisler: Guitar
Stefan Aeby: Piano
Raffaele Bossard: Bass
Michi Stulz: Drums

“Christoph Irniger, a prodigious stylist with a warm sound, presents the third album with his band Pilgrim on Intakt Records. With "Crosswinds" the saxophonist who relishes adventure and surprise delivers a cultivated studio album. Multi-layered, subtle and melodically entangled, the eight pieces radiate a wondrous, atmospheric tranquility. A highly nuanced music with...

Christoph Irniger: Tenor Saxophone
Dave Gisler: Guitar
Stefan Aeby: Piano
Raffaele Bossard Bass
Michi Stulz: Drums

"Italian Circus Story is the second album by the quintet Pilgrim, led by Zürich tenor-saxophonist Christoph...

Aly Keita: Balafon
Jan Galega Bronnimann: Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
Lucas Niggli: Drums

"Aly Keita is one of the grand masters of the balafon, the West African xylophone. The Ivorian musician fits the balafon in interaction with artists such as Joe Zawinul, Omar Sosa and Jan Garbarek. Together with the Swiss clarinetist Jan Galega Bronnimann and Swiss drummer Lucas Niggli Keita mixes the traditional African repertoire with Western jazz, Improvisation and...