Ralph Alessi: Trumpet
Ingrid Laubrock: Saxophones
Kris Davis: Piano
Drew Gress: Bass
Tom Rainey: Drums
Tom Rainey is one of jazz / avant music's current greats on the drums and what a band he's got here! Recommended!

"On this second CD with his band Obbligato Tom Rainey surprises with standards and beautiful love songs like «Stella by Starlight», «What Is This Thing Called Love» or «I Fall in Love too Easily».
Tom Rainey has played in bands with Tim Berne, Fred Hirsch

Alexander Hawkins: Piano
Tomeka Reid: Cello

"Shards and Constellations presents duets with two remarkable musicians Tomeka Reid and Alexander Hawkins. Both have become creative epicenters in the jazz and improvisation scene in recent years with their original, versatile and innovative art. Reid has recorded extensively with many legendary artists from the AACM such as Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell as well as the next generation of AACM artists including Nicole Mitchell, Dee Alexander..

Frank Möbus: guitar / Rudi Mahall: bass clarinet / Oliver Steidle: drums.

"What with its idiosyncratic music, the anarchistic humour, its intelligent arrangements and original sounds, Der Rote Bereich passes for one of the most exciting bands..

Sten Sandell, piano, voice / Johan Berthling, doublebass / Paal Nilssen-Love, drums & percussion

Sten Sandell's playing may be connected to New Music and Improvised Music, and neither of these musical directions would be associated with what...

Julian Sartorius : drums, cymbals, spanish goat-bells, gongs, vibrators, rubber balls, sound bowls, bull-roarer, shruti box, lumbers, glockenspiel, kalimbas, tubes, mbira, metals

"'Zatter' is an old Bern-German word which simply means 'the....

Andreas Schaerer: voice, electronics
Lucas Niggli: drums, percussion

"Just vocals and drums – that’s the line-up of the dream team of Andreas Schaerer and Lucas Niggli. Outstanding virtuosity and enormous creativity combined with the

"Monk's Casino is not an encyclopedic project, but an arrangement of the complete works of Thelonious Monk for live performance in one evening. At Monk's Casino, things often happen fast and sometimes get quite turbulent, too. Still, everything is....

Alexander von Schlippenbach: Piano
Evan Parker: Saxophones
Paul Lovens: Drums

"Features – characteristics, qualities, peculiarities. The title of this album was chosen with care. These recordings reveal both the fundamental nature and..

"Alexander von Schlippenbach, Evan Parker and Paul Lovens get on the stage which has been restored true to the original, in order to present us with this cubistic, democratic design in the form of music: collective improvisation. No beginning. No end...

Alexander von Schlippenbach: Piano
Evan Parker: Saxophone
Paul Lovens: Drums
These recordings, from 16 October 2015 in Warsaw, make a great all-round representation of the trio as we are right now. The ‘free’ improvisations also develop material which has crystalised over the years. There was no plan agreed in advance. Nothing was discussed or decided. Everything improvised. The paraphrases of particular jazz themes, like embedded particles, should not be understood as quotations. They are a.

Alexander von Schlippenbach : Piano

"The pianist, two days in the studio, alone at the piano. A retreat in Zurich. Focus is on the now, the recording is running. Preparation time for the new compositions: about a year. Getting attuned to the music: a lifetime. Alexander von Schlippenbach, Slow Pieces For Aki, the emphasis being on the word "slow," not on rediscovering slowness but discovering slowness anew - dedicated to his wife Aki Takase.
With slow pieces, short pieces, compositions in...

Alexander von Schlippenbach: Piano

"Schlippenbach’s ‘Tales’ have a stunning stentorian elegance. He leavens the starkness of the tone rows with chords and time values that create split-second splashes of harmonic color and shifting rhythmic...

Alexander von Schlippenbach: Piano

"The pianist alone in the studio. That is the counterpole to von Schlippenbach's work with the Globe Unity Orchestra; at the same time, it is also an orchestral challenge in the form of the keyboard, hammers...


Three experienced saxophonists, three musicians – whom over the years have contributed to the European jazz history...

"A first, long improvisation called “First Choice.” For twenty minutes, Irène Schweizer unwound for the evening, arriving, in the course of this long-distance run, at one of the wild African dances her audience loves so much. With the ambitious second...

Irène Schweizer, Piano

"With a impeccable white grand piano and a packed house, the stage was set for a concert hot enough to warm the cold February air. No disappointments, of course. Schweizer played two sets, dense with consideration and...

Irène Schweizer: Piano / George Lewis: Trombone / Maggie Nicols: Voice / Joëlle Léandre: Bass / Günter Sommer: Drums / Paul Lovens: Drums

"At the first Taktlos Festival in 1984, Irène Schweizer assembled several chosen musician to a three

"The pianist Irène Schweizer, one of the most important exponents of contemporary Jazz, at the same time rebel and innovator of the highest order, gave a solo recital in the Great Hall of the Tonhalle, which is world-famous for its acoustics. She...

Irène Schweizer, Piano
"With both these records, Wilde Señoritas and Hexensabbat, the young pianist from Switzerland presented her first solo recordings, in 1977 and 1978 respectively: a firework of modern jazz piano music. The first solo records.

Irène Schweizer, Piano / Maggie Nicols, Voice / Joëlle Léadre, Bass

"Music is designed to work long-term. In this case, the responsibility for the music is revealed in a carefully considered and convincing choice, made from the wealth of the...

"When Schweizer and Drake play together, they have impeccable communication. It is such an elegant interaction, so close and intimate and loving, that the thought of adding another player is at first off-putting. But then Fred Anderson is not just...

Irène Schweizer, Piano / Günter Sommer, Drums

"Is it too early to start thinking about records of the year? The hell it is, as Duke used to say (no, not him, the other one). Superficially there's no-thing here that can't be found elsewhere...

Han Bennink: Drums
Irène Schweizer: Piano
"Irène Schweizer and Han Bennink like to play together – you can hear it in every note. After a tour of Switzerland, the two went straight in the recording studio. The result is a stunning second album: "Welcome Back“. The music moves between freely improvised pieces, beautiful jazz standards, and songs influenced by South-African melodies which are a trademark of Irène Schweizer (such as her classics 'Rag“ and 'Bleu Foncé“). Schweizer says: “Han and I...

Irène Schweizer: Piano
Joey Baron: Drums
"A meeting of two jazz giants: In 2015, Joey Baron, one of the most sought after drummers on the New York scene met the First Lady of European jazz, Swiss pianist Irène Schweizer, in concert in Zürich. During his long career Baron has played with bands such as Naked City and Masada and worked with musicians Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, Joe Lovano, Bill Frisell and Marc Ribot.
Schweizer had already performed and recorded with the best drummers on the...

Jürg Wickihalder: Soprano and Tenor Saxophone
Irène Schweizer: Piano

"Unintentionally, spontaneously, amusingly, most Monkish," writes American Jazzcritik Art Lange about the music of Jürg Wickihalder and Irène Schweizer.

After year

Irène Schweizer: Piano / Omri Ziegele: Saxophone, Voice

"Irène Schweizer and Omri Ziegele are a pair as perfectly opposite as Monk and Johnny Griffin: she is a mercurial, superior architect at the piano, with a presence one can only admire...

Irène Schweizer Piano / Pierre Favre Drums, Percussion

"Irène Schweizer and Pierre Favre are two likeminded spirits. Since 1966 they play together on a regular bases. With their creative mind, artistic virtuosity and open attitude these two...

Irène Schweizer: Piano / Pierre Favre: Drums

" The concert of Irène Schweizer (piano) and Pierre Favre (drums) on the festival stage in Ulrichsberg 2003 was a magical event: «In Ulrichsberg, there was a rare energy,» Favre said after the...

Irène Schweizer: Piano
Han Bennink: Drums

"Schweizer has a special affinity for piano/percussion duets, having previously recorded with Louis Moholo, Günter Sommer, Andrew Cyrille an Pierre Favre. The Intakt catalogue number seems to have...

Irène Schweizer: Piano
Pierre Favre: Drums

"Here Irène Schweizer teams up with countryman and frequent collaborator Pierre Favre in a per-formance recorded live in Bern. Cecil Taylor looms large as an influence in Schweizer's style (as he...

Irène Schweizer, Piano / Maggie Nicols, Voice / Joëlle Léandre, Bass

Stephan Crump: Acoustic Bass
Mary Halvorson: Guitar
"From the very first notes they played together, Secret Keeper, the innovative duo of "NYC's least-predictable improviser" (City Arts) Mary Halvorson and Grammy-nominated Stephan Crump had a...

Stephan Crump: Acoustic Bass / Mary Halvorson: Guitar

"Two of the most innovative personalities of the New York jazz scene in Brooklyn, Stephan Crump and Mary Halvorson, present a very special, intimate and atmospheric recording called "Super...

Elliott Sharp: electroacoustic guitar, laptop

"The guitarist Elliot Sharp is oneof the most striking personalities of the New York Downtown scene. Along with John Zorn, Arto Lindsay, Bill Frisell and Marc Ribot, Sharp has been at the heart of...

Elliott Sharp: Guitars / Melvin Gibbs: Bass / Lance Carter: Drums

"With the bassist Melvin Gibbs and the drummer Lance Carter, Elliott Sharp has formed a trio that cultivates the pleasure of playing, of sound, drive and expression. At the...

Elliott Sharp: 8-String Guitarbass, Soprano Sax, Electronics, Samples & Textures
Zeena Parkins: Electric Harp
Bobby Previte: Drums

"Aready teeming, activity on the sun increases further culminating with the peak, an elevated state in which sunspots and flares proliferate with profound effects throughout the solar system: fever dreams, ecstatic dances, restless movements both of populations and thought, soul transfers. On this occasion forces coalesced in the Austrian Tirol with drummer..

Elliott Sharp: Guitar
Mary Halvorson: Guitar
Marc Ribot: Guitar
"Last summer in Elliott Sharp's recording studio in Manhattan, New York guitarist Sharp spent a day with guitar colleague Mary Halvorson and another with Marc Ribot, legendary guitarist of Tom Waits, The Lounge Lizards and Marianne Faithful. The result was a series of recordings that could only be created by friends. They represent the great art of guitar playing by three exceptional musicians looking for new sonic adventures in.

Elliott Sharp: Guitar / Melvin Gibbs: Bass / Lucas Niggli: Drums

"During the two-weeks festival by Intakt Records at John Zorn's club The Stone in New York's East Village, Sharp-Gibbs-Niggli performed for the first time. Three musicians with...

"The Age of Carbon covers the period from the first full Elliott Sharp Carbon LP in 1984 through the Tocsin CD of 1991. This 3-disc collection gives a sonic overview of the band in its different iterations in those hot, dense, and fast years in New...

Wadada Leo Smith Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Electonics / Günter Baby Sommer Drums, Percussion

"This duo has established its own abstract-concrete musical space. In a mature dimension, magic can be produced like this, using spurs to ramble to a cosmic..

Günter Baby Sommer Drums, Percussion, Voice

"Günter 'Baby' Sommer is at the height of his musical career. After 'Song for Kommeno' (Intakt CD 190) Sommer, one of the architects of European jazz drumming, now presents his Solo masterpiece...

Günter Sommer: Drums, Gongs, Bandoneon, Darabuka, Mundharmonika

"I hate drum solos. So I'm pleased to report that German improvisational percussionist Sommer's lastest solo album sounds like many things, but never a drum solo. He often plays...

Günter Baby Sommer: Drums, Percussion
Till Brönner: Trumpet, Flügelhorn, Electronics

"Baby Sommer is at the height of his musical career. After 'Song for Kommeno', his Solo masterpiece 'Dedications' and the duo with American trumpet player Wadada Leo Smith 'Wisdom In Time', he presents at his 75th birthday a duo recording with German trumpet player Till Brönner. The listeners will notice quite quickly how relaxed Till Brönner and Baby Sommer correspond, the chosen musical material included...

Antonio Lucaciu: Saxophone
Simon Lucaciu: Piano
Robert Lucaciu: Bass
Günter Baby Sommer: Drums

“Günter Baby Sommer is at the height of his musical career. The Dresden jazz innovator, who together with the pioneering generation of jazz has unbounded drumming and developed his own sound, presents a refreshing album with a cross-generational quartet with the Lucaciu brothers. “The other three members of the quartet are two generations younger. Günter Baby Sommer’s music and presence...

Savina Yannatou: Voice / Floros Floridis: Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Bassclarinet / Evgenios Voulgaris: Yayli Tanbur, Oud / Spilios Kastanis: Bass / Günter Baby Sommer: Drums, Percussion.

"A homage to the Greek village of Kommeno where, in 1943

Chris Speed: clarinet

“Chris Speed, a driving force of modern jazz for decades, presents Light Line, an impressive solo statement on the clarinet. The repertoire of this musical legacy includes his own pieces and short improvisations, as well as compositions by inspiring luminaries such as John Coltrane, Julius Hemphill, Eric Dolphy and Paul Motion. In addition, there are compositions by friends and long-time musical companions such as Andrew D'Angelo, Skúli Sverrisson and Hilmar Jensson....

Chris Speed: Tenor Saxophone
Chris Tordini: Acoustic Bass
Dave King: Drums
" This new album by Chris Speed's excellent trio with drummer Dave King and bassist Chris Tordini is in many ways Speed's most fully developed and personal work to date. Since arriving in New York in the early 1990s, he has become one of the most vital improvising musicians on the scene through work that has always ranged widely, moving from a jazz base out through various forms of folk, classical and rock music...