OMRI ZIEGELE Altosax, Voice

"Swiss saxophonist Omri Ziegele presents with the Tomorrow Trio an adventurous line-up featuring the legendary Dutch drummer Han Bennink and accom­plished Swiss double bassist Christian Weber. A collaboration that offers a perfect platform for Ziegele's robust, powerful sound and his dynamic phrasing, while at the same time showing interest in poetry and the spoken word.
"If the Tomorrow Trio has a defining feature

Omri Ziegele Altosax, Voice
Jürg Wickihalder Sopranosax
Bernhard Göttert Cello
Gabriela Friedli Piano
Jan Schlegel E-Bass
Herbert Kramis Bass
Marco Käppeli Drums
Dieter Ulrich Drums, Bugle

"Billiger Bauer is fre

"Omri Ziegele, saxophonist, composer and und leader of the small orchestra Billiger Bauer, presents a new work with his orchestra. For its 15th anniversary, it quite aptly premiered the first performance of a 15-part work at the Zurich Theater...

Omri Ziegele: Alto Saxophone, Uzbek Flute, Vocals
Yves Theiler: Keyboards, Reed Organ, Melodica, Vocals
Dario Sisera: Percussion, Drums
"This new album by Omri Ziegele’s «Where’s Africa» trio is in a place where there is unmitigated joy; its movements are feather-light, yet its grooves are earthy. That state of being in which everything can flow freely, the songs, time, like children’s rhymes and rounds, circling until they suddenly lead us out into the open.
The keyboard transforms....

Omri Ziegele: Altosaxophone, Voice / Yves Theiler: Piano

"Omri Ziegele, saxophonist, composer and und leader of the small orchestra Billiger Bauer presents a duo with younger Zürich pianist Yves Theiler – after Ziegel had made his musical way...

"Appropriate to a collaboration with a new music ensemble, many of Niggli's pieces are suites. The lead-off track, for instance, is an anthemic anti-nationalist suite (based on rhythmic relations between 3 and 7, if you're counting É) that's perfectly...