This is the third album by the power trio of Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins, Koenjihyakkei) and Tsuyama Atsushi and Kawabata Makoto (of Acid Mothers Temple).
Tsuyama Atsushi : bass, vocal, recorder, soprano sax
Yoshida Tatsuya : drums, vocal...

"Acid Mothers Temple SWR (Makoto Kawabata, Atsushi Tsuyama, and Tatsuya Yoshida) made this one-time improvisational album with Kazutoki Umezu, who is known for his own band ‘the Doctor Umezu Band’ and for the inspiring play in ‘the RC Succession’...

"The controversial work which stepped into the forbidden territory of editing the performance of Haino Keiji. Yoshida breaks up their studio session boldly and restructures it from the unacceptable tune reproduced by extreme editing to the pop song...

Released at the same time as Korekyojinn's Doldrums album and featuring the same instrumentation: Yoshida Tatsuya / drums, Nasuno Mitsuru / bass, Kita Naoki / violin, Murakami Naoki / guitar, this is a very different release, having a loose, more....

"3 CDs! 215 minutes! The super improvisational duo of astonishment's 2nd feature. With guests Umezu, Kazutoki, Satou Kenji, Nasuno Mitsuru, Komori Keiko and Yamamoto Seichi"

Yoshida Tatsuya : percussion
Kido Natsuki : acoustic guitar
NasunoMitsuru : fretless bass
Miyamoto Rei : violin on track 2,4,6,8,10

Well, not 100% and strictly acoustic, but compared to the usual bone-crushing density of these guys, it's close enough.
Here's a bunch of yours and my favorites from this powerhouse outfit, performed in a very different way.

Reprinted and available again in a limited edition!!

This is the 7th great release by this super Japanese power trio featuring amazing drummer Yoshida Tatsuya, leader of Ruins and Koenjihyakkei, mighty guitarist Kido Natsuki [Bondage Fruit] and astounding bassist bassist Nasuno Mitsuru [Altered States].
But this time there's a real twist - and a great twist at that. This time, they've added violinist Tsuboy Akishisa (of KBB) as a full member on this release. The addition of violin to the...

Even for a guy as full of musical surprises and barrier breaking as drummer/composer Tatsuya Yoshida, this was very unexpected.

He calls it, "Arabian Progressive pop Improvisation", and it is that. Featuring Yann Pittard (oud, baritone guitar...

This is really different. This is a release by Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins, Koenjihyakkei, Korekyojinn, etc) that has elements of late 70s/early 80s new wave (not punk, but song-form new wave) mixed in with the usual Yoshida sound. I guess this isn't...

Kazuto Shimizu-keyboards
Yoshida Tatsuya-drums
Nasyuno Mitsuru-bass

“The Japanese improvising rock trio of Kazuto Shimizu on keyboards, Nasyuno Mitsuru on bass, and Yoshida Tatsuya on drums performing live at Club Goodman in Akihabara, Japan on February 15, 2016 for technically superb, fast paced, turn-on-a-dime, joyful prog-oriented playing.”

Tatsuya Yoshida-drums, vocal, sampler
Kazuhisa Uchihashi-guitar, effects
Tzboguchi Masayasu-keyboards, vocoder

"The long-running improvisers who trained their expressions at the improvisation performance site believed in the new possibilities at the end of the improvisation and gave a name of "super improvisation". There, improvisation and composition melt at unlimitedly high dimensions, and the unified world is expanding. Super supernatural composition that super transformation improves.

This is drummer Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins, Koenjihyakei, Korekyojinn), guitarist Uchihashi Kazuhisa (Altered States, Ground Zero) and pianist Mishiba Satoshi (who plays in the rock band "Kinniku Syojotai", who are a major, big band in Japan). This is ten...