"Arti E Mestieri is considered one of the most influent cult bands in the Italian and European progressive scene from Seventies, recording two absolute milestones and masterpieces of the genre, “Tilt” (1974) and “Giro Di Valzer Per Domani” (1975)...

VASKO ATANASOVSKI - alto & soprano saxophone, flute (Slovenia)
SIMONE ZANCHINI - accordion (Italy)
MICHEL GODARD - tuba, serpent (France)
BODEK JANKE - drums & tabla (Poland/Germany)
Special Guest:
ARIEL VEI ATANASOVSKI - cello (Slovenia)

“The Adrabesa Quartet consists of four exceptional musicians, brought together by its long-standing founder and leader: composer and saxophonist, Vasko Atanasovski.
Vasko is a well-known and established European maestr

Beledo's MoonJune Records debut, 'Dreamland Mechanism,' is a star-studded, multifarious affair. Supported by a cast of modern progressive jazz-fusion luminaries (featuring the likes of Gary Husband, Dewa Budjana and Lincoln Goines, for starters), the Uruguayan-born, NYC transplant guitar maestro puts not only his virtuosic guitar playing on display, but also his enormous talents on a variety of instruments, in a session with more twists, turns and surprises than an Agatha Christie novel!...

BELEDO - guitars, acoustic piano, synth
TONY LEVIN - upright bass, bass guitar
with special guests
JORGE CAMIRUAGA - vibraphone (1, 4)
KEAROMA RANTAO - vocals (2)

“BELEDO a Uruguayan born, NYC based multi-instrumentalist, predominantly guitarist and pianist, who grew up in Montevideo and was a prominent player on the jazz scene in his native Uruguay, is joined by drummer Kenny Grohowski, who in addition to...

Until MoonJune started mining the field, who knew that there were so many interesting jazz and fusion musicians in Indonesia?

"MoonJune Records is proud and pleased to present the incredible artistry of legendary world-class guitarist, Dewa...

"Joined by a superb cast of marquee players, Dewa Budjana's new release (his 4th on MoonJune), "Hasta Karma," sets a new benchmark for modern progressive jazz excellence in the 21st century. With a vibe and feel more akin to that of a band with decades...

" Every so often a major pop artist steps out of the loop and shows the world another side of his or her technical acumen and penchant for executing within a more demanding, if not less commercially viable art-form. Drummer Charlie Watts of the Rolling...

“When an artist takes an unexpected turn into new musical directions, it may cause stirring among fans. This is not the case of the increasingly global fanbase of progressive fusion maestro Dewa Budjana, who always come prepared to the perennial journeys through the world of their favored guitarist. With a list of collaborations that sums up the who is who of contemporary progressive rock and jazz scene (Jack DeJohnette, Peter Erskine, Vinnie Colaiuta, Antonio Sanchez, Chad Wackerman, Gary Husband, Tony...

"The seventh solo album from Indonesian progressive guitar legend Dewa Budjana (his third for MoonJune Records) sees the maestro cast aside the dense, meticulously-arranged approach that defined his previous MJR releases (ast year's critically...

"Barry Cleveland's Hologramatron is a 21st Century protest record with songs featuring biting, sometimes brutal, commentary on the state of the Western world. It's a musical response to contemporary social, political, and even spiritual realities...

"MoonJune Records is pleased to present the international debut of the multi-talented pianist, vocalist and composer, Susan Clynes. On this, her first solo album, she showcases her evocative, compelling stylings, in a set as diverse as it is emotive...

Cipher and Decipher is a brand new studio album by Copernicus, the conceptual concerns of the New York performer-poet who addresses The Universe itself. He is not distracted by everyday matters. He is not penning couplets about the changing fortunes...

"Nevermore, Inc., in collaboration with MoonJune Records, continues their comprehensive reissue program of the Copernicus catalogue with the release of 1987's Deeper. This was the New York performance poet’s third album, previously issued on vinyl...

"Is Copernicus celebrating The Universe, or observing its collapse? This ageless sage orates like a windswept preacher who has just witnessed visions of the apocalypse. Turner is rolling out swathes of Gothic Hammond organ, leading the ensemble in...

"Copernicus (heteronym of Joseph Smalkowski) is New York born and based philosopher, poet and sage, active since late 70's. He has enjoyed a decent deal of success all around Central and Eastern Europe from mid 80's to early 90's. In 1989, after the...

"It was 1984, and Copernicus was making the transition from being a performance poet to declaiming in front of a full-scale band of musicians. He'd started to play with the saxophonist Melody Peach, in poetry circles, and around the New York City rock...

"Available for the first time in CD format. Victim Of The Sky offers a more introspective side of the artist who refuses to accept conformity on any level. New facets of the Copernicus persona are revealed, and a more soulful, organic side emerges...

"Copernicus explores worthlessness in direct conflict with his core philosophy nothingness. Always evolving, this album is mixed so the music plays a more significant role. It should be noted that the vocals of Sari Schorr are a crucial element in...

Beppe Crovella-Mellotron, Fender Rhodes Stage 73 electric piano, Wurlitzer E200 electric piano, Hohner electric piano, Hohner Clavinet D6, Rösler Grand Piano, Hammond Organ M102, Farifsa Professional (neither analog or digital synthesizers, or other...

Beppe Crovella-Mellotron, Fender Rhodes Stage 73 electric piano, Wurlitzer E200 electric piano, Hohner electric piano, Hohner Clavinet D6, Rösler Grand Piano, Hammond Organ M102, Farifsa Professional (neither analog or digital synthesizers, or other digital keyboards were used on this recording).

"...Beppe Crovella (Arti e Mestieri) delivers a heartfelt and long-overdue appreciation of one of the defining voices of the jazz-rock idiom, Soft Machine keyboard player and composer Mike Ratledge...

Elton Dean saxello, alto sax, Laurent Delchambre drums, assorted percussion, Fred Delplancq tenor sax, Michel Delville guitar, voice. Jean-Paul Estievenart trumpet, Damien Polard bass, electronics. Recorded live in Paris, France at Glaz’Art on October...

Graeme Blevins (soprano saxophone), Peter Whyman (alto saxophone), Tim Holmes (tenor saxophone), Chris Caldwell (baritone saxophone) have released at least one album before, but with this, they should reach a wider audience. This is a very well and...

DWIKI DHARMAWAN - Acoustic Piano, Mini Moog, Fender Rhodes, Harmonium, Occasional Vocal & Ambient Noises
BORIS SAVOLDELLI - Vocals, Vocal Effects, Live Electronics
MARKUS REUTER - Touch Guitars® AU8, Live Electronics
ASAF SIRKIS - Drums, Cymbals, Occasional Ambient Noise

“In May of 2017, a ship of mighty musical warriors joined forces for a meeting of kindred spirits. Departing from the La Casa Murada launchpad (adjacent to nearby Barcelona, Spain), they embarked on a....

"Indonesian keyboard star Dwiki Dharmawan returns following his 2015 MoonJune Records debut, the more fusion-heavy So Far, So Close, offering the even more ambitious Pasar Klewer. Recorded at London's EastCote Studio, in June 2015, this vibrant, acoustic piano-driven two-CD set features the cream of Britain's younger expat crop, blending with Indonesian musicians to create a passionate, seamless cultural cross-pollination.
... the net result of which is a modern progressive epic!
Backed by the....

DWIKI DHARMAWAN acoustic piano
NGUYÊN LÊ electric guitar, soundscapes
YARON STAVI upright bass
with special guests:
SA'AT SYAH suling flute, vocals (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8)
ADE RUDIANA kendang percussion (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8)
DEWI GITA lead vocal (3)
NYOMAN WINDHA’s GAMELAN JASS JEGOG Balinese gamelan & percussions (4) ....

Dwiki Dharmawan - Fender Rhodes piano, mini-Moog, Hammond organ, synths, acoustic piano, vocals
Jimmy Haslip - bass
Chad Wackerman - drums
Dew Abudjana - guitar (1,2, 6, 7, 8)
Tohpati - guitar (3, 4, 5)
Jerry Goodman - violin (1)

"MoonJune Records is pleased to introduce another of Indonesia's most gifted and celebrated music personalities -- multi-genre keyboardist, composer, producer, peace activist and cultural icon, Dwiki Dharmawan. With a career spanning over 30 years

The Last Tribe is a "take no prisoners" progressive rock steamroller. From the opening chords, guitarist Nelson Coelho gives clear evidence that the band is ready to tread over new ground -- and fully prepared to take it by force!...

ALEX MAGUIRE: keyboards
MICHEL DELVILLE: guitar, Roland GR09, samples
TONY BIANCO: drums, sequencer

"The internationally-acclaimed power trio returns with their highly-anticipated, second full-length release for Moonjune Records. Mercy.

Alex Maguire-Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ, Mellotron, synth
Michel Delville-electric guitar, Roland GR-09
Tony Bianco-drums
with special guest
Richard Sinclair-vocals (1, 5) and electric bass (1, 2)

"A new power

VASIL HADZIMANOV: piano, keyboards
DAVID BINNEY: alto sax
BOJAN IVKOVIC: percussion, vocals

"In keeping with the label's time-honored tradition of shining a spotlight on newly-discovered artists whose immense musical talents challenge convention and defy categorization, MoonJune Records is pleased to offer the musical stylings of Serbian keyboardist, pianist and composer, Vasil Hadzimanov. Although

MIROSLAV TOVIRAC - bass guitar
BOJAN IVKOVIC - percussion, vocals
with special guests:
MARTA HADZIMANOV - lead vocal (4)
DEAN BOWMAN - lead vocal (8)

“A name synonymous with Serbian jazz, Vasil Hadzimanov is a contemporary pianist, composer, arranger, and educator whose lineage is intrinsically linked with ethnic Balkan music and cultura

Very excellent, Indonesian-only release by this master of the keyboard from Indonesia. This was brought to my attention by (and is made available to us at domestic pricing) by Leonardo Pavkovic of MoonJune, who is bringing many previously unknown to the USA musicians to better attention in the west.
Sri Hanuraga: piano and Fender Rhodes piano
Mattia Magatelli: double bass and electric bass
Kristijian Krajncan: drums
Rodrigo Parejo Mateos: (flute on 3 tracks)...

ALLAN HOLDSWORTH: guitars, synthaxe
GORDON BECK: keyboards

"Allan's ninth album is a collection of interpretations of jazz standards by John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Django Reinhardt, and Joe...

Hugh Hopper-bass guitar, Simon Picard-tenor sax, Steve Franklin-keyboards, Charles Hayward-drums...

One thing that I've long admired about Hugh is that he doesn't stay still musically. Maybe sometimes I have wished that he would stay still (would I have minded a second volume of "Hopper Tunity Box"? No, I wouldn't have), but his constant moving into...

Gary Husband: Fazioli F212 Grand Piano
Markus Reuter: Live Electronics, Touch Guitars® AU8

“Yet another facet of two contemporary genii is revealed. Maestros Gary Husband and Markus Reuter embark on an impromptu journey of both mind and soul, in one of the most unique, timeless efforts ever to grace the MoonJune label – or, for that matter, the improvised and avant-garde genre – with the release of the recherché, "Music Of Our Time." And, fittingly occupying the label’s 101 space – starting

"Referencing a vast diversity of modern music's most visionary pioneers – ranging from Soft Machine, Focus and Matching Mole, to the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman (just to name a few) – this Jogjakarta, Indonesia band's music...

This adventurous, improvising jazz/rock group is related to Moraine (who also have a CD out on MoonJune) and consists of Dennis Rea & Thaddaeus Brophy on guitars, Bill Jones on trumpet, Ryan Berg on bass and Jay Jaskot on drums.

"Iron Kim Style..

SRDJAN IVANOVIC (Bosnia & Herzegovina, France) - drums, keyboards, compositions, arrangements
MIHAIL IVANOV (Bulgaria- upright bass
special guest: MAGIC MALIK (France) - flute

“Never has a five-member quartet sounded better! ... or bigger ... or more profoundly, organically, articulate. Joined by special guest, maestro flutist, Magic Malik, Srdjan Ivanovic's renowned Blazin' Quartet -- featuring

VASIL HADZIMANOV - acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog

"The inspired pairing of guitarist Dusan Jevtovic and pianist Vasil Hadzimanov, mobilized by the convincing playing of Asaf Sirkis on drum kit, has resulted in a sound that cross-pollinates the most forward thinking aspects of progressive music with the excitement of post-jazz. Think ECM record label vibe filtered through Radiohead played at an intimate after-hours jazz venue and...

"The spectacular international debut of Serbian guitarist, Dusan Jevtovic, is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride: full of twists and turns that you never see coming. Am I Walking Wrong? showcases moments of immense raw, explosive power, interspersed with...

"It's difficult to discern whether Geoff Leigh and Yumi Hara are improvising freely, or if they've pre-composed the pieces on their Upstream collaboration. If it's the former, then their spontaneity has generated a good degree of melodic invention...

"MoonJune Records continues its streak of astonishing musical discoveries from Indonesia with Dictionary 2, the first international release by Jakarta's celebrated jazz-rock trio, Ligro. Founded in 2004 by authoritative guitarist Agam Hamzah and...

"After a nearly three-year absence, Indonesian jazz and fusion guitarist etraordinaire, Agam Hamzah, and his scintillating power trio make a powerful return to the spotlight with guns blazing! Ligro's Dictionary 3 makes good on all of the promise....

MICHEL DELVILLE guitar, Roland GR09, loops, stylophone, electronics, samples
TONY BIANCO drums, percussion
ANTOINE GUENET keyboards, synth, acoustic piano

It's always nice to see Jimi Hendrix, truly one of the greatest, if also the most tragically short-lived, artists of the rock era, be reconsidered in a way that explores new ground on the basis of what he originally did. Which this does and does really nicely! Highly recommended, especially if you come to it not expecting or wanting...

"Much more than just a meeting of modern progressive jazz heavyweights, MACHINE MASS's Inti witnesses the seamless cohesion of extraordinary creativity fusing with technology. Reformed with renowned modern jazz legend, Dave Liebman, Machine Mass....

"Originally born as a side-project of douBt, this new trio led by Tony Bianco (on drums and loops) and Michel Delville (on guitar, bouzouki and live effects) also includes emerging Belgian talent Jordi Grognard on saxophones, bass clarinet and flute...

This has the great UK keyboardist Alex Maguire, someone who is at home in any style from rock to jazz to jazz-rock to free improvisation, performing a modern sort of swinging electric jazz with four members of the Wrong Object and a saxist in a sweaty...

GRAHAM EPP: Guitars, Keyboards & Electronics
JESSE WARKENTIN: Guitars, Keyboards & Electronics
SCOTT ELLENBERGER: Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Electronics
ANDY RUDOLPH: Drums, Keyboards & Electronics

Great to see these guys back with a new one, almost 10 years after their last!

“Mahogany Frog's 'In The Electric Universe' is the seventh studio album - and third on MoonJune Records - by Canadian instrumental electro-psychedelic outfit Mahogany Frog. Six years in the making...

"It is with great pride and privilege that MoonJune Records is once again afforded the unique opportunity of elevating one of the world's great young guitar prodigies to the world stage: introducing the Indonesian progressive jazz guitar phenom, Tesla...