"Not another all-star rehash of Jaco's fretless pyrotechnics, Gospel for J.F.P. instead targets the writing talents of the late, great genius of electric bass. It's easy to forget how good of a songwriter Jaco Pastorious was, as this saavy record reminds us via interpretations of some of his better and less known pieces. Its wide-screen approach is clear in the opener, 'Three Views of a Secret' - a delightful meeting between gypsy guitarist Bireli Lagrene, fusioneer Hiram Bullock and Uruguyan vocal...

MARKUS REUTER touch guitar

"It’s rare that an album emerges as something entirely new; so different that there aren't any genre or sub-genre categories into which it comfortably fits. Like its critically acclaimed, similarly forward-reaching and all-improvised sister The Stone House - released first but actually recorded second during a marathon six-day 2016 series of sessions that will ultimately yield more than the three albums initially planned..

YARON STAVI fretless bass guitar

“This has got to be the greatest progressive rock release in ages!!! It harkens back to the Sylvian/Fripp release of 1993. Technical as hell and aggressive at the same time.”-Josh Donald

“Occasionally, records are released which are an instant game changer: albums so profoundly innovative and compelling in their conception, construction and delivery that they are...

Mark Wingfield is a killer guitarist with a great, unique sound. This is high-energy, heavy jazz/rock by a singular voice on the instrument, backed simply by bass and drums; really good stuff!

"It's not often an album is released that is so...

MARK WINGFIELD guitar, soundscapes
YARON STAVI fretless bass guitar
ASAF SIRKIS drums, konakol singing (10)
special guest
DOMINIQUE VANTOMME synth soloist (3, 5, 9, 10)

"Each track on this album tells a different emotional story, perhaps about a time or event in someone’s life, or moments shared by a group of people. They weave together specific moods and atmospheres which could connect to the experiences of many people both real and...

MARK WINGFIELD - guitar, soundscape
GARY HUSBAND - acoustic piano
“What if Terje Rypdal had recorded a duet album with Keith Jarrett?” A beautiful document that showcases the remarkable chemistry between these two extraordinary players, it is a gem of nuanced interaction and rare potency by improvisers of the highest order.”- BILL MILKOWSKI

“A true meeting of the spirits, Tor & Vale showcases the remarkable chemistry between two extraordinary players, guitarist Mark Wingfield and...

The Wrong Object are a extraordinarily good, modern, avant-progressive-electric-jazz or jazz/rock (but not in the 'old' meaning of the term) band from Belgium. They are an instrumental quintet consisting of five great players on guitar, tenor sax...

"A key advantage of playing complex instrumental music in a trio or quartet is the luxury of having one player free to keep the ball of melody in play while granting the other instrumentalists the freedom to harmonize, play counterpoint or just cut...

"Yagull's official debut for MoonJune Records, Kai, finds the band expanding its post-rock chamber soundtrack concept to great effect. The result is a simmering sonic bouillabaisse, chocked full of choice ingredients which delectably merge to blur the...

Jon Davis: Chapman Stick, guzheng, Mellotron, ARP 2600
Dennis Rea: Electric guitar, resonator guitar
Alicia DeJoie: Electric violin
James DeJoie: Baritone saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
Randy Doak: Drums, percussion
with special guest:
Daniel Barry: Trumpet (Track 11)

"Zhongyu is an American band with a Chinese name and an attitude that encompasses the full spectrum of musical sounds and sources. Composer Jon Davis teams up with three members of Moraine and an experie