Relative Pitch

“A sound of a decidedly different kind. With the release of their CD Lily (Relative Pitch Records), ISABELLE DUTHOIT and FRANZ HAUTZINGER have proven they know how to consistently create a different kind of musical harmony and escape musical conventionality.
Those familiar with the artistic creations and various projects of these artistic free-spirits can probably imagine where Lily will take them. And that is most definitely not to any of the usual musical landscapes. That which Isabelle Duthoit...

Isabelle Duthoit, clarinet and voice
Franz Hautzinger, quarter tone trumpet

“French free vocalist Isabelle Duthoit and trumpeter Franz Hautzinger recorded these highly unusual duos to celebrate Hautzinger’s 60th birthday year. Using extreme techniques to create 11 uniquely aberrant accompaniments to your most subtle and strange dreams.”

Silke Eberhard - alto saxophone
Céline Voccia - piano

"The album contains seven pieces that are completely freely improvised and show the broad spectrum of their musicianship. Silke Eberhard's saxophone sometimes sounds seductively airy, reminiscent of Stan Getz; at other times she lets it squeak and whistle like the free jazz master Ornette Coleman at his wildest. She uses all registers, happily clatters her alto keys and lets her instrument hiss and breathe, while every now and then melodic.

“Danish saxophonist Signe Emmeluth, who now lives in Oslo after studying in Trondheim, Norway, has made a strong impact on the European free music scene in the last couple of years, not only due to her ferocious sound, but also through a stylistic openness...
This solo outing — a single piece recorded live for Ingebrit Håker Flaten’s Sonic Transmissions Festival — contains its fair share of fire-breathing, with tart boppish phrases ricocheting toward the horizon in upper register sallies, but it...

ErikM composition and electronics / field recording
Didier Aschour guitar
Amélie Berson flute
Thierry Madiot trombone
Christian Pruvost trumpet
Silvia Tarozzi violin
Deborah Walker cello


The first part of the project consists of making audible, by means of an acousmographe, all of the sound spectra, including those outside the field of human auditory perception. These materials may be then used as

Carmina Escobar : voice sound toys, guitarron
Milo Tamez : home percussion, stones, branches, electronics
Thollem McDonas : synthesizer, vocals, clay pot

“Estamos Trio is an exploratory music ensemble formed through the cross-border Estamos Project founded by Thollem McDonas in 2010. The trio includes Carmina Escobar (vocals, electronics, guitarrón), Milo Tamez (percussion, found objects, electronics) and Thollem (keyboard, vocals, clay pot).
Recorded live at SITE Santa Fe, Dire...

“Estamos Trio, on the album - appropriately titled - People's History, offers an avant-garde and multicultural reflection with an epicenter in the history of the border that separates Mexico from the United States....led by the North American pianist and composer Thollem McDonas they create music that tries to encourage communication and collaboration between musicians and artists born on both sides of the Mexican-American border to, in this way, develop a better understanding and appreciation among...

“Sand is a Fields composition for 20 instrumentalists, three singers, and conductor. It combines three areas in which he has often worked: modularity, manipulation of text, and integration of composition and improvisation. Like Fields’ previous modular works, Sand is constructed of units whose interrelationships vary from weak to strong. In performance a conductor spontaneously selects, combines, sequences, and layers modules. Sand also includes improvisational elements within structures and “organic...

“These experienced musicians know how to weave a complex, captivating stories with few strokes of imaginative sounds, austere yet elegant, subtle but full of nuances. ‘Endless’ visits Far-Eastern, terrains, flows in a balladic narrative and matures in a touching, playful dance of court and spark between Baars, playing the clarinet, and Draksler. ‘For Toby’ suggests a complete different dialog between Baars and Draksler. He sings gently with his tenor sax while she pounds the piano keys in a hyper...

“So...Who is this guy?" These words are a touchstone in the liner notes for Mr. Flaherty's first solo release, 2003's Voices. The notes are an insightful reckoning on what it means to be a free improvising artist (he was 54 at that time, and had already been at it for most of his life). He speaks of "the artist in residence", that part of him that just wants to blow, to shed the tired conventions and self-conscious-over-thinking and just play. Play and see where it takes him. Play and chase the coattails...

“By turns romantic and melodic or fierce and insistent, Flaherty will often start a phrase with a mellow tone only to feed it through a grinder and shred it. One of my favorite moments comes about 3 minutes into the first piece, where he ascends beyond the upper reaches of his horn and whistles, the sound taking on a definite electronic tinge. At the ten-minute mark of the same number, both men start stomping hard before coming to a melancholy close. There are long moments of horn gargle and fast and...

“Flamingo explores sound, texture and dynamics. Sometimes verging on the threshold of hearing and at other times engaging in dense layers and waves of sound, the music of Flamingo creates a poetic space in which pure sound phenomena step forth on the eternal backdrop of silence.
Flamingo is Chris Heenan on contrabass clarinet, Adam Pultz Melbye on double bass, and Christian Windfeld on snare drum, percussion & objects. On LOUD they expand the trio with sound artist and engineer Roy Carroll. In LOUD...

Gabby Fluke-Mogul – violin

"The most striking sound in improvised music in years..."

“LOVE SONGS by gabby fluke-mogul is a record of seventeen violin compositions for improvisation devoted to the multitudinous hues of intimacy.”

“New York violinist gabby fluke-mogul is unabashedly experimental on this solo album recorded last summer. Employing extended techniques (rubbing, scraping, sawing, tapping), they extract a full spectrum of unconventional sounds from this conventional instrument. Coupled with occasional vocalizations, threshold is an exhilarating ride.” AMN reviews

“Steeped is the second album release from Forebrace, the welcome follow-up to Bad Folds. For those who delighted in that album, the good news is that the quartet's line-up remains unchanged, and the balance between composed and improvised music is as before, with composed pieces credited to Forebrace's leader and clarinetist, Alex Ward, alternating with improvisations credited to the whole group. The big difference between Steeped and its predecessor is that this album was recorded live in concert...

Michael Foster: tenor & soprano saxophones, samples, oscillators

"The Industrious Tongue of Michael Foster is a 2-part work probing the most intimate and sensitive glands of the saxophone's internal architecture.
This work is dedicated to several filmmakers whose work explores the erotic extremities and complexities of contemporary intimacy which has served as a focal point of inspiration for this album: Hisayasu Sato, Takashi Ishii, Naomi Tani and Jacques Rivette."

Michael Foster: tenor & soprano saxophones, compositions
Jared Radichel: double bass
Joey Sullivan: drums & percussion

"The Ghost was formed as both a tribute to my disparate influences in free jazz, harsh noise, and the gay underground community, and as a middle finger to the suffocating heteronormative establishment of improvised music. "Vanished Pleasures" stands as a new direction for this project, utilizing overt compositional frameworks to convey the anxieties of aging, sexual..

“No surprise in comparing this release to the Rova Sax Quartet. It features Jon Raskin, a founding member of that ensemble, as well as fellow saxophonists Frank Gratkowski and Phillip Greenlief. Recorded on two dates, one in 2007 and the other in 2010, this intrepid trio gives their instruments a workout across nine tracks.
Honestly, limited-palette releases like this can be hit or miss. But in the right hands, three saxes can offer a broad range of pitches and textures. Such is the case for All At...

“The Out Louds is a new formation of three accomplished improvisers: clarinetist Ben Goldberg, guitarist Mary Halvorson and drummer Tomas Fujiwara. While improvising ensembles usually work within a style, The Out Louds seem to be living up to their name, literally ‘thinking out loud’, seeking different ways to meld their musical thoughts.
Distinct approaches arise everywhere here, whether it’s a lead voice establishing a distinctly odd tack or supportive bits that wander far afield, sometimes...

“Having been recorded live the compositions are free flowing and continuous in sound throughout, with one piece blending into another either through the pieces being merged together through performance, and the possible use of sympathetic editing with Fujiwara’s drums often providing the link. Fujiwara’s drums generate a scattering of sound and the skittering rhythms create great interplay between the guitar and the trumpet. Brandon Seabrook is very deft at carefully using effects to colour the...

Jim Hobbs - Alto Saxophone
Taylor Ho Bynum - Cornet
Ian Ayers - Guitar
Luther Gray - Drums
Timo Shanko - Bass

“If you're feeling pressed by the demands of the Imaginary Empire's vicious circuitry, whether you're on the outside or a little too inside for your comfort, here's an opportunity to experience something real, satisfying, and original. Most of the world may be going all wrong, but The Fully Celebrated Orchestra are always 'Right On.'”-Brad Lingham

Chris Pitsiokos - alto saxophone, electronics
Violeta Garcia - cello

"This powerful first recording between NY alto extreme saxophonist Pitsiokos and Argentinian noise cellist Garcia lives up to its reputation. It is an unrelenting juxtaposition of screeches and squalls, of strings rubbed to their breaking point up against extreme reed skronks. Together they complement and contrast and create an organic noise that is quite thrilling."

Violeta Garcia - cello

"Violeta García is a cellist, improviser and composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been studying music since 1998. She is a performer in many art forms, including free improvisation, contemporary and trans-media experimental repertoire in violoncello and electronic and collaborations with dancers and other artists. She is eager to improvise, compose and create new experimental sounds with extended techniques, prepared instrument and work with dynamic, rhythmic and.

“By way of introduction, Gauci parades his easygoing burly tenor saxophone, blending emphatic motifs amid roller coaster lines in a limber double act with Filiano’s nimble-fingered stylings, which fuse melody with rhythmic attack on the opening ‘Epee’. That’s followed by a similarly involved pairing of cornet and bass at the outset of ‘Ghosting’, before Gauci joins to inaugurate a spirited three-way interaction. It’s immediately obvious that as a group they are fully formed, missing nothing, a feeling...

Yedo Gibson - soprano saxophone (1, 4, 5, 8) alto saxophone (2, 6) tenor saxophone (3, 7)

"Conic Tube comes from the idea that the saxophone is nothing but a metal conical tube that amplifies, modifies and pushes the air through the room, if the instrument is just an object and sound is just air and air is inside-out of us, pushing this air becomes the tool to structure our space and surroundings making possible changes on our environment and energies. With this in mind and spirit this record...

Frode Gjerstad: alto sax and Bb clarinet
Isach Skeidsvoll: piano

“Norwegian saxophone legend Frode Gjerstad started his career in the late 1970s playing clarinet, saxophone and flute. Gjerstad's tone is searing, his accents are forceful, he eschews regular tunes and improvises with the speed and dexterity of a seasoned veteran.
Gjerstad is joined on Twenty Fingers by Isach Skeidsvoll a dramatic, young newcomer on piano. The result is a spontaneous, edgy and bright series of duets that.

Frode Gjerstad: alto sax and Bb clarinet
Matt Shipp: piano

“The music is fierce with unexpected evolutions, very much in-the-moment, yet quite expressive and focused, varying between intensity and subdued dialogues. Raw and real, full of depth and substance.”

Zeena Parkins - electric harp/objects
Mette Rasmussen - sax/objects/voice
Ryan Sawyer - drums/objects

“Not too long ago, harpist Zeena Parkins, alto-saxophonist Mette Rasmussen and drummer Ryan Sawyer gathered at a studio in Brooklyn to record their second record as Glass Triangle. Parkins describes the scenario as strange, a three-hour, early-morning session during which they had to work around another band’s recording set-up. “It shouldn’t have yielded results,” she says. “But...

“The disc begins with, "That Was For Albert 10," Golia's tenor wrapping around Bradford's smearing trumpet for a repeating fanfare over the free range drums of Cline and the rambling pulsations of Filiano. Suddenly, the band contracts into "straight" time playing, just ahead of a dual solo by the two horns. Bradford finally breaks loose for a few laps around the field before Golia erupts with a massive tenor solo full of long lines broken up by well-timed screams.
"Otolith" has a vaguely...

"Empiricism in the west" is a revelation, two amazing wind players - saxophonist, clarinetist and flautist Vinny Golia and saxophonist Urs Leimgruber - in a series of free improvising duos pushing their instruments into unusual and captivating territories.
The aim of this luxurious collaboration is to obtain a synergy of the sounds of all the instruments, keeping in mind all that the technique involves: circular breathing, search for dissonances, multiphonics, exaltation of acoustic dynamics...

Forbes Graham - Trumpet, Drum Machine, Laptop Computer
Brandon Lopez - Double Bass
Cecilia Lopez - Synthesizers

“Forbes Graham (trumpet, drum machine, laptop computer) is joined by Cecilia Lopez (analog synth) and Brandon Lopez (bass) on a session recorded at Firehouse 12 in August of 2021.
Each musician is wholly distinct and themselves on this recording, but their sounds unite to create a dark and quizzical sci-fi journey.”

Madison Greenstone - Bb clarinet

"Each of these studies takes as its basis a mode of resonance latent in the Bb clarinet. This album collects iterative and essayistic reflections on the self-generative qualities of these resonances. The instrument becomes a site of indeterminacy. What happens when resonance overflows? Each resonance has some form of inner agency, some form of emergent phenomena that I search to breathe into being. This demands a continually renewed attunement to the liveliness...

“The veteran Guillermo Gregorio is back and this is the debut of a duo with the young double bass player Brandon Lopez. The clarinetist after having lived in the sixties in Buenos Aires and later moved to Chicago where for years he was an integral part of the local scene, now lives in New York and among the many and more recent collaborations, the meeting with Lopez is actually worth note. The listening between the two is superlative and the sound produced by clarinet and double bass is warm and...

Alexandra Grimal - soprano saxophone

“Alexandra Grimal’s new record is an exploration of her inner improvised language in resonance with the very special acoustic of the castle of Chambord. Refuge was recorded in the double revolution staircase in the castle of Chambord in September 2020.”

“Out and unusual compositions from drummer Ben Hall and his sextet with Mick Dobday on electric piano & organ, Anthony Levin DEcanini on electronics, Ronnie Zawadi on percussion, John Dierker on reeds, Mike Khoury on viola & violin, and joined by Joe Morris on guitar, for 6 "Spines", free compositions using odd compositional structures leading to superb solo and group playing. Each Spine presents a unique sonic world, from aggressive playing to abstract and sonically fascinating interludes, with...

Mary Halvorson-guitar
Chris Speed-sax
Eivind Opsvik-bass
Tomas Fujiwara-drums

“Halvorson is a highly inventive composer and improviser, playful, yet fierce when she needs to be, with a knack for oblique melodies and rhythmic hooks which her crack New York quartet knock in and out of orbit.
Reverse Blue's ten tracks feature some genuinely lovely tunes alongside some ingenious twists, with Halvorson wrapping her fingers around pretty Baroque figures, Moroccan modes, wiggy...

“Mary Halvorson is involved in so many side projects it's hard to pick a favorite ; until now. Sifter, her trio with Kirk Knuffke (cornet) and Matt Wilson (drums), has created one of the most inviting discs of the year with its self-titled debut. The compositions are concise. The themes are hummable. The solos never venture too far from home, and yet conversely it's a highly adventurous recording.
This album is loaded with surprises, as on ‘Back and Forth,’ where the main theme goes up and...

Ig Henneman – viola
Jaimie Branch – trumpet
Anne La Berge - flute

Three eccentric sketching women who succeeded in converting the concert hall into a spectacle with a drowned diesel engine on a race track, although it did not turn into a crazy fair. No, it was primarily an ode to the ingenious freedom, an intensely varied and colorful performance that was permeated by fun and games, but one of the kind that made your feelers and imagination run wild by its fresh originality, abrasive...

“In the Sea’s eponymous new album for Relative Pitch features just a string trio, allowing the players to settle into a chamberlike collision of approaches. Double bassist Nicolas Caloia and violinist Joshua Zubot bring brio and care to Honsinger’s pieces, which draw from classical music, Italian folk, and his aforementioned slapstick aesthetic, loads of nonsensical singing alternately limning pretty melodies and harnessing pure chaos.
Improvisation and attuned interplay between the players define...

Tristan Honsinger-cello, voice
Antonio Borghini-double bass
Axel Dörner-trumpet
Tobias Delius-tenor sax, clarinet

“Tristan Honsinger, Axel Dörner, Tobias Delius and Antonio Borghini played their first concert as a quartet in the legendary Berlin venue “Miss Hecker” in 2010. The spontaneous meeting turned quickly into a working band named “Hook, Line & Sinker”. The combination of music, movement and theater, trademark of Honsinger’s work in the last 40 years, finds in this quartet a.

“Primitive is Jessen’s first full-length release. A raw solo saxophone recording born out of anger and isolation. At times, it screams violently. At others, it slowly pierces. At all times, it is a reaction to Jessen’s surroundings."

"Kyle is one of the hardest working musicians I have ever met. He labors intensively, always striving to improve his technique.
A dynamic collection, this is an exclamation point on years of development.
At times the pieces are aggressive. The opening of.

Hermione Johnson - solo prepared piano

“Auckland-based Hermione Johnson’s Tremble evokes the sound of a large Indonesian gamelan orchestra via the insertion of small chopstick-shaped rods at diverse angles, establishing different timbral zones, contraposed in imbricated, polyphonic textures. On “See My Permanent Face” she sets chime and gong tones against a cyclic pattern suggestive of a carillon of bells, later adding a fast moving harp sound and low muted strings. Many pieces employ like...

Virginia Genta - Amplified tenor and sopranino saxophones
Brandon Lopez - electric bass
David Vanzan - drums, percussion

“This release captures what is sure to become a legendary coupling. Genta and her long-time-partner-in-crime David Vanzan plus one Brandon Lopez, all amasse under the moniker Jooklo Trio. As you can imagine the meeting plays out like a stellar collision, their sonic masses caught in an accelerating spiral and merged in a blast of power and intensity. Amplification...

“Happy Jazz gathers the results of a studio gig in the fall of last year, but in usual Relative Pitch fashion additional details are few and ultimately secondary to the deliberate and distinctive nearly 80-minutes of music-making on offer.
The album title isn’t exactly an intuitive appellation describing the structured sounds the three players conjure together, but it does seem a fair summation of their shared mood from moment to moment in each other’s company. As with the scant annotative...

Anna Kaluza - alto saxophone
Jan Roder - double bass

“Anna and Jan first met in 2004 when they started playing together in different combinations as the Kaluza Quartet (with trombonist Christof Thewes and drummer Kay Lübke), trios with pianst Niko Meinhold or with drummer Michael Griener and various others. In 2020 they played their first duo concert on a boat in Berlin (Hosek Contemporary) and decided to continue with their work as duo. The same year they went to Christian Betz’ studio...

Tristan Kasten Krause - double bass
Jessica Pavone - viola

"New York City-based Pavone and Kasten Krause met by being placed together in the ensembles of other like-minded music experimentalists. It wasn't long before they realized their unique sonic preferences, aesthetics, and approaches to their instruments were similarly aligned and worth further investigation. Over the course of two seasons, they explored and experimented with sound worlds and structures, resulting in the four pieces tha

Joe Morris (guitar)
Tomeka Reid (cello)
Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet
Kyoko Kitamura (voice)

“Geometry of Distance is the sophomore album by Geometry. This recording follows their debut album, Geometry of Caves, released in 2018 from Relative Pitch Records. Seth Colter Walls of The New York Times called the quartet's first album a "vibrant new recording", Stereo Gum's Phil Freeman described it as "hardcore improvised music" and Dusted Magazine wrote, "The foursome behind the fifty-minutes.

Tobias Klein - bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Marta Warelis - piano
Frank Rosaly - drums, percussion

“Tobias Klein, Marta Warelis and Frank Rosaly have been playing trio since 2020. Right from the start there was a remarkable chemistry between them — intense and relaxed at the same time — and very personal.”

“Google is a useful tool in the topical unpacking of Uncompahgre, an improvised conclave between cornetist Kirk Knuffke and clarinetist Ben Goldberg that makes the absence of other instruments inconsequential and even preferred. The album title derives from the Ute phrase for ‘muddied water’ and references a plateaued peak in the San Juan Mountains that is also the most elevated section of the Colorado River drainage basin. Geography and language aside, the instrumentation also directly recalls earlier...

Masayo Koketsu - Alto saxophone

“The sublime first solo saxophone release of Masayo Koketsu is deeply steeped in the free jazz tradition of Japan. From Coltrane's visit to Japan in 1966 to the free jazz exploits of Kaoru Abe, Masayo Koketsu's astonishing solo session marks her as a force to be reckoned with. A single 46 minute piece of achingly beautiful wails and declarations punctuate the bedrock of silence then retreat back. A singular effort.”