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This is quite rare these days, going for big money on Amazon UK...New, unplayed, unsealed copy with a very neat deletion mark through the UPC. Otherwise completely new.

"For anyone who is unaware, Trippa was a pre-Magenta project between 1995 and 2000 featuring Christina Booth (vocals) and Rob Reed (keyboards, guitar, bass).

An abundance of Trippa material was recorded during that period and much of which has been gathered together for the 17 tracks that make up the new album, due for..

Slide guitarist Dave Tronzo is one of the unheralded greats. Reeves Gabrels played in Tin Machine and is also a fine player. They appear here with bass and drums and this is a excellent, off kilter sometimes rock and sometimes not rock album...

"Heather Trost is best known for her work composing and performing as one half of A Hawk And A Hacksaw. She has also played with Neutral Milk Hotel, Beirut, Josephine Foster, and most recently Thor Harris of Swans. She has arranged and performed with the BBC Concert Orchestra, as well as conductor Andre De Ridder and his Stargaze Orchestra, and toured throughout the world.
In 2014 she released her first solo project, a 7-inch on Ba Da Bing Records, followed in 2015 by Ourobouros, a limited edition..

Coming out of Procol Harum, Robin Trower was one of the guitar heroes of the mid 70s, releasing a string of really good, Hendrix-influenced trio albums (and surprising everyone, including me, who only knew him from Procol Harum!).
This was his second solo and is considered one of his very best and is one of his classics of that time and includes no less than EIGHT bonus tracks recorded for the BBC!

"On his sophomoric release, Derek Trucks (nephew of Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks)has released an artistic mosaic that defies categorization and is certain to confound listeners. In the richest Fillmore-esque tradition, Trucks and band have amalgamated a fine tuned cornucopia of rootsy sounds into a sonic masterpiece. "Oh sure, but what's that mean?" Today's market practically requires artists to dumb down their sound into a well defined niche so that any dope with fifteen bucks can figure it out....

"Soul Serenade (Columbia) by the Derek Trucks Band is one of the best albums I have heard this year. It won't matter how this album is classified, either, because it has it all. For those who liked Allman Brothers guitarist Trucks on his eponymous band's major-label debut, 2002's Joyful Noise, will find this CD to be even more impressive. Soul Serenade was actually recorded three years ago, before Joyful Noise, but is being released only now. It's been worth the wait because the Derek Trucks Band is...

Where did rock 'n' roll exactly begin? No one can definitively say, but certainly the proto rock/R&B tracks collected here have as much right to claim being the beginning as anything out there! Joe and band rock 'n' stomp 'n' burn!...

"The Turtle Island String Quartet has the chops, the guts, the soul, the spirit, and the taste to take on the musical legacy of John Coltrane -- what more could anyone want? One of the great soloists, composers, and bandleaders in jazz history...

This group emerged from Norway a couple of years ago with their first album, Underjordisk Tusmørke, which got a lot of enjoyment here and also with the public.

The group now returns with a re-tooled lineup and a second album. You can hear a lot..

“One of the most difficult aspects for producer Orrin Keepnews of recording pianist McCoy Tyner so frequently in the '70s was coming up with new ideas and settings for each record. Fly with the Wind gave Tyner a rare opportunity to write for strings. Joined by bassist Ron Carter, drummer Billy Cobham, flutist Hubert Laws, piccolo, oboe, harp, six violins, two violas and two cellos, Tyner performed four of his originals (including the title cut) plus the standard "You Stepped out of a Dream." This set...

"Digitally remastered edition of the MONO mix this album from Marc Bolan's early version of T. Rex. Originally released in 1968 and produced by Tony Visconti, the first Tyrannosaurus Rex album My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair positioned the former Mod face and beatnik Marc Bolan right at the heart of the burgeoning underground/hippie subculture. Along with his multi-instrumentalist partner Steve Peregrin Took, Marc married strange, flight-of-fancy lyrics with a new folky and percussive sound...

"Digitally re-mastered MONO edition of this album from Marc Bolan's early version of T. Rex. Originally released in 1968 and produced by Tony Visconti, the second Tyrannosaurus Rex album Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels of the Ages firmly cemented Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrin Took as darlings of the London hippie/underground subculture and contained early Bolan classics such as 'Debora robed', 'Salamanda Palaganda' and 'Consuela'."

"Digitally remastered edition of the MONO mix this album from Marc Bolan's early incarnation of T. Rex. Originally released in 1969 and produced by Tony Visconti, the third Tyrannosaurus Rex album Unicorn is probably regarded as the pinnacle of the duo's songwriting achievement, and featured firm fan favorites such as 'Iscariot', 'Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat)' and 'The Misty Coast of Albany'."

Throughout the 80s and into the 90s, all Jimmy and Robert heard was "Is Led Zep reforming?"
When given the opportunity to perform for MTV's acoustic series "Unplugged", they decided to acknowledge their great 70s catalog but in an unexpected way. They brought in a orchestra, hurdy gurdy, mandolins, bodhran, and, most importantly, an ensemble of Egyptian musicians, in a brilliant move that strongly brought out the Arabic influences that were always in Page's compositions, but were hidden by the...

This is a limited edition, unbelievably high-quality, limited edition of 500, 180 gram, beautifully done, lp version of one of our Cuneiform releases which we licensed out to another label. And man, did they do a splendid job. I have to say that the 'tip-on' lp jacket, which is both embossed and lacquered on the embossed sections, is seriously the most beautiful lp printing job in, like, ever!. Hugely and hightly recommended, especially at this special price.

Upsilon Acrux is an instrumental....

"After reaching an international level of success with Demons and Wizards, Uriah Heep continued to build their fan base by knocking out another album of prog-like metal before the year's end. The end result, The Magician's Birthday, is not as...

Shortly after releasing World Record and doing a big tour, including their only show in the USA, Hugh Banton couldn't take any more of the life on the poverty road, and resigned. Thus begins mk. III of the band, whereby they drop "Generator" from their...

The third studio release since VDGG came back from their 30 year slumber. This one is quite different, as it is a selection of experiments and improvisations. As Peter says, "Most of the music on "ALT” was made while we weren't really looking, or...

For me, this is where it really begins to fall into place. The evil sounds start; so much so that bassist Nic Potter leaves in the middle of making the album due to the bad vibes he was getting. Not a problem, as Hugh Banton picks up the slack! This...

Now here's something exciting! The Trisector trio of Hugh Banton, Guy Evans and Peter Hammill performing an almost 2 hour concert with a great set-list in front of a tremendously enthusiastic crowd on April 14, 2007, all captured professionally...

Very good, second and early Peter Hammill and band release on their second under the VDGG name, even though the first was more of a solo Hammill album than truly a band disc.
With this one, the band is in place (Nic Potter, David Jackson, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans) and the sound is there.
For this reissue, noted reissue supervisor Mark Powell has enlisted Peter Hammill's help and they have dug deep into the vaults to come up with bonus tracks (Boat of Millions of Years and the single version of...

"Edgard Varese, Igor Stravinsky, Claude Debussy; the most influential musicans of the 20th century, each were composers of genius; innovators of daring and courage, whose work also had a great deal of influence in musical genres outside of the....

"For some reason these great GotTs psych comps are not well known or reviewed. they may be the best ever in the realm of Pebbles, Boulders, Rubble etc., as these focus on the harder and more tripped out edge of the realm. The music on here is well...

This is a fabulous compilation of swing jazz and big and small band blues & boogie, from 1936-1945, presented to highlight how this music blended with other American music and influenced and partially led to rock 'n' roll.
If you dig this sort of thing, this is nearly 80' of historic and fabulous sounds!

"Nearly 80 minutes of vintage music recorded between 1935 and 1945 and featuring some of the great names of jazz, blues and boogie woogie. The quality of the sound is generally good, given...

IF you are attuned to it, there is a huge wealth of great, American 'roots' music from all cultures that took place and was recorded before the 2nd world war.
Don't worry about genre distinctions; I think of this stuff as 'genuine old timey music' and find a lot of listen to and enjoy regardless of genre categorization; it's mostly rural and it's all very, very genuine.

Disc: 1
1. Crazy Blues - Mamie Smith & her Jazz Hounds
2. Rambler Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson ...

This has a lot of interesting music, but is probably most of interest to Waysiders for nearly 20' of the great collaboration between Tom Waits at his most 'out', The Kronos Quartet and Greg Cohen, as well as 8' of Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso.

"This once in a lifetime event gathered musicians from wildly different backgrounds in a benefit for Richard Gere's Healing The Divide Foundation. Recorded live at Lincoln Center in NY, this CD features transcendental performances from Tibet's Gyuto...

Released by the always excellent Soleil Zeuhl label and given who appears on here, you won't be surprised to learn that this is a mostly excellent and very entertaining take on the music of Christian Vander. All tracks previously unreleased and

The roots of 'Brit-jazz' are right here. Conditionally recommended!

"First released in May 1961 as a (slightly premature) 10th Anniversary celebration of the famous Soho jazz venue. Founded in 1952, the Flamingo in Wardour Street played host to..

"This wonderful, boxed set sampler of the cream of the BYG/Actuel catalogue 1969-1971 is a must have purchase if you have any memories of the sixties when any man in a grey flannel suit MUST be a suspect complicit in some government policy intent on enslaving ordinary workers, bombing some faraway country or colluding in a corrupt Wall Street trade.

Hence, Don Cherry adorning the cover of this release in propeller beanie, welder's goggles and leather windcheater had an impeccable image as...

"2011 collection, a companion album to the book Journey To A Plugged In State Of Mind, an introduction to 100 years of Electronic Music. This release traces the early experiments in sound of Herbert Eimert, Bruno Maderna, Karel Goeyvaert and Pierre...

Great collection of wonderful progressive folk and folk rock from the late 60s and early 70s from the Island label. If you don't know this scene, this is a fabulous way to check out a bunch of great bands at a stupid-low price.

"When visionary...

1 –Emma Myldenberger Ala Dalona 6:06
2 –Joy Unlimited Question 4:30
3 –P₂O₅ Hangman 4:20
4 –Faithful Breath Back On My Hill 5:38
5 –Out Of Focus Where Is Your Home Town 8:56
6 –Aqua (9) Bolero 5:24
7 –Sun (13) Neulich In Spanien 4:51
8 –Gravestone Summer 79 10:27
9 –Pancake (3) Arctic Ocean 9:26

1 –Joy Unlimited Bacchanal 4:21
2 –Os Mundi Waber Waber 6:43
3 –Gurnemanz To His Love 4:51
4 –Embryo (3) Ouverture Marimbasaz 7:09
5 –Emtidi Flutepiece 7:20
6 –Ibliss Athir 9:03
7 –Necronomicon The Donkey 6:48
8 –Radio Noisz Ensemble Serenade Central 7:40
9 –Action Hell Track 12:12

1 –Tetragon Snowstorm 7:50
2 –Xhol Surrealistic Scenery 12:11
3 –Yggdrasil Lizzy's Song 4:40
4 –Zoppo Trump Wellengang 6:46
5 –Radio Noisz Ensemble Circkus Minor 3:58
6 –Guru Guru Das Zwickmaschinchen 6:22
7 –Embryo Dance Of Some Broken Glasses 9:01
8 –Sündenfall II Montpellier 3:18
9 –Surgery Intro 4:47

For over 40 years, amazing electric music has been coming out of the Africa, influenced by rock and r'n'b from the west, but completely made unique by the various cultures of this large and diverse continent.
This is a great sampler for folks who don't own any African pop or don't own very much of it and want to learn more. There's some major talent here.

Disc: 1
1. Kala Djula - Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate
2. Me Kyin Kyin - Konkoma
3. Nga Nga - Ebo Taylor...

This is a wonderful and brilliant collection of the roots of the Brit-jazz scene, featuring the very beginnings of British jazz modernism, with tracks recorded in 1949-1959.

You can hear these musicians grappling with the implications and...

Thirty early, cross-over soul hits from great masters both known and forgotten. This is a tremendous bargain.
1. The Isley Brothers - Shout (Part 1)
2. Ray Charles - What'd I Say (Part 1)
3. Jackie Wilson - That's Why (I Love You So)...

A great collection of rockin', rompin' music from 1944-1953, a decade that saw the seeds of R'n'B and rock 'n' roll planted. Personally recommended; this is a great party album.

"Subtitled "Screamin' R & B Saxmen, Broadway Be Bop, Uptown Doo...

This is a fabulous compilation of country blues and country swing, from 1936-1944, presented to highlight how this music blended with other American music and influenced and partially led to rock 'n' roll.
If you dig this sort of thing, this is 70' of historic and fabulous sounds!
1. If You Can't Take Five Take Two
Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies
2. Sugar
Cliff Bruner
3. Rackin' It Back
Texas Wanderers
4. Daddy's Got the Deep Elm Blues
Jimmie Revard...

This is a fabulous compilation of western swing, from 1936-1944, presented to highlight how this music blended with other American music and influenced and partially led to rock 'n' roll.
If you dig this sort of thing, this is 75' of historic and fabulous sounds!

"This will appeal to fans of jazz and swing as wel las fans of hillbilly boogie and rockabilly. The music is consistently stompin' for jitterbug, lindy hop, or jive dancers. the msuic is creative jazz and swingin' for swing and...

"2009 tribute to the late great father of the modern synthesizers. Moog and his glorious, poetic instruments are the historic foundation of Electronic music.

The original idea for Switched On Bob was to collect material for a multimedia-CD...

"Chicago was awash in independent record labels during the late 50's and early 60's, all hoping to challenge Chess and Vee-Jay. Profile Records landed a national hit with Junior Wells' Little By Little . The label debuted in 1958 with pop crooner...

"Composing legends Jerry Leiber (1933-2011) & Mike Stoller ("Hound Dog", "Kansas City", "Jailhouse Rock" to name a few through and beyond Peggy Lee's classic Grammy Award winning "Is That All There Is?") brilliant sixties label comes to life in this exciting "The Red Bird Story", filled with wondrous classic hits like "Remember (Walkin' In The Sand), "Chapel Of Love", "The Boy From New York City", "Take Me For A Little While", "New York's A Lonely Town", "I Wanna Love Him So Bad", "Leader Of The Pack" &...

This is the real deal; 100 sides from perhaps the greatest rockabilly and Americana roots label of all time, from 1955-1957.
Many big and unknown names: Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Slim Rhodes, Warren Smith, Jack Earls, Barbara Pittman, Glenn Honeycutt, Billy Riley, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc etc etc etc.

"A 4-CD clambox set celebrating the pioneering black label from Chicago. With doo-wop, jazz, blues, r'n'b, soul, rock,'n'roll and pop, the 115 tracks included from 1954 to 1966 feature such stars as John Lee Hooker, The Staple Singers, Little Richard, Jimmy Reed and the Spaniels. Includes an authoritative 40 page booklet."

1-1 –The Spaniels Baby It's You 2:31
1-2 –Jimmy Reed I Found My Baby 2:45
1-3 –The Spaniels Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight 2:40
1-4 –Floyd Jones...

"Stevie Ray Vaughan's second album, Couldn't Stand the Weather, pretty much did everything a second album should do: it confirmed that the acclaimed debut was no fluke, while matching, if not bettering, the sales of its predecessor, thereby cementing Vaughan's status as a giant of modern blues. So why does it feel like a letdown? Perhaps because it simply offers more of the same, all the while relying heavily on covers. Of the eight songs, half are covers, while two of his four originals are...

His last album released in his lifetime and some consider it his best!

"Live Alive is a magnificent double-length showcase for Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar playing, featuring a number of extended jams on a selection of most of the best material from Vaughan's first three albums, plus covers of "Willie the Wimp," "I'm Leaving You (Commit a Crime)," and Stevie Wonder's "Superstition." The album may not be exceptionally tight or concise, but then again, that's not the point. The renditions here sound less polished than the studio versions, with Vaughan's guitar tone bitingly...

"It's hard to overestimate the impact Stevie Ray Vaughan's debut, Texas Flood, had upon its release in 1983. At that point, blues was no longer hip, the way it was in the '60s. Texas Flood changed all that, climbing into the Top 40 and spending over half a year on the charts, which was practically unheard of for a blues recording. Vaughan became a genuine star and, in doing so, sparked a revitalization of the blues. This was a monumental impact, but his critics claimed that, no matter how prodigious...