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"This version of the Zawinul Syndicate could swing harder than any Zawinul-led unit since the heyday of Weather Report, as this two-CD set -- taken from three concerts in Berlin and Trier, Germany -- triumphantly illustrates. Small wonder, for the lineup of the Syndicate looks almost like a Weather Report alumni gathering, with Zawinul, the brilliant percussionist Manolo Badrena from the 1977 Heavy Weather band, and bassist Victor Bailey, from the great '80s global-funk edition forming a quorum, with...

Miguel is a young, rising, award-winning alto saxist. The music here on his fourth album is modern jazz with just a touch of electricity (there's a bit of Fender Rhodes). Basically a quartet of sax, piano, bass and drums, with a few guests, this offers...

Patrick Zimmerli, tenor saxophone
Ben Monder, guitar
Stomu Takeishi, bass
Satoshi Takeishi, percussion

"Zimmerli’s originals are as abstract and exotic as ever. “Sand,” the opener, begins with a drone note that sets up a strikingly subtle, Eastern-influenced rubato theme. (Kevin Whitehead’s second-by-second analysis in the liner notes is well worth reading.)…Both the originals and the standards bear clear marks of Zimmerli’s highly individual style, in which contemporary classical an

Patrick Zimmerli, tenor saxophone
Ben Monder, guitar
Stomu Takeishi, fretless electric bass
Satoshi Takeishi, percussion

“Zimmerli has unveiled an ornate and shining vista of new sounds…The Ensemble compositions are all twelve tone, but they are also tonal — Zimmerli’s mastery of counterpoint enables him to combine serial practice with a love of tonal harmony, yielding tightly organized but aurally exotic material that can nonetheless be represented by traditional chord symbols…

Most of you have never heard of this guy, but he’s a brilliantly great (and accessible!) composer doing interesting new things in the realm where jazz, classical music and electronic music all meet. Highly recommended.

“Phoenix, the sixth CD by Patrick Zimmerli, finds the New York-based composer/saxophonist investigating new avenues of expression. The record integrates saxophone and jazz instruments with electronics and strings to create an appealing hybrid sound. It draws on Zimmerli’s wealth...

Patrick Zimmerli, soprano saxophone
Laurent Blondiau, trumpet, flugelhorn
Geoffroy De Masure, trombone
Guillame Orti, alto saxophone
Bo Van der Werf, baritone saxophone
Fabian Fiorini, piano
Pierre Van Dormael, electric guitar
Otti Van der Werf, Jean-Luc Lehr, electric bass
Stéphane Galland, Chander Sardjoe, drums
Ben Monder, acoustic/electric guitars (1, 10)

"Patrick Zimmerli is one of the most unusual jazz composer/saxophonists around. For his third So

Totally bitchin' new one from this great synthi/prog/retro/futuristic duo of Steve Moore (a million ARP, Moog, Elka, Korg, etc keyboards) and A.E. Paterra (drums and Moogs). Here are the fat sequencer sounds and runs of Heldon circa "Interface"...

"Fabio Zuffanti was born in Genoa (Italy) and is musically active from 1994. In these years he has worked, mainly as bass player and composer in a great number of groups and projects such as Finisterre, Rohmer, laZona, Hostsonaten, la Maschera Di Cera, Aries...

He has composed music that spaced from postrock to progrock, from folk to pop, electronic and experimentation. He has worked with imporant Italian producers such as Roberto Colombo (Battiato, De Andrè, Matia Bazar...) and Franz Di Cioccio.