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A really great, crazed, over-the-top Japanese psychedelic / progressive album by the man who brought us the amazing "Milk Time".

"Japanese keyboardist with more than his fair share of appearances on future-rarities (Apryl Fool, Foodbrain, Love Live Life + One, etc.), here's the 1971 follow-up to his heavyweight solo debut 'Milk Time'.
Teaming up once again with guitar surgeon Kimio Mizutani, its a dense bunch of pounding instrumentals, melancholy vocals and 'My Dear Mary', a doo-wop paean...

A classic of its time; for 1972, this really was a basically flawless masterpiece of what it was attempting to achieve. 3 long tracks and the end of the Bruford/Wakeman/Anderson/Howe/Squire band, as Bill bailed for King Crimson. My favorite of their...

This was the 1972 progressive rock breakthrough that introduced Rick Wakeman to the band and the band to the world at large.

“I have been a Yes fan since 1976 and have seen ALL 4 singers perform with the group live (I saw the Drama tour in 1980!). The new CD is a style similar to the last one Fly From Here (which I also liked). Heaven & Earth is lyrically similar to 70s Yes although not quite as cryptic. Jon Davison is an excellent musician and singer, and does well live with classic Yes. I saw the 3-album tour last year and the latest one Aug 1 in Hollywood, FL and both were outstanding!
The new CD has the "feel" of what...

This is over 2 hours of the band right around the time I saw them, where they blew my socks off, much to my surprise! The band is Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, Alan White.

"In 2003 the band made their first appearance...

"Yes has never needed an orchestra because they've always sounded like an orchestra. When the band was playing at full fury, you'd swear more than five musicians were playing on stage. The Symphonic Live tour incorporated an entire orchestra to accompany Yes, and this Blu-ray, from a 2001 show with The European Festival Orchestra conducted by Wilhelm Keitel, offers Yes music, not overwhelmed by the enormity of the symphonic sound, but tinged with the subtle nuance of an appropriate and vital fifth...

"It's hard to quarrel with an album devoted to the music of Wayne Shorter, and Rachel Z certainly has the pedigree to pursue such a project. Having co-created Shorter's masterful High Life with him, she is well qualified to interpret and expand on his lengthy catalog of high-quality jazz compositions.

Interestingly, for those familiar with her primarily through her synthesized electronics on that album, here she plays only acoustic piano, and quite well. This trio sounds bigger than it is, and...

Important note: for some reason, these come in BLU-RAY cases, but they ARE DVDs. For $11.00, are you really gonna complain about that?

As I predicted, this title was taken out of circulation, but we still got it and at a reasonable price too...

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"Having recorded some works with a large orchestra in January 1983, in January 1984, Frank Zappa arranged for some of his chamber works to be performed by Pierre Boulez's Ensemble InterContemporain, a 16-piece group. "The Perfect Stranger," "Naval Aviation In Art?," and "Dupree's Paradise" were given this treatment, and the four remaining tracks are the product of Zappa's music synthesizer, the Synclavier. As usual, Zappa's "serious" works are

The first release that allowed the world to hear Frank’s synclavier music.

"While Frank Zappa had ostensibly been "on his own" since the dissolution of the Mothers of Invention in 1969, never before had he used the term "solo artist" as literally as he does on the Grammy Award winning (in the "Best Rock Instrumental Performance by an orchestra, group or soloist" category) Jazz from Hell (1986).
After two decades of depending on the skills, virtuosity, and temperament of other musicians...

"This CD compiles a bunch of songs and tunes that Frank Zappa was involved with in various ways before he became known as the leader of the Mothers Of Invention.
For several years prior to the Mothers becoming MGM-Verve recording artists, Frank was associated with the Pal Recording Studio, whose owner and operator was Paul Buff. It was here, in Cucamonga, under Buff's tutelage, that Frank learned how to use a studio to create music, as opposed to simply writing dots on paper. Frank later bought the...

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"The material on this album originally was intended to be part of a four-record set called Läther, prepared for release in 1977. Then Frank Zappa got into a disagreement with his record company, Warner Bros., and Läther was split up into several different releases as part of a contractual agreement. The results were dumped on the market during 1978 and 1979, while Zappa moved on to his own record label. Orchestral Favorites consists of material...

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"Analog transfer by Joe Travers 2012. Mastered by Doug Sax, The Mastering Lab, 2012."

After Frank was thrown from the stage in London and broke his leg very badly, he was stuck in a wheelchair and couldn't tour for about 9 months. As Frank was always working, he decided to indulge himself in two larger-scale projects that wouldn't be practical to tour with, but were personally interesting to him. The Grand Wazoo was the second of the two...

"You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 3 is a double disc collection of live recordings by Frank Zappa, spanning from December 10, 1971 to December 23, 1984. It was released in 1989.
"Sharleena" had been previously issued as a flexi disc in Guitar Player magazine. All the songs on disc one are by the 1984 band (except for brief segments of "Drowning Witch" edited in from the 1982 tour). Disc two includes performances from various years including a section of "King Kong" taken from the December...

This has one disc of the 1981/82 band:
Ray White – guitar, vocals
Steve Vai – guitar
Tommy Mars – keyboards, vocals
Scott Thunes – bass guitar
Chad Wackerman – drums
Ed Mann – percussion
Bobby Martin – saxophone, vocals, keyboards
the last track on this CD ends with Zappa's anger at some audience members tossing cigarettes on stage; after a warning to stop was not obeyed, the disc ends with Zappa stating, "Houselights! Concert's over!"
and one disc of the origin

This 1993 release is a pretty wonderful archival release of the Mother's 1968 appearance at the Royal Festival Hall with members of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. They do a 30' 'operetta' that was probably great to see, but hasn't aged so well for me, and...

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The very first album by Frank and the Mothers, recorded in early 1966. I'm not actually that big of a fan of this album, considering how much I love what came next, but it's still a really brave, striking and unique album for 1966.

"One of the most ambitious debuts in rock history, Freak Out! was a seminal concept album that somehow foreshadowed both art rock and punk at the same time. Its four LP sides deconstruct rock conventions right and...

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"Analog transfer by Joe Travers 2012. Re-mastered by Bob Ludwig Gateway Mastering 2012." That means that the album is re-edited back to it's original form, as found on the original 1970 vinyl release for the VERY first time!

The final Mothers album was this fantastic but strange collection of unreleased studio and (mostly live) work from 1967-1969, contained in one of the greatest and most shocking rock and roll album covers of all time (rzzz!)...

"Keyboardist and composer Joe Zawinul, who succumbed to cancer September 11, 2007 at age 75, left behind a half-century legacy of brilliant music that will last for generations. Born in Austria and originally trained in classical music, Zawinul embraced the jazz tradition at a young age and eventually pushed the art form to unprecedented limits via his two most innovative projects, Weather Report and later the Zawinul Syndicate.
Despite the medical and physical challenges of his final months...

"This version of the Zawinul Syndicate could swing harder than any Zawinul-led unit since the heyday of Weather Report, as this two-CD set -- taken from three concerts in Berlin and Trier, Germany -- triumphantly illustrates. Small wonder, for the lineup of the Syndicate looks almost like a Weather Report alumni gathering, with Zawinul, the brilliant percussionist Manolo Badrena from the 1977 Heavy Weather band, and bassist Victor Bailey, from the great '80s global-funk edition forming a quorum, with...

Miguel is a young, rising, award-winning alto saxist. The music here on his fourth album is modern jazz with just a touch of electricity (there's a bit of Fender Rhodes). Basically a quartet of sax, piano, bass and drums, with a few guests, this offers...

Patrick Zimmerli, tenor saxophone
Ben Monder, guitar
Stomu Takeishi, bass
Satoshi Takeishi, percussion

"Zimmerli’s originals are as abstract and exotic as ever. “Sand,” the opener, begins with a drone note that sets up a strikingly subtle, Eastern-influenced rubato theme. (Kevin Whitehead’s second-by-second analysis in the liner notes is well worth reading.)…Both the originals and the standards bear clear marks of Zimmerli’s highly individual style, in which contemporary classical an

Patrick Zimmerli, tenor saxophone
Ben Monder, guitar
Stomu Takeishi, fretless electric bass
Satoshi Takeishi, percussion

“Zimmerli has unveiled an ornate and shining vista of new sounds…The Ensemble compositions are all twelve tone, but they are also tonal — Zimmerli’s mastery of counterpoint enables him to combine serial practice with a love of tonal harmony, yielding tightly organized but aurally exotic material that can nonetheless be represented by traditional chord symbols…

Most of you have never heard of this guy, but he’s a brilliantly great (and accessible!) composer doing interesting new things in the realm where jazz, classical music and electronic music all meet. Highly recommended.

“Phoenix, the sixth CD by Patrick Zimmerli, finds the New York-based composer/saxophonist investigating new avenues of expression. The record integrates saxophone and jazz instruments with electronics and strings to create an appealing hybrid sound. It draws on Zimmerli’s wealth...

Patrick Zimmerli, soprano saxophone
Laurent Blondiau, trumpet, flugelhorn
Geoffroy De Masure, trombone
Guillame Orti, alto saxophone
Bo Van der Werf, baritone saxophone
Fabian Fiorini, piano
Pierre Van Dormael, electric guitar
Otti Van der Werf, Jean-Luc Lehr, electric bass
Stéphane Galland, Chander Sardjoe, drums
Ben Monder, acoustic/electric guitars (1, 10)

"Patrick Zimmerli is one of the most unusual jazz composer/saxophonists around. For his third So

"Fabio Zuffanti was born in Genoa (Italy) and is musically active from 1994. In these years he has worked, mainly as bass player and composer in a great number of groups and projects such as Finisterre, Rohmer, laZona, Hostsonaten, la Maschera Di Cera, Aries...

He has composed music that spaced from postrock to progrock, from folk to pop, electronic and experimentation. He has worked with imporant Italian producers such as Roberto Colombo (Battiato, De Andrè, Matia Bazar...) and Franz Di Cioccio.