New Arrivals

New Arrivals
“Two CD anthology from British post-punk guitarist Vini Reilly. M24J (Anthology) is a collection of valuable passages recorded by The Durutti Column between 1979 and 2011 for various iterations of Factory Records, including poignant tributes to manager/mentor Anthony H. Wilson. The Durutti Column band formed in 1978 in Manchester, England. Reilly is often accompanied by Bruce Mitchell on drums and Keir Stewart on bass, keyboards and harmonica. They were among the first acts signed to Factory Records by ...

This is pretty great stuff, but much of the music here predates synthesizers in general usage. Expect to hear violins, harmoniums, vocals, hand drums, etc.

“In Sudan, the political and cultural are inseparable. In 1989, a coup brought a hardline religious government to power. Music was violently condemned. Many musicians and artists were persecuted, tortured, forced to flee into exile - and even murdered, ending one of the most beloved music eras in all of Africa and largely denying Sudan's...

Joel Harrison: Guitar, dobro, 6 string banjo, National Steel, voice
David Binney: Saxophone
Jon Cowherd: Piano, Hammond B-3 organ, Wurlitzer
Uri Caine: Piano, Fender Rhodes
Chris Tordini, Stephan Crump: Upright Bass
Brian Blade, Allison Miller: Drums
Darol Anger, Christian Howes: Violin
Hank Roberts: Cello
Nels Cline: Guitar
Alecia Chakour, Everett Bradley, Theo Bleckmann, Nicki Logan, Brian Blade: voice

“My goal on the latest Free Country recording is a

“It's hard to quarrel with an album devoted to the music of Wayne Shorter, and Rachel Z certainly has the pedigree to pursue such a project. Having co-created Shorter's masterful High Life with him, she is well qualified to interpret and expand on his lengthy catalog of high-quality jazz compositions. Interestingly, for those familiar with her primarily through her synthesized electronics on that album, here she plays only acoustic piano, and quite well. This trio sounds bigger than it is, and that's...

"On December 10, 2007, Led Zeppelin took the stage at London’s O2 Arena to headline a tribute concert for dear friend and Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun. What followed was a two-hour-plus tour de force of the band’s signature blues-infused...

"When you listen to Susanne Sundfor it's no surprise that she is Norway's most critically acclaimed artist of the year and one of its most successful emerging new artists, with The Silicone Veil going straight to #1 in the Norwegian charts earlier in...

“Canadian singer/harpist Loreena McKennitt returns to her roots on The Wind That Shakes the Barley, making an album more in the traditional style of her 25-year-old debut, Elemental, than the more adult alternative hybrid efforts that have been more typical of her work since. Thus, the Celtic side of her music is emphasized in the inclusion of Scottish and Irish traditional songs like the title track, "The Star of the County Down," and "On a Bright May Morning." The last song prominently features her...

This is a nice documentary with some great footage included, but what you and I are really getting this for (at least *I* am) is the really high quality, never-before seen performances from Miami Pop Fest ('68) and New York Pop Fest ('70)....

"This tenth recording from the now legendary quartet reminds listeners that, while smooth jazz often gets better press, there are still fans of honest to God inventive electric fusion who will eat up this type of powerfully rocking and energetic project. Bassist Baron Browne joined the core trio of Steve Smith (drums), Frank Gambale (guitar), and Tom Coster (keyboards) in 1998, and provides a rollicking bouncy energy throughout on tunes like the feisty Herbie Hancock ode "Soul Principle" and the '60s...

“Fusion died sometime in the early 1980's; I cried at the funeral. Fortunately, that didn't stop Larry Coryell, Tom Coster, and Steve Smith from digging it up, shocking it back to life, sticking it behind the wheel of a '74 Trans Am H/O, and sending it screaming through the bad part of town. In the humble opinion of this reviewer, this could be the greatest album of all time -- okay, okay, Kenny G fans might take issue with that statement, but if you like fast and furious fusion guitar (complete with...

This is a great, late period 'old style' Sun Ra lp; it's his first NYC recording, as far as can be told, but it sonically has much more in common with his Chicago recordings of the late 50s, which is my very, very favorite period of his work. Highly recommended.

"Sun Ra's only release for the Savoy label is a gem. Recorded in October of 1961, this is probably the first recording the Arkestra made after arriving in New York. As such, you're dealing with a smallish Arkestra (seven main...

"After several years of delay, Sweden's avant garde rock band Diablo Swing Orchestra makes their long awaited return with their new and fourth album, Pacifisticuffs. Unusual title, yes, and exactly what you would expect from this band. On board with the band is new singer and pianist Kristin Evegard and new drummer Johan Norback.
The simple summary of Pacifisticuffs is that it's everything you would expect from Diablo Swing Orchestra. For the uninitiated, DSO twists diverse musical genres like rock..

Talk Talk were a wanky, mid 1980s pop band who fairly quickly became sonic explorers, using tremendous amounts of space and ideas in their music, and, as someone once pointed out, it could definitely be argued that what they did once they started experimenting helped to found the spacious sound of the 'post-rock' movement. This was their fifth and final release, a hugely experimental album, and a great album that still has roots in song-form while reaching way beyond, with a lot of ambiance and...

“One would be hard-pressed to name a rock album whose influence has been as broad and pervasive as The Velvet Underground & Nico. While it reportedly took over a decade for the album's sales to crack six figures, glam, punk, new wave, goth, noise, and nearly every other left-of-center rock movement owes an audible debt to this set. While The Velvet Underground had as distinctive a sound as any band, what's most surprising about this album is its diversity. Here, the Velvets dipped their toes into dreamy..

Surely you already own this, one of the greatest live rock albums ever made? You don't? And here it is in a hugely expanded version, which sounds fantastic. AND IT’S NOW SO INEXPENSIVE!

"The Feb 14, 1970 Leeds show which provided The Who with their first official live album is widely regarded by collectors as not only one of the group's finest-ever shows, but one of the greatest live shows in rock history.
The original album included only 35 minutes of the 120 minute show, and was still one

“Recorded live on Coltrane's only Japanese tour in July 1966 at two Tokyo venues, Shinjuku Kosei Nenkin Hall and Sankei Hall, it is taken from mono radio broadcasts. It is notable for the presence of alto saxophone, played both by Coltrane and Sanders. By this point in his career, Coltrane was firmly enmeshed into the avant-garde style of Jazz. Sanders, who was an innovator of Free Jazz, influenced Coltrane's playing through his technical use of over-blowing and fierce vibrations of the reed, and this...

“Digitally remastered edition of this posthumous 1970 album from the Jazz legend. The album was recorded on June 10 and June 16, 1965. As its title indicates, Transition was a bridge between classic quartet recordings like A Love Supreme and the more experimental works of Coltrane's last years.“

“Condemned by many critics as John Coltrane's worst album, Om suffers only in comparison to the great works that preceded it. Also issued in 1965, Ascension had stunned the jazz world with the blunt force of its innovation -- a swirling maelstrom of noise, it was an answer to the challenge that had been posed by Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz several years earlier. For all the sonic assault that Pharoah Sanders and Coltrane mustered up on Ascension, however, it contained some surprisingly clear solos and...

“Trane's two blazing performances at Newport in 1963 and 1965 have now been reissued onto one bargain CD! The 1963 performance, even though it featured Roy Haynes on drums instead of regular Elvin Jones, has long been counted among Coltrane's most fiery performances; it appears here with an unreleased extended version of Impressions. Jones is back behind the kit for the 1965 performance, which consists of just two tracks, One Down, One Up and My Favorite Things. Transforming music from a great artist.”

When Chick Corea was just a struggling pianist who was trying to establish his post-Miles solo career, he 'rented' himself and his brand new band, Return to Forever, to Getz for a tour, telling Getz that he came prepared with music for Getz to play.
So, what came out was a tour with lots of Stan's tenor playing over Chick's tunes and a great, modern band (Stanley Clarke! Tony Williams!!) and a definite early electric jazz vibe.
An anomaly in both Chick's and Stan's career, but a very happy one.

You NEED this: This is where both Captain Beefheart and a zillion great 60s English (and other) bands stole the basic framework of their sound. You wanna hear where Led Zep and Captain Beefheart and The Rolling Stones ALL came from? It's right here!...

“The driving force behind some of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed records in history, by 1987 Rogers Waters had long since parted ways with his Pink Floyd cohorts. Having left the group on acrimonious terms - not helped by the controversies surrounding The Final Cut album and the ongoing court battles over the Pink Floyd name - Waters had by this juncture put out two solo albums, The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking and Radio K.A.O.S., in addition to having contributed to the score of animated...

Ken Vandermark: Saxophone, Clarinet
Nate Wooley: Trumpet
Sylvie Courvoisier: Piano
Tom Rainey: Drums Percussion

“It was only during Ken Vandermark's residency at the Jazz club The Stone in January 2016 that Vandermark found himself in the same vicinity as Nate Wooley, Sylvie Courvoisier and Tom Rainey. A year later they went into the studio with nine compositions – three each by Courvoisier, Vandermark and Wooley.
These four musicians have well-documented, distinct personalitie

“This remarkable project features three Philadelphia musicians paying tribute to one of Philly’s most enigmatic and important musical visionaries—The Legendary Hasaan. Hasaan Ibn Ali was born in 1931 and made only one commercial release in his lifetime which has of course become a cult classic.
Combining the craggly dissonances of Monk with the spidery lines of Elmo Hope, and the muscular intensity of Cecil Taylor, his music and theories were a huge influence on Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, and countless...

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is a previously unheard version of MDK, recorded about 9 months before the released version, & with some unique differences too! Be prepared for some intense listening, as these all feature amazing playing & a truly twisted vision.

"From the very first short version recorded in the summer of 1971 on the compilation album “PUISSANCE 13 + 2” to the spring 1973 version on the eponymous album, “MEKANIK DESTRUKTIW KOMMANDOH” slowly...

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is their 3rd & is rightly considered a avant/prog classic and the start of Zeuhl. Very strongly vocal, which either makes it a great place to start, if you love 'Klingon opera', as someone once called Magma, or one of the very worst places to start with this magnificent band!
Be prepared for some intense listening, as these all feature amazing playing & a truly twisted vision.

Christian VANDER drums, vocaux
Claude ENGEL guitars, flute, vocaux
Francis MOZE bass électric bass
François CAHEN piano
Teddy LASRY saxophone soprano, flute, horns
Richard RAUX saxophones alto & ténor, flute
Alain CHARLERY "Paco" trumpet, percussions
Klaus BLASQUIZ vocals

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. Their 1st album, this is baby steps for the band Nice, but don't start here.
“At the end of the 1960s - a time when the

Daimon Santa Maria / vocals, flute
Randy Preston / guitar, vocals
James McCaffrey / guitar, vocals
Jake Hughes / keyboards
Cody McCorry / bass, Theremin, saw
Kevin Grossman / drums, percussion
Joe Gullace / trumpet
Ian Gray / trombone
Joonas Lemetyinen / trombone
AJ Merlino / percussion, vibes

A young, brash progressive rock outfit from Asbury Park, NJ, the band are equally influenced by jam band styles and progressive styles.
A good com

Ángel Ontalva – guitar
Alexander Kuzovlev – guitar, mandoline
Vitaly Borodin – violin, dictophone loops
Alexey Klabukov – keys, synths
Arkady Fedotov – bass, synth, noises
Ivan Fedotov – drums, wave drum

This live disc was the bonus disc with the very first copies made of Carta Marina, the somewhat unexpected and really great collaboration between the Spanish guitarist Angel Ontalva, the leader of October Equus and this fabulous space rock band from Russia...

Ángel Ontalva – guitar
Alexander Kuzovlev – guitar, mandoline
Vitaly Borodin – violin, dictophone loops
Alexey Klabukov – keys, synths
Arkady Fedotov – bass, synth, noises
Ivan Fedotov – drums, wave drum

This is the latest studio release from Vespero as of this writing and it is the somewhat unexpected and really great collaboration between the Spanish guitarist Angel Ontalva, the leader of October Equus and this fabulous space rock band from Russia.

Klaus Blasquiz-vocals, percussion
Claude Osmos-guitar
Michel Graillier-keyboards
Gerard Bikialo-keyboards
Jannick Top-bass
Christian Vander-drums

There are certain bands and certain tours in music that assume rightly legendary status.
The European tour of April 1964 by Charle Mingus comes to mind as one for me, as does – in an entirely different way – the European tour in the early spring of 1974 by this edition of Magma.
There are several live recorded sets...

Tito Pueblo-vocals
Bill Gilonis-guitar (of The Work)
Ilja Komarov-bass
Trixa Arnold-drums

"Tito Pueblo, aka Rob Murphy (Orchestre Murphy), has been responsible for some terrible lapses of judgement & taste. Here he gives us an album of post-Beatles pop songs that deal with the key issues of our times - drinking, sex, love, melancholy, obsession, & drinking. Expect fake French accordion, ludicrous cowboy songs & Flamenco rip-offs."-Chris Cutler

Dagmar Krause-vocals
Chris Cutler-drums, electronics
Fred Frith-guitars, keyboards, violin, etc.
This was the 2nd and possibly most successful of the three albums by this immediate offshoot of Henry Cow, as it was recorded AS an Art Bears album (their 1st had been recorded as a Henry Cow album, but half the band objected, so it came out as being by Art Bears).
It’s also their best known album as it was released in the States by The Residents' Ralph label, in the early 80's and at the

A good performance of music for dance, all performed by Fred (via extensive overdubbing).

"Any new record from Fred Frith, one of the world's leading avant rock guitarists and composers, is a major event. Accidental was commissioned by a British choreographer who lives in Amsterdam, Paul Selwyn Norton, for a dance piece made with the Batsheva Company in Tel Aviv.
For Fred it's a return to basics, a series of deeply contrasting moods achieved with the simplest of means. Throughout the CD...

“There must have been something special going on in Verona last April; neither of these old sparring partners from Henry Cow and Art Bears can remember anything about this concert! By far the most aggressive of their duo albums, it leads us via howling fuzz guitar and machine gun percussion into walls of post-rock improvisation, obsessive industrial rhythms, and levels of excitement rarely generated by two people on a stage. The album is remarkable for Chris and Fred's rediscovery of melody and time...

This has been a famous bootleg for three decades and now it is available in at least semi-legitimate form. This meeting of the main two composers of the Velvet Underground, along with the voice of their first album is like a cross between Velvet Underground unplugged and Nico's early works that are produced by John Cale. Nico sings and plays harmonium, Lou sings and plays acoustic guitar and John provides guitar, viola, piano and backing vocals.
Being more a Cale / Nico fan than a Reed / Velvets...

“Canadian instrumentalists the Bell Orchestre formed in 2005 around the talents of bassist/percussionist/keyboardist Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire), violinist Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire), drummer Stefan Schneider (the Luyas), French horn player Pietro Amato (Torngat, the Luyas), trumpet player Kaveh Nabatian, and lap steel guitar player Mike Feuerstack (Snailhouse).
With influences that range from Lee "Scratch" Perry and Talk Talk to Arvo Pärt and the Penguin Café Orchestra, the Montreal-based...

"2016 archive collection or rare recordings from the British rocker best known for his flamboyant theatrical performances, powerful wide-ranging operatic voice and his 1968 #1 hit "Fire". Brown has been lead singer of various groups, most notably The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Kingdom Come, followed by a varied solo career as well as associations with Hawkwind, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Klaus Schulze, and Frank Zappa. Though Brown has had limited commercial success, he has been a significant influence...

A reissue of the second and final release by a very good, fiery, fusion trio who should have gotten more acclaim, but whose releases came out at the wrong time for that to happen.

"This is the almost-impossible-to-find follow up to the first FM..

This puppy was Hugh's third solo album, originally released around 1978, and a really hard one to find. I remember being thrilled when I scored a copy in London in 1979. One side was solo multi-tracked basses, recorded at home, while the other was live...

This album has a long and complicated history. In April, 1976, saxist Gary Windo, who was working part time for Nick Mason of Pink Floyd as a mechanic for Nick's car collection, was offered the opportunity to record a album at Pink Floyd's brand-new studio. He would be offered this opportunity as a 'test', to allow the engineers to test, with real musicians, the over-all systems and sound.
Between the years 1976-1978, as time allowed, Gary and a number of other musicians, including Pam Windo-piano...

“This set documents the four-night stand by John Coltrane (sax) and his quintet at the Village Vanguard in New York City, November 1 -- 5, 1961.
Coltrane is accompanied by an all-star ensemble of Eric Dolphy (alto sax/bass clarinet), Garvin Bushell (oboe/contrabassoon), Ahmed Abdul-Malik (oud), McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass), Reggie Workman (bass), Elvin Jones (drums), and Roy Haynes (drums). Their presence is as equally vital as Coltrane's -- inspiring as well as informing the....

"In mid-October, 1969, I left the UK to meet up with bassist Barre Phillips and drummer Stu Martin to begin working with them as "The Trio".-John Surman (notes to “Way Back When”)
This was the band that Surman joined in the fall of 1969 that led to him becoming an early Brit-jazz expatriate for about 3 years but that also led to him becoming internationally known, especially on the European continent.
Their first release was a pretty powerful blast then as it still is today.
Due to his...

“This is Mike Kershaw’s fifth solo album. Mike has worked with the same core team as before - Gareth Cole(guitar) and Leopold Blue-Sky (Garden of Live Flowers - bass), with the addition of Stefan Hepe (Gandalf's Fist) drumming throughout - to create an album much darker and angrier than its predecessors, tackling themes of anxiety, paranoia, fear, and manipulation. BEM design maestro Brian Mitchell lends his design talent to the cover.
James R Turner of BEM says: "I’ve loved Mike’s work for many...

Lucie V - vocals
Paul Hornsby - reeds & keyboards
Danny Chang - guitar
Rik Loveridge - Hammond organ and synths
Phil Warren - bass
Tim Robinson - drums

Nice blend of heavy folk-rock and proggy riffing from the saxes and flutes which gives it the Canterbury sound that the group references in their own description of their music. Fairly unique, and managing to stand apart, even though their influences are apparent! A very good first effort!

“Recorded using techniques

This is a bootleg repackaging of disc three and the audio portion of disc four from the now long out of print Grow Fins box set, so it's utterly worthless if you own that and really good and worthwhile and utterly revelatory if you don't!
This is the Magic Band, sans Don, at the first sessions for Trout Mask, which were recorded at the Woodland Hills house they lived and practiced in, running through their repertoire which, along with a few other recordings, ended up as Trout Mask Replica...

This is the third and fourth Return To Forever albums, repackaged here by BGO. BGO is a quality reissue label and their reissues are generally very good sounding and they have worked some light and subtle magic here; is it SO much better than the other CD versions? I think it sounds better and for $11.00 for two records this is a great buy.
WHIKYB is the 1974 RTF album that bid adieu to the great guitarist Bill Connors and welcomed future guitar superstar Al Dimeola into the group. While Al would...

John Coltrane – soprano and tenor sax
Eric Dolphy – alto saxophone, flute (tracks 1-3)
McCoy Tyner – piano
Jimmy Garrison – bass
Elvin Jones – drums

CLASSIC 40’ broadcast from Birdland in NYC with Dolphy from February 10, 1962 and a bonus 10’ track without Eric from June 2.
Quite good sound for what this is, and exquisite music; you can never have too much Eric Dolphy in your life and the rest of the band comes a very close second!

“Michael Gibbs is a composer, conductor, arranger and producer as well as a trombonist and keyboardist, known for his collaborations with Gary Burton, and for his ability to utilize rock elements in orchestral jazz.
Festival '69 is an historic concert performance, previously unreleased, providing unique insight into Gibbs' artistry prior to his recording career proper (his debut album was released in 1970).
Assembling a big band boasting the cream of contemporary British Jazz, Gibbs connected...

Miho Hazama is a really brilliant young composer, arranger and band leader who is rightfully making a name for herself.
While there are far, far too many Monk tributes in the jazz world, a few do transcend the genre and do something very original with the great man’s great tunes and having seen her do this work in a wonderful performance literally a 5 minute walk from my office, I am happy to report that this is one of them!

“The best week of the young composer/arranger Miho Hazama's life....