New Arrivals

New Arrivals
“The Texas giant of blues makes a welcome return to Denver for another unique display of blues artistry. Having had his life committed to the big screen and having been backed by 13th Floor Elevators, Lightnin' was about to devour the next decade with the same righteous intent - stubborn, flashy, and damned inspirational. Klondike present the entire KCUV FM broadcast of Lightnin' Hopkins live from Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado on April 25th, 1974.”

"This is a live concert over KSAN-FM, S.F. from 1972. Featured are Merl Saunders-organ, Jerry Garcia-guitar, Bill Kruetzmann-drums, and John Kahn-bass. The remastered sound is very good--one of the best of this type I've heard. Every instrument including the bass (which is often muddy sounding) can be heard, The six page booklet has an essay on the music and the gig, along with a few photos.
Garcia loved to play--and when not with his other band (Grateful Dead) he played with a number of friends....

"As lead guitarist for late '60s US psychedelic visionaries Spirit, Randy California needs no introduction to serious rock fans. This tremendous live set was recorded for the LA radio station KPFK in September 1972 -- the same month his wild solo debut, Kapt. Kopter and The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds, appeared -- and also features Larry "Fuzzy" Knight on bass and Spirit's legendary Ed Cassidy on drums. It captures them in blistering form on several cuts from that album, and features rare and wild....

Claudia Solal: vocal
Benoît Delbecq: piano

“Like any modern artists aware of their predecessors Solal and Delbecq are provocative echoes of the past. Rather than comparing their work to that of masterly duos it might be more interesting to see them as a link in a chain of imaginary encounters. Think Abbey Lincoln and Myra Melford, or Sidsel Endresen and Mal Waldron, or Laurie Anderson and Anthony Davis. All the aforementioned were driven by no-compromise creativity and sense of purpose. Solal.

Pip Pyle-drums
Paul Rogers-double bass
Elton Dean-alto sax and saxello
Sopia Domancich-piano

Until this reissue, this was a very scarce album from the early 90's, very similar in spirit & intent to Soft Heap or Soft Head.

"A real gem from jazzier climes than we've heard for a while. Equip Out's debut album from 1985 (with Pyle, Dean, Hopper and Malherbe) was not a totally convincing amalgam of several Canterbury luminaries: the parts were greater than the sum. This second..

Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) returns with his latest film score.

“Lopatin creates strong passages seemingly beamed from the chase sequence of an 80s cyborg movie, all arpeggiating synth lines and toe-tapping pace. School Play features a gorgeous techno pattern writhing around wraiths of threatening noise, and The Blade has big, Vangelis-style fanfares over bright, scrolling synthwave.” - The Guardian

"Daniel Lopatin's score features an eclectic ensemble of old-school synth...

“Another solid effort from Martin Barre, the guitarist from Jethro Tull.
Twelve original tracks in the vein of Mr. Barre's earlier albums such as "Away with Words" and "Order of Play".
Two re-arranged and re-envisioned Jethro Tull tracks (Skating Away and Slow Marching Band)
One cover of the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby.”

“Expanded edition of this 2015 solo album from Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre. Includes two bonus tracks: a rare 1996 live track of Barre performing with his old...

About 20’ of great music!

“The George Russell Sextet caught in a rare live recording from a concert held at Music Inn, in Lenox Massachusetts on September 1, 1960. George Russell's kaleidoscopic sound conception takes shape through the collective interplay of a brilliant tight band featuring George Russell himself on piano, Al Kiger (trumpet), Dave Baker (trombone), Dave Young (tenor sax), Chuck Israels (bass), and Joe Hunt (drums). A great example of challenging modern and yet swinging jazz...

Krzystof Komeda (piano)
Tomasz Stanko (trumpet)
Michal Urbaniak (tenor sax)
Maciej Suzin (bass)
Czeslaw Bartowski (drums)

“This is the legendary Krzystof Komeda Quintet caught live at the Jazz Jamboree Festival in Warsaw in 1963. A marvelous combo featuring some of the greatest Polish jazz musicians, Komeda, Stanko, and Urbaniak were sort of pioneers who effectively opened up a way for jazz in Poland.
Komeda's fluent modern jazz conception was a perfect synthesis between t

This is a wonderful little gem of an album by a ‘one and done’ ensemble; I’ve owned this one since it first came out in 1983 and I’ve always been very fond of it. Sort of like a Nimal / Zamla type thing crossed with arty French new wave ala Ptose.
It’s not a expensive-type rare album, but it isn’t that easy to find either. Now YOU can have a chance to enjoy it too.

“The first group to re-establish the most typical and traditional instrument in French popular music: the accordion!
In an.

Norma Winstone - vocals
John Taylor - piano

THE singing voice of Brit-jazz and one of the great pianists of the same era.
“The incredible relationship between legendary British musicians Norma Winstone and John Taylor has been admired for nearly five decades. The vocalist and pianist have been inextricably linked from their early avant-garde work from the late 1960s through their gorgeous work with Kenny Wheeler and Azymuth.
The couple was also well documented in duo performance...

Not mentioned ANYWHERE in the hype for this record is the fact that the great Alan Rushton and the even greater Ray Russell are a big part of this release, as they have been for all of Bill's albums for FIFTY YEARS!

“The great Bill Fay returns with the third album in the celebrated second phase of his recording career.
"21 years ago, Colin Miles of See For Miles records dropped a pebble in a pond." says Fay. It was Miles who, on a gut instinct, reissued Bill Fay's albums for Deram - records...

“Akkerman continues to amaze. Pleasingly free playing within structures provided by his excellent band.”-Mark Fleischmann

“Jan Akkerman, the renowned Dutch guitarist who shot to fame during the 1960s and 1970s with bands like Focus, Brainbox and The Hunters, and was once voted Best Guitarist in the World by Melody Maker.
Close Beauty is inspired from a simple notion, that when you are too close to an object you cannot see the real value. The instrumental album came together organically...

John Zorn (alto sax)
Wayne Horvitz (piano)
Ray Drummond (bass)
Bobby Previte (drums)

Thirty five years ago, in a completely different world, this was originally released in 1986, just as the Downtown sound / Knitting Factory scene was just beginning to get widespread acclaim and Zorn released his major label debut, The Big Gundown, this is three younger cats associated with the newly opened Knit, and a respected elder exploring the compositions and the sound of the not yet....

Fred Frith: guitar, bass, organ, piano
Nicolas Humbert: composition
Marc Parisotto: composition

Original music and words by Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Haco, Iva Bittová, Pavel Fajt, Ted Milton, John Zorn, Donald Frith, Robert Frank, Jonas Mekas.

“One hundred tapes. Recorded by Jean Vapeur on the now legendary Nagra IV S tape recorder. A box full of the original sound recordings for Step Across the Border, the film Werner Penzel and I travelled around the world to make in 1988-1989 wit

Gibson is a long time performer of avant music (who else played in the premiers of "In C", "Einstein On The Beach" & "Drumming"?) who has spent over 25 years in Philip Glass' ensemble. This reissues his 1st album (originally released on Philip Glass' Chatham Square label in the 1970s) as well as some unissued material.
"The original tracks were two long compositions: Visitations I - II, that Gibson describes as 16 multi-track-textured environmental soundscapes. The music presents several layers of...

One of the earliest, almost forgotten pioneers of minimalism, along with La Monte Young & Terry Riley. These are not his earliest recordings that have more recently been found and published, but they were the second of his recordings to be released. This reissues a very rare Shandar lp of very personalized piano music. This is a total classic of the genre and time.

“One readily pictures Charlemagne Palestine sitting at the Boesendorfer piano bestrewn with teddy bears, glass of cognac at hand....

“Pitched at the dawn of the American hardcore scene, Bad Brains hit all the fuses at 1000mph and owing to which, had already been banned from numerous clubs in their native Washington D.C. Their appearance at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco in 1982 presented a dub edge although Right Brigade, Destroy Babylon and Big Takeover would ultimately sew the familiar destructive passions of punk together in the set.
There was nothing out there to stop Bad Brains ripping up the rule book of a venomous youth...

Aly Keïta: Balafon, Kalimba, Voice
Jan Galega Brönnimann: Contra Alto- and Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Kass Kass, Thumb Piano
Lucas Niggli: Drums, Percussion

“Aly Keïta comes from a Malinke Griot family from the Ivory Coast and is a master of the balafon, the African xylophone.
The musician from Côte d'Ivoire settled in Europe years ago and has since played with a number of jazz giants from keyboarder Joe Zawinul to Norwegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek.
Aly Keïta's music com

Truly a Canterbury supergroup. Some familiar and some new tunes. Is this a major, profound, Canterbury REVELATION? No, but these old friends are having fun and playing well on this professionally recorded early 90s live recording.

"This one is definitely a grower. A band that had emerged, according to the sleeve notes, out of a one-off gig for the Le Mans 1991 jazz festival, booked by a promoter who wanted this line-up and this line-up alone, notwithstanding established bands such as Equip Out...

Elias Stemeseder: Piano
Thomas Morgan: Bass
Jim Black: Drums

“The Chicoago Reader describes the Jim Black Trio with Thomas Morgan (Bass) and Elias Stemeseder (Piano) "one of the best bands in Jim Black's busy career". In the HardStudios Winterthur the trio recorded this new album over two days. It is their fourth CD as a trio and their second release on Intakt Records.
Drummer Jim Black has one of the most immediately recognizable styles in Jazz -– his wonderful unhinged playing bear

Carmina Escobar : voice sound toys, guitarron
Milo Tamez : home percussion, stones, branches, electronics
Thollem McDonas : synthesizer, vocals, clay pot

“Estamos Trio is an exploratory music ensemble formed through the cross-border Estamos Project founded by Thollem McDonas in 2010. The trio includes Carmina Escobar (vocals, electronics, guitarrón), Milo Tamez (percussion, found objects, electronics) and Thollem (keyboard, vocals, clay pot).
Recorded live at SITE Santa Fe, Dire...

What is a 'Fission Trip', you ask? Why, let me tell you:
It's a band led by drummer Ian Wallace, with Mel Collins, (guest) Adrian Belew and other players.

"If you enjoy bands like King Crimson, Yes, or especially UK you owe it to yourself to pick this one up. Unfortunately I was only able to give it 4 stars due to the mastering; as this CD is loud. But as l doubt this sleeper will be remastered any time soon, don't let that stop you from picking this up."-K. Croteau ...

This is high quality live Swedish radio recordings from Goteborg (1975 - with John Greaves) and Stockholm (1977 - with Georgie Born). The sound is great here; Bob Drake worked from the original 8 track and stereo 2 track masters and you can finally hear Tim's follow-up masterpiece to "Living in the Heart of the Beast", entitled "Erk Gah". There's also some nice improvisations and other tunes and Fred's never otherwise released "The March", which is a really great one as well. Highly recommended...

"Like its companion ‘Twice around the Earth', ‘There and Back Again’ is derived from a selection of the 365 location recordings made for Cutler’s daily Resonance FM radio programme ‘Out of the Blue Radio’ (2004-2005). It takes extracts from 44 of these environmental recordings to explore - amongst other things - the way memory works, and how the experience of passing time is constructed. That’s subtext. More important, it should make enjoyably complex listening: surprising, serendipitous, mundane but...

"This is the second release (editor's note: no, it isn't, it's their sixth release; it's their second on ReR after three on Cuneiform and a first that was self-released) after a long wait, from this unique ensemble. Equally at home with the discipline of composition and the tightrope of improvisation Blast have evolved a fluid, pointillistic, unfathomable but transparent musical language that seamlessly integrates - over very short durations - highly complex writing and very free ranging improvisation...

“This is an entertaining collection of outtakes, alternate takes, and odd mixes from the period when Cream was recording its debut album, FRESH CREAM...this is a fascinating glimpse of the genesis of a great band.”-AllMusic

“A CD with eleven tracks, all of which are Cream studio or rehearsal out-takes of early version of the songs. Far more than there are on the 'Those Were The Days' box set, these are just as interesting. The whole thing is just less then 30 minutes long, but if you're a Cream...

“Following the February 1975 release of their classic second album, Fly By Night, Rush embarked on a massive American tour. The remarkable show captured on this set had especial significance, as Cleveland was the first US market the trio ever broke.
Broadcast on the local WMMS FM, it is presented in its entirety here, it includes numerous tracks from Fly By Night, as well as a superb cover of Larry Williams classic Bad Boy. Its a vital document of the band at their early best, and is presented here...

“Two giants on great form: Alvin spookily surefooted in deployment of his often counterintuitive palette of sounds, Jon just stunning – in a partnership that provides perfect context for both performers. And it’s beautifully recorded. I know this stuff is a hard sell, but it deserves better; this is proper musicianship and it embodies a lifetime of research and performance coupled with some exquisite musical thinking, and no sense of complacency; a master-class. Dense and complex with passages of simple...

“On March 19, 1979 the band performed at the Parc de Penfeld, in Brest, France, for a show that was recorded for live FM Radio Broadcast, transmitted across continental Europe and synched too on many US stations.
Featuring a line-up which included, Ike Willis and Warren Cuccurullo on guitars, Tommy Mars and Peter Wolf on keyboards, Ed Mann on percussion, Arthur Barrow on bass and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, the musicianship was, as always, second-to-none, and the gig a roaring success with many...

“Once they heard him play, few people disagreed with Jaco Pastorius' assessment of himself as the 'greatest bass player in the world'. His meteoric rise in 1977 to the bass chair in Weather Report and his work with Joni Mitchell, established him as a major player on the jazz and rock scenes. Broadcast by NHK radio at Shinjyuku Koseinenkin, Tokyo on 22nd May 1983, this is a rare example of his eclectic Word of Mouth small group having fun with a variety of musical styles. Given his status Jaco could have...

“Legendary bassist Charlie Haden (1937 - 2014) formed the Liberation Music Orchestra in 1969. A founding member of the revolutionary Ornette Coleman Quartet and first choice bassist for the likes of Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker, Haden's solid tone, revolutionary harmonic sense and adventurous large ensembles made him one of the most influential figures in modern jazz.
This engrossing live set, originally recorded and broadcast by WGBH Boston at the Somerville Theater, Somerville...

Vinny Golia: woodwinds
John Carter: clarinet
Bobby Bradford: cornet
Glenn Ferris: trombone

Recorded live on Sunday, May 13, 1979 at 8:30 pm, Century City Playhouse, 10508 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.

“This well recorded and mastered session features Golia, clarinetist John Carter, cornetist Bobby Bradford, and trombonist Glenn Ferris – all in tip-top form. Carter is especially irrepressible, pouring out torrents of notes with a fleetness and ease that’s...

Julien Desprez: electric guitar
Mette Rasmussen: alto saxophone

“If you’re mainly acquainted with Mette Rasmussen through her collaborations with American musicians like Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty, this record will change your perspective as surely as having the glasses knocked off of your nose will affect your vision. When in America, she seems to have done as certain Americans before her have done. There’s a long tradition of fire music here, and she’s plugged into it. But there’s

“Martin Barre, best-known as guitarist in Jethro Tull - one of the biggest selling prog bands of all time - brings his famous guitar chops to the Big Apple in this rare concert capturing his solo band live as they rock thru the classic hits that earned him a reputation as one of the signature axemen of his era.
This deluxe collector's edition contains a Concert DVD coupled with two Audio CDs of the entire concert, packaged in a gorgeous eight-panel digipak.”

1. Hammer
2. To Cry You A...

“Camel are an English progressive rock band who rose to prominence during the mid-70s. Their breakthrough album released in 1975 was an instrumental, orchestrated concept album The Snow Goose, inspired by the Paul Gallico short story of the same name. The follow up album was the last to feature the original line-up, and after various changes the band recorded a more commercial album I Can See Your House From Here in 1979.
The resulting tour was the first outing for the new line-up of founder members..

Nick Magnus - keyboards, synth, vocals (1,5), programming, composer & arranger, producer
Andy Neve - vocals (1)
Pete Hicks - vocals (2)
Tony Patterson - vocals (4,8)
Amanda Lehmann - vocals (7)
Steve Hackett - guitar solo (1)
Steve Unruh - violin (5)

“Nick’s sixth progressive rock album is a personal journey inspired by the landscape, history and legends of the Ariège
Catharsis is a deluxe two-disc, hardback Mediabook with audio CD, 20-minute DVD video, and 36 fu

“At the end of the 1970s, jazz saxophonist John Handy helmed an adventurous plunge into world fusion with his Rainbow Band. Featuring Indian music virtuosos Ali Akbar Khan on sarod, Zakir Hussain on percussion, and L. Subramanian on violin, it also included Brazilian guitarist Bola Sete.
This San Francisco Great American Music Hall performance from July 27, 1979, was originally broadcast on National Public Radio's "Jazz Alive" program and features a 54-minute performance of a work also titled...

“By the end of the 1970s, Stanley Clarke was not only one of jazz's most influential bass players, but also one of its most popular artists.
These performances from his show at Denver's Rainbow Theater on October 24th, 1979, broadcast on KBCO-FM, features material from five of his '70s studio albums, including his signature tune "School Days". Also in the set is a version of Return To Forever's "Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy", as well as his interpretation of fellow jazz master bassist...

Four separate broadcasts from Sweden, France and Germany in 1966.

“Having burst onto the national scene with Chico Hamilton's band in 1960, Memphis-born Charles Lloyd spent two years with Cannonball Adderley before forming his own quartet in 1965, featuring the young Keith Jarrett, Cecil McBee, and Jack DeJohnette.
By turns melodic and dissonant, the relentlessly experimental and innovative music they made is typified on these four superb sets, originally broadcast on P2 and WDR3 radio...

“As a pioneer of "cool jazz" in the 1950s, Dave Brubeck requires no introduction to music lovers. By the early '70s he was regularly playing with his sons, amongst other musicians.
Originally broadcast on Voice Of America radio, this superb performance was part of the Newport Jazz Festival, and took place in New York's Apollo Theater, July 4th, 1973. It captures him on sparkling form, tackling older classics as well as newer material.”

“The performances on this disc were broadcast on CBC/CBOF-FM in Montreal at the University of Quebec on July 3, 1988.
This disc features jazz alto sax great Jackie McLean leading a quartet as he was getting ready to make more albums after a relatively quiet decade on the recording front [due to educational responsibilities].
Featured are four songs he'd cut for his Dynasty album four months later (1990), as well as his composition "Minor March", which he first recorded with Miles Davis and Milt.

Very good sounding radio broadcast from the very last few weeks of the final tour.

“Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band toured Europe and North America to promote their critically acclaimed album, Doc At The Radar Station (1980). This would be their final tour together. A year later, Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart, turned his back on the music business to focus on painting.
Broadcast live by CBC at the Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, on January 17, 1981, this gig featured a stunning...

The crazed, loud, ‘77 Iggy / Bowie tour (with David only performing on watery / phase shifted keyboards) is one of the highlights of Iggy’s mid/late 70s period, with all the recordings that document this tour, no matter how good they are, sounding kinda poorly defined in terms of instrumental separation, and loud as fuck. Yeah, baby.

“Iggy Pop, live at the Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA on April 15th, 1977. The Iggy/Bowie period is a sharp document of hedonism and salvation. Two rock stars...

“Dark and majestic, News from Babel remains ahead of their time.”-Michael Draine

“The second record by this group (Lindsay Cooper, Zeena Parkins and Chris Cutler) with invitees Robert Wyatt, Sally Potter, Phil Minton and Dagmar Krause who sing, and Bill Gilonis (of The Work) who plays occasional guitar and bass, and who also produced the recording.
These are extended songs, unusually orchestrated and arranged and not much like anything else recorded before or since. Re-mastered and...

“Dark and majestic, News from Babel remains ahead of their time.”-Michael Draine

“News from Babel was the song project inaugurated by Chris Cutler with fellow ex Henry Cow composer Lindsay Cooper. The pieces for this first LP were written for a band that also included Zeena Parkins (harp - her first recording with the instrument) and the incomparable Dagmar Krause (another ex-band member) singing.
Using the studio as an instrument and experimenting with unusual instrumentation and techniques.

“This is a split release by Dylan DiLella and CHORD. Two tracks of solo guitar by DiLella and three guitar duos by CHORD. Over 40 minutes of not-normal electric guitar music.

Dylan DiLella is a Brooklyn based guitarist primarily known for his work in Pyrrhon. This recording is the follow-up to his solo guitar debut Flayed Oration which was self-released in 2016.
DiLella's frantic yet atmospheric approach to solo guitar might bring to mind a variety disparate influences, such as Fripp...

Admiral Grey : vocals
Shayna Dulberger : bass guitar
Weasel Walter : guitar
Marc Edwards : drums

"The frantic slam of NYC quartet Cellular Chaos draws a bit on the no-wave leanings of their guitarist Weasel Walter as well as the quivering frenzy of his excellent 1990s band Lake of Dracula. But there's something of-the-moment about their sound too, especially in the urgency of singer Admiral Grey... Cellular Chaos' fire has a singular crackle, one that sounds pretty

“Intense, uncompromising music that effortlessly blasts down the stylistic barriers separating free jazz skronk, hardcore punk and grindcore / black metal fury.
"Gods Of Chaos" is an astoundingly detailed and ambitious work, a 45 minute epic, that musically illustrates the events leading up to the end of the human race. Recorded on 9 planets, but released on just one.”

“The seventh album from Chicago's notorious punk-jazz group nails a new high water mark in an already unforgettable discography. "The Truth..." finds the Luttenbachers at their darkest - a band distilled to it's most raw and sore - interspread are hyper-structural epics, minimalist noisescapes, high energy free jazz blows and bizarre electronic satellite transmissions.”

Includes the band’s earliest recording of the Magma classic, De Futura (short version).