New Arrivals

New Arrivals
"If you turn your eyes to gaze even momentarily at the current state of our shared human environment, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it may be an unusual time to spend much time in consideration of “victory.” The forces that seek to stall progress and the forces that seek to pollute progress are intertwined, the path to progress choked, gasping for the breath of new ideas. It’s against this backdrop that we reconnect with the The Myrrors, and their beautiful, bewildering new album, “Hasta La Victoria...

"If you turn your eyes to gaze even momentarily at the current state of our shared human environment, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it may be an unusual time to spend much time in consideration of “victory.” The forces that seek to stall progress and the forces that seek to pollute progress are intertwined, the path to progress choked, gasping for the breath of new ideas. It’s against this backdrop that we reconnect with the The Myrrors, and their beautiful, bewildering new album, “Hasta La Victoria...

The world is a big, surprising place, but it still probably comes as a shock to many folks to learn that one of the absolute greatest jazz/rock bands performing today is from Tallinn, Estonia!
Phlox has been recording and playing well over 15 years with the same lineup and it shows! This 2017 release is their sixth album and it is another very convincing release.
The group have many fine attributes, but one of the things I like best about them is that they take the classic Weather Report/Perigeo..

Chris Pitsiokos - sax, compositions
Max Johnson - bass
Kevin Shea - drums
"Chris Pitsiokos' (b. 1990) debut album as a leader spans the gamut of his compositional output, employing through-composed material, tunes, charts, open forms, and new ways of composition and interaction he has developed over the past three years. Joined by two of New York's most exciting creative musicians--Kevin Shea and Max Johnson--Pitsiokos has composed intensely personal material catered to the individual voices.

Giovanni Di Domenico: hammond organ
Laurens Smet: electric bass
Jakob Warmenbol; drums

A new, Hammond organ-based trio that, at its best, will remind you of why Larry Young rocked the world so hard!

"Family Drug is the premiere recordings of M(h)ysteria, a new trio founded by Giovanni Di Domenico.
While featuring the instrumentation of a classic organ trio, M(h)ysteria charges a rather darker path. Not a swinging session, this is an expression of coping with the chronic...

After two excellent albums of chamber rock (with the accent on 'chamber') by this great Belgian septet (2 violinists, accordion, piano, guitar, flute and double bass) and a third album that mixed things up a little bit by adding three vocalists on some of the tunes, Aranis has returned to their original, instrumental sound...but with a hard twist. The original pianist has been replaced by Pierre Chevalier (Univers Zero and Present) and the septet is now a octet with the addition of Dave Kerman (5uus...

"These are some of the earliest recordings that The Muffins were able to archive throughout our 'career'. We didn't have access to a record label when we first started out (we would later put together our own label, Random Radar Records), but we did own some of the early TEAC 4-Track 1/4" reel-to-reel tape recorders that had begun to go on sale at the time, and we took advantage of that fact, recording anything and everything that we could get our Muffiny hands on....

"The musical spectrum of "Leaving Lotus" surprises with ambitional performed progressive metal, pointing, not only due to the mighty double-bass inset into direction Dream Theatre, disctreet grooving rythms with accordingly guitar passages we know from the works of Pat Metheny up to elements which could came from the repertoire of Al Di Meola or John McLaughlin. Changes in tempo and dynamic, perfect build compositions, compelling to the last note. Compared to "Metronomicon", the rather experimental album, "

Prog experts will remember the German progressive rock band Tibet, whose sole album was reissued by Musea. This is a new band by their guitarist!

"THE PERFECT MENTAL CINEMA! CINEMA is the current project of Jürgen "Pöngse" Krutzsch, who already was a well-known Krautrock size with his band TIBET in the Seventies. The project name fits, because the titles of this album run like movies in the mind's eye of the listener. Pöngse - supported by Brigitte Grafe and guitarist Benjamin Peiser - knows to...

An excellent stoner/hard rock Swedish band. You'll hear influences/sounds of Captain Beyond, early Deep Purple, early Led Zep, mixed with more proggy touches: flute, sitar, organ and even a mellotron bit or two. They do the progressive hard rock mixed with a stoner vibe thing better than nearly anyone right about now.

"Siena Root - Swedish root rock experience! Siena Root came to life in Stockholm and is today considered one of the pioneering Swedish bands in root rock music. They persistently...

Cloud Becomes Your Hand-Rest in Fleas $17.00 Second by this excellent US, indefinable, avant / pop / progressive ensemble. Recommended!

"Cloud Becomes Your Hand are a Brooklyn-based band with a joyous, eclectic sound that recalls avant-prog, cartoon music, psychedelic indie pop, and myriad other styles. The group's tightly wound, unpredictable compositions often include violins, angular guitar riffs, bizarre voices, woodwinds, and bursts of noisy electronics. As fractured and eccentric as their...

"Mumpbeak is a new instrumental progressive rock project featuring Roy Powell on keyboards, Pat Mastelotto on drums with Bill Laswell, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Tony Levin and Lorenzo Feliciati on bass. Mumpbeak was produced and mixed by Bill Laswell.
English-born but Norwegian resident pianist/keyboard player/organist Roy Powell creates astonishing near-symphonic progressive rock-fuelled compositions in MUMPBEAK.
Using a heavily modified set of pedals and a Hohner Clavinet, he successfully

Numbered edition of 999 copies.
"Forty years after the release of their second album titled "Preludio, Tema, Variazioni e Canzona" Osanna celebrate with the release of this new CD titled "Rosso Rock", recorded live in Japan at the Auditorium "City Club a" in Kawasaki on 6 and 7 November 2011 when Osanna performed for the first time with their new line up (Lino Vairetti guitar and vocals, Gennaro Barba on drums, Nello D'Anna on bass, Pako Capobianco on electric guitar, Sasa Prior on the piano, organ...

Elio Sesia / guitar
Rosalba Gentile / piano, keyboards
Marina Gentile / guitar
Filippo Piccinetti / bass
Massimiliano Monteleone / drums

"Over the past two decades, with the revival in international Prog level, many groups were born in Italy and in the world, referring to the old Prog , while some groups, "more 'rare', for the truth, they tried a personal way, the most 'only possible, far from stylistic references to other existing groups. Among these seconds there is definitely

"The new album entitled ClassicOrme is a reinterpretation with classical instruments of some of the most famous songs of Le Orme that best suit to the "new look". The artistic producer is Michi Dei Rossi assisted by Cristiano Roversi for the technical part, the executive producer Enrico Vesco.
The vocals, and this is the true characteristic of this album, will be led by Eero Lasorla (Finland) content and Marta Centurioni (Italy) the soprano; instrumental parts were entrusted to a string quintet....

Hand numbered edition of 600 copies!
In the mid 90s, after a 10 year silence, Le Orme came out of nowhere with a new line up (2 new keyboardists + bassist/guitarist/vocalist Aldo Tagliapietra & drummer Michi Dei Rossi) and a very fine reunion album, Il Fiume.
Elementi was their follow up to that one and it's another very good release in the Italian symphonic rock tradition; it even includes a Paul Whitehead cover(!). A no brainer for fans...

Not only have we never offered this 1995 release before, but I had never heard of it / never knew it existed until this brand new vinyl reissue!
It's the 1995 version of Le Orme doing new (1995 new) versions of their classics; three songs each from Collage, Uomo di Pezza, two from Smogmagica and one each from Contrappunti and Verità Nascoste! Hand numbered edition of 999 copies!

This is a hand numbered edition of 999 copies!
"La Leggenda New Trolls consists of four historic members of the original New Trolls’ line-up (Gianni Beleno, Giorgio D’Adamo, Vittorio De Scalzi and Nico Di Palo) plus Andrea Maddalone (guitars, choirs) and Francesco Bellia (choirs). Together with legendary Luis Bacalov and the Orchestra of Teatro Felice in Genoa, they have made a brand-new studio album.

“Concerto Grosso n° 3” is the final third chapter of a trilogy that began in 1971 with the...

Charles Gore - bass
Tim Miller - drums
John Battema - keyboards
Brian O'Neill - guitars

Ephemeral Sun are a Washington, DC-area progressive rock quartet. All instrumental, they are a quartet of keyboards, guitar, bass, drums. They have roots in a wide variety of music, most notably in doom-metal and prog-metal, as well as more symphonic sounds.
This is modern symphonic rock with some nice jagged edges. You'll hear a lot of non symphonic influences as well; things like Zombi...

FYI, all of our copies arrived from Italy with a 2" split at the top of the jackets.This is a reunion album by original members of Il Balletto, the members who made their 1st album Sirio 2222.
Like that album, this has many psychedelic and even 60s rock influences, along with progressive hard rock and early proto-progressive elements.
Loud guitars, a rocking rhythm section and keyboards, along with vocals certainly influenced by 60s groups from beat groups onward and including guest...

Myra Melford piano
Lindsey Horner bass
Reggie Nicholson drums

One of the great piano trio albums of the 80s, available again after too long a period of unavailability!

"Listening, eight years after it was created, to this primary chapter in the recorded legacy of Myra Melford’s first trio evokes a rush of feelings. There are warm memories of in-person encounters with Melford, Lindsey Horner and Reggie Nicholson; and satisfaction regarding how the ideas Melford articulated here.

"King Crimson performed 'Heroes' at the Admiralspalast in Berlin as a celebration, a remembrancing and an homage. The concert was thirty-nine years and one month after the original sessions at the Hansa Tonstudio overlooking the Berlin Wall. This is released in the 40th Anniversary Year." - Robert Fripp.
The title track sees Robert Fripp reprise the unforgettable guitar role he created for the original David Bowie studio recording in the same city in 1977, particularly poignant in the year of...

In my opinion, in a career filled with astonishing and mesmerizing works, this is by far Riley's best recording. Recorded live in 1971-72, on electric organ + simple tape delay, this is almost 90' of total trance music.
You won't believe 10 fingers are capable of making all these subtle counter-rhythms. HIGHLY recommended.

" The classic minimal music album is now available again on vinyl for the first time since the '70s. During the 1970s, Californian composer Terry Riley concentrated on...

"With Towards Language, trumpeter Arve Henriksen is back with his trusted long-time musical partners Jan Bang and Erik Honoré. Also, an important part of the line-up is Eivind Aarset, the ECM associated guitarist extraordinaire. Towards Language is Arve's ninth album (eight on Rune Grammofon and one on ECM) under his own name. Asked to comment on his new album, and its title, here's what he has to say: "To express something on your own can be quite challenging at times. I have, for years, been in...

"First time on vinyl for Arve Henriksen's heart-wrenching 2004 album, Chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro was the follow-up to this fantastic trumpet player's debut album, the much acclaimed Sakuteiki from 2001.
BBC Online called Sakuteiki "a thing of rare and compelling beauty.... music making as natural and essential as breathing."
This time he is joined by drummer Audun Kleive and sound artist Jan Bang to create some very beautiful musical soundscapes where the trumpet is the natural point of focus...

A completely fascinating look and listen on a scene and time that is both long ago and far away. Includes a massive 103 page hard-bound book with photos and much, much information! Conditionally highly recommended!

"Explore Zambia's liberation and its impact on the country's rock revolution. The book, written by Eothen Alapatt and Leonard Koloko is the first investigation into the Zamrock scene, and is filled with original record artwork and rarely-seen photos of Zamrock's best ensembles. By the...

Bobby Muncy-tenor and soprano saxes, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, EWI
Anthony Pirog-electric & acoustic guitars, pedals, guitar synth
Nathan Kawaller-double bass
Larry Ferguson-drums

Vinyl only release.
Kung Fu Bastard are the unlikely named electric jazz band of Bobby Muncy, a very talented DC saxist and composer.
I've seen them a few times and they veer between being a electric jazz band and a really wild and wooly electric jazz band. And in addition to the fact that t

"Incredible sessions from 1967, the year of psychedelia's apex. Top notch floating underground psych with organ and harmonium -- features members of Please and The Flies who were later in legendary band T2. This edition is taken from the master tapes."

"In 1967 my musical world shifted and changed when Neon Pearl with their hazy riffs, mildly hypnotic vocals, and layered sonic meanderings made up of gentle guitar distortions, and ever expanding floating harmonies filtered from across the ocean...

2004 remastered version with new liner notes. A short but quite fine second release by the guitarist who was still playing in Tasavallan Presidentti at the time this was recorded in late 1973. All instrumental and featuring Jukka performing on electric...

2004 remastered version with new liner notes. A short but quite wonderful first release by the guitarist who was still playing in Tasavallan Presidentti at the time this was recorded. All instrumental and featuring Jukka performing on electric and acou...

Piirpauke are a veteran folk/jazz/world/progressive fusion group, fronted by Sakari Kukko (flutes, saxes, keyboards). Also included are Hasse Walli, (guitars), Antti Hytti (bass) & Jukka Wasama (drums). These are their earliest & most progressive albums.

Piirpauke are a veteran folk/jazz/world/progressive fusion group, fronted by Sakari Kukko (flutes, saxes, keyboards). Also included are Hasse Walli, (guitars), Antti Hytti (bass) & Jukka Wasama (drums).

Jim Pembroke was the singer/pianist and one of the chief instigators of Wigwam. Between their 1971 & 1974 classics Fairyport and Being, he recorded this, his first solo album in 1972.
Presented as a live performance (it isn't) by "Hot Thumbs O'Riley" (it isn't), this is obviously much more of a singer/songwriter oriented effort than Wigwam is. Having said that, this has all of Wigwam backing him (Ronnie Osterberg, Mans Groundstroem, Jukka Gustavson, Pekka Pohjola, Mats Hulden) and at times the sound..

"With If The Rain Comes, singer-songwriter Jim Pembroke returns, more than three decades after his previous solo album, with an inspired set of 11 new originals that simultaneously reflect his roots in Wigwam, a band he co-founded 45 years ago in Finland, and the present.
The British-born Pembroke, who now lives in Kansas City where this album was recorded, is accompanied by some of his old bandmates in Wigwam beginning in the 1970s, organist Pedro Hietanen, and in Jimbo in the 1980s, guitarist...

Pembroke was and is the leader of Wigwam, and during their heyday in the early/mid 70's, he made a number of solo albums that have that Wigwam sound, but are still rather distinct from the band's work; maybe in the same way that Van der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammill's solos are similar-yet-different. To continue the comparison, just as many of Hammill's solos included the members of VDGG, this great 1977 solo, includes some of Wigwam (Pekka Rechardt, Ronnie Osterberg) and Coste Apetrea (of Samla)...

3rd and last by the 'post-Pohjola' version of Wigwam. Despite it being the end, this is still a fine effort, with some stunning guitarwork by Recchardt and great, great songs.

Wigwam, Finland's most famous rock band, combined song form with a progressive outlook, & remain a 70's favorite of many folks. This, their first album from 1969 shows off their psychedelic/hippie rock roots; remember, they all met playing in the 'pit ...

A document of the farewell show by the original line up of Gustavson, Pembroke, Osterberg & Pohjola, with monster guitarist Pekka Rechardt added. This is a mix of some of their tunes plus some very surprising covers, all stretched out with lots of solo...

Siegfried Meier (guitar, flute)
Paul Döing (guitar)
Johannes Brackmann (bass)
Reinhold Stania (drums)
This is the sort of thing that Garden of Delights do so delightfully well; this is a previously unreleased album by a basically unknown outfit from 1975 who were a local, underground / experimental German outfit. But not only do you get the album, which was never released anyway, you get 20' of bonus live tracks. Yow.

"There is only one single laquer that exists of this (studio

Brand new, ultimate Garden Of Delight reissue of this classic, early German prog album from 1971, originally released on BASF. Pretty much universally agreed upon as a must-own classic!

"Here's a long time krautrock classic. Gila impress us with a dynamic, intense and imaginative communication between spacey rock improvisations, lengthy psych guitar solos accompanied by luminous electric organ chords. "Agression" is a cosmic krautrock jamming, strictly instrumental (as the rest of the album)...

This is a expanded reissue of the Chilean legends 3rd from 1977. They are a long establish folk / progressive band that always had an experimental bite to their sound and are one of the greatest rock bands that were to come out of the 70s South American scene and they are still going strong! Conditionally highly recommended.

"In 1976 flutist Hugo Pirovich, who participated in Congreso's debut, replaced for a brief time Renato Vivaldi, but by the time of the recordings of a third album Vivaldi...

"Two of the most creative, elusive and modest musicians in the Downtown scene in an intimate and free wheeling duo session. Mutual admirers for well over a decade, Ikue and Craig first performed as a duo at the Village Vanguard in December 2016 and now step into the recording studio for an astonishing session of duo improvisations. Inspiring and dynamic music for piano and electronics that explode every expectation. Essential listening for all interested in music that defies ALL categorization."...

First time ever on legitimate CD release!
"Larry Coryell unexpectedly passed away earlier this year right after our reissue of his second solo album, Coryell, and with the renewed attention given to his monumental recorded legacy, we decided to move up our long-in-the-works domestic CD debut of his album At the Village Gate in order to expose this classic record to the largest audience possible.
This is the recording where Larry really went axe-to-axe with Jimi Hendrix, who had passed away four..

" with emotion and unexpected twists…. Throughout, [Okazaki's] consistently clear and gorgeously warm guitar tone is one anchor for his music…. simultaneously build and deconstruct alluringly complex forms, as befits the legacies of both timeless tricksters and modern jazz musicians."-Wall Street Journal

"The interplay between Tidd, Taborn, and Okazaki results in glorious braids of melody. The execution is obviously complex, the work of virtuosi. But the resulting beauty is easy to...

Paula Shocron piano
Germán Lamonega double bass
Pablo Díaz drums
"The SLD Trio (Shocron,Lamonega, Díaz) is an exciting and adventurous group of young musicians from Buenos Aires. The Argentinian capital is not a city that is exactly known for an extensive free-jazz and improvised music scene; how- ever, there is a dedicated core of artists and musicians in the city... This is a lovely and exciting album from a trio that is just as willing to give as to receive, and ready to synthesize the..

Christoph Erb tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
Jim Baker piano
Frank Rosaly drums
"Given the breadth of their experiences, Erb, Baker, and Rosaly make a fine assembly of magpies. When they first played together at the 2013 Umbrella Festival, they sought out a balanced collective voice. This session took place a few months later, and despite being only the trio’s second encounter — or maybe because of it — the players sound fully present in the moment, assertive in exchange, and attentive to.

Giovanni Parmeggiani - keyboards
Stefano Radaelli - alto and baritone sax, bowed zither (on #5)
Marco Marzo - electric and acoustic guitar
Cristian Franchi - drums
Guest artists:
Alessandro Bonetti (violin on #4)
Gabriele Di Giulio (tenor sax on #1 and #10)
Patrizia Urbani (vocals on #6)

New lineup and new, fourth album from this perennial, nearly all- instrumental favorite from Italy, who have been gracing us with excellent albums for a full decade now!...

This is uproarious Bulgarian wedding band music, ala Ivo Papposav, performed by Yasko & his crack outfit of alto sax, accordion, keyboards & drums.
If you've never heard Bulgarian wedding music, at its best, it sounds like polkas in insane, always changing time signatures, performed at speed-core tempo. This stuff simply must be heard to be believed! Terrific fun and unconditionally recommended.

''Yasko Argirov, master of clarinet, is a living legend in Bulgaria, but his fame, because...

The much wanted & anticipated reissue of Slapp Happy's extremely rare debut from 1972 by Peter Blegvad, Dagmar Krause & Anthony Moore, recorded at Wumme (Faust's studio) with backing by some of Faust (Gunther Wusthoff, Werner "Zappi" Diermaier and Jean-Herve Peron).

The band's charming naiveté was never as pronounced as here. And if hearing these formative recordings wasn't enough, you even get the non lp b-side (Jumping Jonah) of their single as well! Subtle, unlike anything else (especially...

"This is the final of a ten part series curated by the late Mike King, which cherrypicks some of the best and most intriguing items from Hugh Hopper's archive. Until he died a few years ago, Hugh Hoppe, probably best known for his work with Soft Machine, was one of Britain's most versatile and innovative bass players, and this multi album set confirms what a sad loss to both jazz and rock his passing was. Vale Hugh. Vale Mike."

1. Was A Friend - Hugh Hopper / Robert Wyatt - 4/95...