New Arrivals

New Arrivals
“The lab-coat dressed quasi-scientists of Norwegian improvisational sound research trio HEMMELIG TEMPO are known for their unique live research seminars and surrealistic experiements, such as "Bird Imitation Experiment" and "Six Unlikely Duos". The album "Who Put John Cage On The Guestlist ?" is a remarkable collage of the trio's electronic sound experiments across three years, assembled at Professor FOKUDA-San's infamous Mountain Seminar at Rjukan. Science will never be the same...”

Cos were one of the most popular Belgian progressive bands of the early/mid 1970's. They had a very pleasant, breezy jazz/rock sound, somewhat informed by the Canterbury sound, but definitely not slavish to it. This was their second album, and possibly...

Jean Lars (bass)
Marc Millon (drums, percussion, vibraphone)
Jean-Michel Philippe (acoustic guitar, electric guitar)
Jacques Lars (electric guitar)
René-Marc Bini (keyboards)
Jean-Loup Marlaud (saxophone, clarinet, flute)
Alain Labarsouque (viola)

Ex Vitae were a avant-leaning, experimental, jazz/rock band, who veered between tightly composed sections and synamic group improvisation and who self-released this one album in 1978. The original album is quite rare (I’ve ne

This particular Musea reissue had been promised at least 20 years ago (seriously!) but here it finally is.
This is the one and only release, originally on Phillips in 1977, by this French progressive rock quartet. Their music is typical somewhat dark-hued French symphonic / progressive. They are often compared to King Crimson, but I think they only resemble KC in terms of obvious inspiration, but I don’t think they mostly sound like them.
This premier official reissue, taken from master tapes...

Woof was Tim Hodgkinson's label. This release is a pretty big deal, if only for the inclusion of the really, really great "I Do, I Do...I Don’t, I Don’t" EP by Tim and Bill Gilonis, which has been unavailable for over 20 years, was a miserable grotty pressing to begin with, and was Tim's very first post-Cow recordings and the roots of The Work. Not to mention the inclusion of Houdini, one of The Work's!

"This CD comprises all four 7” releases by the British underground....

"A subtle, moody, rich and wide-ranging work, in which atmosphere, emotion and dramaturgy lead the ear far beyond music into a world of hints, evocations, anticipation and association and, in passing, reveal a complex metonymic language that, at a deep level, invokes that mostly unconscious lexicon of sound we have all absorbed collectively and subliminally in the course of a century of movie-going, television viewing, documentary recording and electroacoustic experimentation. Once sounds have been...

The first release on ReR by this quite amazing guitarist and how most of us first heard of him. Even with all his other releases, this one is still amazing and is recommended!
This is an album of solo guitar music performed on the 'Giant" Sardinian guitar, which is sized somewhere between a conventional guitar and a cello and is tuned lower than a standard guitar. Paolo has taken this folk instrument and has completely rebuilt it. There is a large mechanical claw stuck onto the side of the body which..

Dagmar Krause-vocals Chris Cutler-drums, electronics Fred Frith-guitars, keyboards, violin, etc.

This was the 3rd and final album by the successor band to Henry Cow. I'm not really sure why (short playing length? the press had gone onto other things to champion? it wasn't released stateside, unlike the first two?) but this one slipped under the radar of a lot of folks, compared to their 1st two.
It's a very bleak, but also a very solid work. And very clever and sly in its own way - who...

"This limited, vinyl, pic disc release (only 299 copies were made) represents a true gem for all Merzbow fans. The tracks included on this lush 180 gram vinyl will take listeners by surprise, showcasing a new and eclectic side of sound artist Masami Akita. Tamayodo in fact presents us with unreleased works rife with unheard of rhythmic noise, power electronics and piercing feedback in a monolithic wall of sound born of this Japanese artist's strange machines. No true fan of Merzbow, pure electronics...

Dustin Carlson - guitar, compositions
Nathaniel Morgan - alto saxophone
Eric Trudel - baritone saxophone
Danny Gouker - trumpet
Matt Mitchell - Prophet 6
Adam Hopkins - bass
Kate Gentile - drums

Great, very composerly ‘math jazz’ release; not as heavy as Starebaby, but certainly in the same sort of ball park.

“Dustin Carlson just surprises me with each new project, fucking genius new music composer/conceiver....brilliant guitarist with his own voice...

“Recorded in April of 2017, this guitar duet album is a particularly special and unusual one. Like Kaiser’s 1979 classic WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE duet album with Fred Frith, this Kaiser-Kutner recording breaks new ground in an unceasingly entertaining manner. Composed of duets on instruments with coursed pairs of strings, acoustic and electric 12-strings and 8-string bass, the music occupies very unique sonic territories.
John “Drumbo” French originally suggested that the two might find a fruitful...

“Proximo is the third release from Mantra, a five piece prog rock band from Belo Horizonte in Brazil. The band has virtually no web presence so I can't really elaborate much about their history. What I know is that they are what I call a "kitchen sink" band - they have so many influences they wear on their sleeve that its like listening to a who's who of prog. Overall I'd categorize this as symphonic rock but there are some interesting moments like when they incorporate a ripping...

This is seven short to mid-length instrumental tracks of Brazilian symphonic rock by a studio only project led by multi-instrumentalist Alex Maraslis.

Brân (Welsh for ‘crow’) existed from 1974-1978, generally working in a folk/rock territory and releasing 3 lps. The band was noteworthy for recording all of their works sung in Welsh.

“Rise Above Relics has spent several painstaking years collating as much information and memorabilia as we possibly could, in order to bring you this definitive collection.
A Box Of Brân brings together all of the bands commercially released output, namely their three studio albums for Sain Records:...

Saluki were a Norwegian band that made one album in 1976 for the legendary Compendium label, mixing jazz/rock and prog with more pop touches.
The band folded shortly after releasing their one and only album.
Now, 42 years later, we have the follow-up release which was actually composed as their follow up album, but was never recorded due to Compendium folding.
If anything, overall and taking into account is was recorded more than 40 years later, so the timbres are different, as a record...

William Hamlet : saxophone alto
Olivier Vibert : guitare
Philippe Macaire : basse
Benjamin Leleu : rhodes, orgue
Adrien Protin : batterie
Excellent new album by an improvising French group I was not previously familiar with.
The want to bring together Sun Ra, Magma, Funkadelic and Robert Wyatt. Do they? I don’t know, but they’re good!!

“Spectrum Orchestrum appeared in 2007 and is a french five-piece ensemble (alto sax, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums) devoted to th

Conny Veit (guitar, vocals)
Fritz Scheyhing (keyboards)
Walter Wiederkehr (bass)
Daniel Alluno (drums)

Gila released only 2 albums in their short lifetime; their s/t 1st aka Free Electric Sound and Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.
This is a extraordinarily valuable archival release of an excellent quality, previously unreleased, live '72 concert by the original line up of Gila, & featuring all previously unheard material in the style of their excellent, freaky, psychedelic first

Hans-Peter Krohn (guitar, flute, vocal)
Herbert Strickner (bass)
Axel Wellhoener (drums)
+ Michael Wätjen (acoustic guitar)

“Pentagon was the first group on the small Munich label German Blues and Underground, which later on also released the two Siloah records. Their 7” single was supposed to be followed by an LP, but it never got beyond the dubplate/acetate stage! A music cassette, however, was released, the simple cover of which was used for the LP cover, too.
Although very

Rainer Brüninghaus (keyboards)
Houschäng Nejadépour (guitar, sitar)
Herbert Kalveram (saxes)
Bill Brown (bass)
Detlev Landmann (drums)

Very excellent, early instrumental jazz rock band, somewhat influenced by the Mothers Of Invention, Soft Machine & their own "krautrockness". Featuring guitar, keyboards (Rainer Bruninghaus!), sax, bass & drums, they released just 2 albums in their lifetime. This superb quality, previously unreleased 1972 radio broadcast features tunes from thei

All Traps On Earth is the long, long gestating solo project by Anglagard bassist Johan Brand.
The most obvious influence is Anglagard, but there’s also darker tones, ala Goblin & even Shub Niggurath and Present at their most ‘symphonic’ and very complex interlocking musical work ala Gentle Giant. Definitely a symphonic rock winner! ...

“Merzopo is a collaborative two CD album of Japanese noise legend Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) and the Czech seven member ensemble Opening Performance Orchestra, based in Prague. The first CD contains four compositions by Merzbow. "Futaomote" means 'double face' and it was originally titled 'Janus'. "Yasugibushi" is a Japanese old folk song which was sampled.
The second CD contains two live tracks from Opening Performance Orchestra which were played live in Tokyo and Prague in 2017 and studio edited...

Benoit was keyboardist for Magma from 1975 to 1978. Additionally, he released two solo albums in the mid/late 70's, of which this was the second, originally released in 1979. A keyboard/Moog-dominated record that at times gets amazingly heavy and at other times very wonderfully atmospheric, this is sorta comparable in timbre and tone to Jan Hammer's best work post Mahavishnu.

“French keyboard wizard Widemann's (ex-Magma) Tsunami is an incredible mix of electronics and jazz-fusion with prog/avant..

“It's been three years since Jazzman's A New Life alerted jazz heads to the existence of an unknown world of British jazz private pressings and indie obscurities. Back for a second round, compilers Francis Gooding and Duncan Brooker have dug deep into the archives to assemble another ground-breaking collection of Brit jazz anomalies and outliers from the 1970s and 1980s. A New Life, Vol. II picks up the story where A New Life left off, searching out overlooked jazz gems from across the length and...

"Itiberê Zwarg Orquestra Família make universal music. This family has fallen from the sky. Their music is excellent, a treasure chest full of harmonic, rhythmic and melodic jewels. The name Itiberê Zwarg Orquestra Família exists because they are a family, united by music and the father they share in Itiberê. His children of sound play better than adults. This was exactly the time for a sound like this to appear. I, Hermeto Pascoal, do not mess around, music is my religion. That's why I say this....

"Itiberê Zwarg Orquestra Família make universal music. This family has fallen from the sky. Their music is excellent, a treasure chest full of harmonic, rhythmic and melodic jewels. The name Itiberê Zwarg Orquestra Família exists because they are a family, united by music and the father they share in Itiberê. His children of sound play better than adults. This was exactly the time for a sound like this to appear. I, Hermeto Pascoal, do not mess around, music is my religion. That's why I say this....

Mars Williams - saxes, toy instruments
Josh Berman – cornet
Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello
Jim Baker - piano, ARP synthesizer, viola
Kent Kessler – bass
Brian Sandstrom - bass, guitar, trumpet
Steve Hunt - drums, percussion
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Thomas Berghammer – trumpet
Hermann Stangassinger – bass
Didi Kern - drums, percussion
Christof Kurzmann - lloopp, vocals

“A product of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians who studied

“In 1982 The New Blockaders self-released their debut LP Changez Les Blockeurs, in an edition of only 100. Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound) was the very first person to purchase/hear the album and subsequently distributed copies via United Dairies.
The LP has since attained a somewhat mythical/legendary status and 2017 was the 35th anniversary of its original release. In celebration of this, The New Blockaders invited Stapleton to rework the original, which is now available in all its glory as...

If, like me, you think that Big Brother were a terrific little psychedelic combo who were unjustly overlooked and possibly even unfairly dismissed as ‘not very good’ in the light of the discovery of the (admittedly great) greatness of their singer, Janis Joplin, this release of outtakes and etc from their great second album – released under the name they originally envisioned for their second album – will blow your mind. Even without dope!
For me, Big Brother was far and away her best and most...

“So You ... (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice) is a major new work by legendary experimental composer Alvin Lucier. It is an hour-long epic that tracks the familiar Orpheus myth from a less familiar perspective: that of Eurydice as imagined by poet H.D. (Hilda Doolittle); a Eurydice who rails at Orpheus for his hubris in attempting to rescue her. So You ... (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice) was originally commissioned by Documenta 14 and first performed as part of Documenta in Athens in 2017. Two key, and formerly...

Pierre Bastien and Bernard Pruvost perform on double bass, seil-cord, prepared piano, prepared double bass, electric guitar, zither, alto saxophones and sopranino, cornets, shennaï, Pakistani oboe, flute.

“When the second Nu Creative Methods album was released, New And Rediscovered Musical Instruments (1975) by Max Eastley and David Toop had already been available for almost three years. Without being able to say that there was a direct, real-time influence, the direction taken by the British...

"Camizole was the co-founder, along with Etron Fou Leloublan of the musical collective Dupon et ses Fantomes. In 1977 Camizole was composed of Jacky Dupety (tenor sax, oboe, percussion), Jean-Luc Dupety (drums, tuba, trumpet), Francoise Cruble (alto sax, guitar) and Dominque Grimaud (sax, guitar, synth)."

Grimaud later collaborated with Guigou Chenevier on many of his solo projects. These live recordings from 1977 were originally intended for release by the Tapioca/Pole label, but never issued!...

“This is unreleased 1978 recordings from both groups performing as a collaborative. (!!!!)
The ranks of Camizole included some of the most essential personalities of the French underground, notably Dominique Grimaud (Vidéo-Aventures), Chris Chanet (Etron Fou Leloublan), and Bernard Filipetti (Art & Technique). Their idea of music, if we look further than the pair Dominique Grimaud and Bernard Filipetti, and a style of music influenced by Klaus Schulze, is inspired by the liberty of free jazz. This is..

This is the first posthumous release of Allan’s from the archive. It is completely authorized by the Holdsworth Family estate. The first thousand copies have a DVD of the concert, which will not be reprinted! So, grab one of these babies NOW if you want the DVD!

“Live In Japan 1984 is the final live set by Allan Holdsworth's I.O.U band, featuring live versions of material from his first three solo albums; I.O.U., the Grammy nominated Road Games and Metal Fatigue.“

Sonny Clark-piano
George Duvivier-bass
Max Rox-drums

“Sonny Clark's reputation as one of the finest jazz pianists of his era has grown in recent years, with many folks rediscovering his classic Blue Note recordings like 'Cool Struttin', 'Dial 'S' for Sonny', 'Leapin' and Lopin', as well as session work with Lee Morgan, Grant Green and others. Cut down by heroin addiction at age 31 in 1961, Clark's legacy continues to expand. The Time sessions were produced by the late Bob Shad, owner of..

Dan Phillips – guitar
Hamid Drake – drums
Mars Williams - saxophones and percussion
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Krzysztof Pabian - double bass

"Dan Phillips leads a quintet with muscle and a big Chicago sound and memorable compositions."-The Wire.

"Chicago jazz is the complexity of the postmodern sound with a predisposition for rump shaking. The Quintet rarely lowers the flame from boiling."-All About Jazz.

"Fans of both traditional and more adventurous jazz will fi

Dmitry Lapshin - double bass
Anton Ponomarev – saxophone
Yaroslav Kurilo - drums.

"One of the most amazing mixes of musical elements I have heard in a long freakin´ time."-Mats Gustafsson

“A young, super-tight and intense power trio from Moscow, Brom genuinely push heavily, crossing over among improv, noise-rock and free jazz with Sunstroke.”

“This is the big one. Digipacked. Historic. Unmissable.”-Chris Cutler

More Encores was originally released as a vinyl record in 1988, and is composed entirely of records after whom each track is titled. Artists whose vinyl artifacts are subjected to Marclay's treatments include: John Zorn, John Cage, Louis Armstrong Fred Frith, Ferrante & Teicher, Maria Callas, Jimi Hendrix, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin and Marclay himself!

"Christian Marclay was the first non-rap DJ to make an art.

For a number of years in the late 90s, Chris traveled the the world, giving solo performances on his specially made electric kit and various acoutrements.
I’m biased because I saw several of these concerts (and even put on at least one), but they were very different, very entertaining and very much completely NOT what you would expect a ‘solo drum concert’ to sound like, probably because it wasn’t a ‘solo drum concert’. Conditionally recommended!!

"Here at last, a solo electronic drum...

"This is the 13th release from Australian maverick trio The Necks, now approaching their 20th Anniversary, and still occupying a genre-group of one. Their slow, gripping, development of a single idea over the length of a whole CD, while somehow obvious, has proved un-copyable, mostly because it so much depends on the unique musical personalities and extreme virtuosity of these three, profoundly different, musicians.
Having established their theme, The Necks, with Chemist, break the habit of a...

Great sounding and spirited shows from the John Peel show. Recommended.

"This Heat’s earliest public recordings came from two sessions for John Peel’s BBC radio show, in April and October of 1977. Peel was one of their greatest enthusiasts at the time, hearing excellence in the band’s mixed repertoire of post-krautrock songs and uniquely approached improvisation. Of special merit here is the band’s maverick use of real-time tape loops to augment their basic three-piece sound, as well as their...

Steve Kuhn: piano
Steve Swallow: bass
Joey Baron: drums

“Having just celebrated his 80th birthday, pianist Steve Kuhn has continued to get to the heart of things with his long-standing. The ensemble's deeply resonant relationship can be heard on their new recording, To and From The Heart, a poignant collection of pieces that showcases these masters' highly wrought abilities in wringing emotion from the ether.”

“We explore various local history and myth in Oslo in this omnibus. Yes, it is a concept album. At the same time, it is a collection of curios. Vardøger are premonitions of the immediate future, a strong feeling preceding an actual event, or rather appearance. Just before a person arrives in a place, his footsteps precede him and there is the sound of a door opening. No one is there. Then, later, he comes. Utburder are infants carried into the woods at birth. Their cries resound at night as a haunting...

The third from this multi-instrumentalist talent. This time it’s all instrumental and you can hear a good bit of the influence of early Bo Hansson, most notably Sagan Om Ringen in this!

"But ‘Somnium’ is not pastiche. There are touches of space rock, krautrock, prog and ambient, yes, but what does that really tell you? If you haven’t actually experienced ‘Levania’’s wiry bass grooves, gorgeous analogue synth arpeggios and eerie Hank Marvin guitar lines, I may as well read you out the...

Sarah, who Guitar World called one of the world’s greatest seven and eight-string guitarists, has released her first album, after making a name for herself with various youtube videos.
She certainly can play! The music on Disparity consists of her light, soaring vocals along with spidery guitar-virtuoso backing at its lightest, to heavier, Animals As Leaders complexity.
You can get a good feeling for what she....

"David Buddin’s “Canticles” CD is an electronic music realization of the instrumental parts for a six movement chamber work featuring soprano voice. The music is vigorous, dissonant, rhythmically complex and exhilarating. Influenced heavily by the thrust of the Western classical music tradition, Buddin is a modern musical maverick in the lineage of radical, iconoclastic American composers like Charles Ives, Carl Ruggles, Elliott Carter, Ralph Shapey and Milton Babbitt. The timbral character of this...

If you didn’t know anything about this album, you would probably associate it with one of the series of albums released on/associated with the composers featured on INA/GRM or a musique concrete tape composer of the late 50s....

“I think there are a lot of people who associate my musical output with either gutbusting displays of extroversion or blistering virtuosic overload. With “Curses”, I wanted to deal more with pure sound and timbre more than I usually do. Of course, I cannot help but to go...

"Hot on the heels of 2006's "Revolt Music", this release goes even further into free jazz hell!!! Almost 80 minutes of smoldering, burning, raging free jazz featuring a cast of legendary east coast musicians including Sun Ra Arkestra leader Marshall Allen! Firestorm is an intense and musically assaultive release of killer, balls-out free jazz that will appeal to those who long for the most bombasic works of Broetzmann, Ayler, Takayanagi and Cecil Taylor! This release reveals many shades of intensity and...

God bless Weasel Walter and his ALL CAPS excitement! This is supertight, supernoisy noise rock/no-wave/assault-o-matic stuff!



Charity Chan (piano)
Peter Evans (trumpet
) Tom Blancarte (bass)
Weasel Walter (drums)

Part of the great appeal of improvised music and free jazz is having the potential opportunity and context to hear musicians push themselves as far as possible musically and/or technically. This volcanic New York City-based quartet takes full advantage of this situation by pushing themselves to extremes. Extremities of speed, articulation, interplay, dynamics, structure, timbre and counterpoint...

This severe, dense and even alluring second and final release from this band is long out of print, but we found a few and here they are for the last-ever time!

"NORMAL LOVE creates bracingly intense modern music of shrewd density and unique imagination orchestrated for processed voices, guitars, violin, drums and various electronics.
Everything about the band displays a cultivated air of alien logic, from their densely detailed sonic conception to their surreal, blacklit live presentation...