New Arrivals

New Arrivals
John Carter-clarinet
Bobby Bradford-cornet
Don Preston-piano, synthesizer
Richard Davis-bass
Andrew Cyrille-drums

“Clarinetist John Carter and cornetist Bobby Bradford teamed up many times during a 25-year period. Nearly all of their joint recordings were issued under Carter's name, but this CD is an exception. Carter's often intense flights on clarinet served as a contrast to Bradford's mellower sound. What is unusual about this set, which also includes bassist Richard Davis an

“The official reissue of super-rare and fabled prog-rock/library/synth album L'Univers De La Mer by French composer Dominique Guiot.
Written, composed and played by Dominique Guiot with his Mellotron, Minimoog, clavinet, organ, and guitar, L'Univers De La Mer draws its inspiration from deep sea exploration, oceanic creatures, and underwater kingdoms.
The 12-track album navigates organically through diverse mutations of the prog-rock and synth kind, from scenic meditation pieces...

“Previously unreleased recordings from 1968/1970 by British quintessential psychedelic/progressive band Mandrake Paddle Steamer/Mandrake, culled from the band's archive of reel tapes and acetates. Pure late '60s UK psychedelic sound with early prog moves, plenty of Hammond, and fuzzed-out guitar with powerful vocals... Including such lost gems as the Barrett-Floyd sounding "The World Whistles By", killer psych-rockers like "Pandemonium Shadow Show" or "Doris The Piper", the mellotron-fueled "October...

Bruce Hampton (vocals, trumpet)
Glenn Phillips (guitar, saxophone)
Harold Kelling (guitar, vocals)
Mike Holbrook (bass)
Jerry Fields (percussion, vocals)

The Hampton Grease band are legends of weirdo American music and performed a wild, energetic and tight music featuring wild dual guitar work and a solid rhythm section plus a wild-card vocalist. Comparable in some ways to the Magic Band, the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers, but with a wild/freak-out streak, basically they

A simply fabulous 1966 free-jazz release!

“The New York Contemporary Five's Consequences, originally released in 1966. The New York Contemporary Five barely lasted a year, all told, but they recorded five albums that shaped the jazz to come. They were a super-group after the fact -- the stellar frontline of Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, and John Tchicai all being relative newcomers at the time. Cherry had recently left Ornette Coleman and was only starting to stretch into world music. Shepp was fresh..

“The legendary Don Cherry with his great 1966 quintet featuring Gato Barbieri on tenor sax, Karl Berger on piano, Bo Stief on bass and Aldo Romano on drums. This quintet can also be heard on three releases on ESP-Disk, three volumes titled Live at Café Monmartre 1966 and with the New York Total Music Company in 1968. This recording is taken from an excellent radio broadcast.”

“The first ever vinyl reissue of The Momes' Spiralling, originally released in 1989 on the Woof label. Featuring Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow, The Work) on Hawaiian laptop noisy guitar and keyboards, Mick Hobbs (Family Fodder, The Work, Officer!) on bass, and Andy Wake (Unrest, Work & Play) on drums, The Momes were a unique power trio with an abrasive sound channeling post-punk, psych-prog, and avant-rock.
Spiralling is their sole album, recorded at This Heat's Cold Storage studio by Charles Bullen...

“From Guy Skornik, the composer and arranger behind Popera Cosmic and Pour Pauwels (1971), comes the enigmatic instrumental cues that provided fellow existentialist and notorious auteur director Alejandro Jodorowsky (The Holy Mountain, 1973) with the soundtrack music to what is now considered his rarest and most overlooked feature film, Tusk (1980).
The label present the original film edits from the 1979 studio sessions featuring Steve Hillage (Gong) and members of Cossi Anatz. Following his...

“Günter Schickert's debut Samtvogel (1975) was one of the most significant guitar albums of the krautrock era. Points of comparison from today's perspective are Syd Barrett or Pink Floyd's more adventurous early recordings. Schickert's follow-up, Überfällig (1980) was released on the legendary Sky label. Once again a milestone recording, it showcased Schickert's hypnotic echo guitar which developed into one of the hallmarks of the krautrock sound. Schickert's new album Nachtfalter, translating as "moth"...

“Günter Schickert's debut Samtvogel (1975) was one of the most significant guitar albums of the krautrock era. Points of comparison from today's perspective are Syd Barrett or Pink Floyd's more adventurous early recordings. Schickert's follow-up, Überfällig (1980) was released on the legendary Sky label. Once again a milestone recording, it showcased Schickert's hypnotic echo guitar which developed into one of the hallmarks of the krautrock sound. Schickert's new album Nachtfalter, translating as "moth"...

“Bruno Bavota is a young Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist with seemingly boundless potential, and an extraordinary gift for marrying the intellectual and emotional into earnest and profoundly effective songs. Though favorably compared in his early career to another Italian composer, the legendary Ludovico Einaudi, Bavota has found himself increasingly pursuing ways to distort and disturb traditional arrangements and melodies in pursuit of a more distinct resonance. Armed with a plethora of...

“Originally issued as a double CD set in 2012, Seventh Heaven was a primarily orchestral work featuring the City of Prague Orchestra and was recorded in various locations in London and Prague. A gorgeous and evocative collection of compositions, the album was hailed by Classic FM radio and is one of Anthony's enduring works. This new edition of Seventh Heaven features the original album newly remastered, along with a bonus CD featuring ten previously unreleased recordings, among which is a rare 1973...

Jim Piela - Alto Saxophone
Joey Lamb - Trumpet
Bob Sabin - Bass
Josh Bailey - Drums

“As a young man, I came up musically in a small Midwestern scene, a town right on the Mississippi river. There was plenty of work so long as you could groove and play/write creative and compelling melodies, both of which became incredibly important to me. As I developed, though, I came to realize how my fear of what was unaccustomed had driven my life. It became increasingly important to me to..

Bernardo Lanzetti (vocals)
Flavio Premoli (keyboards and vocals)
Franco Mussida (guitar and vocals)
Franz Di Cioccio (drums, percussion and vocals)
Mauro Pagani (woodwinds and violin)
Patrick Djivas (bass)

Previously unreleased, professional recording of P.F.M. live in the UK to promote Chocolate Kings, recorded May 1, 1976, and lost in the vaults of Manticore Records until now! This includes the entire concert!

Disc: 1
1. Paper Charms
2. Four Holes

The Third Ear Band were a late 60's/mid 70's quartet who were fixtures at ALL the festivals & who used hand drums, oboe, violin/viola & cello to make a dark, pagan & medieval-influenced, acoustic music. The only thing that comes close to their sound is some small bits of the early Univers Zero records.
This, their third album, was a film soundtrack and is more electric than what came before, while still absolutely retaining their unique sound. It was their final 70's release before their late 80s....

Pat Metheny: 6 & 12 string guitars, harp guitar
Lyle Mays: piano
Eberhard Weber: bass
Danny Gottlieb: drums

‘“Guitar wonder Metheny has made an astoundingly tasteful and free flowing record here” the Massachusetts Valley Advocatedeclared. “Metheny’s compositions are perfect vehicles for his guitar, which blends smoothly with the breathtaking ensemble work.” The recording is the first of Pat’s albums to feature Lyle Mays, an important partner for the work ahead: “You can hear them ...

John Taylor: piano
Palle Danielsson: double bass
Peter Erskine: drums

“Recorded in 1997, Juni was the fourth and final ECM album of the Peter Erskine Trio. A piano trio led by a drummer was an unusual proposal and one that initially surprised listeners who had followed Erskine through louder adventures with Weather Report and the Stan Kenton Big Band. But this alliance with pianist John Taylor, the trio’s primary composer, and bassist Palle Danielsson soon found its own following. Down...

Chick Corea: piano

“Chick Corea’s first unaccompanied album initiated the solo piano idiom at ECM, and proved to be extremely influential. Alongside music created in the moment, some powerful melodies are explored here, not least that of “Sometime Ago”, soon to be a theme song for the Return To Forever band. “I found it quite easy to select what I felt was the single best disc [of 1971]. Chick Corea’s Piano Improvisations Volume One is a true masterpiece of music and a very important album” ...

Steve Tibbetts: 6 and 12 string guitars, kalimbas, tape loops
Marc Anderson: congas, bongos, percussion

“Steve Tibbetts’ first ECM session found the Minnesotan guitar player journeying with faithful percussionist Marc Anderson to Oslo in 1981, to make what might be his most stark and inner-directed recording, etching sounds in silence. “There is nothing in this music (with titles such as “The Big Wind,” and “Walking”) to hang any defining label on”, commented the Oakland Tribune. “It has....

“The fabulous voice of Sofía Rei has graced several Zorn vocal projects, from the acappella quartet Mycale to the dynamic Song Project, and here she interprets eight compositions from the Book Beri’ah—the third and last book completing the Masada legacy. Featuring the remarkable JC Maillard on saz bass, the arrangements are incredibly varied, and range from lyrical heartfelt ballads to driving grooves. Intimate and intensely personal, this is one of the most unique Masada CDs in the entire series!...

This may be released under Ed’s name instead of being released as by Ozric Tentacles, but this is exactly what one expects from the Ozrics.

“Debut Solo Album From The Psychedelia Visionary And Founder Of The Legendary Ozric Tentacles. A visionary, a prodigal symphonist, one of the UK's leading influential musicians: Ed Wynne is undoubtedly a gifted instrumentalist. He is credited as one of the linchpins of the UK festival scene's re-emergence along with his band Ozric Tentacles, who formed at...

“Four CD box set collecting the output of Van der Graaf Generator founding member Peter Hammill & The K Group, including the studio albums Enter K and Patience and the live recordings The Margin and +.
This deluxe set also features extra tracks and a detailed 48-page hardback book with sleeve notes by Tim Bowness, reflections from PH and the band, plus previously unseen photographs.
Formed in 1981 to tour material from A Black Box and Sitting Targets, the K Group was Peter Hammill's idea of a...

“Over the course of seventeen solo albums and three-plus decades, Bay-area ambient/electronic musician Forrest Fang has cultivated his surrealist blend of electronically-transformed ethnic instruments and minimalist aural environments. Fang’s pieces reflect his uniquely personal universe of influences, mysterious objects and undefined phenomena. Gently layered drones combine with slow-moving piano themes, violin, as well as subtle Eastern string, wind, and percussive elements.
A ‘Fata Morgana’ is a.

Eberhard Weber: bass
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano
Members of Philharmonic Orchestra Oslo

“The interaction of Eberhard Weber’s highly distinctive bass and Rainer Brüninghaus’ lyrical piano is at the heart of a number of popular ECM recordings, starting with Weber’s Colours of Chloë, and extending through the discographies of the Colours band and the Jan Garbarek Group. But the rapport of the two players was rarely better displayed than on 1976’s The Following Morning, where their dialogues..