New Arrivals

New Arrivals
This vinyl edition, in a lovely gatefold sleeve, is currently only available from the band on their current summer tour and us. That's it.

“Bent Knee's musicianship is superb, with vocals to die for, an interesting new turn at every corner, and never a dull moment. Highly recommended.” – Bill Bruford

Originally released by Garden of Delights, this is what Garden of Delights do, which is finding completely unknown German rarities and reissuing them in the best possible manner. For vinyl, it came out on the equally well curated Long Hair label!
Prosper were a dual guitar, Fender Rhodes/mellotron/mini-Moog, bass and drums progressive band. The keyboards give it a jazzier/fusion touch.
At its best, this has some great guitarwork and a fusion underpinning. At its worst? Well, the vocals ain't so..

Galactic Supermarket, like the Cosmic Jokers, grew out of the marathon, LSD-rich sessions instigated by Rolf-Urich Kaiser (Kosmich Musiche/Cosmic Couriers) that also produced Ash Ra Tempel's "Seven Up".
What this is, essentially, is a 'kraut-rock, jamming super session', with Jurgen Dollase, Harald Gosskopf, Manuel Gotsching, Klaus Schulze, Dieter Dierks, Gilles & Rosi. So, a meeting of Wallenstein with Ash Ra at their most spaced out. Two side long jams. Good, fun stuff.

Great third release from a wonderful trio from from Cincinnati, OH, who play a sort of modern progressive rock with a lot of modern / electronica / hipster touches.
The unique lineup is
Kristin Agee-vibes + synths
Joel Griggs-guitar + synths
Jeff Mellott-drums
The sound is interesting, fun, rockin' and unique. The only groups I can think of that has some similarities is Algernon and, to a lesser degree, Tortoise, but they mostly sound like Us, Today.
They're also great live..