Claudio Simonetti – keyboards
Bruno Previtalli – guitar
Cecilia Nappo – bass
Federico Maragoni – drums

Not sure why it took about 10 previous albums and tours for this to happen, but Claudio Simonetti and HIS version of Goblin have finally released a record of new material, all of which sort of fits into the horror soundtrack mode that they are best known for!

“The Devil Is Back is the new full album of Claudio Simonetti's Goblin. The album is a perfect mix of progressive ro

Claudio Simonetti – keyboards
Bruno Previtalli – guitar
Cecilia Nappo – bass
Federico Maragoni – drums

Here, Claudio and his new batch of Goblins make new re-recordings of Goblin’s best known tracks from their 70s horror films soundtracks.

“Second album of the greatest hits of Claudio Simonetti's Goblin with some unreleased as a rarity. The album contains historical songs such as: – Roller and Aquaman from the Goblin album Roller – Opera, Non Ho Sonno, Death Farm, soundtracks of the homonymous films by Dario Argento – Gamma, a song written by Claudio’s father, Enrico Simonetti, a very successful theme song of the homonymous TV drama – Cut And Run, Simonetti’s soundtrack from the film Inferno in Diretta / Cut and Run directed by Ruggero...

Beautiful package of 180 gram vinyl in a gatefold, tipped-on jacket with a 12" x 48" poster! Yowie!

This group came out of nowhere about 20 years ago and hugely influenced the underground/progressive music world with their massive and expansive...

Double vinyl edition is audiophile 180gram LP + 10" pressed at Optimal (Germany) in gatefold jacket w/thermographic print, colour flood interior, artworked inners and DL card.

“The inimitable GYBE returns with another soundtrack for our times. As the heretical anarcho-punk spirit of the title implies, Godspeed harnesses some particularly raw power, spittle and grit across two riveting 20-minute side-length trajectories of noise-drenched widescreen post-rock: inexorable chug blossoms into...

"this long-playing record, a thing we made in the midst of communal mess, raising dogs and children. eyes up and filled with dreadful joy - we aimed for wrong notes that explode, a quiet muttering amplified heavenward. we recorded it all in a burning motorboat. 1. UNDOING A LUCIFERIAN TOWERS - look at that fucking skyline! big lazy money writ in dull marble obelisks! imagine all those buildings much later on, hollowed out and stripped bare of wires and glass, listen - the wind is whistling through all....

"Pennsylvania native Keith Kenniff's output as Goldmund has established him as one of the preeminent composers of minimal piano-based ambient music alongside peers like Hauschka, Dustin O'Halloran, and even Ryuichi Sakamoto, who himself once described Kenniff's work as "so, so, so beautiful". Hyperbolic as it may sound, Goldmund's newest collection Occasus may be his most exquisite yet. Where his previous recordings trod faithfully and sincerely on paths of dimly lit, polaroid-esque nostalgia, Occasus...

"Housed in a silver foil sleeve. Insert with liner notes by Alan Freeman (Ultima Thule / The Crack In The Cosmic Egg). 24-bit domain remaster from the original tapes. Includes a free digital download coupon."

"Epic early to mid-1970's instrumental psychedelic space-rock from the Pyramid Records archive, said to be pseudonymous after-hours studio sessions featuring the biggest names on the Krautrock scene at the time; heavy drums, jamming guitars and Hammond organ: in short, and amazing improvised...

This beautiful, legit reissue includes a gatefold sleeve!

One of the progressive hard rock classics of the early 70s German scene, this was the 2nd and final release by this German band, originally released on Brain in 1972....

This beautiful, legit reissue includes a gatefold sleeve!
This album has an interesting history and is sort of the band's 1st and 2nd album simultaneously.
Trauma was originally recorded and released in 1970, but the band was unhappy with the work and soon after re-worked and re-recorded the album with English lyrics and a harder 'progressive hard rock' sound with nice organ and guitar work.
This album is best known for the 13' title track, which is a heavy, psychedelic mix of Guru Guru and...

This was the second Gong release and the first one that actually sounds like Gong-the-band soundtrack for the film "Continental Circus" by Jérôme Laperrousaz.
The band is:
Daevid Allen-guitar, vocals
Gilli Smyth-vocals
Didier Malherbe-sax, flute
Christian Tristch-bass
Pip Pyle-drums
And you can hear the beginnings of the greatness that reached full fruition on Camembert here!

Being a humongous fan of Gong in high school and discovering them just about the time that Daevid left and they imploded, my sorrow was great. But only a couple of years after they broke up they had the first (of what would be many, many) reunion, but this one was special as it featured the entirety of the 'classic' line up of the band that recorded Angel's Egg and You, which were keystone records of my listening at that time. Being a twerp kid and this being before the instantaneous internet told you...

Some of you may remember Delia Gonzalez from "The Days Of Mars", her joint work with Gavin Russom, which is a great, modern day electronic music album that channels 1971-1975 but in an original way and think: Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. (that's the main sound I hear), Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Manuel Gottsching.
After a very long time off and one solo piano album, she's back with this, a similar electronic album and one that is also hugely recommended by me if you like the 1st two..

Peter Van Huffel Alto & Baritone Saxophones, Effects
Roland Fidezius Electric Bass, Effects
Rudi Fischerlehner Drums, Percussion

"Peter Van Huffel’s journey through the combination of jazz and rock, alien to the fusion tradition of the seventies and the collage of the nineties, proceeds with yet another opus from the Gorilla Mask gang, as always inclusive of the mindblowing rhythm section of Roland Fidezius and Rudi Fischerlehner. “Brain Drain” is a mishmash of punk, metal, jazz, free i

Peter Van Huffel alto saxophone
Roland Fidezius electric bass, effects
Rudi Fischerlehner drums

"After the broad success of “Bite My Blues”, Canadian saxophonist Peter Van Huffel’s Berlin band Gorilla Mask is back with more music; not to cover the foot imprints of his previous work but going beyond a good number of steps. You can’t say anymore that this project consists of a mix of jazz with punk and metal – the kind of sonic assault heard on “Iron Lung” has an identity of its own, inc

"Gösta Berlings Saga from Stockholm, Sweden return with their sixth studio album. “Konkret Musik” contains 12 explosive tracks filled with experimental instrumental rock, showcasing a truly unique mix of progressive rock, synth minimalism and otherworldly melodies. Dystopian yet hopeful, maximal yet minimal: “Konkret Musik” will not leave anyone unaffected.”

The long-awaited fourth release by this excellent, modern avant/progressive rock band. This is highly recommended to everyone who has been following them since their first great release, Detta Har Hänt, as well as fans of dark-hued, instrumental rock, such as Guapo, Corima, Makajodoma, etc.
Alexander Skepp (drums, percussion & synthesizers)
Einar Baldursson (electric, acoustic & lap steel guitars & synthesizers)
David Lundberg (Fender Rhodes, synthesizers and Mellotron)...

Cornelius Dufallo (violin), Jennifer Choi (violin), Ralph Farris (viola), Dorothy Lawson (cello), Satoshi Takeishi (percussion), Ayelet Rose Gottlieb (voice) with Anat Fort (piano), Sean Conly (contrabass)

�Shiv�a was composed following the death of three dear friends in 2007�� writes Ayelet Rose Gottlieb in the liner notes, �� while I was living between three cities - Wellington, New Zealand and its wild birds and great ocean; New York, USA, with its fast pulse, close friends, loud sounds and...

"180-gram LP version with embossed chessboard artwork print and printed inner sleeve."
This was originally released in 1981, & is a single piece of really trancey, hypnotic electronics with some nice, very subtle changes going on, & Manuel's (Ash Ra Tempel) guitarwork overlaid on it. I know that some folks find it too minimal, but for me, this is one of the great trance Berlin albums of all time. Personally recommended.

Equipment: Korg MS-10, Korg MS-20, Korg SQ-Sequencer, Korg Vocoder, Roland SH-01, Teac stereo tape deck.

Performed and recorded live in San Francisco, CA, USA 1982. Total running time, about 22 minutes.

"From an obscure tape release discovery, this 12" highlights the work of electronic music pioneer Joel Graham, a San Francisco based artist who self-released two cassettes in 1984/85. Originally recorded and performed live on pre-MIDI analog equipment in 1982 as an outline for a live p

Antoine Arnera - Piano, electronics, voice, composition
Boris Cassone - Bass, mellotron, voice
Jessica Martin Maresco - Voice
Guilhem Meier - Drums, amplified percussion, voice, composition
Marie Nachury - Voice
Grégoire Ternois - Marimba, toms, dun dun bells, gong
Mihaï Trestian - Cimbalom
Anne Quillier - moog, rhodes, voice

Well, all you need to do is to scroll to the video at the end of all this and you will know very, very quickly whether or no

Here’s what YOU need to know: Le Grand Sbam is the latest from the amazing Lyon, France scene, and features two classically trained female vocalists + the great trio POIL + a vibraphonist/percussionist. Bang. Done!

Grand Sbam is a collective of creation, research and musical experimentation that defends living music in all its richness, complexity and universality. It brings together professional musicians from multiple and complementary traditions and practices (learned and popular, current and..

John Greaves: voice, bass guitar piano, sequences, string arrangements
Annie Barbazza: voice (3,6,7,11) piano (11), acoustic guitar (3)
Valérie Gabail: voice (1, 10)
Himiko Paganotti: voice (8)
Vincent Courtois: cello
Matthieu Rabaté: drums
Olivier Mellano: guitar (1,2,6,8)
Sophia Domancich: treated piano (8)
Zeena Parkins: harp (10)
Jakko Jakszyk: electric guitar (4)
Lino Capra Vaccina: piano, gongs, vibes, cymbals, percussion (12)
Camillo Mozzoni: obo

"When David Greenberger first embarked on what has become a life-long journey, drummer Chris Corsano was not yet five years old! In 1979, after graduating from art school in Boston, Greenberger took the job of activities director at the Duplex Nursing Home, an all-male elder care facility in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and began collecting the stories, poems and music reviews of its aged patients for what became his Duplex Planet project, an undertaking that would eventually encompass nearly 200 issues...

"Greenslade had split up in 1975 but Dave Greenslade had already written in effect a new album of music and he was ready to make another album. Assembling a cast of stellar musicians he recorded "Cactus Choir" which was released in 1976 to worldwide critical acclaim.

"Dave Greenslade's first solo album is a big improvement over the last several records of his former band Greenslade. Not only is Cactus Choir comparable in quality to earlier Greenslade releases like Bedside Manners Are Extra, it...

Sonny Greenwich: electric guitar
Don Thompson: piano, electric piano
Richard Homme: acoustic bass, bass guitar
Terry Clarke: drums
Clayton Johnston: percussion

Sonny Greenwich is a little known Canadian guitarist who is kind of a ‘Santana / Coltrane guitarist’ in the same way that Tisziji Muñoz is and with a somewhat similar furious but spiritually uplifting esthetic, except he emerged a decade earlier! This is his first album as a leader and also his hardest to source until

“A rather excellent album by Fripp and The Grid who have worked together frequently over the years. It begins as pure guitar drone, drifting into pleasant ambient, and by Leviathan the drums begin to appear in mix, approaching Fire Tower this has turned into blissful downtempo dub-techno, and so it continues to the end. Very much one long composition cut up into 9 parts, an album that deserves attention and to be listened to all the way through (just like good old progressive music, be it house or rock).”

Dominique Grimaud has long been involved in interesting, experimental rock in the French music scene (on Guigou Chenevier's solo albums, with Video Aventures and with the legendary, early 70's group Camizole!
“Dominique Grimaud makes you listen to the The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and many more artists from the 1960s, like you never hear before. The title says it all: 19 Feedbacks. French multi-instrumentalist and sound-experimentalist Dominique Grimaud dives into his adolescence...

“Following his seminal release Sand in 1977, Swedish experimental composer Ragnar Grippe worked on various art and performance commissions, often returning to Stockholm during the summer months to focus his efforts on his compositional practice. It was there at the famed EMS Studios where he began employing the Buchla synthesizer and the facilities multi-tracking capabilities as new instruments to map his mining of sound and movement.
During the late 1970's, Grippe formed a creative collaboration....

“First ever reissue of this ultra-rare acetate from 1972, Grit's self-titled album. Featured in Hans Pokora's book with the maximum scale rarity. Psychedelic hard-rock with furious drumming and stunning lead guitar by this unknown until now London based band.
Includes the four tracks from the original acetate (taken from the master tape) plus two bonus tracks taken from lo-fi, crude rehearsals: "1000 Miles" (a Grit original) and a killer demo version of "Mineshaft".
Born from the ashes of a...

Beautiful, new replica edition of this great, classic German symphonic rock release. The band's fifth album, and one that a good number of people consider to be the greatest live progressive rock album ever made!

"The German group Grobschnitt were one of the more famous bands from the classic 70's Krautrock era. They had a long and varied history that spanned over 20 years and were quite popular in their native Germany. Their music was characterized by theatrical sequences, space rock jamming...

"Tired of the rock format and excited by the freedoms promised by electronic music, Harald Grosskopf quit Wallenstein, a conventional rock band, in the mid-'70s to turn his attention to electronica. Grosskopf thus became the first drummer to specialize...

"Harald Grosskopf was in his early twenties when LSD 'blew [his] reality away,' as he recalls. Born in Hildesheim in 1949, he had previously drummed in fairly conventional rock bands, most recently for Wallenstein. Their label-boss Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser was fond of facilitating jam sessions for musicians on his Ohr und Pilz label, often supplying his 'cosmic couriers' with LSD (unbeknown to them, on occasion). In one such session, the drug inspired something of an epiphany in Grosskopf: 'There I was playing...

"Harald Grosskopf played drums on the early Klaus Schulze albums and recorded thirteen albums with Ash Ra Tempel. His solo works, 1980's Synthesist and 1986's Oceanheart, are outstanding releases of the German electronic music scene.
Eberhard Kranemann studied music at the Dortmund Conservatory and art at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. He co-founded the electronic bands Kraftwerk, NEU!, Pissoff, and released albums under the pseudonym Fritz Müller.
Harald Grosskopf and Eberhard Kranemann...

“At last reissued on LP (180 gram audiophile vinyl), it's the third and final studio album from Holland's ultimate psych legends GROUP 1850!
'Polyandri' was originally issued in 1974, when psychedelic rock had already lost its momentum. That unfortunate timing must be the only reason why this is a somewhat overlooked album, because the music itself is absolutely killer! On offer is a wild fusion of psychedelia, jazz-rock and progressive space rock, at many times dominated by band leader Peter...

“Beautifully packaged 180g vinyl. Flip-back sleeve. Strictly limited pressing run of 500 copies worldwide. Printed inner sleeve with liner notes by Duncan Heining.”

Tracks 1-3:
Group Sounds Four
BBC Jazz Club, pre-recorded live on 13th June 1966, broadcast 19th June 1966.
Henry Lowther – trumpet
Lyn Dobson – tenor sax
Jack Bruce – bass
Jon Hiseman - drums

Tracks 4-7:
Group Sounds Five
BBC Jazz Club, recorded live at the Paris Theatre, Londo

Long-time Waysiders will remember us having this on vinyl on the Soviet Melodiya label (the only label allowed within the USSR). Now you can get it in a much, much better pressing!

"Bureau B presents a reissue of Sven Gr�nberg's Hingus, originally released in 1981. Sven Gr�nberg is a famous musician for film and theatre in Estonia - an old hand in the field of electronic ambient music. In 1974, whilst still a music student, he and H�rmo H�rm founded Mess, a progressive rock band. Gr�nberg was the..

Georges Grunblatt was an early member of Heldon, appearing on Allez Teia.
This rarity, which came out on French Polydor in 1980 and which has never-before been reissued in any format, is his only solo work, and is very much in the Heldon vein musically (in a kind of post-Allez Teia trippy vein) with lots of Heldon tie-ins. This appears to be a legit reissue as best as I can tell. Recorded at Ramses Studio in 1977, the engineers were Jean-Louis Rizet and Richard Pinhas.
And look at the credits.

This is a beautiful, numbered, limited edition of 889 copies of this classic, which is part of the Prog Rock Italia series - mastered from the original tapes on 180 gram vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

"This band with a strange name and an unusual line-up is still less-known to many italian prog experts, yet their only album is surprisingly good and has very interesting moments. The weakest point is the singer's voice, squeaky and monotonous and with some spoken parts to connect the....

The first vinyl reissue for this somewhat obscure title and a beautiful cover, originally released on EMI/Harvest in 1972.

"This band with a strange name and an unusual line-up is still less-known to many italian prog experts, yet their only album is surprisingly good and has very interesting moments. The weakest point is the singer's voice, squeaky and monotonous and with some spoken parts to connect the musical themes, but musically the band is competent and the album reveals some jazz-rock...

This is an extremely high-quality vinyl version of this great album with a heavy and totally stunning gatefold sleeve that cost a fortune to produce; I gotta say that it came out beautiful! It includes a download coupon for the digital version of the...

“The official reissue of super-rare and fabled prog-rock/library/synth album L'Univers De La Mer by French composer Dominique Guiot.
Written, composed and played by Dominique Guiot with his Mellotron, Minimoog, clavinet, organ, and guitar, L'Univers De La Mer draws its inspiration from deep sea exploration, oceanic creatures, and underwater kingdoms.
The 12-track album navigates organically through diverse mutations of the prog-rock and synth kind, from scenic meditation pieces...

"Swedish multi-instrumentalist Rikard Sjöblom is pleased to announce his new album under the Gungfly moniker, ‘Alone Together’. It follows an extremely productive past few years, whether it be working with English progressive rockers Big Big Train, or taking the lead with Gungfly.
Rikard comments: “I started writing these songs about a year ago but then it took some time to get started with the production because I had two tours lined up, one with Big Big Train in November and then opening solo for...

"The fourth studio album from Rikard Sjöblom (Big Big Train, Beardfish) in his Gungfly guise.
Rikard comments, “Musically, what can I say? This is Prog, but I want to be free to move in whatever direction the music wants to go and I happily go exploring where it wants to take me. Even though there are a few softer songs and sections, most of the album turned out to be a rocker; a collection of hard rock songs with lots of tricky parts, some heavier moments and some downright jazzy elements too!”

An excellent sounding period recording from their 10/25/70 performance at the Essen Pop & Blues Festival. This is just after their great 1st album UFO was released, and captures them at an early, heady peak; imagine the furthest out that a power trio could've gone at this time and with the equipment available, and you have Guru Guru as heard here.
This is by the original trio: Ax Genrich, Mani Neumeier and Uli Trepte. Magnificent!

Even crazier second release of monster power trio, early 1970's style hard rock/progressive/psychedelic madness by Ax Genrich-guitar/vocals, Uli Trepte-bass/vocals & Mani Neumeier-drums/vocals. Like your favorite Cream record with it's brain destroyed...

This is a high quality, beautiful, official, gatefold version of Guru Guru's stunning debut, released by the original label!

Monster power trio 1970-style hard rock/progressive/psychedelic madness by Ax Genrich-guitar/vocals, Uli Trepte-bass...

Christian Marclay: turntables
Mats Gustafsson: live electronics & slide, tenor and baritone saxes.
Recorded and mixed April 2006 by Christoffer Roth and Olof Madsen at Studio Dubois, Stockholm. Mastered by Martin Siewert

“AFJ-Series will be a series and a subsidiary label within the Smalltown Supersound label. The inspiration for the label is BYG Actuel, Incus, Freedom and ESP-Disk.
All releases will be vinyl only, no CDs (some will be available digitally). The vinyl will be...

Mats Gustafsson slide and baritone saxes
Craig Taborn piano
"Two very different musicians from the wide range of the jazz spectrum, Mats Gustafsson and Craig Taborn played together just once, for the 2015 edition of the Ljubljana Jazz Festival, and that explains the chosen title of this LP. The meeting seemed improbable, but in what concerns improvisation, if the protagonists are committed explorers of spontaneity anything can happen, even the most extraordinary music. That was the case – the...