"Kerkko Koskinen’s musical visions have always been ambitious. When he put together what was to become the most popular rock/pop band in Finland in the 1990s, Ultra Bra, the instrumentation of a standard band was just not enough. In addition to four vocalists, the 13-member band included a horn section, two percussionists, and a large-scale string assembly, used in the band’s recordings. Striving to create a “big” sound has always been present in Koskinen’s production, and finally, with Agatha, he has...

Boris Cassone – keyboard, vocals
Guilhem Meier – bass, vocals
Adrian Bourget – drums, vocals

This is the fourth Poil album and the first since their collaboration with Ni as PinoiL.
While it still burns with the energy they are known for, either I have gotten a litte more used to their Wildman tactics so it isn’t the first thing I notice, or they’ve kept the musical excellence intact, but have toned things down a little bit [not too much but a little bit] in terms of the noise and..

Antoine Arnera - keyboards, vocals
Boris Cassone - guitar, vocals
Benoit Lecomte - acoustic bass
Guilhem Meier - drums, vocals
Junko Ueda - satsuma biwa, vocals

“The Album
Unexpected encounter between Junko Ueda, eminent figure of the Japanese medieval epic storytelling, whose warm and profound voice summons the terrestrial energies, and the organic madness of the monster PoiL practicing with cosmic rock without net.
Poil Ueda detonnates the limits of rock and w

This is an archival jazz rock that was barely released in 1973, and found its first general release 39 years later!

“British jazz underground masterpiece, originally released in 1973. Ultra-rare UK prog-jazz fusion private-pressing. In 1973, four Englishmen who loved jazz, rock, and groove decided to record an independent album at Zelia Studios in Birmingham. The result was Poliphony, which had few hard copies and became a rarity among jazz rock collectors. The core of the jazz rock quartet...

This is a limited, numbered, authorized vinyl reissue of one of the better known Canadian progressive rock albums.

“Quebec was responsible for harvesting a variety of fine progressive bands that for the most part are overlooked. Eden, Et Cetera, Maniege, L'Engoulevant, Franck Dervieux, and Morse Code are some of the more famous groups.
Pollen is considered by many to be the best of all Quebecois bands. Not surprisingly their music is an amalgam of British and French sources. They combine...

"Issued on Liberty in 1970, the debut LP by Popol Vuh features Florian Fricke's Moog synthesizer experiments at it's most spirited wild. Supported at times by Holger Tr�lszch's percussion, flying free at others, the result has been labeled as a dark...

The group’s twelfth album, originally released in 1979.
Features an amazing lineup of
Florian Fricke: piano, vocals
Daniel Fichelsccher: guitars, percussion
Djong Yun: vocal
Renate Knaup: vocal
Susan Goetting: oboe
Al Gromer: sitar

Another absolutely wonderful gem of acoustic-based inner beauty/outer space music.

Einsjager & Siebenjager
Hosianna Mantra
Nosferatu OST [2 x lps]

See the illustration below

“POPOL VUH are considered one of the most influential German “70s progressive rock” avant-garde acts of the Seventies and are also known as a a pioneering Band in Ambient and Progressive Rock Music. Their records Affenstunde (1971) and In the Garden of Pharao (1972), played with with the Moog Synthesizer, are claimed to be fundamentally influencing works in...

One of the last of the GREAT Popol Vuh albums.

"Recorded in 1980 and produced by Klaus Schulze, Sei Still, Wisse ICH BIN (Is quiet, knows I AM) is one of Popol Vuh's sacred music offerings.
Like Hosianna Mantra nearly a decade before, this set is regal in its solemnity and in its intensity. Utilizing the Chorensemble der Bayerischen Staatsoper and the soprano saxophone stylings of Chris Karrer, Popol Vuh -- down to a three-piece with vocalist Renate Knaup fronting the choir, Fricke on piano.

Jasper van’t Hof-electric piano
Charlie Mariano-reeds
Philip Catherine-electric guitar
J-F Jenny Clark-bass
Also Romano-drums

Pork Pie were a very good jazz/rock band that had a sort of European jazz supergroup type line up, as you can see from the above.
They made two excellent lps between 1974 – 1976 for MPS, one of which has been reissued on CD and one that has not.
This is the band in their early prime from a live recording at the Berliner Philharmonie on...

“A reissue of Michel Portal's Alors !!!, originally released in 1970. Could the missing link between Eric Dolphy and Albert Ayler be the Michel Portal of 1970? After having worked alongside François Tusques defending a free jazz "made in France", you find him here, heading up an international quintet of which each member is on fire: John Surman, Barre Phillips, Stu Martin, and Jean-Pierre Drouet.
The quintet had full leeway to break out the free-form in long ambient tracks to compose this Alors!!!...

Maurizio Di Tollo - vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, additional keyboards, samples
Cristiano Roversi - keyboards, bass pedals, additional guitars & samples
Stefano Zeni - acoustic & electric violins
Marco Remondini - cello, saxophones
Elisa Minari - electric bass
Erik Montanari - acoustic & electric 6- & 12-string guitars
Tiziano Bianchi - saxhorn
Faso - 6-string electric bass
Massimo Menotti - acoustic guitar

“Il Porto di Venere is a new band, mak

Charles Goubin-guitar, piano, vocals
Philippe Goubin-percussion, piano, vocals
Dominique Dubuisson-bass

Potemkine were a great French band who existed throughout most of the 70's. They absorbed influences from zeuhl, fusion, avant-rock and more & fused it into a blend that was their's alone!

This is their fabulous, under-recognized classic 2nd album. It was their most zeuhl-ish recording, but it’s also one of the greatest non-Magma Zeuhl albums of the 70s, based around acoustic.

"After stranding listeners in deep space with Schleißen 4 in 2015, Colin Potter, Alessio Natalizia, and Guido Zen regroup along the percussive vectors of Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out for the Ecstatic label. Three years in the making, taking cues from German synth rock, cosmic disco, abstract EBM, and obscure library sounds, the trio head for seductive new horizons of pulsing rhythms and floating ambient dub tones. The six hands control the mission with masterful skill and sleight of hand, prompting...

“The first ever reissue of Steve Potts's Musique Pour Le Film d'Un Ami, originally released in 1975.
In 1975, Steve Potts left Steve Lacy for a time to compose Musique Pour Le Film d'Un Ami following the proposition from the film's director Joaquín Lledó. With guest musicians of quality and from vairied horizons, the saxophonist recorded a soundtrack ranging from modal jazz to free funk and from dirty grooves, to java wah-wah with disconcerting elegance. Rather than blaxploitation, Potts and his...

Steve Potts – saxophone
Jobic Le Masson – piano

"The paths of Steve Potts and Jobic Le Masson have crossed frequently since the beginning of the 21st century, through collaborations with many artists. They have performed together regularly for the past ten years...the lockdown was an advantageous opportunity for the duo to make researches 'like two scientists looking for a cure'. They concentrated themselves on developing a common language open to free improvisation and new compositions. The..

“A bizarre and strangely emotive new album of synthetic computer works entitled Piano Music 1-7. Via his own Diagonal Records imprint, his work on XL Recordings and, most recently, the opening of audio/film platform A Folder [afolder.studio], Powell has firm footing in the contemporary electronic landscape.
During a wry and obstinate musical life he has twisted myriad synthetic forms into shapes that explore and expand upon the districts of post-punk, techno, noise + computer music, and in the last...

This is decent to rather good progressive/jazz-rock considering it came from Yugoslavia/Serbia in 1977.

This was the group's first and best album. The line up on this one is Andrej Pompe (keyboards), Peter Gruden (guitar, vocals), Aleksander Malahovsky (saxes), Gabriel Lah (bass), Janez Hvale (drums).

This is a limited edition run of 300 copies and it has never been reissued on vinyl before. Despite how the label is hyping it, this isn't the second coming of Jesus, Gigamesh, National...

�It will always be difficult to pinpoint where free jazz started, but it�s reasonable to say it was shaped and cultivated in New York in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Albert Ayler and Cecil Taylor were important players, as was Ornette Coleman. Axiom has significant historical importance by being what is quite possibly the first European free jazz record, even if it was not released at the time.
Recorded in Copenhagen in October 1963, it should have been Tom Prehn Quartet's debut album for the...

Peter Evans - piccolo trumpet
Matt Nelson - saxophone and effects
Dan Peck - tuba and effects
"The unit takes it's name from an Edgar Allen Poe story in which the narrator suffers from episodes of catalepsy and fears being buried alive. The reader is taken through various stages of paranoia, forced to imagine being trapped inside a coffin, paralyzed and unable to communicate their mortal predicament to the world of the living.

The title of the album is an homage to director James.

"A Ghost is the fourth title of the series "The Sound of Time", afantastic unreleased live collection of the first five historical PFM discs. The CD gives new life to the original atmospheres that characterized the musical themes of the international....

This is the fifth and last album in this nice series that documented PFM's residency in Tokyo, where they performed five of their classic albums live.

The World Became The World was essentially the English language version of L'Isola Di Niente...

One of my very favorite 70s symphonic rock bands is PFM; the string of their first six or so releases are really unique and quite stirring. And the first three are truly an apex of that sound.

Storia Di Un Minuto was their first album, and....

One of my very favorite 70s symphonic rock bands is PFM; the string of their first six or so releases are really unique and quite stirring. And the first three are truly an apex of that sound.

L'Isola Di Niente was their third album, and was...

�Each of the three pillars of the piece -- choir, metal trio, and pipe organ -- are operating within their own algorithms, their own keys, time and tempo. And the piece is written for them to be on parallel tracks but making a different fourth thing, dovetailing together on the cadences.
Eventually we all began to be able to hear how it all worked, what notes the choir should be singing when you, as the guitarist, were on your third beat of bar number 15, a 4/4 bar, at quarter note = 60, as they....

The GREAT composer/bandleader/drummer Bobby Previte's latest is a vinyl only release!

"Previte has assembled a dream team of experimental musicians from the jazz, indie rock, and classical worlds to create Terminals, a luminous project...

“Prima Materia was a vocal improvisation ensemble, founded by Roberto Laneri in 1973. Composed entirely of vocalists with no academic training, the group developed various techniques-revolving mostly around the use of overtones-that would embody their unique sound. No instruments nor electronic manipulations were ever employed within the group's physiognomy, which was realized purely through the human voice.
La Coda Della Tigre, the group's sole album, was recorded in 1977 by Alvin Curran and...

"Straight back to the 60’s, Climbing Light is an acid flashback altogether."-Impose

"It’s heady stuff, but in PRD’s hands it’s catchy, too—the album’s titular track sounds like The Zombies if they’d recorded a song based on The Tibetan Book of the Dead."-Entertainment Weekly

“Climbing Light sees the band at their most confident, unafraid to go wherever their muse may take them, and it's this sense of allowing the songs to be what they need to be, rather than trying to shoehorn them...

"Two very different albums by two almost totally different bands, is all that Procession have left us...The band reappeared in 1974 with a new line-up and a new recording deal, this time it's Fonit that releases their second album Fiaba. A mature work...

Originally released by Garden of Delights, this is what Garden of Delights do, which is finding completely unknown German rarities and reissuing them in the best possible manner. For vinyl, it came out on the equally well curated Long Hair label!
Prosper were a dual guitar, Fender Rhodes/mellotron/mini-Moog, bass and drums progressive band. The keyboards give it a jazzier/fusion touch.
At its best, this has some great guitarwork and a fusion underpinning. At its worst? Well, the vocals ain't so..

Terrific one & done release from a Canadian folk / psych outfit who were mentored by Paul Horn (yes, THAT Paul Horn who managed to have this album released only in Canada by Columbia in 1974. This is the real thing and comes highly recommended!

"First official vinyl reissue, from the master tapes, of this cult favorite -- an album overflowing with brooding, mystical, Eastern-influenced hippie psychedelia dominated by long and largely instrumental tracks -- all based on a complex interplay of...

Beautiful, legitimate and fully licensed reissue of a stone classic of wacky, early 80s electro-wave with the fantastic Mark Beyer cover!

Ptose were a great, some Residents inspired electro-band from France in the 70s. This was their only...

“Acclaimed London-based sonic explorer Seb Rochford unleashes a startling new band and debut album. The frontier where doom rhythms rub against haunted saxophone atmospherics. A four-time Mercury Prize nominee (Polar Bear, Sons of Kemet, Basquiat Strings) Pulled By Magnets is Seb's most sublime and provocative musical statement to date. From the off, it sounds unlike anything the Scots-born, London-based, desert-loving drummer of Anglo-Indian and English/Irish heritage has done before. Gone are the...

"Curtains up for a new power trio: bass player Massimo Pupillo (Zu, Laniakea), drummer Alexandre Babel (Sudden Infant) and Caspar Brötzmann on guitar. As the title Live At The Candy Bomber Studios, Vol.1 indicates, this album is the first cut from an inspired recording meeting. Raw energy with full focus; three instrumentalists, at the peak of their skills, blend noise rock, drone, and improvisation into two relentless, epic pieces. The line-up consists of Massimo Pupillo, bass player in Zu, Laniakea....

"... from trippy phases with echo guitars and Mellotron onto headfirst plunges into space-rock overdrive territory. In all, an excellent album of spacey krautrock"-Alan Freeman

33 minutes of pure, unadulterated, psychedelic krautrock courtesy of Pyramid, an obscure studio project produced by Toby Robinson, aka The Mad Twiddler.
These sessions were recorded circa 1975-76 in Cologne for the underground Pyramid label, which was operated by Toby and his friend Robin Page (the Fluxus artist)...

Lalibela (1973)
King Of Kings (1974)
Birth / Speed / Merging (1976)
And the previously unreleased Live At KQUED (1975)

“The Pyramids were an early '70s Ohio band that had a novel, exciting take on the fusion concept--they combined aspects of spiritually inspired R&B/soul, free jazz, and funk with a liberal sprinkling of cosmic awareness. Their approach emphasized improvised percussion and woodwinds but with a focused, solid center.
On them, the Pyramids sound..

This is a pretty great, very kosmiche, vinyl-only solo album from the leader of Samsara Blues Experiment. This combines two digital-only EP releases into one great album with one EP per side.

"Set the controls of the Wayback Machine to Berlin circa 1972. Imagine a mash up of Popol Vuh "Affenstunde", Klaus Schulze's "Cyborg", and Ash Ra Tempel's "Join Inn". Retro-underground-krautrock at its finest."-Ken Golden

"The first one featured the 20 minute modular synthesizer jam “Modular Mono..