Øresund Space Collective - Four Riders Take Space Mountain CD

“The Scandinavian Space Rock super group are back with their 33rd release. The CD features one 62min track split over 3 album sides., that we recorded in the studio back in 2014. The same session that gave us the Different Creatures and Visions of, LPs and features some of the best musicians from the Scandinavian prog rock field. This is about as Prog Rock as the band has ever been with the track taking many different musical journeys over the 3 album sides.
The last track contains a unique mixture of Indian raga and space music with just synthesizer (Dr Space), sitar (KG), violin (Jonathan), bass (Hasse) and drums (Tim) from our 2016 studio session. This track features: Jonathan Segel- Violin, Guitar (Camper van Beethoven), Mathias Danielsson- Guitar (My Brother the Wind, Ex-Gösta Berlings Saga), Hasse Horrigmoe- Bass (Tangle Edge), Dr Space- Synthesizers (Black Moon Circle, Doctors of Space), Mats Orbation- Guitar and Effects, KW Westman- Keyboard, (Ex- Siena Root) Jonas Berge- Organ, Synth and Guitar (Ex-Agusa), and Alex – Drums (Gösta Berlings Saga).”
  • LabelSpace Rock
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