13th Floor Elevators - Live Evolution Lost 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“A five-star rating for it's historic significance + the stellar job on the exquisite packaging. This is an expanded 2-CD reissue of the live 'Levitation' CD put out sometime ago from the TFE gig at the Houston Music Theatre on February 18, 1967. Tunes I couldn't get enough of were the awesome opener "(I've Got) Levitation", one of their -better known- songs "Fire Engine", "Splash 1", definitely the band's best known cut "You're Gonna Miss Me", "Monkey Island", the rocking "Kingdom Of Heaven" and my personal 13th Floor favorite "She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)". Disc two gives us forty-minutes worth of 'extra' jams where that evening's opener (friends of 13th Floor) The Conqueroo had come out to join in. Very nice. Notably, this is the only known full-length live recording of the 13th Floor Elevators in heir hey-day in existence. This must-own piece comes housed in a fancy book-like fold-out, with an irreplaceable twenty-page booklet with full color photos and memorabilia. Highly recommended.”-Mike Reed
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