13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators 2 x CDs (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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β€œThe Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS is arguably the first true psychedelic album. While the 1960's had it's share of "turned on" poseurs, the 13th FLOOR ELEVATOR's not only walked the walk, they ran the marathon. The band was actually a merging of two bands, THE LINGSMEN and THE SPADES, who had a regional hit with leader Roky Erickson's "We Sell Soul" and "You're Gonna Miss Me," re-recorded for this album.
The now legendary Erickson became the band's front man, and the band at this juncture included unsung lead guitarist Stacy Sutherland, Ronnie Leatherman on bass, John Ike Walton on drums, and messianic LSD advocate and main lyricist Tommy Hall on amplified jug. Signed to Houston, Texas' independent record label International Artists, their "You're Gonna Miss Me" single was successful and the band toured throughout Texas, even appearing on local TV. It was also a hit in other major markets throughout the U.S., which encouraged the band to undertake a tour of the West Coast, where they were welcomed with opened ears, successfully playing the legendary Filmore and Avalon venues sharing bills with other soon-to-be legends like QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE and MOBY GRAPE. They even appeared on Dick Clark's teen TV programs "American Bandstand" and "Where The Action Is." During an interview on the latter, their drug references visibly annoyed Clark, who ended the interview and probably the chance of any future television appearances...
'THE PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS OF' was released in August 1966, and to say it sounded like nothing released before or since is not far off the mark. The combination of Roky's ethereal guitar and vocals, Sutherland's sinewy leads and Hall's incessantly rising and falling electric jug are the perfect compliment to Hall and Powell St. John's mystic diatribes. Starting off strong with Roky's re-booted "You're Gonna Miss Me" we take a ride on the adeptly named "Roller Coaster." Hall's wife Clementine duets with Roky on the fragile co-written "Splash 1" (later covered by THE CLIQUE) followed by the throbbing "Reverberation (Doubt)" and the "We Sell Soul" re-write "Don't Fall Down." The original Side Two begins with reverb-laden "Fire Engine" often covered during TELEVISION's heyday. The band then takes us "Thru The Rhythm" before a triptych of fellow Texas scenester and legend Powell St. John's (MOTHER EARTH) compositions, a jug-tastic "You Don't Know," the folk-doom of "Kingdom Of Heaven" and a Dylan-esque "Monkey Island." Our eleven track trip ends with "Tried To Hide," a true ELEVATORS classic...
Since many of the original International Artists masters are long gone, the set features the album in mono, remastered from an original vinyl pressing on CD#1 and a "first-ever release of the 1966 stereo mix in the band's intended running order" from the original 2-track master on CD#2. As a bonus, five of the album's songs are included from an initial "cold" mix by original engineer Bob Sullivan without any added reverb or echo. THE PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS OF THE 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS' is a rare example of a classic album that actually lives up to it's hype and reputation, and should be the cornerstone to any nascent psychedelic rock collection...”-John H. McCarthy
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