A Triggering Myth - The Remedy Of Abstraction

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The sixth release by this always-dependable band consisting of keyboardists Rick Eddy and Tim Drumheller plus guest musicians, most of whom appear on this on every song, giving this a completely 'band' sound, as opposed to a 'two-man band' sound. This is very much recognizably their sound, but I hear a heavier fusion vibe going on, probably due to the extra musicians on this one. "After the release of their groundbreaking fifth album, "Forgiving Eden," the instrumental rock duo of A Triggering Myth had only one direction to go -- expand the group concept even further. Once again, noted guitarist Scott McGill and drummer Vic Stevens were asked to contribute to the band's sixth album. World renowned bassist Michael Manring came aboard, fully integrating the three members of McGill, Manring, Stevens into the mix. Band founders Rick Eddy and Tim Drumheller wanted to add some additional sonic textures, so they made contact with violinist Akihisa Tsuboy of the Japanese fusion band KBB. He graciously agreed to contribute as a guest offering up two smoking hot solo spots. Once again A Triggering Myth continue to evolve and push the boundaries of progressive music. Recommended to fans of Soft Machine, National Health, and Happy the Man. "The Remedy of Abstraction" arrives in a beautiful digipak featuring artwork and graphic design by the award winning Travis Smith."
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