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"Aka Moon is celebrating. On the occasion of their twenty-five years existence, a twenty-volume overview box Constellations has been released, but also a new album Now .
With this title, Aka Moon, the group around alto saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol, bassist Michel Hatzigeorgiou and drummer Stephane Galland, already indicates what it is all about, namely the present, the here-and-now.
On the new album Now you can hear how the group, to a certain extent, clings to the vast past (for example you still hear a special receptivity and appreciation for world music), but at the same time it is taking new steps ( Old And New Dreams ). After special projects such as the Scarlatti and the Balkan program, Aka Moon, however, completely folds back to the essence. A return to the roots of the group that pushes on the wonderful interplay as a trio on Now .
The new Aka Moon is a special piece of work that, despite the large accessibility, requires the listener to spend some time. This does not give you instant gratification, but music that only gradually reveals its secrets. As always we hear the trio busy on the hinge between jazz and more worldly influences, although the new album strongly emphasizes the great openness and the collection of experiences that the group has gathered during numerous wanderings in music, including inspirations from the far East. , Africa and India.
At the basis of the album lies the friendship between the musicians who seem to completely blindly understand each other. What really sparkles the group is virtuosity, but without being overly stressful. No show off virtuosity, but just heartwarming reality. With music "in the moment". At the same time it is also possible for them to express ideas through the music, which they sometimes can not find words for. The often improvised and refined music is their language and in that language they express the unspeakable.
That music starts from a deep human perspective and engagement, as song titles such as Nomadism and Spiritual Exile (for Ezgi) already make clear. Moreover, there is a certain playfulness, which illustrates 2Moro Or 2Day , for example. What remains is a particularly powerful statement from a group that has more than earned its spurs. Rastalents, who make it very clear with 'Now' that they still have it after all these years. Once again, Aka Moon is the best place to listen to for any music lover who likes to surprise himself. Party? Party!"-Philippe De Cleen

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