Abdou, Sakina - Goodbye Ground CD

Sakina Abdou - saxophone

Goodbye Ground is an album almost handmade, recorded by Sakina Abdou in several «passings», through a recording system set in a dedicated room in her home, for two months. Designed as a triptych, the disc is structured in three parts. The first one, «The Day I Became a Floor», sets, lays out and establishes a musical architecture eminently horizontal, with stretched outlines thinning out in a temporality where you can settle in and that eventually you can almost imagine as permanent. The second track strikes down, cracks, grinds and wipes out the previous one. «Goodbye Ground». The central and title piece, it acts as a revolution, an overthrow. It marks and delimits a watershed; acts like a prism and carries out a diffraction on the elements of language to atomize them into 5 monad pieces, which then fit into the «Planting Chairs» suite. One can then imagine the latter to be perpetuated and developed indefinitely.
This musical arc can be thought and read both forward and backward, in a before and after forever irreconcilable.
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