Abercrombie, John/Ralph Towner - Sargasso Sea CD

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There was an amazingly high number of great albums being released on ECM during the 1970s and this is one of many beautiful, enjoyable classics by two great, very different guitarists.

"Two virtuosos, John Abercrombie and Ralph Towner, get the chance to explore eight of their own compositons (four by Abercrombie, two by Towner, and two by Abercrombie & Towner together.) An entire recording of often subtle guitar duets might have become dull, but Abercrombie and Towner each have a distinctive sound and this music works for me. I particularly enjoyed the sound of Abercrombie's electric guitar with Towner's acoustic one. Towner's occasional piano touches are also welcome. The compositions offer enough variety to help keep things interesting as well. Highlights are the lovely "Fable" and the appropriately mysterious "Sargasso Sea.'"-Andrew Stevenson/All Music Guide
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