Abstract Truth - Silver Trees

The second of two by this South African group. This was the first professional band of Sean Bergin, who later found 'fame' in Holland working with various ICP-related musicians and ensembles. This is their second album and presents a pretty interesting, forward-looking for its time, proto-progressive 1970-styled sound that still retains a lot of period charm.

"Shadoks presents the second 1970 album by South African prog/jazz/psych band, Abstract Truth. Silver Trees is a milestone in South African music among bands like Freedoms Children and Third Eye. Musically, it follows the same routes as UK bands like Bloodwyn Pig, Traffic, Spooky Tooth and many others. Unlike their debut release, Silver Trees is comprised of all-original material: progressive underground music, meticulously crafted, with organ, guitars, flutes, sax and great vocals, sometimes with Zappa-style guitar solos. A South African classic of rock experimentation and a true mind-blower. Musicians: Ken E. Henson (guitar, vocals); Peter Measroch (piano, organ, flute, harpsichord, vocals); George Wolfaardt (bass, flute, drums, vocals); Sean Bergin (flute, saxophone)."

"This is somewhat psychedelic prog that is full of swirling organ, steady rhythmic bass and loads of flute. In fact 3 of the 4 members of the group are credited as playing flute and it's this that gives the album a lightness to it. It's this wonderful brew of psychedelic, rock, jazz, classical, blues, funk and jive that makes this a special album that should be sought out, and with the wind instruments playing a major role on the album, this could make a really good (retro) fresh flute salad."-John Samson, SA Rock Digest #144

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