Abstract Truth - Totem

The first of two by this South African group. This was the first professional band of Sean Bergin, who later found 'fame' in Holland working with various ICP-related musicians and ensembles. This is not without interest, but their second album is significantly better and you should start there.

"This is the debut release by South African prog/jazz/folk/psych band, Abstract Truth. The band existed only for a very short time, but it was a time of super-creativity. They exploded onto the Durban music scene early in 1969, released two studio albums during 1970 on EMI, of which this is the first. Comprised mostly of reworkings of songs by Donovan, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, etc., plus one original song, this is excellent early '70s melodic, wistful freak-rock blended with African rhythms in an assorted panoply of instruments: keyboards, flutes, electric guitars, saxophone, percussion, etc. A refreshing approach with an eastern touch. If you like UK bands such as Quintessence, If and Bloodwyn Pig, this album goes in the same direction. It is more trippy/stoned and acoustic than their follow-up from the same year, Silver Trees. Ken E. Henson on guitar, vocals and sitar; Robbie Pavid on percussion; Brian Gibson on bass & vocals; Sean Bergin on sax & flute. For fans of '70s South African psych heaviness/jazz/prog meanderings."

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