Accordo dei Contrari - AdC CD

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Accordo Dei Contrari are a quartet of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. They are an Italian jazz rock band with heavy progressive rock touches, and, if you have just tuned in, this is their third album.

The band has been together more than a dozen years and even though they only have released three albums during that time, the years of being together have given them a confidence and cohesiveness that is very impressive.

In the past, they have sounded a lot like Deus Ex Machina at their most jazz/rock; with this one, they seem to have come into their own. This is still as excellent as always, but I can't compare them to anyone else. That's a good thing!

This album was recorded in a very short period, live in the studio, which gives the music a real fire that is very engaging and will definitely please their many fans and hopefully find them new fans as well. Highly recommended.

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