Acid Mothers Gong - Live Tokyo CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Daevid Allen - gliss guitar & vocals
Gilli Smyth - space whisper / vocals
Kawabata Makoto - guitar & voice
Atsushi Tsyuama - bass, whistle & vocals
Josh Pollock - guitar & megaphone voice
Hiroshi Higashi & Cotton Casino - synthesizer & voice

“Absolutely superb listening to be had on 'Live In Tokyo'. Gig was recorded at the Doors Club in in Tokyo, Japan sometime in April, 2004.
Tunes that more than make this disc a keeper are first two minute-long wacky cuts "Gnome 11:11" and "Ooom Ba Wah!", the tripping nine-minute "The Unkilling Of Octave Docteur Da 4J", the awesome "Eating Colonel Saunders Upside Down" (love that ripping guitar), the twelve-minute "The Isle Of Underwear" (actually, it's the AMT staple "Pink Lady Lemonade") and the fully-loaded "Ohm Riff Voltage 245".
Every bit as astounding as their 'Live In Nagoya' CD. Highly recommended.”-Mike Reed
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