Acintya - La Cité Des Dieux Oubliés (expanded)

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First time on CD for this instrumental symphonic rock album, from 1978 by a band who only released this one album during their lifetime. Multi-keyboards, violin/guitar, bass and drums. Very French sounding and reminiscent especially of Wappasou, with hints of Carpe Diem, and an over-all 'underground' sound. In addition to the original album, this includes over 15' of live recordings from 1976.

"There was a fertile tradition in France for instrumental (mainly) symphonic rock in the second half of the seventies. Many had a characteristically keyboard-dominated sound, utilizing the freshly introduced polyphonic synthesizers. Their musical influences were both the well-knowns of the British progressive rock scene (Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, EL&P) and a broad range of classical composers (Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky). Some were entirely instrumental (Shylock, Acyntia), though others also used vocals to some degree (Wapassou, Pulsar, Atoll, Artcane, Skryvania). Acintya combined the floating and romantic sound (dominated by violin and synthesizers) of Wapassou with the more rhythmic approach of Shylock. Their album La Cite Des Dieux Oublies contained only three long tracks, often constructed like suites (in this case a major composition made up of different melodic sections). The album has its moments but is the work of a young group struggling to find their own identity. They were ambitious to attempt large scale compositions but sometimes lacked sufficiently convincing melodic material. Still this is promising and one would really have liked to hear a second album."-Scented Gardens of the Mind
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