Affinity - Affinity (expanded)

Originally released in 1970 on Vertigo. The sole album by much appreciated English band featuring the vocal skills of Linda Hoyle. A mixture of blues rock and jazz, compared to Julie Driscoll and Trinity. Includes eight bonus tracks."

"The opening track "I am and so are you" sets the tone pretty well for this classic UK vertigo album. It is early 70's rock, with 60's mood here and there, filled with lots of jazzy back up. Singer Linda Hoyle is of course one of the main attractions here, and indeed her strong, powerful voice really shines here. One of the best tracks here are the long "All along the Watchtower (11:36) with its long solos and great instrumental abilities. Also, the two bonus tracks are really good, especially the 60's flavoured "United States of Mind". But there are actually no weak spots here, all the tracks are equally good, never veering off into pointless jams or bluesrock. Highly recommended and 100% essential."
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