After The Flood / Neil Campbell - After The Flood (new release – special offer)

Neil Campell – classical and electric guitars, keyboards
Marty Snape – acoustic guitars, keyboards, electronics
Roger Gardiner – bass
Viktor Nordberg – drums
Perri Alleyne-Hughes – vocals on 8 & 9
Ian Cantwell & Mark Jones – vocals on 11

“Imagine if the world was almost destroyed and there were just a few survivors left. With the goal of building a new positive world from the wreckage of the past what sort of music would surviving musicians make?
After the Flood is a conceptual instrumental band hailing from Liverpool, UK. The band create a pan-global acoustic-based music where each musician is an equal part of the whole. After the Flood's music draws on minimalism, folk music, progressive rock, African, Indian and other indigenous musical styles, using polyrhythms, cyclical structures and tight arrangements but allowing pockets of space for improvisation and self-expression.”

"After The Flood is a bold and brave statement, its intentions broad in scope and possibly even broader in execution, even if the manner in which it is presented stays true to the acoustic guitar spirit that Neil Campbell’s work is most often centred round. **** "-Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility

“What is reassuring is how seamlessly After The Flood follows on from ‘The Outsider - News From Nowhere’, a testament to the band, who have grasped and absorbed Neil’s concept, taken ownership of it, placed a different complexion on the material, but remained true to the paradigm... this latest offering continues the rich vein of music emanating from the Neil Campbell camp.”-Bob Mulvey, The Progressive Aspect

"Like all good progressive albums you are drawn into it as it takes you on a musical journey... [It's] your perfect summer soundtrack perhaps."-Rob Harrison, Nerve
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