Agincourt - Fly Away (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is another famous rarity and it happens to also be a very very nice folk/psych album.

“This is what I want from my psychedelic folk, dreamy fey hippie strumming music. It's great at that. Though, I gotta say a good half of it, is more '60s vocal pop than folky...It's real stars in your eyes niave hippie, which i love. It also really reminds me of folk rock like Lyme and Cybelle, that early Warren Zevon project.
Look if you like Fairport Convention, I'd stay away. IF you want Donovan mixed with The Association, get this.”-rateyourmusic

“Though Agincourt's album is sometimes described as folk-rock, it's really more accurately pegged as a combination of folk-rock (of the contemporary rather than traditional British variety), a bit of psychedelia, and a bit of swooning pop. Certainly it's got more drive and catchy pop melodies than most of the plentiful oodles of obscure barely pressed British folk-rock releases of the early '70s, though there are similarities in the gentleness of the approach and the wistful, slightly sad melodies. As these kind of U.K. folk-rockish rarities go, it's certainly one of the better ones -- not on the level of the most famous British folk-rockers, mind you, but among the upper tier of things you should check out if you're accumulating unknown albums in that realm. Lee Menelaus has a sweet, high voice that's lighter and more innocent-sounding (to good effect) than many woman singers of the style, and the original tunes have a way of shining with pleasing sunniness while steering clear of the saccharine...”-AllMusic
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