Agren, Jimmy - Various Phobias

"Jimmy Ågren, a young dude from the Land of the Midnight Sun, come to teach us a thing or two about American music and one of its great fallen leaders. Ågren has a fascination for taking standard blues rhythms and allowing them to mutate into something more akin to avant garde composers, all while still writing songs with a strong melodic flair that even the most mainstream listener would be hard-pressed to resist.The tracks, are fantastic and make you scratch your head and ask one more time, “Are you sure this guy’s from Sweden? Damn, I thought he had to from down on the Delta, or down from Louisiana way.”

”Jimmy plays with a adrenaline level that would turn even the black blues guys white of fear. Angus Young would probably not mind having some of Jimmy’s riffs too."-Peter Öhman Expressen “Anyone looking for a reason to quit playing the guitar, here's one! Jimmy Ågren plays the meanest slide guitar I've heard in years.- Peter van Laarhoven "Smokin'.... here is an electric slide and lead guitarist who tears the roof off. If, like me, you are of the firm belief that 'Big Eyed Beans From Venus' is Captain Beefheart at his best, and that sizzling, electric slide-dominated blues and the Howlin' Wolf influences contribute to seriously great blues-rock, then this CD, with its similarity to the aforementioned styles, is right up your alley and no mistake. Throughout the CD, the guitar work just blows you away, and this is a genuinely classic album, best in its field in nearly 20 years.”- Andy Girabaldi

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