Agren, Morgan - Batterie Deluxe (mini-lp sleeve)

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Morgan Ågren is one of the great drummers of our time. Best known for his work with Mats/Morgan Band, he's also a fine composer and musical thinker.

Since the mid 2000s, one of his interests have been to combine the intense jazz/rock stylings of the Mats/Morgan's earlier work with more contemporary technology, stylings and sounds (think 'beats' and 'electronica'); while those words might scare some folks reading this away, if you liked the sound of "Thanks For Flying With Us" and "[schack tati]", you've heard what I am talking about.

He's been working on this album for the last number of years and it's very much a companion to "[schack tati]" stylistically, some of it completely solo (but not solo drums by any means) and some of it with Mats, as well as Devin Townsend, Fredrik Thordendal, Jimmy Ågren, Simon Steensland and others. Highly recommended! Released only in Japan, in a elegant, mini-lp sleeve!
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"I have been enjoying the brand new Morgan Ågren solo album titled Batterie Deluxe immensely . Its a labour of love Morgan has been working on for almost a decade so anyone who knows Morgan Ågren credentials needs to be aware and take notice . Needless to say the drumming is stellar but this is so much more then a drummers solo album. Morgan know how to set the scene and pace for some serious r&d in sonic spaces moods and landscapes. Oh, and he also the engineer on this so the sound is truly fantastic and the production imaginative and inspiring. Highly recommended !" - Udi Koomran/Avant Progressive site
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I wasn't expecting much. A solo album by a fantastic drummer doesn't necessarily lead to a great album. But from the first listen it turns out to be an outstanding album with challenging compositions and top notch playing by Morgan and his guests. A Highly Recommended album!!
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Since note one was put into my ears I've been a fan of Morgan Agren. His new solo album is all of what I expected. Udi nailed it - "serious r&d in sonic spaces..." This is some amazing combinations of sound and drumming - and what I love the most is just how sneaky the drumming really is on this... I will be spending a long time picking all the different bits of percussion and kit out of the music. The blending is sublime. Indeed if you are a fan of Schack Tati - like Steve said - you cant go wrong here! Top notch!
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