Agren, Morgan - Through The Eyes Of A Morgchestra

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"Composed for symphony orchestra and Mats/Morgan Band.
It is very rare to have a full symphony orchestra perform your own original music. So I feel very fortunate that Norrland Operan’s symphony orchestra will perform this, my music, live with Mats/Morgan Band in October 2016.
While waiting for that, I decided to release this Morgchestra CD, which is partly a MIDI-programmed version of the music that will be performed by the real orchestra in October. I began composing for this project late 2015. As I reached the end of the composing phase, I realized that I had a version of the music mixed and ready that can stand on its own for a release!
Few things beat the sound of a real orchestra, but the options that you get when working with MIDI can be interesting, too.
Programmed music even has its own special benefits!
I added some of my favorite musicians to this Morgchestra as well, real violins and woodwinds etc, so now I am even more happy with the result! We will record the big symphony orchestra too, of course, and I hope I can release that during 2017. Hope you like the Morgchestra version in the meantime!
Morgan Ågren: all sounds.
Additional overdubs:
Tina Ahlin: melodica.
Stefan Jernståhl: keyboards.
Martin Krafft: bassoon.
Jonas Lindgren: violin.
Kristian Möller: clarinet, bass clarinet.
Simon Steensland: bass, glockenspiel, keyboards.
Johan Strindberg: doublebass.
Mats Öberg: keyboard solo.
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