Aizawa, Tohru - Tachibana

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Excellent, legit reissue of a hard-core Japanese modal jazz rarity. The 1975 original goes for over $1,000, but now it's available to anyone who enjoys that 1965-era Coltrane-type sound!

"The desire to discover and delve into new and unexplored areas of music has turned attention on the Japanese jazz scene of the 1970s, often regarded as its gilded age. The recent ground-breaking sell-out BBE compilation J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz from Japan 1969-1984 threw much needed light on this fascinating era and presented a range of artists and music that surprised and delighted all who heard it. A key track on the compilation was one of the rarest and least known: Dead Letter by the Tohru Aizawa Quartet, taken from an album that was so elusive, some pondered whether it even existed."
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