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First-time ever vinyl reissue of this fun and unusual album!
A very rare lp from 1976, this was this Norwegian band's only release - then they disappeared. Heavy progressive , with lots of guitar and organ/mellotron/keyboards, plus vocals, bass and drums. Despite the English vocals and Scandinavian provenance, I have always thought that this sounded like a German rarity; with the rather primitive recording quality making it sound even more 'underground'.

"Akasha must have been the most unlikely entity to emerge from a small town in northern Norway - an internationally oriented space rock band with an impressive light and vision show. In an air-raid shelter, they recorded an album's worth of tapes on a semi-professional TEAC 4-track machine. A few hundred copies were released on a local label. Their music sounds like a lost demo for an album by Amon Duul II (adding a synthesizer player) circa 1971."- Scented Gardens Of The Mind
  • LabelBlack Widow
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