Akkerman, Jan / Kaz Lux - Eli (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“No, it's not rock, or jazz, blues or funk, or classical. It's...all of them...sort of. I first bought this album in 1976, without having heard a note or read anything about it. I mean, if Jan Akkerman composed and played on it, why would I hesitate? Right? On first listen, I didn't quite know what to make of it. It felt like had just watched some foreign film with a plot that was obviously deeper than what appeared on the surface. The performances were superb and nothing struck me as being predictable or contrived. The music had soul, yet it wasn't some lame European copy of the iconic American musical genre. There was blues, funk, jazz, emotion, confusion, passion, joy and frustration yet no attempt to impress the listener with bombast or flash playing. It's like the cover art. Tonal, measured and carefully constructed. Despite all this, it was unmistakably Jan Akkerman's music. I soon realised that like all the great music I've learned to love over the years, if the first listen leaves me feeling unsure, but somehow intrigued, I know it's because I am in the process of learning something new. Sure enough, over time, this album grew on me. Once I learned that there was indeed a storyline, it all fell into place. Kaz Lux's earthy, almost pithy and soulful vocals fits the framework perfectly. Just like the actor who was always intended to play this role. I should have known to trust Jan Akkerman. He's always been a great teacher! And while you're at it, if you like this, also try the albums Tabernakel and the self-titled "Jan Akkerman" from 1977. But remember! Take your time. Put your listening ears on.”
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