Aksak Maboul / Marc Hollander - Onze Danses Pour Conbattre La Migraine vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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This was the first album of two by Aksak Maboul (later changed to Aqsak Maboul, just to fool people), which really wasn't a band, but just a studio project, mostly consisting of Mark Hollander-piano, Farfisa organ, Fender Rhodes piano, alto sax, bass clarinet, clarinets, circa 1977 primitive drum machine, etc. with Vincent Kenis-guitars, bass, piano, accordion and a few other guests on voice, guitars, etc.
This is a completely tuneful and charming mixture of European folk music, Canterbury tendencies, proto-R.I.O., minimalism, the early 20th century French composers such as Satie translated into progressive rock, and much much more.
This vinyl-lp replica replicates the original "Kamikaze Disks" release (which I bought in 1977 and still own!) and also includes the original version of the song Mastoul Alakefak, which hasn't been on any of the reissues since the 70s, and is quite superior to what they did to the song on the reissues, so that's another selling point.
This 1977 album comes extremely highly recommended by me personally!
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