Albero del Veleno - Le Radici del Male

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Nadin Petricelli - Keyboards & Synth
Lorenzo Picchi - Guitars
Michele Andreuccetti - Bass
Francesco Catoni - Viola
Marco Brenzini - Flute
Claudio Miniati - Drums

"A new fantastic instrumental project, with special affinity with the horror movie sound of Goblin (more prog-rock than jazz), the looming atmospheres, the high emotional tension. Keyboards-guitar-bass-drums-flute-viola ensemble. A new excellent Italian band!!!

L'ALBERO DEL VELENO planted its roots in 2010 to create instrumental music following the style born from the soundtracks of horror and thriller movies of the '60s/'70s/'80s. The various musical influences, along with the passion for cinema, form a project strongly introspective and emotional, made even more special by the video contribution always present in live performances; every song is in fact supported by a original screenplay for the production of short films. The band is also responsible for composing soundtracks for horror movies on demand."

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