Albion Band - Happy Accident (special)

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"The Albion Band's 1998 release, "Happy Accident", is a marvelous album of contemporary folk-rock influenced by traditional English music. For the record, Ken Nicol, Joe Broughton, Neil Marshall, Gillie Nicholls, and Kellie While join the band's founder, Ashley Hutchings, to create a body of work possessing superb songwriting, fine singing, and great playing. "Happy Accident"'s songs consistantly feature intelligent lyrics and engaging melodies. Many of the tunes penned by Ashley Hutchings and Ken Nicol, "A Chromosome or Two", "The Sun is God", and "Death is Just a Dream 2", intriguingly deal with questions about life and death. Another of their songs, "Midsummer Night Dreams", is a witty ode to Shakespeare. Joe Broughton's instrumentals, "The Landslide", "Half Each", and "Instrument Makers", showcase his lively violin playing. Along with the songwriting, fine performances also characterize the record. Ken Nicol is a sensitive singer and a fine guitarist. Ashley Hutchings, the bassist, and Neil Marshall, the drummer, form a tight rhythm section. A brass band gives both "Hearts of Coal" and "Wooden O" a traditional English flavor. The latter song, along with the love song, "Coming Home to Me", feature the beautiful singing of vocalist Kellie While. Gillie Nicholls' powerful alto graces the traditionally influenced "Pear Tree" and "Death is Just a Dream 1". The great vocal, lyrical, and instrumental talents of the Albion Band make "Happy Accident" a success. This wonderful album is an important part of the band's thirty-year career."-Jay Immel
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